The Secluded Cottage


Nobody seemed to know much about the mature woman who lived, apparently alone, in the secluded cottage on the edge of a small English village. She occasionally appeared in the village shop but she seemed to keep herself very much to herself.She had moved in about three months previously, but whereas everybody knew everybody within the village she was very much an outsider, although that seemed to be by choice. A couple of local women had invited her to attend the occasional coffee mornings held in the village hall, but so far she had politely declined.Thirty-two-year-old divorcee Peter Chaplin was a bit intrigued by the woman, although he had only had the occasional glimpse of her. He did not think that she was either particularly attractive or unattractive and Peter guessed her age to be somewhere in the late fifties. He just found the mystery surrounding her to be rather fascinating.The woman was the subject of speculation in the village with suggestions, some more serious than others, that she was anything from an eccentric millionairess to a famous author just wanting privacy.Peter made it his mission to find out more about her, for no other reason than to satisfy his own curiosity. He had not gotten deeply involved in any discussions about the woman but he was aware that she was attracting interest.Peter himself, although a long-time resident in the village, had been the subject of talk when a couple of years earlier his wife left him for a younger man. He had occasional female company but nobody who lived in the village.The mysterious woman was actually aged sixty and named Pamela Edmundson and she was now in semi-retirement. She had moved to the village from London, where she had been quite well known in certain circles under the name of Mistress Donna.She would deal with misbehaving males and females by applying various instruments of punishment to their buttocks, anything from a very severe punishment thrashing to a few strokes to make the recipient’s bottom smart. The men or women, often business people from the city, would pay a considerable amount for the privilege and, for a further sum, they might get a session or a night in bed with Ms Edmundson.Since her move to the village, she had had occasional visits by former clients, but she was now very selective about who she entertained and she no longer advertised her services. She had, however, brought her supply of canes, whips and paddles, etc., with her. She no longer charged clients; the sessions were just for the pleasure that she and the men or women got in their different ways.Although he did not know it yet, this was the woman that Peter Chaplin was determined to find out about.Peter decided that he could not really go up to the cottage door and knock and then start questioning the woman, so he had to rely on the possibility of seeing her out and about in the village, but the problem with that was that she was not often out and about in the village.After two further days, Peter was walking in the village late on the Friday afternoon when he saw the woman on the other side of the road, carrying a heavy-looking shopping bag; this was his chance.Peter crossed the road and offered his assistance. “Hello, let me help you with that,” said Peter, stretching out his arm towards the bag.”No, thank you, I can manage,” said the woman, a bit ungratefully. This was the first time that Peter had seen her this close and she was actually quite a striking-looking woman.”It is okay, I live in the village,” said Peter, as if that meant that he could not be accosting her.”I know you do, I have seen you before. But I do not need your help, thank you,” replied the woman, adding the ‘thank you’ almost as an afterthought.”It is no trouble,” said Peter, although seeing that he was now starting to annoy the woman.”Are you deaf or stupid, young man?” snapped the woman.”Neither, I was just offering to help,” said Peter, resisting the urge to tell the woman to go fuck herself although thinking that that was probably what she did.The woman glared at him although a trace of a smile crossed her quite attractive face. “You are a persistent young man, aren’t you?” said the woman, not unkindly.”I can be,” said Peter, smiling pleasantly but only getting a scowl in return.”I really do not need your help,” said the woman.”I was just being friendly, trying to make a newcomer to the village welcome, trying to get to know you,” blurted Peter.”Now why would you want to get to know me?” replied the woman, although unbeknown to Peter she was wondering what his bare bottom would look like bent over for one of her canes.”I don’t know, just trying to be friendly,” said Peter, partly wishing that he had not crossed the road.”Does your wife know that you like to get friendly with other women?” asked the woman.”I am not married, I am divorced,” replied Peter.”Probably because you got friendly with other women,” smirked the woman.”No, she left me for a man eight years younger than her,” replied Peter, slightly bitterly.”I assume you know where I live?” said the woman, throwing Peter a bit off guard.”Yes, yes, the cottage at the end of the village,” replied Peter, thinking it meant that he was to carry the shopping bag back to her home.”Be there at eight tonight,” said the woman, stunning Peter.”Um, um, why?” responded Peter.”You said that you wanted to get to know me. Have you changed your mind?” said the woman, with the nearest that she had been to a smile.”Yes…I mean no, I do want to get to know you,” said an almost shocked Peter.”Then let me get home with my shopping and be at my cottage at eight o’clock, sharp,” said the woman, immediately moving away.”Yes, yes…” said Peter, stopping short of saying the ‘Miss’ that he thought he should say to the schoolmistress-type instruction. Peter did look at the woman’s wide bottom as she moved away, though, just as the woman imagined he would be.Peter was quite excited at the prospect of visiting the woman’s cottage although he did not think that sex would be on offer. She was more attractive than she had seemed in his earlier impressions and she looked to have quite a curvy body.Peter was mindful of the instruction to arrive promptly and he resisted the temptation to wank his erect cock when he came out of the shower. He was not expecting his penis to get any action in the woman’s cottage but he was hoping that it might.As she awaited her guest, Pamela too did not know if sex in any form would occur. The man, whose name she did not yet know, was a good twenty-five years her junior and she doubted if he found her attractive anyway, but she did shower and put some makeup on before dressing in a black blouse and a tight-fitting black skirt. Her underwear was also black but that was not likely to be seen. Pamela had not been fucked for two weeks, a good fucking by a client with multiple cane marks on his backside, so she would probably not object if the situation arose.Peter took a bottle of wine, because he thought that he should, and walked up the pathway to the woman’s cottage at a minute before eight o’clock. When the woman opened the door to his knocking, Peter had to suppress a gasp because she looked so attractive.”Good evening, young man,” said the woman, thinking that the new arrival looked rather dishy.”Good evening, um, this is for you,” replied Peter, handing the bottle of wine to the woman.”We are not on a date, but thank you. What is your name, young man?” said the woman, with a slight twinkle in her eye.”Peter, Peter Chaplin,” replied the man, still on the doorstep.”Come in, Peter Chaplin, you can call me Pamela,” said the woman, turning and walking into the cottage.”Pamela, that is a nice name,” said Peter absentmindedly as his eyes went to the woman’s arse in a tight black skirt.”Is it? You take a seat there, Peter. I will get some glasses,” said Pamela, indicating an armchair with a coffee table in front of it.Peter’s eyes followed Pamela as she bent over to take two wine glasses from a cabinet, her skirt stretched across her buttocks. Peter felt his cock stiffen in his trousers.Pamela put the glasses on the coffee table and sat down on the settee on the opposite side of the table to Peter. She poured the wine and they chinked the glasses together as they both said, ‘Cheers.'”I know that you are here to find out about me, but first we talk about you,” announced Pamela.”Not much to say, you know that I am divorced,” replied Peter.”Yes, your wife left you for a toyboy: Do you have a girlfriend now?” asked Pamela.”No, not really, there is a woman from work that I see sometimes but nothing serious,” answered Peter, still aware that his penis was hard.”So, what do you want to know about me?” asked Pamela, taking a sip of her wine.”Anything that you want to tell me. Are you married?” said Peter, suddenly thinking that an accusing husband might burst into the room.”No, never have been,” replied Pamela, looking at Peter, almost daring him to continue with the questions.”Do you work? Some people in the village think that you are a famous author or something,” said Peter, smiling.”Do they? I am now retired, sort of,” replied Pamela, smirking as she warmed to her guest. She was starting to feel aroused between her legs and she had noticed the bulge in Peter’s trousers.”Sort of retired from what?” asked Peter, taking some wine.”From what I did in London, of course,” teased Pamela, squirming her arse on the settee.The atmosphere was charged with sexual tension and Peter’s cock got harder and Pamela’s cunt got wetter.”And what did you do in London?” pushed Peter.”Might be easier to show you, stay there,” said Pamela, getting up from the settee and leaving the room with Peter’s eyes on her backside.Peter did not know what he expected Pamela to show him, but what she had in her hand when she returned from upstairs made him gasp, it was a whippy-looking cane.Pamela placed the cane on the coffee table and sat down again on the settee. “I was, or am, a dominatrix. A very good and successful one,” said Pamela, her eyes on Peter for his reaction.”Um, oh,” was all that Peter could respond.”I do not want anyone else in the village knowing this, so if they do, this cane will be across your buttocks,” warned Pamela, semi-seriously.”Um, no, no, I will not tell anyone,” mumbled a still stunned Peter.”Have you ever been caned, Peter?” Pamela asked.”No, no, I haven’t,” replied Peter, now sure that he must be blushing. His penis was now rigid in his trousers and that bothered him because did it mean that the talk of caning excited him?”The men and women that I cane find it very stimulating, usually. The men’s penises tend to get hard,” said Pamela, with her eyes on Peter’s crotch and very obvious bulge.”Do they?” said Peter defensively as he tried to close his legs but couldn’t because of the coffee table.”Don’t worry, I will not cane you…today,” smirked Pamela.Peter was relieved to hear that, although maybe he wanted to be caned.”Would you like me to cure that stiffness of yours?” asked Pamela, her eyes back on Peter’s crotch.”Um, um, yes…please,” said a confused Peter.”Just with my hand…today,” said Pamela; her delay in the ‘today’ suggested both a caning and more sexual activity was on offer in the future.”In the kitchen, I don’t want a mess in here,” said Pamela, getting up from the settee again. Peter struggled out of the armchair and followed her into the kitchen.”It will be easy to clean this floor,” explained Pamela, as she undid Peter’s trousers. Peter was now in a daze as his trousers came down and then Pamela negotiated his boxers over his erection and down to his ankles.”Oh my, you are excited, aren’t you?” said Pamela, standing beside him and taking Peter’s rigid penis in her right hand.”Yes, yes, I am,” replied Peter, confirming the obvious as the older woman gently caressed his cock.Pamela wanked him very slowly, teasing him, as her other hand caressed Peter’s bare buttocks. She certainly knew what she was doing as she got him very close to ejaculation but not taking him over the edge.”After we are done here, we will go back to our wine and discuss tomorrow night,” said Pamela, as she continued her slow wanking.Peter had no idea what discussing tomorrow night meant, but he was torn between wanting what Pamela was doing to him to last forever and wanting her to finish him off and let him ejaculate.Pamela continued the teasing for a bit longer; she was very aroused too, then she gently fingered Peter’s arse crack and started wanking hard and fast. He did not last long.

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