The Secret Fetish Pt. 07


Like a spider drawing its prey into a web, Felicity played with her hair, flexing her heaving biceps as she did so, tightening her pecs as she laughed, and captivating my attention. I shook in fear of Mary’s reaction when Felicity left but found myself unable to steer my gaze from the aura of muscle before me. Surely, both of them sensed my arousal from these subtle displays of her remarkable physicality.

My eyes moved involuntarily over Felicity’s beautiful canvas as she twisted, shifted, and flexed. Each ever-so-slight movement snapped my eyes to attention at whatever feature she was highlighting next. It was almost as if she were proving to Mary how much control she had over me. I could almost hear her crowing, “look lady, it’s me rather than you who is the true object of your husband’s desires. If I had any control, I might have been angry, but I was enraptured by the display of muscularity in front of me. And then it got worse.

“So, Felicity was just telling me that she used to be a powerlifter,” Mary noted.

“Is that so?” I asked, playing dumb.

“Yeah, she thinks she’s still stronger than most men.” She looked over to Felicity who, as if on cue, launched into a clowning most muscular pose, grunting as she did so. Her massive pectorals pressed her voluminous implants against the straining dress. A vast network of veins emerged across her upper body and snaked down across her chest. The swell of her bosom, a deep cleft between them was too much, too true, too perfect. The final crescendo of Batıkent Escort my lusting gaze was the fashion in which her hard nipples pushed against the material, commanding my attention. She finally released the pose with a cackling laugh, shaking her pecs in a different but equally alluring fashion.

“I don’t doubt it,” I murmured, unable to shut my trap.

“Well let’s see. Felicity, you wouldn’t mind arm wrestling him, would you?” Mary asked forcefully.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she replied with truly false modesty.

“Nonsense, I insist,” Mary demanded.

“Do I get a say in this?” I asked.

“No,” Mary responded, without a trace of sarcasm in her voice. “Let’s see how strong my man, my protector is.” Sarcasm now laced her voice in an almost recriminating fashion. Mary moved over to give me space and showed me where to sit. Reluctantly, I followed her order.

We locked grips and I looked into her captivating green eyes. They had a look of absolute glee in them, and she had a confident grin on her face. Felicity’s fingers tensed upon mine and the roots of her forearm muscle bellies rippled and shifted as her intense grip tightened on me before she playfully released. My teeth ground and I flinched in pain but somehow managed to hide it from Mary.

She too was giddy with excitement and when the two of us looked ready, Mary proclaimed,

“Go!” and the match began. In an instant, I knew it was over. Felicity’s shapely bicep tightened into Beşevler Escort a vein-smothered boulder of power. Her smooth leverage pulled me down as I struggled like a helpless kitten until my hand was pressed firmly into submission just seconds after we began. My cock throbbed with the fierce display of her power.

“Uh, good match,” I declared, trying to be a good sport. It was nothing of the sort. Suddenly, I felt a hand wrap itself around my throbbing cock in my slacks. Mary was checking to see how hard I was. Fuck.

As my eyes rose to look at her in defeat though, I noticed her hand folded under her chin considering what had just happened. The other kept squeezing me. Seconds later my cock erupted in one of the quickest and fiercest orgasms I’d ever had. My head shook and my eyes flickered but I willed my body not to move to hide the intensity of my eruption from Felicity. Mary’s hand milked every last job before she removed it as if nothing had happened.

“You see. It can be done and rather easily.” Felicity noted.

“Yeah, wow,” Mary said, her mouth still agape. It was like her hand was holding up her bottom jaw so it wouldn’t fall off.

“And I’m not even training for strength right now. I am focused only on getting these bad boys bigger.” She raised her arm, flexed her enormous biceps, and twisted her wrist back and forth in the victory salute.

“I guess so.”

“I’m going to train, Mary,” Felicity said. “We were talking, and she Beypazarı Escort expressed an interest in getting stronger than you too.”

“Ha, ha.” I laughed, sweating bullets. How much had Mary told her?

“I’ll have her stronger than you in no time, but it’s going to cost you, Boss.”

Shaking, I tried to play it cool. “Oh yeah? How is that?”

“I’m going to be buying her the supplements she needs and might need to take an extra hour off in the morning to train her.”

“Two,” Mary corrected.

“So, you might as well just come in after lunch,” I joked.

“That sounds good,” she winked. My breath caught. Was she holding the shoulder massages over me and subtly threatening to tell if I didn’t give her a full day’s wage for a half day’s work?”

“Whatever Mary needs,” I said, saving myself from additional drama.

“As it should be,” Felicity said. “We girls need to stick together, right?”

“Darn right,” Mary said.

The girls proceeded to tease me in a good-natured way for the next twenty minutes. Jabs like, “oh, men seem like they’re the stronger sex, but it’s totally a facade. It’s almost like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. If you really want this, Mary, I can have you stronger than the boss in no time.”

“That sounds fun,” she responded. “Then if he does anything wrong, I can beat him into submission,” she laughed, as if it were a joke, but I sensed the warning tone beneath.

After being the butt of their jokes for what seemed like an eternity, finally, my agony ended when Felicity needed to depart to go on a date. The two of them hugged and Felicity’s massiveness seemed to almost engulf Mary. Their bodies intertwined was a feast for the eyes. Felicity’s hardened form, full of swells, and her hardened nipples brushing pleasurably against Mary’s lithe, soft, curvy form was a slice of heaven.

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