The Shower


He had always been curious about what it would be like, but had never really thought he could go through with it. That was of course until he had met Sadie, she told him that she wanted to make all his fantasies come true. No matter how nasty, she was willing to please him in every way possible. One night after a particularly intense session of rough sex Keith and Sadie were lying snuggled close when she asked what he wanted to do sexually more than anything, something that was taboo that would shock those who knew him. At first he just looked at her shaking his head in the negative, he couldn’t tell her she would think he was gross or nuts. She may leave him if she new what he wanted.

She leaned over him her hair caressing his cheek. She kissed his lips lightly. “Keith I love you no matter what you tell me, I just want to make all your fantasies come true.” She said this while her hand slowly made a journey down his chest, to his flat tummy, further still to his flaccid penis. With just a light flick of her finger tips it was soon swelling to the nice hard 7 inches she loved so much. She stroked harder making it swell even more…she leaned over and nibbled his ear “tell me what you want more than anything Keith” she purred. He was hard pressed to resist when she was stroking his cock so fucking hard. “God damn Sadie your making me so hot.” He groaned out…she just laughed, she knew what she was doing, she always knew. He was going to tell her whether he wanted to or not. She got on her knees in front of him and licked the tip of his engorged cock…the flick of her tongue had him shaking. “Tell me NOW Keith.” She demanded. He sucked in his breath “God ok, ok, ok fuck I’ll tell you.” He caught his breath and pulled her up to him, looked her straight in the eyes. “You’re a bitch I swear. I want to be with a guy; I want to feel a cock in my ass slamming me, making me cum like I have never cum before.” When he told her this her pussy instantly got wet and her clit tightened up just like it would right before she came. She could envision her sexy prince getting fucked nasty by a guy.

She had an idea but didn’t let him know about it. No she’d save that for later, for now she had to fuck him Hard, he had made her so hot with that confession and she needed to feel that hard cock deep in her wet, tight cunt. She climbed on top of him straddling his hips and oh so slowly started lowering herself on his cock. When he was buried to the hilt she let out a groan as did he. “Fuck you feel so good inside my pussy Keith. You own this pussy and I own this cock isn’t that right?” She asked as her hips started gliding back and forth on his shaft. Her wetness surrounded him and he started bucking his hips up. “Fuck me Sadie, fuck me, ride me bitch.” He gritted between his tightly clenched teeth. Sadie started riding faster, harder. The thought of his ass getting violated turned her on more than she thought possible. Her nails dug into his chest leaving bloody trails as she drug them down to his abdomen. Soon her pussy could take no more she had to release the juice that was building inside her…with one hard plunge; she was screaming her orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck God damn that’s so fucking good.” Her juices started flowing down his cock dripping down his balls, all too shortly she felt his seed pumping hard, hot and sticky inside gaziosmanpaşa escort of her. She collapsed on his chest, sucking in her breath trying to breath like normal. God he and only he could make her lose control that way.

A couple nights later when Keith came over for dinner Sadie had arranged for a small part of his fantasy to come true. She still had plans but she wanted to let him feel some of it before the big show. After a couple hours of fore play on the couch she told him to go to the bedroom get undress and assume the position, meaning on his hands and knees. As he had been her little submissive on more than one occasion he did as she asked without question. As he kneeled there his cock got harder and harder waiting for what she would do to him…At one point when he heard some noise and tried to turn around to see what she was doing she slapped his ass hard. “No do not turn around slut, do as I tell you and don’t move.” After a few moments he felt her come up behind him, still yet this was not a new thing or it wasn’t till he felt something hard pressed up against the crack of his ass. She leaned forward kissed then bit the back of his neck. “Keith I’m going to initiate you, I’m going to be the first to fuck your tight asshole.” She panted out. “Does that meet with your approval my love?” She asked him. It seemed like he stopped breathing for a moment before, he gasped out “Yes…Yes please take my ass.”

She rubbed some lube on the fake cock she had strapped around her waist. She then proceeded to rub the fake cock up and down the seam of his ass, his breathing became shallow, and Sadie then opened the cheeks of his ass and started rubbing lube onto the puckered hole of his ass, slipping her pinky inside then taking it out, then adding another one of her digits, then another till she had three fingers buried deep in his anal passage. She pumped them in and out making him moan and beg for more. Soon she complied.

Pushing the head of the cock against the hole in his ass made her feel powerful…soon she would open that hole and make it virgin no more just as he had taken her ass for the first time. He moaned out, she could tell he wanted it. She had gone out and bought a fairly nice sized strap on, she made sure it wasn’t too big as to rip his ass; too much that is. Sadie knew Keith loved fucking nasty and hard. If at the end one of them was bleeding then they had fucked right. As she placed her hands on his hips she asked “Are you ready to have me in your ass? Are you ready for me to break your cherry?” The thought was making her hot and she could feel her juices sliding down her thighs.

Without hesitation or waiting for his reply she started shoving the 6 inch cock in his tight asshole. He cried out in pain which only made her drive deeper. “mmm yes you’re my bitch aren’t you Keith?” she slid in a little bit more then her conscious walked out the door and she didn’t care if she hurt him. The first time he took her ass he had raped it; bloodied it and she wanted to do the same to his. “I’ll be gentle my love” she whispered. He nodded “yes please Sadie be gentle it hurts already.” That was all she needed. He was her bitch and she would do with him what she wished. She pulled back out of his ass a wee bit then with gölbaşı escort a plunge of her rounded hips she slammed the cock so hard and so deep in his ass that he literally screamed out in pain. She loved it. She watched as little blood droplets dripped onto the shaft of the strap on. “Oh Keith that hurts doesn’t it slut?” She said as she pressed as hard inside of his tight ass as she could. He nodded his head for that’s all he could do at the moment. Sadie started pulling out then thrusting back in. Raping his ass, making it hers. “who’s ass is this?” she asked repeatedly fucking him harder and harder. Her nails scratching down his taunt back. She watched as red welts of blood started dripping down his back.

Her clit was so swollen and it was all she could do to not cum herself. She started pumping in and out of his tight ass, fucking him harder and harder. The louder he moaned the harder she violated his ass. She pulled the short hair he had on his head calling him her little fuck slut as she rammed into him. He started panting like a dog. “yeah my bitch yeah. Do you want to cum now?” she asked slamming so hard she thought she would come out the other side. “Yes, yes, yes.” He panted. “As you wish” she said as she slammed into him hard one last time and with an animalistic yell his seed squirted all over the black sheets. He collapsed flat on his face when she pulled the member out of his ass. She laid down next to him kissing his shoulder. “Was that good my darling?” She asked rubbing her hand up and down one cheek of his ass. She knew he had to be soar she remembered the first time he had taken her ass, she couldn’t walk properly for a couple days. He gulped in his breath and nodded his head “Yes that was more than good baby that was exactly what I wanted.” She knew he wasn’t telling the whole truth. She knew he wanted a real man to fuck his ass. Little did he know that she had more in store for him in the near future.

Two weeks had passed since that night, and they were in New Jersey visiting some of Keith’s family and friends. They had been there for a good 4 days when Sadie decided that it was time for Keith’s ultimate fantasy to come true. They had been together for two months now and in that two months they had done some wild, nasty shit. When he wanted to try water sports she said lets do it, when he wanted to tie her up she said I’ll get the silk scarves, and when he wanted to be spanked and bitten she said do me as well. But this, well this was different. Two months and it had been strictly just the two of them, now she would watch another person fuck him. She had to make sure this was something she could handle. It didn’t matter whether it was a man or a woman; he was hers and she didn’t want to lose him, but she also figured as long as she lived out and let him live out his fantasies he wouldn’t go outside the relationship for it. Soon she had convinced herself and set it all up.

He had just enjoyed a most strenuous work out and now he needed to shower before going home. Sadie and he were suppose to go out to a nice restaurant tonight and he didn’t want to go back to his parents house smelling of sweat so he decided to shower at the gym. When he had walked back to the locker room he had noticed that he was about keçiören escort the only one in the gym except for one other guy. He hurried to the showers, there he turned the spray on full blast and let the hot steam soothe his aching muscles. The combination felt good. He was letting the spray massage his chest muscles when all the sudden he felt someone behind him. An arm came around his waist and an deep voice whispered in his ear. “Don’t move, I’ve been watching you for the last hour and I know from a reliable source that you want this.” Keith couldn’t lie and say he didn’t; the feel of the big hand traveling down his abdomen past his happy trail and taking his now thickly aroused cock in hand felt good. The mans hand started stroking Keith’s cock, rubbing his thumb around the pulsating head. Keith moaned and his head fell back in abandon. He knew he should stop this but this yet he wanted it so bad.

There was no one else in the gym to see them, no one had to know. He could not resist he had to have this, ever since that night that Sadie had initiated his ass he craved more. The man bit the side of his neck and whispered for him to get on all fours on the shower floor. He did as asked and got on all fours, not once did he look behind him to see what the man looked like, he didn’t care he just knew that he wanted to be taken. The man rubbed his cock down the seam of his ass just like Sadie had done but this time it felt more real, it was more real. He held his breath waiting for the ultimate to happen. He didn’t have long to wait. The man pulled back and slammed hard into his tender ass. He moaned out in pain and in pleasure, this wasn’t a 6inch cock in his ass this time, no this was at least 8inches and real. He bit his lip as the man started thrusting in and out.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something, he tensed up expecting to see another guy spying on him. What he saw instead was his beautiful girlfriend Sadie standing naked watching them. She walked over to the two men looked Keith in the eyes and got on her knees in front of him she kissed his lips then laid on her back slid under him so that her face was where his cock was hard and pulsing against his tummy. She started sucking him as the man started fucking him. Keith almost blew his load right then but something made him hold back. He thought that this might be a once in a lifetime experience and he wanted to make it last as long as he could. He leaned into Sadie and started lapping up the juices flowing from her pink pussy. She moaned around his cock and that made his balls tighten. He stopped eating her long enough to tell the guy to fuck him harder. The man did as told, gripping Keith’s hips tight and started slamming harder; Keith made a small mew in the back of his throat as he felt his ass rip just a tiny bit from the brutal assault. As he felt the first drop of blood drip down the crack of his ass at the same time he felt the mans cum start shooting inside him. The man moaned and thrust his hips harder and harder against Keith. Keith’s own seed started dripping out of Keith’s well filled hole…at the same time his own seed started shooting down Sadie’s throat. She swallowed as fast as she could taking every last drop. It seemed that the earth had stopped spinning for hours but it was just a mater of minutes. Sadie and Keith came back to reality, the man was gone and there on the shower floor they both laid. Luke warm water now spraying their exhausted bodies. Keith reached for Sadie wrapped her in his arms and kissed her forehead. “that was for you she whispered.” Hugging him back tightly. She knew that she would do anything for him and if he wanted that to happen again so be it.

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