The Shopping Spree


After a morning of shopping, I went for a hamburger. As I sat there with my bag of goodies by my side, a man in his early thirties sat down at the table next to me. He beamed a smile at me and said hello. It was unusual for people in the city to be friendly to strangers, but then again, he didn’t look like a man from the city. He must have been in his mid-thirties. His face was rugged, and his hair was unkempt. His clothing was clean, but it looked worn. I guess he must have been a manual labourer of some kind, perhaps a farmer. His hands confirmed my theory; they looked rough and strong. I smiled back briefly and said hello in return before turning my attention back to my meal.I was nineteen at the time, very much unaware of the world of cross-dressing. All I knew was that I had always had a penchant for dressing up in girly clothes in private. My shopping spree that morning had consisted of visiting several stores on the city’s main strip looking for items to fill my female wardrobe. Since I left home just a few months previously, I finally had the freedom to dress up as much as wanted in the secrecy of my own apartment. With some extra cash from my new job, I was really going wild with my purchases. That morning, I had splashed out on several undergarments, a couple of skimpy dresses, a skirt and blouse, and a pair of classic black high-heels. I was looking forward to wearing them at home and basking in the girliness while watching some DVDs.“Nice catch,” said the guy next to me, “I’m Nash.”He held out his hand as he introduced himself. I had no idea what he was talking about, thinking it must have been a reflection on a sports event. I reciprocated and shook his hand. His grip was surprisingly soft, despite the roughness of his skin and the thickness of his fingers. He seemed to show a genuine interest in meeting me.“Hi, I’m Ankara escort Remy,” I said in return, “I’m not sure what you mean. Can I help you with something?”“I meant your shopping,” he chuckled and winked at me, “That’s some lucky girl.”I felt very small suddenly, as though I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I didn’t know what to say at first. I looked at him for a second, noticing his swimming pool blue eyes and bright smile. His teeth were immaculate for an otherwise scruffy-looking guy. In fact, there was something very charming, sexually attractive about him. I quickly brushed that thought aside. I wasn’t typically attracted to men and had certainly never entertained the thought of having sex with one. Besides, he was a stranger and who knew what he was looking for.“Have you been following me?” I asked.“Not exactly,” he replied, “I just saw you in the store across the street. I thought it was cute how you were holding up the lingerie. You must have a passion for it. It was quite fascinating.”“What’s it to you?” I said quite abruptly, even rudely.I was thinking of getting up and storming out of the restaurant. This guy had been stalking me and was making comments that made me feel embarrassed.“Woah, it’s ok!” he said, seeing my discomfort, “I didn’t mean to spook you. I kinda have an interest in that sort of thing. I mean, you look like an intelligent guy. You must know that some guys like to, well, dress differently. I’m not saying that you were buying that stuff for yourself, but if you were, it’s totally ok with me. I’m not a person to judge. In fact, I would think it was awesome if you were. As I said, I’m simply interested.”“What kind of interest?” I asked, still hesitating if I should run away or not.“Listen, Remy,” he said softly, “I’m not saying that the clothing is for Balgat escort bayan you, but if it is, I have known a few guys who go home and dress up on their own. It’s a very lonely life, especially as you get older. You end up with a wardrobe full of beautiful feminine clothes and nowhere to go, or you get married and hide your secret forever. It’s better to have a few friends who understand you, who encourage you, and who can help you in times of need. I have some friends who cross-dress, and I admire them for their courage and their beauty. I’m sorry if I have upset you.”The way he delivered his message somewhat reassured me that he had a genuine concern. The look on his face was asking me for understanding and forgiveness.“I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m not used to talking to complete strangers.”“Well, then let’s not be strangers,” he replied, “Why don’t you come back to my place for a drink and we can chat some more. I live just around the corner.”I hadn’t confirmed that I had been shopping for myself, but I figured that it was obvious to Nash by now. I hadn’t refuted the claim, and he was quite clear in his assessment of the situation. In the back of my mind, I knew that if I went with him, some sexual activity would probably occur. In fact, my cock was twitching slightly at the thought, even though I was somewhat conflicted at engaging with a man.“OK,” I said meekly, “Just for an hour or two. I need to be home by 3 pm.”I said 3 pm because I wanted to time-box the meeting to give him the impression that I wasn’t going to hang around all afternoon. I also wanted a deadline in case I felt I needed to escape.“That’s fine,” he replied, “I have some things to do later this afternoon too.”—His apartment was quite small but tidy and quite well-decorated for what I thought was a bachelor’s pad. He Escort Batıkent saw me looking around and swiftly explained that he and his wife had separated a couple of years previously. I sat down on the couch while Nash went to fix a drink for both of us.At first, we chatted about mundane stuff like where we were from, what we did in life and where we worked. Nash was indeed from the country, but he had moved to the city and was now in the construction business. As I sat there listening to him, he was interesting, but I could feel something missing in why he had asked me to come back to his place, and there it was.“Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?” he said with a wry smile.My cock shot up immediately. The moment was then. He was asking me to model my new clothes, and I wanted to show him. It would be the first time ever I had dressed up as a girl in front of another person. I felt so nervous and excited at the same time.“You can use the bathroom,” he said, “There’s still some old makeup my ex left behind.”—I took my time in the bathroom. I wanted to get everything right. I picked out a matching red cotton panty and bra, black stockings and suspender belt, the red silk dress and the black heels. My head was rushing with thoughts about what I was doing and what might happen, but I was caught up in the moment of excitement. I had never felt so exhilarated in my life.I opened the wall cabinet and found the makeup. There was quite a selection. I applied a bit of foundation and mascara, eyeshadow and finally a deep red lipstick that matched perfectly with my dress. I brushed my hair into a pageboy style and held it into place with a pretty white bow hair clip. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt quite proud of my achievement. The girl looking back at me was who I wanted to be.—“Wow, you look amazing,” said Nash.“I’m sorry it took so long,” I replied.“Come and sit next to me,” he continued, patting the space on the couch.I teetered over to the couch and sat down. I wasn’t used to walking in heels, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He just smiled from ear to ear, obviously enjoying the moment.

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