The Story of Alexandra, A Demonic Sex Slave; Chapter 1


It was winter, and as usual, along had come the tremendous snow blizzards that prevented the demons from leaving their homes, but of course, that didn’t stop my owner Nathanial, the most famous of all sex slave sellers, buyers and traders in the demonic realm from keeping his business running. The floor was bitter and sinister beneath us, and you can’t imagine how we felt out there. Thirty eight demon-wolf girls, stark naked, sat in the middle of a snow blizzard. It was noon now, and not one person had passed the stall. Amber, a Red Wolf, sat a few people away, had two missing fingers and a shattered femur due to the extreme conditions.

I tried desperately to shiver out the cold, but it wouldn’t work. My navy blue ears lay flat against my ashen hair, almost the same colour as the snow that was thrust ferociously down upon me. As I had said before, no one had passed that day. As soon as the first few flakes fell, shutters were slammed closed, doors were locked and smoke billowed from endless rows of blackened chimneys. So, we were all awfully startled when the Demon King himself came striding around the corner, his son in tow. Rone was rarely ever seen down these dank alleys, although he was an extravagant purchaser of some of the best, foreign sex slaves in the kingdom.

I was new to this place. I had been captured in Deadwood, Texas, and brought here. I had been locked up in an asylum because of my demonic Escort looks (which was nothing more than a pair of wolf ears). Oh, where are my manners? My name is Alexandra. I’m sixteen years old, well in human years, I have long, ashen coloured hair and dark, almost completely black, Wolven eyes. My breasts are firm D and perky even for my young age and ever since I was dumped in this back alley along with the other Human-Demon girls, my pussy has been shaved. I hate to say this, but, Nathanial actually took good care of us all… to an extent. He’d only feed us before and after Nathanial would declare business to be ‘open’, but even then, we were fed like dogs.

Raw chicken and stale bread would be thrown to us. I never really ate any, but that was to my advantage, since Nathanial was always telling me I was the sexiest and the horniest (even though I had actually never been sexually active back in my own world) and fed me richer foods to make me more, as you could say ‘appealing’, but even then, my ribs are clearly visible, and even the elongated horns of my spine are due to come through any time.

But anyway, as I was saying… Rone stood talking with his son for a moment or two, before approaching Nathanial, who was fast asleep in his tent. Rone had to holler his name a time or two before Nathanial came running out. He yawned before asking,
“What can I do you for? Wait, no, that’s a ridiculous question. Escort Bayan ‘Ave whatever takes your fancy.” He trudged back into the tent, obviously not bothered with prices or even money, he just wanted to be warm and sleep. As usual, we all tried to make ourselves look as petrified as possible. We may be faced with a life of hardship and hardcore, but it was well worth it so we could have a home.

Immediately, Rone had strode over to me and ordered me to my feet. I got up hastily, but I couldn’t stop hugging myself from the cold. Without a word he brushed my hands away, grabbing my tits roughly. Biting my tongue, I held back a wince and a small cry. He seemed not to be bothered with my feelings, but that was what all us sex slaves were used to. Nathanial had returned, and saw my desperate urge to pull away under the king’s fierce grip. He shook his head, so I stood my ground, as usual when I was inspected. My face was calm and submissive, but inside, I was going mad.

Rone was behind me now, and my shackles clinked and rattled as he cupped both of my tits and squeezed them roughly, making comments as he went along, that I must admit, made me feel rather good inside.
“Firm tits for her age.”, he muttered in my ear, watching me as I writhed now that the powerful surge of pleasure was washing through my veins madly. His left hand was now sliding down over my stomach and my back arched with the thrill Bayan Escort the closer he got to my unbelievably hot pussy.
“Need to get some food down her, but she has a toned stomach.” I could hear the other girls whispering, enraged that they hadn’t been noticed by this god of a king.

My hips bucked as his finger suddenly came into contact with my swollen, soaked clit. His finger moved slowly around it, I began to moan already, and I wondered just how far he would take this. He was testing how I reacted to him, so I knew I wasn’t going to be sucking on his cock… yet… I became very aware of, from somewhere deep inside and yet beyond my womb throbbing, the heat inside it swelling madly, and I let out a fierce, animalistic yell as I felt the hot juices of my pussy cascade down my legs.

Rone left me panting and shaking with the thrill of my first orgasm in his arms. His voice was unrealistically distant as he discussed money with Nathanial, who seemed almost reluctant to let me go, keeping his price offers high and severe. I could feel eyes on me, and I looked round to see Rone’s teenage son, Kai, who looked to be no older than thirteen. I felt unbelievably sorry for him being exposed to all this at such a young age, and yet, just before he met my eyes, I could have sworn he was staring with fierce hunger at my soaked pussy, with the juices still running freely.

I knew now, as I was walking along behind Rone, that I needed to be strong. After all, from what the other girls had told me, I was intrigued about sex, almost desperate to fuck. And that’s where my story begins…

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