The Tease Down the Street Ch. 01


Note: All characters are of legal age (18 years of age or older). It starts slow but finishes good. Hope ya’ll enjoy.


The woman climbed out of the swimming pool and started toward Rich. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen; she had curves and proportions on her that he had only seen before in dirty magazines his friends had snuck into school, and even then, he knew it was all photoshop. She kept walking toward Rich, her stare never leaving him as her eyes bore into his. Rich had never seen this girl around the school before, in fact, she looked perhaps too old to be at the senior party… Rich considered that she might have graduated a few years ago, and he had never met her until now.

As she closed the gap between them, covering at least half the space between where he stood and the pool, she grabbed a towel off a nearby table and began dabbing her face and neck with it. She took a few more steps and pressed the towel against her full, round chest that looked like it might pop out of her swim suit at any moment. She kept moving as she used the towel to press up against her chest, making them rise and press together as she rubbed them in circular motions before dropping the towel and running her fingers through her long, dark, wet hair. She had a tan that was impossible to achieve from the sun alone. “Maybe she was Italian?” Rich thought as his eyes moved over her flat slim stomach and fell to her shapely hips that looked perfect for grabbing a hold of during ‘extra curricular activities’. She was almost upon Rich now; he looked around the pool and noticed that everyone else wasn’t paying them any attention at all, almost as if he and this exotic woman didn’t even exist.

“Have I been drinking?” Rich wondered, and desperately hoped not. Then the unspeakable happened… The woman before him stopped only a few feet away, and reached behind her back undoing her bikini top and let it fall to the ground. Rich’s eye grew the size of melons, and his already dry mouth hung open gasping for air. She took a step toward him, and in surprise and shock, he also took a step back, falling back against his bright red sports car. He tore his eyes from her firm round tits and hard nipples still glistening from her swim and again looked around and noticed that still no one was noticing him, nor this topless goddess who hadn’t so much said a word to him, but was bearing her gorgeous breast to him. She leaned forward toward him and whispered something so soft, he didn’t even hear it. She moved so that her wet breast pushed against him, and he was sure that she could feel his erection through his pants on her stomach. She put her mouth next to his ear, and in a hot breathy voice she whispered again. “Rich.” Just one word, and it was his name. “How does she know my name?” Rich thought, his mind racing in more than one direction.

She placed her hand on either side of him, trapping him in between her and the car, with no way to step to either side. Not that Rich was keen on going anywhere at the moment. She then pushed her hips forward and grinded against Rich and his erection, who in turn gasped as his body, unprepared for the sudden force, pressed back against his shiny, brand new, red mustang hard enough to make the car alarm go off. Again she leaned forward toward his ear and this time, in his mother’s voices yelled “Rich!”

Rich woke with a start scrambling for his alarm clock, and fumbled to shut it off. His mother again called his name from down stairs and this time he replied. “Yes ma, I’m up!”

“About time! The alarm has been going off for 3 minutes straight!” His mother hollered back up the stairs. “I’m leaving, don’t be late again!” And with that, rich heard the door open and shut, and the sound of a car starting and speeding off down the road.

Rich fell back on his pillow and sighed. He hadn’t been drinking, as he earlier assumed, instead he was just dreaming. He looked down at the tent in his bed and was glad his mother hadn’t come up the stairs to wake him. He looked at the clock and knew he had no time to take care of the improvised tent pole himself and instead settled for a cold shower.

After dressing himself and grabbing a quick breakfast he was out the door and in his car. Rich couldn’t help but laugh as he started the beat up white ’87 Concorde that was far from a shiny new bright red mustang. He took off toward class wondering exactly why his dreams were becoming so vivid. Perhaps it was just hormones acting up. He had never had any sexual partners other than himself, and he was positive that the constant want to experience anything sexual with a woman was most, if not all, of the problem.

School was just another day, the same boring agenda, same boring teachers, and homework. His buddies made the day bearable, as he joked around during class, chatted at lunch, and played some quick basketball after class at the park. None of them were good enough for the school team, but they enjoyed themselves nonetheless. Rich new that his group of friends we not popular at the school, but they weren’t disliked either. They Ataşehir Escort simply all got along, and had no issues with any of the clicks within the school. It was a comfortable setting, and he was able to get through all of his schooling without any trouble. He was bright, but never applied himself to full potential, he was athletic enough to avoid being awkward during gym class, but not enough to compete with jocks. All in all, he was very normal and very average, or boring as Rich put it.

His buddies all lived on the other side of town, so no one ever hung out in his neighborhood. They all lived within the school district boundaries, and Rich was on the very outskirts of the other side of town. The entire group lived about 30 minutes from the school, just in opposite directions. Therefore they only hung out immediately after class in a central location close to the school. Occasionally his buddies would come out to his place, which was larger than their houses, and would just hang out and listen to music, play video games, and have a good time, but no one really made the hour long trip all that often, especially when they could go five minutes down the road to visit one another.

This meant that while Rich was at home, he was again bored. Left to listen to his music alone and daydream. His father had died in action when he was younger, and the military had given a fair amount of money to his mother, which allowed them to buy the larger home on the other side of town with relative ease. It had belonged to his father’s friend, and when he moved for work, he sold the house for a great price, but without the money from the military, they still wouldn’t have been able to afford it. His mother spent the majority of her time working as a nurse at the local hospital, leaving when Rich woke up, and often not returning until 11 or 12 at night. She claimed she enjoyed working, but Rich knew it was to keep her mind busy, she was still depressed about losing her husband, and the more she kept herself busy, the better off she was.

Rich never held this against his mother, they had a great relationship, Spent the weekend evenings together when she got home at 5 or 6, much earlier than her weekday hours. But as much as he enjoyed his mothers company, he again spent the week, and most of the weekend by himself.

He spent this alone time learning the guitar, getting handy with a computer, and writing pretty decent poetry, not that he ever shared it with anyone. It was about 5pm when he got home from hanging with his friends, and he immediately went to the shower to clean up the sweat and dirt from the game. As he let the hot water pour over him, his mind wandered back to the dream he had that morning. He pictured the beautiful girl pressing herself against him, and his body physically reacted to the mental image. He leaned against the wall, his hand still soapy from washing his dusty blonde hair, and began to stroke himself slowly. He had a thin, but athletic body, nothing horribly impressive, but nothing to be ashamed of either. He began to grow in size as his strokes quickened. From what he had heard around the school, and seen in the locker room, he knew that he was not considered small, and in fact, might be larger, if only very very slightly, than normal in this particular area. The soap began to foam in his hand and around the base of his completely shaved penis.

None of the guys that he knew took the time and effort to completely clean up their nether regions, but Rich felt it was simply more comfortable, and more pleasing to be clean shaven. He knew that guys preferred when women shaved, but did not know if women cared much about it the other way around.

Rich’s breath quickened as he remembered the woman from his dream pushing her hips into his. Usually he would take his time, building as much as he could before he finally allowed himself release, because the result was much more favorable. But the dream this morning, combined with the lack of time to act when he woke had him wanting to simply finish as fast as he could. He was less than a minute away from peak when the doorbell rang. Rich cursed as he remembered he was waiting for a package to arrive. He had ordered new guitar strings a week or so ago, and had missed the delivery yesterday. The note left on the door the day before stated that if he didn’t retrieve and sign for the package today, it would be sent back and he’d have to have it re-shipped and wait yet another week for his strings to return. He stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around his waist and ran down the stairs. “Why can’t they just leave it at the damn door, it’s just a damn G and E string, why would I need to sign for it anyway? It cost less than 20 dollars, it’s not like leaving it on the doorstep in this neighborhood was dangerous, especially since it’s only strings.” Rich complained all the way from the shower to the door, muttering under his breath.

Rich saw the shadow on the glass window in the door and hollered as the door bell rang again. “Coming, I’m here, just one second.”

Rich unlocked the Kadıköy Escort door, removed the latch, and cracked the door open so only his face showed, and put his arm through it. “I don’t understand why-…” Rich stopped his complaint mid sentence. On his porch stood a girl he had never seen before holding a plate of cookies.

She looked at him and turned her head sideways slightly. There was an awkward few seconds when nothing happened. Then they both spoke.

“I’m sorry!” Rich said

“I’m sorry…” The girl spoke at the same time. His apology was out of embarrassment, hers was more out of confusion.

There was another small pause before Rich cleared his voice. “I’m sorry.” He repeated. “I was in the shower, I thought you were delivering my G Sting and…” Rich stopped again as he realized he had phrased that in the worst possible way imaginable. The girl squinted her eyes and began to step back from the door before Rich recovered. “I play the guitar!” He hastily spat out. “I ordered some G and E strings, and I missed the delivery yesterday, and if I missed it again today, they’d send it back, and I didn’t want that to happen, and I was in the shower, I ran down the stairs, I didn’t think…. I just thought it’d be the delivery guy… and I didn’t want to miss him… and…”

Rich stopped again. During his rambling the girls face had went from frightened, to confused, to embarrassed, to humor. She had giggled slightly, but now she was outright laughing.

“What’s so funny?” He said defensively.

“You’re funny.” She said very matter of factly as she shrugged her shoulders.

Rich paused for a moment, and realized that the entire episode was kinda funny, and he too laughed, if a bit nervously. “I’m sorry. Uh, are those cookies? Are you selling them?”

The girl looked at the plate of cookies as if she had forgotten she was holding them, before smiling and looking back up. “I’m a bit too old to be a girl scout, don’t you think?”

Rich was embarrassed for the third time in less than 3 minutes. “I, uh, guess so… sorry.” Now that he wasn’t stumbling through explanations, he had a chance to look the girl over. She was obviously his age. The girl noticed Rich was examining her and cleared her throat.

“Sorry.” Rich apologized for the thousandth time. “Are you, um, looking for someone?”

“Well, my mother asked me to bring over these cookies. See, we just moved in down the street last week, and she had run into… uh, your mom I think. So she asked me to bring these over as a thank you gift for being so friendly to her.”

Rich remembered now that his mother had indeed mentioned a new neighbor down the street taking Old Man Harris house. Harris was a neighborhood staple, always rocking on his porch, smoking his flavored cigars, and listening to the blues. Rich had spent several summer afternoons sitting on the smokey porch with Harris, and had learned how to play a few bluesy tunes when Harris brought out his Dobro (a resonator guitar used frequently in blues tunes). Harris had gotten old though, and moved to Florida with his family so they could care for him.

“That’s right; my mother did mention your mother I believe. She’s, uh, not home right now. She works a lot, and won’t be back until late tonight, I’ll let her know you stopped by though.” Rich said.

The girl giggled again and extended the plate of cookies. “Just because she isn’t home doesn’t mean you can’t take the cookies now silly.”

“Oh, of course.” Rich nodded his head and took the plate of cookies, but they were much heavier than he thought, and his hand was still wet, so he had to quickly remove his other hand from towel to keep from dropping the plate. In his frenzy he let the door swing wide open. Luckily his towel only slid down a few inches from his belly button to the top of his hips. He quickly adjusted his grip on the plate so he could hold it in one hand, and grabbed the towel before it was able to cause an even more disastrous embarrassment. If Rich didn’t shave, it was very possible that some hair would now be showing above the towel, and he was glad that he had also avoided that embarrassment as well.

He went to apologize yet again when he noticed that the girl was looking at the newly exposed area above the towel. It was Richs turn to clear his voice, as he grabbed the door and tried to shield the majority of his body behind it.

She blushed slightly, but instead of apologizing, the girl shrugged. “I’m Stephanie. It’s nice to meet you.” And with that she turned around, hopped down the stairs, and disappeared down the sidewalk. As she went down the stairs, Rich got a good look at her backside. Her dark red curly hair fell just below and behind her shoulders. She had a thin waist, and even in her loose fitting jeans, he noticed that her hips curved out nicely from her body, and a round bottom to match. He noticed earlier during his first examination that her chest protruded a decent amount, even if her plain grey shirt hung loose around her body. He realized that even in loose and baggy clothing, she was quite Ümraniye Escort attractive, and wondered why she did not wear something more flattering, especially if his imagination correctly portrayed what might lie under it. He closed the door and placed the cookies on the nearby table. He pictured her face again, smiling with full dark pink lips and giggling at his expense. Her dark red hair contracted wonderfully with her slightly pale skin, and sparkling green eyes. She even had cute freckles on her nose. She was like a stereotypical redhead he realized, but much prettier than he ever considered them to be.

He hiked his towel up and headed back up the stairs into the still running shower. He leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and started stroking himself, but his dream from that morning was forgotten already… he had replaced it with something more tangible.


It was about 11:30 that night when he woke up to his mother calling his name from his door. Luckily he was not in the midst of any dreams, and was mostly presentable. He couldn’t sleep with clothes on, they seemed too constricting, and so he rarely slept with anything on at all.

“Hey, honey. I saw the cookies on the table, they were delicious! Did you make those yourself?”

Rich sat up, carefully keeping the covers from slipping below his waist. “Oh no. Uh, the woman who moved into Old Man Harris’s house, her daughter came by and dropped them off. She said it was because you were so nice to her.”

“Oh! How kind! I’ll have to invite her over for dinner sometime. So you met Ms Obrien’s daughter then?”

“Uh, yeah.” Rich said, deciding not to explain in detail the days events.

“Well you should show her around town sometime, I’m sure she’s lonely out here, being new and all.”

“Yeah. Good idea ma.” Rich said, glad to make any excuse to see the girl again.

“Well good night honey. See you in the morning.” She flicked off the light and disappeared down the hallway to her room.

Rich lay in bed, his mind too busy thinking about Stephanie to immediately fall back to sleep. “Stephanie Obrien.” He whispered allowed, and then he swore under his breath as he realized he hadn’t even told her his name. He remembered when she had told him her name, shrugging indifferently as he brought attention to that fact that she was staring at his body. He smiled as he drifted off to sleep, hoping his dreams would be as pleasant as the night before.


Rich thought about Stephanie most of the day at school. He couldn’t wait to get home and visit her to properly introduce himself. After an agonizingly long school day, he told his buddies he couldn’t shoot hoops, and raced home. When he got back to his door, he stopped and let his head roll forward off his shoulders and into the door in frustration. He had completely forgotten about the guitar strings the day before, and on the door was a note explaining that his strings were returned, and to contact the seller. He must have not heard the doorbell when he got back into the shower after his encounter with Stephanie. He walked into the house, grabbed a cookie and headed to his computer to send an email off to the seller. The cookie was indeed delicious, and he understood why his mother woke him up to tell him so. He could eat the entire plate and still want for more. He limited himself to just one more, before heading up the stairs to change into something slightly nicer than ripped up jeans and a band t-shirt. But as he stood in front of his closet, he realized how ridiculous he was acting. He was just going down to her house to introduce himself. There was no reason to get all dressed up.

He sat on his bed and put his head in his hands. What would he even say? He then realized just how awkward the conversation they had yesterday was. He was entirely too nervous to go down to her house now. He decided to put on a record instead, and desperately wished he had gotten his strings yesterday to keep himself busier. He passed time by finishing his homework and making dinner. While he wasn’t anything special in the kitchen, he knew his way around the stove enough to keep from succumbing to constant left-overs or frozen meals. His mother was always pleased with the fact that he cooked for himself and her, since she rarely had time to do any cooking herself. Rich flicked through a few TV channels, checked his email to see that the guitar strings should arrive back in time for the end of the week, and turned in early.

He tossed and turned that night, too frustrated with himself for not going down to Stephanie’s house to sleep. He was still awake when his mother came home, and heard her moving around the kitchen quietly, and then climbed the stairs and head into her bedroom. He looked at his clock and noticed it was relatively early for his mom to be home, only 1030. He knew that she sometimes got to leave the hospital early if it was slow, but it had been awhile since she was able. He waited for a bit to make sure she was asleep and crawled out of bed, threw on some running shorts and t-shirt, and slink down the stairs and out the door. Not that he really needed to worry too much; his mother had trouble sleeping, and took medication for it. Once she was asleep, she stayed asleep until the morning, when she woke up at exactly 6 o’clock on the dot, alarm clock or not.

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