The Squaw Baths


“Man, the stars are beautiful tonight! The sky is so clear it looks like a 3D movie,” I said. Everyone laughed at my comment.

“I mean, it’s like you can actually see the depth between the stars, Oh hell! You know what I mean.” Everyone agreed as we sat stoned in the hot water, contemplating the wondrous cosmic vista spread out before us from horizon to horizon.

“Of course, I’m sure the pot helps,” I added with a stupid giggle. We all laughed as I passed the joint to Jessica.

The four of us sat naked in the natural hot springs just off the highway south of the small town of Eagleville. The site, known as the “Squaw baths”, was named for the Modoc Indians who used them long before the white man came, pushing them off of their land and forcing them onto reservations. The baths became the private property of some hay rancher who allowed the locals and deer hunters to use as long as they cleaned up after themselves. There were a few wooden pallets positioned on the volcanic rocks that encircled the pool and a large metal barrel for trash. The barrel nearly filled with beer cans and various wastes from others who partied there.

The spring itself cascaded out of the mountainside and from between great volcanic rocks forming a small waterfall that emptied into the pool. Fifteen feet in diameter and made of large and small rocks of various sizes, the pool was just deep enough to sit on the graveled bottom allowing your head and shoulders to protrude. The splashing water was the only sound apart from an occasional passing car a few hundred feet up the bank. Not a very beautiful sight during the day but at night it became a magical wonderland of sound, warmth, and vista.

A sense of awe and surrealism overwhelmed us as the steam rose and curled about our bodies. The smell of sage and sulfur wafting on the night air added intrigue to the night. Thank God for this oasis of heat. Patches of snow still covered the ground just feet from the steaming water. The air was freezing but the 108-degree water kept you nice and toasty. After a short time, you had to find a rock out of the water to cool down. We made a game out of trying to find a rock that allowed perfect temperature regulation.

The marijuana, hot water and natural setting brought out the sensuality within us as we bobbed around the pool, occasionally brushing against one another. I knew Bob was interested in seeing my girlfriend, Surena, naked. Surena had a great body with large, full breasts that bobbed provocatively in the water. I watched him watching her as she undressed and now as she was moving around he would position himself in the pool for the best view. The starlight was just enough to tease one’s senses. My cock was rising under the water and I made sure to rub it against Surena’s thigh as I turned to kiss her. She responded by finding it and giving me a friendly squeeze.

“Dry hand, dry hand,” Bob announced as he prepared to light another joint. It was a ritual that you had to raise a hand out of the water long enough for it to dry sufficiently not to put the fire out as the joint was passed. We crowded together to smoke and I ended up next to Jessica.

Jessica is slender and tall, short stylish brown hair, full lips and wonderfully large breasts. I especially liked watching her break the surface of the water occasionally, hard nipples dark against her creamy white skin. As we all smoked and talked I let my hand brush against her thigh under the water. She purposely inched closer to me. My hand wandered along her thigh and soon was tickling her pubic hair. Surena and Bob had moved across the pool with their backs to us, looking out across the valley to the desert mountains far beyond. Jessica spread her legs a little more so I slid my fingers through her cleft to stroke her clit. She stiffened and pressed herself against my touch, her hand searching out my swelling cock. Covertly, I kept stroking her, feeling her clit swell beneath my fingers. I could feel the slickness of her juices as they dissolved away in the heated water. Her head lolled back to rest on the rocks as I quietly continued my secret manipulations, inching my middle finger into her slit. My own sex was bobbing out of kızılay escort the water and pulsating with desire.

Surena and Bob turned to face us.

“Why so quiet,” Bob said as the two inched their way back over.

“Just spacing out on the stars,” I said, slowly withdrawing my finger.

“We should get going,” Bob announced, breaking our reverie. “I’m getting too hot to stay in and we can’t let the fire to go out at home.”

“Me too,” Surena chimed in. I want to get back to the house and get comfy.”

“OK, I guess I’m ready too, before I pass out myself,” I responded, shooting a quick smile at Jessica.

By now, we had all relaxed to the point that no one was self-conscious about standing up to quickly dry off and dress. Bob arranged the flashlight shining away from us, but it gave adequate light to see each other. His cock was heavy as it hung between his legs and it didn’t escape Surena’s eye. She faced him as she dried herself, rubbing her tits provocatively. We quickly dressed against the cold night air and hiked back to the car.

On the way to Bob and Jessica’s house, Surena and I talked quietly as we played with each other in the back seat under cover of the radio and towels.

“Do you think we should ask if they would like to play tonight,” I whispered?

“I would like that, but how should we break the ice?”

“I think I may have already done that.” I told her about touching Jessica earlier. It excited her as I told her about playing with Jessica and how she had enjoyed it. She admitted that she and Bob had done much the same thing. The twenty-miles back to the house went by quickly as Surena and I fondled each other, nearly to orgasm. By the time we arrived, we were as hot and ready as a Little Caesar’s Pizza.

The girls went to the bedroom to change and get comfortable while Bob and I sat in the living room rolling another joint.

“You know, I saw you scoping out Surena while we were getting dressed, did you like that?” I started.

“Uh… well… s-s-sure… she’s got great tits. I couldn’t help but look,” he stammered.

“That’s alright, I was checking out Jessica too. How would you like swapping partners for the night. After all, we have talked about it before?”

“Yeah, I’m all for it, but I don’t know if Jessica will agree, she can be kinda prudish ya’ know,” Bob’s eyes lit up at the prospect.

“Do you think Surena will go for it,” he asked.

“Well, after what you told me you were doing to her tonight in the hot springs, I don’t think there will be a problem,” I replied, looking Bob right in the eye.

“I…I’m sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself…but she was playing with me too you know…and…ah,” Bob turned defensive.

“It’s OK, don’t worry about it. It was a turn on thinking about you and her touching each other. Besides, I must confess, I had my hand full too,” I said with an evil laugh.

“You son of a bitch…make me feel bad for doing what I did and all the while you had your hands on my wife,” he said laughing. We both busted up just as the girls came into the room to ask what was so funny.

“Oh nothing. Just get in here and sit down, the joint’s ready.” I said.

After we had finished smoking, I pulled Surena into the bathroom.

“It’s all good, Bob is willing. He’s talking to Jessica right now. Are you still OK with this?”

Surena kissed me passionately, letting her tongue search my mouth. “I’m so fucking hot I’m ready to fuck right now and I don’t care who it is.” I pressed my crotch to hers and squeezed her ass tightly. She had already changed into her bathrobe. I found the opening and ran my hand down her stomach pushing my finger into her slit. She was already slippery with natural lubricant.

“Wow, I guess you are, I said. Here, start with this,” and I pulled the swelling shaft from my pants. She immediately squat down taking me into her mouth, sucking on me wildly. I had to push her away before she made me come. I was hot too but was saving my load for Jessica tonight.

“Let’s see if they’re ready before you make me come right now.” With a dissatisfied maltepe escort groan she stood up and straightened herself as I opened the door.

“You have me so wet, I can feel it running down my leg,” she whispered.

Bob and Jessica were sitting on the couch kissing when we came in. I could tell by their smiles that all systems were “GO”. They had turned down the lights and the music was playing softly.

“Get me a drink will you sweetheart,” Bob said as Jessica went to the kitchen with Surena following.

“Jessica is interested, said Bob, but she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it in front of me, so I guess it will be separate beds. Is that alright?”

“Sure, no problem, although I really was hoping all of us could do it together, I wanted to watch you with Surena.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but she’ll come around, after all this is the first time she’s ever done anything like this. I’m surprised she’s up for it.”

The women returned and Bob, wasting no time said, “I think it’s time for bed, what do you think?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

In the bedroom, I quickly undressed and climbed into bed. Surena was fussing with her hair, putting it up as she usually does when she’s going to give me some great head.

“Looks like you’ve got a plan,” I said winking at her.

“I just don’t want it getting in the way,” she replied coyly.

“Are you going to suck his cock like you just did mine?”

“I don’t know…maybe. I suppose, if that’s what he wants.”

“I want you to. I want you to give him one of your best. I wish I could be there to watch you doing it, him all wet and hard disappearing in your hungry mouth…mmm!” I want to watch you two, maybe next time.”

“Next time? There’s a next time?” she asked. I just shrugged and laughed.

A light knock came at the door and Surena let Jessica in as she left saying “Have fun kids.” Jessica was wearing a red lacy teddy outfit that accented her shape and revealed her ample cleavage. She came over to the bed and sat at the edge.

After a silent moment she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do, I’m so nervous.”

I reached over and pulled her to me, kissed her cheek and brushed back a stray lock of hair. “Just be yourself. Why don’t I start by rubbing your back? Lay down here and let me relax you,” I cooed. Jessica complied laying face down on the bed, shoving a pillow under her stomach.

I straddled her hips and began to rub her back through the flimsy material of her teddy, my penis already lengthening as it lay between her naked ass cheeks. She was tense, but after a few minutes I could feel her relax under my hands. I kissed the back of her neck and trailed kisses down her spine. I brushed my lips across her ass as she lifted it towards me and ran my tongue around her smooth shapely ass and then marked it with a small hickey. When I finally turned her over, she pulled me close. Kissing me, her tongue darted into my mouth to play with mine.

“You seem to have loosened up,” I whispered. Lowering a strap, I uncovered one of her breasts. I made circles with my tongue around the luscious orb, working my way in slow spirals to the erect nipple. She moaned as I flicked the nipple, alternately sucking and tonguing it.

“I want to kiss you down there…would you like that.” I breathed in her ear?

“Yes, oh yes, please do…I love that,” she cooed.

Unlike Surena, Jessica’s pussy was not trimmed short, it was like nuzzling a furry little animal. I spread her lips to expose her clit and lightly ran my tongue over it, making her shudder with excitement. She was already extremely wet and had a faint female aroma of sex, just enough to be enticing. I lifted her knees and spread them outward to gain greater access as she lay quivering from anxiety and anticipation. I licked from her ass to her swollen clitoris and back again making long slow strokes, before I concentrated my effort on her sensitive button. It grew nicely as I licked and suck it until it was sticking out like a mini-penis. I then worked first one and then two fingers into her sodden muff. She was hot inside, her mamak escort muscles clenching rhythmically around my fingers. Her breath was already in gasps now as I fingered her, sucking her extended clit. She was close to orgasm but I wanted my cock in her when she came so I slowed my play down to let her relax.

“I want to feel your cock in my mouth,” her voice was low and husky. How could I resist that offer? I rolled over and let her take the lead. My cock was standing up like a flag pole as she grasped it with one hand and my balls with the other. She urged a large clear dollop from me as I watched her lips slip over the head and down the shaft. I lay there enjoying her unfamiliar caresses, listening to noises from the other bedroom, low voices. In my mind’s eye, I saw Surena going down on Bob. From what I had seen at the hot springs, she had her hands (and mouth) full. She always said it wasn’t the length, but the girth that made the difference and Bob had both. So I knew she was enjoying herself. After a while their bed started making that familiar rhythmic sound and I knew he was fucking her. Surena’s moans emanated through the walls in time with his thrusting.

In our room, Jessica was making love to me with her mouth. Maybe she hadn’t swapped before but she certainly seemed to be enjoying it. She would play my cock over her face, kiss, and lick the head, then plunge her mouth down over it. My friend’s wife was in a sexual trance as she manipulated my cock. Watching her performance brought me close to orgasm and I reluctantly had her back away before came.

Time for me to enter her. I told her to lie on her back. She complied eagerly, spreading her legs wide for me to enter her. I rubbed the swollen head of my hard on along her slit which was drenched. My shaft slid in easily past her soaked bush and between her reddened lips. She was on fire inside. Soon we were making the same squishing sounds that were coming from the other room. I began by slowly thrusting into her, riding high against her clit. I kept changing the speed and angle of entry now and then to gauge her reactions. I would slow and then push deep inside of her before easing out, then plunge back in my entire length pressing against her clit with my pubic bone and feeling her cervix against my cock head. We finally settled into common rhythm that gained speed as we went. Our eyes were locked onto each others, although neither of us were really seeing, lost in the moment as we were.

Suddenly she was coming. Her body tensed and with a long deep throaty groan came a flood spilling out around my shaft. I plunged deep inside of her again holding my cock there as she writhed beneath me. At the same time I could hear from the other room, Surena coming in her familiar fashion. Vocal as ever, she was telling him how to fuck her, “Faster, Oh yes! Fuck me, Oh god! Fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!”

I backed out of Jessica and turned her over pulling her to her knees. That sweet pearly ass in my face. I pushed my dick into her with renewed vigor, lightly slapping her ass as I rode her, watching my cock slide in and out of her wet, hungry nest. Her lips showing hot pink and swollen, sucking back and forth along my stabbing prick. Her ass looked so tasty in the air, her hands spreading her cheeks wide for me. I was contemplating anal sex when my orgasm boiled up inside of me unannounced. My hot cum burst out before I could stop. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop! My cock convulsed repeatedly, muscles clenching, spewing jet after jet into her. Jessica fell forward and my erupting cock pull out of her as three more streams of molten white lava sprayed across her ass and back. Legs akimbo, she lay open, rivulets of our lovemaking trickling out in a pool.

Spent, I collapsed next to her catching my breath. Laughing I turned to her and asked breathlessly, “Was it good for you too,” although I readily knew the answer? She smiled broadly; her eyes rolled up in her head. I took that as a yes.

We slept together the rest of the night and woke early to have another short session of sex before showering. Bob and Surena didn’t make their appearance until we had finished our showers.

That morning over breakfast, the four of us discussed how it was their turn to come visit us for a weekend. We didn’t talk much about the night before but everyone was in a great relaxed mood, laughing and teasing each other. At length, Surena and I packed up the van, said our good byes, and began our long drive home. We would have a lot to share on the way.

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