The Special Relationship


Carol had been teasing me all day – not a verbal kind of teasing, but teasing of a more exquisite, physical kind that had me fraught with desperation. Teasing that had me lusting for her. She had begun with her smutty talk, guaranteed to light the fuse of my desire. I loved it when Carol talked dirty; she always gave the impression that she was unapproachable, she possessed a somewhat aloof air, but I knew the real woman, I knew the true depths to which she could sink. I relished the occasions that my girlfriend used profanity at those special moments, I adored her accent, the Geordie twang in her tone as the obscenity poured from her.

‘Don’t you come,’ she whispered as I stroked my cock. ‘Don’t you dare come. I want you to be bursting with it all day. I want to know that you’re desperate.’

Carol came to me and pulled my hand from my penis. Her own hand was busy between her legs as she masturbated; she denied me my pleasure but was taking the full measure of her own. Carol groaned, her eyes heavy with that look of desire, and she gripped my cock with her free hand as we kissed. She licked my tongue, her own desire obvious while her fingers squelched around and around her sex, my shaft in her tight grip.

With an abrupt movement I ripped my mouth away from hers and lifted those heavy breasts, relishing their weight before I slurped at the long, thick teats.

‘Baby,’ I moaned. ‘I love your big tits.’

‘Suck them, Ricky,’ Carol sighed in reply. ‘Lick them; I’m going to come, so suck my tits hard.’

Carol’s long, dark hair obscured her face as she came. I couldn’t see her expression, but her loud groans and near-animal grunts sent a tremor of yearning through me. Her body trembled and I was certain that she was going to fall to the carpet when her knees buckled with the force of her climax. Her cries of release came in vehement bursts as Carol vocalised her pleasure. She gave way to the ecstasy that overpowered her, which only added to the ache of my torment.

Carol recovered as her moment passed and she swept the hair away from her face with an impatient hand. ‘Oh, that was good, really very good.’ She smiled at me while her eyes sparkled with the residue of her pleasure. ‘I can’t wait ’til you’re fucking me with that big cock.’ She gave an affectionate squeeze. ‘I can’t wait ’til I get well and truly fucked by two cocks later . . . that’ll be so wicked.’

I laughed, my ordeal temporarily forgotten at Carol’s reference to the date we had for that night. ‘And Louise’s pussy,’ I reminded her. ‘Don’t forget she’ll want two cocks as well.’

‘Oh aye,’ sighed Carol, her eyes glazed. ‘I want to watch you fuck her too. I want to watch her take you . . . to watch her face as you fuck her . . . it’s going to be divine.’

‘Carol, please . . . ‘ My voice was hoarse after hearing my girlfriend’s lewd comments. ‘This is torture.’

She laughed at my disquiet. ‘Two of us sucking your cock . . . ‘ Carol’s expression changed, her face became sly. ‘Would you like to watch me and her kissing? Would it excite you to see me licking her cunt?’

‘Carol . . . God . . . Please . . . ‘ I couldn’t stand much more. The desire was overwhelming and I took my cock in my hand.

‘No!’ Carol almost barked. ‘Don’t . . . don’t you dare? If you come, I won’t go tonight. I mean it.’

I knew from experience that Carol was serious. The threat was no idle one, and I instantly released my swollen member. I looked at Carol. She was a magnificent sight, standing proud and defiant, naked, with her hands on her hips and with such a haughty expression on her face. God, I wanted her right then. I wanted to throw her back across the bed, force open her thighs and slurp at her sodden pussy. I craved her tight grip around my cock and to feel her legs hooked around my waist while she absorbed the length of me, but I would have to go along with whatever she wanted. She held the power.

That was just the beginning of my day. Things got worse as time passed. Carol kept chipping away at me with reminders of what we had planned for the evening. She kept making lewd and obscene comments about our prospective swinging partners, about how she was wet with the anticipation of sucking Lee’s cock for the first time and how she imagined Louise’s pussy would taste. We’d seen photos of Lee and Louise, and we’d exchanged innumerable emails, but tonight was to be our first meeting and no photo can compare with that, the actualisation of our desires.

I’m going to suck him ’til he comes on my tits,’ Carol murmured as she squeezed her breasts through her tee-shirt. She lifted her skirt and exposed her bare skin to me. ‘Think of his cock pushing my pussy lips apart. Think of him sliding into me . . . God, I’m so wet now.’ The proof was there, glistening upon her fingers after Carol had dabbed at herself. ‘Come here and taste me,’ she taunted.

I caught a whiff of her arousal the moment before I licked the essence from her fingers. My cock stiffened with the near unbearable need. ‘It’s going to be çankaya escort such a hot night,’ I said, my voice cracking with the tension. ‘Louise is so sexy in her pictures . . . The thought of you and her together . . . ‘

‘Oh yes,’ smirked Carol. ‘One blonde and one dark.’ She held her labia apart and showed me the hot cerise of her sex. She was so turned on that her pussy appeared to be bubbling as the slick syrup slid from the opening. ‘The two of us kissing, squeezing and licking each other’s tits . . . ‘ Her fingertip flicked across the nub of her clitoris and Carol sighed with tight-eyed concentration. ‘You could look down at both of us while we kneel and share your cock between us.’ Carol smiled that feline smile. ‘And just picture us passing your cock between ourselves. Each taking long slurps at it before passing it to the other. Would you like that?’

The question was unnecessary but I groaned my assent just the same.

The sexual anguish was heightened later that afternoon when Carol began to dress for the date. She paraded around the room in just her stockings and heels before she applied her modest make-up and teased her long hair into that messy, casual style I adored. My girlfriend, in those heels and stockings, was driving me beyond wild with desire and frustration. Her breasts, always a fascination for me, swayed and swung with her movements and I had to exercise all my self-control to stop myself from lunging at her and ravishing her there and then. I willed the time away so that we could set off for the hotel. The hour couldn’t come soon enough. And eventually that moment arrived.

I watched Carol’s backside as she swayed along the corridor in front of me. Carol and I had arrived at the hotel and were making our way to the room where Lee and Louise were waiting. My stomach was in turmoil with the anticipation. I wanted my girlfriend desperately, and I wanted Louise equally as much. Carol’s rear was a delightful distraction as she moved, her figure displayed to maximum effect in her tight but tasteful dress. If the sight of her glorious rear was an inspiration then the view from the front was devastating. Carol’s cleavage was hypnotic, her breasts uncertainly but somehow efficiently contained within the subtle arrangement of her dress.

Carol paused at a numbered door, her eyes wide, and I knew she was resisting the urge to chew on her bottom lip. The tension was palpable.

‘I’m so nervous.’ Her accent jolted me, it was so sexy. Her voice trembled slightly and betrayed her nerves.

‘Me too, babe,’ I replied and took her hand. ‘Let’s just go for it,’ I continued, half statement, half question.

Carol looked into my eyes and nodded after a momentary pause. She squeezed my hand as I knocked on the door.

‘Hi,’ the American said when the knock was answered. ‘I’m Lee, obviously,’ he continued with a laugh while stepping back and allowing us to enter the room.

‘Rick and Carol,’ I replied and shook his outstretched hand.

‘And this is Louise,’ Lee introduced as his gorgeous, SoCal wife beamed at us in welcome.

‘Hello.’ Louise smiled with no trace of nerves whatsoever.

We all settled down after the introductions. There was some ice-breaking small talk, but it was Louise who really got things started. She took a deep draught from her tumbler and placed the heavy glass down with a determined clunk. Then, with a wink to her husband and a smile to me, she turned her attention to Carol.

‘I love that dress,’ she whispered. ‘It shows your figure off so well.’ Louise smiled brightly at Carol. ‘Can I pull those straps over you shoulders? I’m dying to see your breasts.’ Without waiting for an answer, Louise did as she pleased, giving a small gasp of delight when Carol’s breasts swayed free from the confines of the dress. ‘Oh, honey,’ Louise murmured. ‘Your tits . . . they’re so lovely. So big and heavy . . . ‘

‘Wow!’ Lee gave a low whistle. ‘I can’t wait to feel those beauties.’

His wife turned her ecstatic grin to him as her hands squeezed Carol’s breasts. ‘They fee so good too, baby,’ she crooned.

I could only stare at the scene as the slim, leggy blonde held Carol’s – my Carol’s – breasts in the palms of her hands. Carol looked at me and I recognised the weight of lust in her stare. I knew beyond doubt that her pussy would be oiling at Louise’s touch. The situation would be too much for her and her body would be craving attention.

‘Kiss me,’ I heard Carol croak. ‘Kiss me and feel me . . . I’m so fucking horny.’

Louise tilted Carol’s head and kissed her. I heard the tiny moans coming from Carol’s throat as Louise continued to tease her breasts. The thick nipples showed her arousal as they grew even longer and thicker than they already were. The neat areola that surrounded each bud had darkened and puckered – a sure sign that Carol was already on her way.

Still captivated by the scene that was unfolding, I remained in my chair as Lee moved behind cebeci escort his wife and ran his hands over her body.

‘Honey,’ Louise purred at his touch. ‘Lift my dress. Show Ricky my ass.’

Lee pulled the hem of his wife’s dress up over her hips. The garment only fell to the tops of her dark stockings as it was and so Louise’s delectable backside was revealed in an instant. I swallowed heavily at the sight of it in the flesh. Louise was the epitome of the Californian blonde. I’d seen the pictures and I knew she was hot, but to be in that presence, and to know that I would actually enjoy her physical beauty . . . I was stunned.

‘You like my wife’s ass?’ I heard Lee’s voice as though from a great distance. I was too captivated by her to pay the American full attention.

‘It looks like he does,’ Carol replied on my behalf.

‘Yeah,’ Lee responded, ‘and I love your tits, baby . . . May I?’

Carol scooped her breasts into her hands and flicked a bright fingernail across each nipple. ‘Come and get me,’ she invited and offered her breasts to Lee.

Lee was suddenly slurping and mauling at Carol’s breasts while his wife knelt and unzipped his flies. What a scene! A stranger was nuzzling at Carol’s tits while his delectable wife squatted in front of him and freed his long cock. My own cock was straining against my clothing and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the eye and staining the cloth. I could even smell my arousal as it trickled from me.

I unzipped my flies and sighed as my stiff member was allowed freedom. I slowly stroked the shaft and feasted my senses upon the lewd trio in front of me. Louise remained squatting, somehow balancing on those high shoes she wore. Her dress was rucked up around her tight waist and her legs looked superb in the hold-up stockings.

‘Don’t play with that cock,’ Carol called when she noticed what I was doing. ‘If you come you won’t be allowed to play . . . ‘ She looked down at the blonde for approbation. ‘Isn’t that right, Louise, if he comes, he can’t fuck either of us?’

Louise caught the suggestion and smiled. Her husband’s cock was in her fist and she was slowly stroking it when she replied. ‘Sure, Carol, that sounds like a fun deal to me.’ She looked at me and scolded, ‘Leave your prick alone . . . If you play with it you can’t stick it into my nasty little pussy.’ Then she gave a long, somewhat languid slurp at Lee’s cock.

It was the sight of Louise; her gorgeous face and her pink tongue which, despite the near overwhelming desire to find release, caused me to instantly dropped my penis as though it were a poisonous snake. The thought of not being allowed to possess, however briefly, such a desirable woman as Louise pierced to the core of my logic and overrode my animal urge to climax.

‘Good boy,’ Carol purred in triumph as I let my cock slip from my hand. Was she punishing me for being so obviously in lust with Louise? Had I offended her femininity by being so blatant? Whatever, the game was going to be played by her rules, and it appeared that Louise was entirely happy with the situation.

‘Let me help you out of that dress,’ Louise said to Carol. ‘I want to see you out of it.’ Carol allowed Louise to carefully lift the dress over her head. ‘Wow,’ the blonde whispered when Carol’s voluptuous figure was revealed. ‘You’re gorgeous . . . Isn’t she, Lee?’

‘Oh yeah.’ Lee grinned with obvious delight at Carol’s full, sweeping curves. ‘Fantastic.’ He tugged at his penis several times as though to confirm my girlfriend’s desirability and the effect it had upon his libido.

‘I’m gonna enjoy you,’ Louise whispered, hunger in her eyes as she moved to kiss Carol again.

‘Shall we suck your husband’s cock?’ Carol suggested and cast a dangerous look at me. ‘I think we will . . . We girls will take a taste of Lee’s cock.’ Carol knelt in front of the man and was quickly joined by the blonde. ‘You,’ she nodded in my direction, ‘you leave your cock alone and just watch.’

I had no alternative. I had to sit and suffer while Carol and Louise slurped and slobbered over Lee’s thick phallus. They really cranked up the heat with the noises they made, dribbling and spitting on Lee’s cock and groaning with exaggerated appreciation.

‘God, it’s so fucking hard,’ Carol moaned as she passed control to Louise, ‘I can’t wait to fuck him. I bet it’s just divine to be fucked by such a rock solid cock.’

Lee gave me a sympathetic look as his beautiful wife sucked at his meat with vigour. The look conveyed a message of, ‘Sorry buddy, I know it’s torture for you, but hey . . . ‘

‘Let’s get you out of that skimpy little dress,’ Carol suggested to Louise. ‘And why don’t you get naked too?’ Lee didn’t need asking twice. His clothes were off in an instant and he stood in rigid anticipation at whatever Carol might suggest next.

‘You’ve certainly got my husband’s attention,’ Louise grinned as she gave Lee’s girth an affectionate squeeze. ‘A girl could çukurambar escort get jealous.’

Carol laughed, ‘Jealous? Darling, you’ve got nothing to be jealous about. Why you’re divine: long legs, pretty face, and that glorious blonde hair . . . . . . positively edible. Carol turned her attention to me. ‘Now, what are we going to do with you my darling boy?’ She moved towards me. I swallowed again. She was gorgeous: her long, dark hair flowing over her shoulders, her breasts swaying and jiggling with her movement, the fire in her eyes, and the husky, lust-fuelled timbre of her voice . . . I had never loved her so completely, and I desired her so much.

Louise came to me as well. I could smell the perfume of both women and I groaned with the agony of wanting them.

‘Do you want to stick that cock into me so badly?’ Louise whispered, her face inches from mine. ‘I’m so nasty when I fuck,’ she continued, ‘so nasty when I’m being fucked by a nice, thick cock.’ I watched, mesmerised as she slid her middle finger through her labia and brought it up to my face. ‘Sniff my cunt,’ her voice cracked with lust. ‘Sniff my cunt and taste me.’ Louise pushed that single finger against my dry lips and I greedily opened my mouth.

‘Man, that’s bad,’ Lee muttered, whether in sympathy for my plight, or merely as an observation, I had no idea which, but the tang of his wife’s sex lingered on my tongue and I savoured the moment.

Carol bent from the waist and kissed me. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and she lifted my hand to the smooth mound of her mons. ‘Feel me,’ she sighed into my mouth. ‘Feel me while I taste Louise on your tongue.’

Carol’s labia were sticky with her juices and I had to slide my finger along the crease of her sex to split the gluey folds. My fingers felt the urgent heat of her and came away covered with her goo. Louise was there in an instant and sucked greedily at my hand while Carol continued to suck at my tongue.

‘Let’s move the action along a little,’ Louise suggested suddenly. ‘You should get out of those clothes, Ricky,’ she continued. ‘You’re positively overdressed.’

‘Are you going to sit there in your clothes all night?’ Carol taunted, ‘Or are you going to get naked and lick me?’ she added, laying back on the bed.

I undressed hurriedly and moved to the bed where Carol lay wide-legged and inviting. I took a quick glance at Lee and Louise; they were caught in an embrace and were kissing passionately. I wanted to play with the gorgeous blonde but realised I would have to be very patient. The wait was sheer torture, but if I weren’t patient I knew I could easily lose the chance. And that was unthinkable.

‘Lick her, honey,’ Louise murmured as I dabbed at Carol’s familiar body with my tongue. I circled her clit in a lazy pattern that I knew she enjoyed. I was instantly rewarded by a great sob that burst from Carol’s throat, so I pushed her legs higher and wider, my hands at the crook of her knees.

‘Make her nice and juicy,’ Louise whispered close to my ear as I bent to my task. ‘My husband is going to give her his fat cock soon and she needs to be so ready.’

My stomach flipped at the thought of Carol being fucked by another man. I’d never seen it before. This was a new experience for me and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel to actually witness it. The thought of Carol taking a different cock gave me a thrill, but the reality? I wasn’t sure.

‘Please, Ricky,’ my girlfriend hissed, ‘I want fuck him now. I want to fuck so much.’

I lifted my face from between Carol’s legs and saw Lee was ready to take her. His cock was swollen and thick and his wife was languidly stroking its considerable length, keeping him primed and hard.

‘Do you want to watch my husband fuck her with this thing?’ Louise asked and waved Lee’s cock at me. ‘I bet you want to stick yours in me,’ she continued. ‘I bet you want to fuck my tight little pussy. Am I right?’

I could only nod in response. Of course I wanted her. I was desperate for her. My girlfriend’s constant teasing through the day and the sights and sounds in the hotel room had ensured that, but here was the underlying threat. . . The threat from another male fucking my girl.

‘Lee, come on,’ my girlfriend moaned and fingered her sodden pussy in anticipation.

‘Yeah, Lee,’ Louise added. ‘Give the lady what she wants. Fuck that big cock into her.’

‘My pleasure.’ Lee grinned as he moved between Carol’s legs.

Louise knelt at one side of the couple and indicated for me to take a position next to her. ‘Let’s watch this together, Ricky,’ she whispered to me and kissed me fast and hard on the mouth. I put my arms around her trim body and felt my aching cock butt against her belly where it was sandwiched between us. Louise looked down between our bodies and giggled. ‘Looks like you’re gonna burst soon, baby. That’s a nice sized cock you’ve got there too. I bet it’s gonna feel so good inside me.’ She kissed me again and then turned her attention to her husband and my girlfriend.

I could only watch and take comfort from the proximity of the desirable woman next to me. I was dimly aware that if I were to realise my urgent ambition to possess the American, then I would have to surrender any right to Carol. Anyway, that question seemed academic since Carol was so eagerly offering herself to Lee.

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