The Social Club – 2


Bob came to my house on Monday afternoon.  I invited him in, and we sat on the couch in the living room.“I called Tony this morning.  He said he wouldn’t be able to see you until tomorrow afternoon.  As I said, the club isn’t open on Sunday and Monday.  However, Tony said he was looking forward to meeting you,” Bob said.“Thanks for setting this up for me.  If I get a job at the Social Club, we can look for somewhere to live.  Maybe we can get an apartment or a flat and share it,” I said.“I hope so.  I’m getting tired of listening to my ol’ man ragging on me to move.  When do you have to get out?” Bob said.“Mom hasn’t told me when I have to move yet.  I hope to have a few weeks to save the money we’ll need.  So, tell me what to expect when I talk to Tony,” I said.Bob chuckled and said, “If it goes anything like my interview, you’ll suck his cock.  Tony wants to make sure you’re willing to service the members.  If he wants to hire you, he’ll go over the job requirements.  You’ll find you spend more time serving food and drinks than sucking cock.”“Do you make good tips serving food and drinks?” I asked.“Yeah, I do okay.  Not as well as in the backroom, but everything helps.”  Bob grinned, put his hand on my leg, and said, “Want to practice?”When I nodded, Bob stood, unfastened his jeans, and lowered them along with his underwear.  I reached out, wrapping my fingers around his flaccid cock, looked up, and smiled.  As he moved closer, I thought about what I was about to do.The first time I sucked Bob’s cock, I had been drinking and half-drunk.  Now I was stone sober and a bit apprehensive.  Nevertheless, I decided to go for it and took his dick into my mouth.  As Bob’s cock grew in my mouth, I realized it didn’t bother me in the least.  If anything, I found having my friend’s cock in my mouth exciting.I began bobbing my head, sucking as I felt his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.  Then, remembering what Bob told me, I used one hand to caress his balls.Bob pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “Lick my dick for a few minutes.  Many of the members want it to last.  Make sure you ask them how they want you to suck their cock.”Pushing his cock against his stomach, I licked Bob from his nuts to the head of his cock.  He coached me, telling me how to service his dick.  After a few minutes, Bob put his hands on the side of my head and guided my mouth to his cock.Holding my head, Bob began fucking my mouth, and I managed to take his entire length into my mouth and throat.  After about ten minutes of getting my face fucked, Bob pulled back.  He told me to jack his cock, open my mouth, and point it at my face.  A moment later, I felt his cum hit my nose, then shoot into my open mouth.  Before he finished coming, Bob sent several spurts of semen against my face.When he stopped coming, Bob chuckled.  He sat next Büyükçekmece escort to me, then said, “Some of the members like giving you a facial.  When I give blowjobs, I take off my shirt or get naked.  A few of the men I suck like seeing me nude.”Bob began rubbing my crotch.  I smiled and said, “Do you need practice too?”Shaking his head, Bob said, “No.  I like sucking cock, especially yours.”I scrunched my face after hearing Bob tell me he liked sucking my cock.  Then, as I undid my pants, I said, “Why?”“Sucking cock at the club is a job, Gary.  I do it to make money.  You’re my best friend, and doing it with you is different.  While I don’t mind sucking the men at the club, when I blew you, I enjoyed it.”  He ran his hand over my cock and smiled.  “Just like I’m going to enjoy it now.”Kneeling next to me, Bob began stroking my cock. When he took my cock into his mouth, I let out a moan. After a few moments, he stopped, removed his clothes, then resumed jacking me off.As it was when I blew Bob, getting a blowjob while sober was different.  I could feel his tongue rubbing the head of my cock as he slowly bobbed his head.  Bob put his hand between my legs, cupped my balls, and rubbed them.  When he took my cock into his throat, he rubbed my nuts against his face.I couldn’t believe how much better it was getting my cock sucked sober than it was when I’d been drinking.  The feeling of Bob’s sucking mouth sent a feeling through me I’d never felt before.  When Bob removed my cock from his mouth and licked my balls, I put a hand on the back of his head.  I ran my fingers through his hair for a moment, then began rubbing Bob’s back.  He started humming, then took one of my nuts into his mouth.I stroked Bob’s back from his neck to his ass.  When I ran my hand over his butt cheeks, he moaned, causing a welcome vibration on my ball.  I continued stroking Bob’s ass as he returned his mouth to my cock.  The longer he blew me, the more I enjoyed it. For the next twenty minutes, Bob sucked my cock and bobbed his head.  Finally, when I told him I was close to coming, he hummed and nodded.My cock exploded in the most intense climax I’d ever experienced.  As I shot my cum into his mouth, Bob sucked and swallowed.  Even after my cock stopped pulsing, he kept me in his mouth.  Finally, he sat up, looked at me, then smiled as he licked his lips.“Getting blown when I’m sober is much better than after I’ve been drinking.  It was amazing, Bob,” I said.Running his hand over my wet flaccid cock, Bob nodded and said, “I have to agree.  But, look, Gary, I hope you didn’t take what I said the wrong way.  While sucking your cock is great because we’re friends, I don’t have any feelings other than friendship.  I know I’m bisexual and while sucking cock is nice, I prefer girls.Nodding, I said, Çatalca escort bayan “I hope to find out someday.  Maybe you can hook me up with one of the girls at the club, so I’ll know.”  I reached for Bob’s crotch, wrapped my fingers around his cock, and stroked him.  “But it won’t upset me if I discover I’m not attracted to girls.  The more I suck your cock, the better l like it.”Before Bob left my house, I gave him another blowjob.  When he came, filling my mouth, I swallowed his load.  It seemed as if the more I tasted his cum, the better I liked it.  It made me wonder if having sex with a girl was important any longer.On Tuesday afternoon, Bob took me to the Social Club to meet with Tony.  We went in the backdoor and to an office.  When Bob introduced me, Tony stood up and shook my hand.I looked at Tony, noting his curly dark hair and bright smile.  He stood about five-eight and was well built.“I’m pleased to meet you, Greg.  Bob said you’re looking for a job,” Tony said.“Yes, Sir, I sure am,” I replied.“Did he explain what’s expected?” Tony said.I smiled, then nodded.  “Yes, Sir.  Bob told me about the job, and I’m looking forward to working here.”Then looking at Bob, Tony said, “Did you tell him about my interview process?”“Yes, I said you’d want to see if he was willing to do what’s expected.” Bob chuckled.  “Greg’s been practicing with me and is pretty good for a beginner.”Smiling, Tony nodded, then said, “I’ll be the judge of his abilities.  Greg, do you want Bob to leave?”“It doesn’t matter to me, Sir.  Bob can stay if he wants to, and you don’t mind,” I said.“It doesn’t matter to me either way.  First, call me Tony, not Sir,” Tony said.“Okay, Tony.  What would you like me to do?” I said.“You can start by stripping.  As I’m sure Bob said, some of the members like sucking cock, and I want to see what you have to offer,” Tony said.I kicked off my shoes, pulled my shirt over my head, then unfastened my pants.  Tony moved closer to me as I pushed my pants and underwear down my legs.  Then, as I stood there in my socks, he reached out, took my semi-hard cock in his hand, and stroked me.Tony continued stroking my cock, then he smiled.  “I know a few of the members are going to want to sample this fresh meat.  You have an impressive cock, Greg.  So, how big are you?”“Thanks, Tony.  I’m about eight and a half inches when it gets hard.  I don’t know how thick it is.  I never measured it,” I said.Laughing, Bob said, “It’s more than a mouthful.”I looked over to where Bob sat on a couch, chuckled, and said, “Thanks, Bob.”“Greg, go sit next to Bob on the couch,” Tony said as he released my cock.I sat next to Bob, watching as Tony undid his belt, opened his pants, and lowered them to his knees.  He moved in front of me as I gazed at his uncircumcised cock.  It was Escort Esenler the first uncut dick I’d seen.  Tony gripped his member and slid his hand on the shart, causing the foreskin to peel back and expose his glans.Tony moved closer, and I reached out, caressing his balls.  When he removed his hand from his cock, I used my other hand to replace it.  Then, glancing up, I watched Tony while I played with his cock and nuts.I leaned forward, extended my tongue, and licked the head of Tony’s cock.  Then I pushed it up and ran my tongue over the bottom of his shaft, wetting him from his balls to the head.  A moment later, I opened my mouth, took his dick in, and began bobbing my head.Tony placed his hands on the sides of my head, guiding me as I sucked his thick cock.  He wasn’t any longer than Bob, but he was thicker.  It didn’t take long for me to begin enjoying the feeling of Tony’s cock in my mouth.  Then when he pulled on my head, I let his cock slid into my throat.  Finally, I rubbed his balls against my chin, causing him to moan.After about fifteen or twenty minutes, I felt Tony’s cock swell.  I pulled back until there was a couple of inches in my mouth, slid his foreskin back, and waited for his cum.  When the first jet of cum shot into my mouth, I used my tongue to block it from going down my throat.  Tony’s cock sent several spurts of semen into my mouth before he pulled his dick from my mouth.  I looked up, showed him his spend, closed my mouth, and swallowed.  Once my mouth was empty, I licked his cock, cleaning it.“Damn, Greg, you’re good for a beginner,” Tony said.“Thanks, Tony.  I plan to get better.  So, do I get the job?” I said.“Can you start on Friday?” Tony said.“Yes.  Sooner if you need me,” I said.Tony pulled up his underwear, tucked his cock away, then fixed his pants.  He went to his desk, picked up a glass of water, and took a drink.“Let’s look around, and I’ll show the place.  You can get dressed,” Tony said.Once I had dressed, Tony, Bob, and I left his office.  Tony led us to a hallway, opened a door, and showed me one of the small rooms the members used for sex.  Glancing around, I saw a bed, two chairs, and a sink in the corner.“We have four of these rooms.  All of them are the same,” Tony said.  “There’s clean linens and towels in the closet.  If you mess up the sheets, you have to change them.  We also keep the closets stocked with condoms and lube.”Leaving the room, Tony took us to the end of the hallway.  He opened a door, showing me a room with two enclosed toilets and three shower stalls. Then, pointing at a row of lockers, he said, “You can keep your things in one of the lockers.  Pick up a lock.”I looked into one of the lockers, realizing it was more like a small closet than the lockers we had at school.  There was a bar to hang clothes, a couple of shelves, and plenty of room.“I hope you’re not modest.  You share this room with the girls,” Tony said.Tony led us to the dining room.  I looked around, seeing there were booths and tables.  When we walked to the bar, I counted twenty stools.  As we went around the area, Tony told me about the kitchen and other things I needed to know.

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