The Sofa


Once again, my secret lover, humor me. I enjoy sharing my fantasies with you. I hope you get as much enjoyment from them as I do.

It’s two o’clock and you have stopped by for coffee. French Vanilla of course. We sit on the couch, you leaning up against one sofa arm with your legs stretched out the length of the cushions, I at the other end with my legs between yours and the back of the sofa. We sip our coffee and talk of your busy schedule as I listen intently, enjoying the sound of your voice.

I close my eyes and sigh ever so slightly. Raising my left leg up and resting my bare foot on the top of the couch, I know exactly what I am doing and what I hope you are thinking. It has been three achingly painful weeks since we made love. I want to feel you inside me more than I need to breathe. Just the thought makes my nipples erect as I imagine your lips teasing them to attention. You are still speaking of the work you have remaining and how you can’t stay long seemingly oblivious to my longings. As you lean over to set your cup down, I pull the zipper completely down on my sweater spreading it open exposing my breasts for your inspection. There is a sudden silence. I open my eyes finding yours hungrily taking in the rising and falling of my chest.

I want you to come to me, but you remain where you are watching for what I might do next. I slide both my hands up my sides until each is caressing and squeezing it’s own breast. A sigh of passion escapes my lips which are partly open and inviting. Still you remain where you are. I close my eyes and sink further into my fantasy, wanting you to come with me to its desired conclusion. After licking my fingers and gently pinching my nipples, I peek to see if you are still with me. I see your hand, still on the outside of your white workpants, pressing down on your growing erection. Your eyes still engrossed in the work my hands are emek escort performing.

With my eyes closed, I slide my hands down to my jeans and feel the heat as I unzip my pants and slide them down to my ankles as you pull them the rest of the way off my legs. I inhale suddenly at the slight touch of your hand on my calf. That desired first touch, promising more. My left foot is now resting on your chest. As I slide my right hand under my pink cotton and lace panties, you can see from your vantage point my panties are already soaking wet. My fingers searching for those special areas, I settle my hips deeper into the couch unaware my breathing is heavier. My chest rising a bit higher with each inhalation. I crave the feel of your full length slowly sliding into me as I spread the moisture from my slit over my lips and onto my clit unable to resist lingering there enjoying the tingle of my own touch.

I feel movement on the sofa and open my eyes to find you undoing your belt, your button and zipper as I stare at your crotch waiting to see what I have been craving for three long weeks. As you slide your pants down, your erection is now more than evident. I slide my finger into my slit, imagining your body pressing down on top of me as you slide into my hot wet pussy, an exhale of passion racing from my mouth. But still you remain where you are. Knowing your denial of my desire only fuels my excitement.

Hastily, my hips lift off the couch to discard my panties. My left foot now resting back on your chest, the right next to your left hip, careful not to obstruct your view of the pleasures located between my thighs. You can see the familiar heart shape in my pubic hair and the way I play gently and tug at the hairs there with my fingers. You can no longer stand it and begin stroking your beautiful shaft glistening in its own precum. I can imagine the taste keçiören escort as I watch intently as you show me how you pleasure yourself.

My legs, fully spread, as I reach down now with both hands and trace the insides of my labia with both index fingers. You can see the wetness shine on my finger tips as I spread my moisture over the surface areas. Then I place the three middle fingers on both hands at the mouth of my lips spreading them back gently to expose the pink skin underlying the black hairs. I pull the the lips back in such a way as to allow you to see my clit and I watch your eyes to make sure you are looking at what I want you to see. As I begin rubbing around my clit with my right hand in the way that feels the most pleasurable.

While we are both focused on our own pleasure, we are duely noting each others technique. You see the motion, the size of the circles, the pressure, the speed, every detail. I see your shaft thicken as I watch how you massage it, the speed, the tightness of your hand. I watch what your other hand is doing. Rubbing your thigh, teasing your tightening sack. My breasts are rising and falling quicker now than ever before and your hand is starting to stroke yourself in earnest. My hips, cannot stay quiet and begin to alternately push into the couch and then move upwards to apply counter-pressure to my fingers as they work their magic on my pussy. Somehow by focusing on your movements I am able to relax enough to allow the familiar signs of an approaching orgasm begin to take hold. Our respective stroking keeping pace with each other.

I can tell I am approaching the point of no return. You sit up. In the heat of the moment, you suddenly stand before me at the side of the couch, as I continue my work. My breathing now rapid and deep, I emit passionate sounds from my lips. I hear your intense breathing and I know gölbaşı escort from your familiar sounds you too are at the brink. Still stroking yourself, never taking your eyes from my fingers or my face. I am staring at you now, at your cock, noting it’s swelling and sensing we are not far from coming. If you wanted, you could take me right now, face me and position your knees so you could bend and lift my hips to meet yours, deftly inserting your cock into the full hilt of my sacred scabbard. But this time, the pleasure is in the temptation refused, to be so close and yet far, to drive each other mad with forbidden pleasure like two teens desperately trying to maintain their last vestiges of virginity.

I see your cock in hand, steadily stroking only 10 or 12 inches from my very wet and swollen pussy. I continue to rub with abandon coming quickly now. My hips begin to buck and I cry out your name repeatedly, my hips thrusting upwards to meet your imaginary thrust as the two strain to become one. My thighs and tummy quivering uncontrollably now and I moan with the deepest pleasure. Your own orgasm feeling ropelike as you explode a continuous stream of warm cum out, and down onto my busy hands, my already wet pussy and bucking tummy. I continue to writhe in pleasure, rubbing my clit, your cum adding to my own explosion of moisture. You pull yourself harder, feeling each contraction ripple through your body. You lean over me so far, holding yourself up by only one arm. Our voices mixing as we sigh and moan in a heated duet. You lower your face to touch my searching lips in one final gesture of passion after having longed for them so desperately all the while. Our tongues meet and then our mouths lock together as you slump your full body weight down onto me in complete and utter satisfied exhaustion.

We lie there, I still throbbing and quivering, you still throbbing and twitching, your penis pressed firmly into my tummy. We lie there breathing deeply and slowly, ever so slowly ascending back down to earth. We are quiet. My arms surround you and hold you there and we melt into each other until we must move to the shower before we are discovered.

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