The Shirt Ch. 02

Beautiful Position

A slight scratching sound pulled her from the land of nod. She closed eyed awake wondering what the sound was coming from. She smiled. The dream was very vivid. She almost felt bad for actually falling asleep in the shirt, but she figured the realism of the dream might have come directly from the shirt. She opened an eye to check the alarm clock, but instead she saw a socked foot.

That woke her up the rest of the way. She sat up quickly and looked at him. The shirt still hung down her shoulders, completely unbuttoned. He was still fully clothed, a pencil in hand, and drawing on a pad of paper. It was a picture of tranquility. She smiled, as he seemed to be concentrated on the drawing. She looked over at the drawing, which was of her sleeping.

“You really do look sexy in that shirt,” he said without looking up, a slight grin was sketched on his face. She pulled the pad of paper and pencil from his hands and put them on the nightstand and pulled him onto the bed.

“I couldn’t believe you didn’t even get undressed,” she said as he fell on the bed. She shook her red bangs out of the way of her green eyes and pounced on him as soon as he hit the bed. She was face to face to him, her nose only millimeters away from his as she ground her hips against his covered crotch, her breasts pressing against his chest through the shirt he was wearing “What, am I not good enough for you?” she teased as she bent down and kissed him wetly and started to work her way down, pulling at his t-shirt. He quickly helped her take it off. She pushed him back on the bed, and rubbed her body down his, scratching her fingernails over his chest and stomach. She rubbed her hands up and down his denim-covered legs, and rubbed her cheeks in-between his legs. He was getting extremely hard. She rubbed him through his jeans, “You should be punished for making me think it was a dream. You should have known better then to get up.” She heard him groan as she continued to rub. She knew he had to be uncomfortable in those jeans. Knowing this she jumped to her feet and smiled.

“I’m going to get some coffee,” she said. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to keep up this game long, but the slight cry of protest as she pranced out off the room wearing just the men’s dress shirt put a slight smile on her face. She didn’t even get out of the hall before he caught up to her. He wrapped his arms around waist her from behind, and she fought to get away, but he wasn’t going to have any ankara escort of it. He slid his hands up stomach and cupped her tits in his hands as he bent down over her from behind, tweaking her nipples with his index finger and thumb.

“You, are not going to get away that easy dawlin,” he said as gave a long lick from her shoulder up her neck, and started to nibble her neck. He was getting lost in her scent, and she briefly getting lost in the feeling as he massaged her breasts and pulled on her nipples.. She rubbed up against him as he took one of her earlobes in his mouth, but she broke out enough to get away. She actually did head into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. She wanted to talk to him about this whole surprise visit. She started the pot of coffee and opened the refrigerator to pull out the cream when she felt a pair of lips against her neck. She closed her eyes as he continued to lick and kiss and nibble at her neck.

“You weren’t lying about necks were you,” she said with a slight sigh as he slid his hands back around her. This time he worked lower, rubbing his hands over her hips. He didn’t say anything, but she tilted her head back in response to give him slightly more access. She felt lost in the feeling for a moment until she felt his fingers starting to stroke her slit. She stopped and turned around, wrapping her arms around his neck and looked up at him.

“Did you sleep at all last night?” she asked.

“No,” he said, “I was too happy to fall asleep.”

“Well,” she said, “I’m going to go and get some coffee. I want you to go into the room and get undressed, and go to sleep,” she kissed him before he could protest and broke it off, “I’m not taking no for an answer…all I need is for you to go off and fall asleep in the middle of everything, are we clear? Wait, don’t answer, just do it.” She smacked him on the ass and smirked. He gave a mock bow and left the room.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and had to clear her head. She was briefly scared shitless when she saw him out there last night. She looked at the clock, 5 AM. Well, this morning. She walked through with her cup of coffee back to the bedroom. She knew it well as he at least seemed unconscious, but she knew she better approach with caution. She walked over and she waved her hands in front of his eyes. He looked so comfortable. She realized that she was tired. She only had three hours of sleep herself. She poked kızılay escort him a couple of times until he rolled over and she curled up next to him. She drifted off to sleep just about as quickly as she did.

He opened one eye and closed it again, and wrapped his arms around her. If this is what she wanted, this is what she would get. He waited until he could hear her breathing rhythmically of deep sleep, and fell asleep to that lullaby. The next thing they both knew, the alarm clock was buzzing at nine in the morning, and she was sleeping on top of him. She stopped to listen to his heartbeat as his arm shot out and smacked the snooze alarm. She turned and turned the clock off for good and looked down at him. His eyes were still closed.

“I am going to open my eyes, and this dream is going to end,” he said with a bit of sleepiness in his voice. She smiled and kissed him softly and cuddled against him. He rubbed his hands up and down her back and slid them down to her ass. She felt him starting to get hard under her and she rubbed herself against him as he started to massage her cheeks. She felt him thrusting up against her.

“Well, if you keep your eyes shut,” she whispered, “You won’t get to watch.”

She slid down his body, as if she was repeating earlier, raking her fingers over his bare chest, leaving slight red marks as she worked her way down. She started to place wet kisses around his pelvis, not touching his cock or balls. She could tell that he was trying hard not to react, but his cock was telling her a different story as it continued to grow in front of her. She started to place wet kisses along the shaft, which caused him to look down. She grinned as she took his hardness in her hand and stroked it. It grew harder and harder in her hand. He groaned slightly. She gave it one long lick, but she wasn’t going to waste this. She climbed back up, and positioned herself over him, rubbing his head up and down her slit, until she inserted the head, and slowly made her way down his shaft. They both let out a moan as she started to slowly ride him. Her head was tilted up as she was felt lost in the feeling. She felt him sliding the shirt off her shoulders until it was completely off, and heard it tossed to the side. She placed his hands down on his shoulders and started to ride him a little faster. He took the nipple of one of her breasts into her mouth as he grabbed her hips and started polatlı escort to thrust back up at her.

“Oh god…” she started as the familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm started up, “Oh please…oh fuck…” she closed her eyes tightly as she started grind her hips into his. One of his hands moved from her hips and started to rub her clit, starting the sparks that lit the fuse. She kissed him lustily; she needed to feel like they were knocking teeth together when she exploded. She moaned out that she was cumming into his mouth as she ground down roughly against him, his finger still flicking over her clit. She froze for a moment as the feelings enveloped her, and her orgasm faded, she relaxed, feeling him still hard inside of her.

He rolled her over onto her back and continued where she left off. He placed two hands on either side of her head and started to thrust in deeply.

“Fuck me,” she said. She looked up at him with lust in her eyes, “Fuck me hard.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said he continued to thrust into her. She looked up at him, with the smile on his face, and decided to continue the dirty talk.

“You call that fucking, fuck me hard damn it,” she started, “I love the feeling of your cock in me,” she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him into her. He did start to fuck her harder, but he kept a steady pace. She thrusted up at him as they continued to look each other in the eye, as if they were having a staring contest.

“Oh fuck,” she started, “Oh fuck, I love the way you fuck me,” the dirty talk seemed to work as he started to get faster and faster. “Oh Bill, oh fuck me you bastard.” He started to hammer it into her, his balls slapping against her with every thrust. He continued to look her in the eye as both of there faces contorted in ecstasy. She was going to attempt to make him cum before her… this time, just for bragging rights. She saw a drop of sweat fall off of his chin and it dropped onto her neck…and she blinked.

It all came crashing down at once. She screamed out in pleasure as he pressed lunged one more time roughly and ground his hips into her, getting contact with her clit as they both started to explode in a mutual orgasm. She felt him throb and spurt inside of her as he let off a animalistic groan. She continued to cry out in pleasure as every throb sent shockwaves through her body. The two of them were lost in their pleasure as everything slowly came back to normal. It took them a few moments to catch their breath.

“Are you trying to murder me?” she asked breathlessly, “Death by orgasm.”

“Are you complaining?” he replied equally breathless.

“Not at all…” she said smiling to herself. She had feelings she couldn’t explain, but this wasn’t the time to try to figure them out.

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