The Scavenger Pt. 01


“Are you ready for another haunted Anniversary? What are we doing this year?” My husband Shawn smiled at me as he pulled some of our stored Halloween decorations from a box. “I don’t remember getting these. When did we…?” He pulled out a giant decorative bat and then a ghost that lit up and said, “Happy Halloween,” when it was plugged in.

“Those are actually from a few years ago, honey,” I tried to remember which year, but it was difficult. We had been creating an elaborate haunted house in our home each year for the past ten years. The years blurred together in my memory and I wondered if we would always be that family on the block with the big haunted house.

“I think this bat would be cool in the entryway!” Shawn said with excitement. “Come on, honey! Help me bring him inside.”

“How do you know it’s a boy? It could be a girl bat,” I argued as I grabbed a wing and helped Shawn carry him inside.

“You didn’t answer me, Rachel. What are we doing this year for our anniversary?” he asked me again.

Shawn wasn’t expecting me to surprise him for our anniversary, which was on October 31st. Yes, we had married on Halloween day fifteen years earlier. We had a black wedding, the kind with dark, haunting decorations punctuated with spiderwebs, ghosts, and ghouls. Our guests had been instructed to wear costumes and most of them had done so. Shawn had given me a black diamond engagement ring, encrusted with smaller black diamonds. I had chosen a simple, black band for him. It had been a fun wedding with more laughter than tears and even now, fifteen years later, I was still madly in love with him. A lot had changed, but our love had remained the permanent fixture in our lives.

We had three children; Annabelle, Peter, and Stacy. Annabelle was Sean’s twenty-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. Peter was our oldest son who had just turned fourteen. Stacy was the baby, but sometimes she seemed older and wiser than Peter. Stacy had just turned thirteen and she thought she knew everything there was to know about everything. Peter and Stacy weren’t perfect but they were good kids. Annabelle didn’t really like me much, but we did our best to get along when she was visiting. Since she had gone away to college, we rarely saw her.

“I got you something this year,” I told Shawn, hoping he didn’t make a big deal out of it. We had stopped giving each other gifts for things a long time ago, opting to spend our money on experiences instead of objects that would eventually become clutter in our home. We had too many things as far as Shawn was concerned.

“Rachel, I told you not to get me anything!” He did sound annoyed.

“It’s not an object, it’s an experience,” I tried my best to explain.

“Oh. What kind of experience?” he asked.

“It’s a surprise,” I told him. “I just want you to know that I put something together this year because I love you. That’s all. I just want you to enjoy our anniversary for once. We always end up working the haunted house every year for Halloween. I just wanted to give you something for once, but it’s not going to be just on Halloween. It’s going to be throughout the month of October.”

“Through the whole month? How much did this cost, Rachel?”

“It actually didn’t cost any money at all. It’s an experience. Remember that.”

“What kind of experience?”

“You’ll see when it happens,” I assured him.

“I don’t like surprises,” he warned me, but I knew that he would like this one. Any man would like it, but I knew that Shawn in particular would like it.

Shawn and I had started out with a traditional, monogamous marriage but as the years ticked by we both grew increasingly bored with our sex life. We still loved each other but the newness to our sexual encounters was long gone and we had been looking for a solution when we became friends with the Gellars. We met Tish and Todd Gellar when we bought our home. Tish was our real estate agent and she invited us to dinner to celebrate when our offer to purchase our dream home was accepted. At that dinner, they informed us that they were swingers and that it had saved their marriage.

It didn’t happen overnight, but within the year Shawn and I found ourselves at a string of swinger parties and we started to partake in the sexual madness. We both found out a lot about ourselves and our sexual preferences in the swinger world. Sean loved fucking younger women and I found that I enjoyed fucking older men and sometimes women as well. I had never pegged myself as bisexual, but once the swinger partying began I decided to go ahead and try everything once. I found out that I was much more dominant that I thought and over time, I became a lot more dominant with Shawn. He didn’t seem to mind and he took my orders in the bedroom with stride.

“I like it when you get bossy,” he told me each time I asked him if it bothered him when I ordered him around. I had become more comfortable in this role over the ten years we had been in the swinger etimesgut escort world. Now we were the couple that was introducing new couples to swinging. We were the ones showing people around and I was the one tying up girls so Shawn could fuck them.

Our friends, family, and children would never have guessed that we spent our spare time fucking random strangers at swinger parties. I looked over at Shawn as he tried to measure the room to see if the giant bat would fit. He was still tall, dark, and handsome with brown skin that showed off his Hispanic roots. His dark eyes looked troubled as he realized that the bat wouldn’t fit where he had planned. He was short and stocky, but he was also quite sturdy and strong. I loved him with all of my heart. That was why I had planned the most epic scavenger hunt for him. He didn’t know it yet, but this was going to be the best Halloween and anniversary of his life.


It was early, but I was already up planning my day. I worked in marketing and had been planning a Halloween campaign for a candy company all week. Today was also the first day of the scavenger hunt I had planned for Sean. I checked in with all of my people to make sure that they were in place. Shawn was still asleep and I bent down to kiss his cheek before I made my way to the kitchen to make sure the kids were up and ready to go to school.

“Bye Mom!” Stacy called just as I entered the kitchen. She grabbed her backpack and ran for the door.

“Wait! Stacy! You forgot your lunch.” I handed her the glittery lunchbox she hated carrying around. She preferred to buy lunch but I wasn’t into paying that much for her to eat shitty cafeteria food.

“Gee thanks,” she gave me a fake smile.

“Where’s your brother?”

“He left already. He had a big test,” Stacy rolled her eyes. She thought her brother was a huge nerd for caring so much about school. Stacy wasn’t into school. She was into curling her long, brown hair into spirals and packing on pink eyeshadow that she wasn’t allowed to wear to school yet.

“Okay. You better get going too, right?”

“Bye, Mom! Love you!” Stacy gave me an air kiss and headed out the door. As soon as Stacy was gone, I grabbed my phone and called Leanna. She was the first part of Shawn’s Halloween surprise. We firmed up our plan and I headed out to work, making sure to leave the strategic note I had written for Shawn on the refrigerator door, the place we left information for one another. The note read:

Dear Shawn,

It’s almost our anniversary! I hope you are excited. I am sending you on a Scavenger Hunt for our anniversary this year. Today I need you to go the The Dance Studio to visit Leanna after work. She should be texting you soon. While you are there you need to get her panties and bring them back here. Place the panties in the purple urn on the mantle when you return. If you get the panties, there will be another mission. If not, this will be it. I really hope you make it to the next round! Happy Halloween!



Shawn woke up an hour later. He saw my note and instantly called Leanna. She took care of the rest. I evaded Shawn’s phone calls all day, knowing that if I talked to him, I might ruin everything. It was very important to me that he started with Leanna. He had left three messages and I listened to them, snickering as he went from annoyed to concerned about why he had to go to Leanna’s dance studio for Stacy. He begged me to go instead, but since I never answered, he went to the dance studio where I had set up a few cameras to make sure I caught everything.

“He’s here,” Leanna texted me. She was a gorgeous woman, part Hispanic and part African American. She had been our ballroom dance instructor when I had decided that Shawn and I needed to learn how to do a tango. Shawn hadn’t been excited about learning to dance, but he had been excited about Leanna. That had been back when we weren’t swingers yet and I had felt jealousy over Leanna when Shawn looked at her plump ass and tiny tits.

Now, I felt differently about things. I wanted Shawn to have a chance at all of the women that he had lusted after during our marriage. I wanted to see him in action, especially if he thought that I wasn’t watching. Of course, I would be watching remotely and there was a part of me that couldn’t wait to see how Shawn would perform under pressure. Would he show Leanna all the right moves? I was excited to find out. Another part of me was worried that I might see a side of Shawn that I didn’t know. There was only one way to find out.


Shawn arrived at the dance studio, completely annoyed that he had to make an extra stop on the way home from work. My words had been echoing in his ears about his surprise for our anniversary, although he was thinking it was much too soon for that. Our anniversary wasn’t until the end of October and it was still September. He had no idea how much fun I had planned for him and I knew how busy things etlik escort got with the haunted house in October. Starting early was a must.

He walked to the front door of the studio and stopped to send me a text letting me know he was doing the “errand” I had asked him to do before he knocked. Leanna had instructed him to knock three times and so he waited for something to happen, impatient about getting the entryway of our house covered with ghouls and ghosts when he finally got home. Shawn was wearing a full suit, which I knew he hated. He didn’t have to wear a suit every day, just when he was trying to close deals with clients. My cameras had been placed perfectly and I could see the look of annoyance cast over his handsome features. I giggled as I watched Leanna lead him to biggest dance room where I had set more cameras up to record them fucking.

I couldn’t hear the words they were saying but I watched as Leanna leaned in and whispered something in Shawn’s ear. I could see him perk up as her hand moved to touch his butt. They were swaying back and forth and I couldn’t figure out what was happening until I realized that they were dancing. Leanna was counting and moving my husband across the floor with the hand on her ass. He wasn’t a bad dancer, but he wasn’t the best. He stumbled a bit and they both laughed.

“Come on!” I screamed at my computer as I ate a bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal with milk and tried to cheer my husband on. I was halfway out of my work clothes and in my bed with both the jug of milk and the box of cereal. The kids were at their after-school activities, but they would be home soon. I had already called them a pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook. I wanted to watch Shawn fuck Leanna. I figured he would have been fucking her by then, but he was taking his time and it was driving me crazy.

I wanted to see him fuck her! There was something sick inside of me that made me want to see what Shawn could really do sexually. I wanted to see him fuck the shit out of women but I noticed that every time we met up with other couples that he seemed to be holding back when it came to fucking other women. I had assumed that he was more reserved in front of me, which was why I had set this whole scavenger hunt up. I wanted to see Shawn scavenge that pussy like a predator, but he was being the same old Shawn he always was.

“I want you,” Leanna looked up at Shawn the way women do when they want to get fucked.

“I feel a bit weird about this…” Shawn began. “My wife…”

“Your wife set this up,” Leanna explained. “Although, she made it seem like you were a lot more into me. I’m sorry if she got it wrong. I thought you were into me!” Leanna attempted a fake laugh but it came out as more of a sob.

“Oh, no! No, Leanna. I am into you! I mean, I’d love to fuck you. I just need to make sure it’s okay with my wife first. We are swingers. I don’t know if she told you that, but I’m not sure about this situation and I would hate to do her wrong. You know?” He shrugged. “Let me call Rachel.”

“I understand,” Leanna called after him. He was already dialing my number. I picked up before it even rang.

“Shawn. What are you doing?” I asked, not sure why my voice was so high-pitched and full of intensity.

“I’m here at the dance studio with Leanna. Did you set this up so I would fuck her? Am I supposed to fuck her or not? I’m confused and I don’t want to fuck up. I love you, Rachel.”

“Stop being so pathetic, Shawn. Go fuck the shit out of Leanna and get her panties the way I asked you to for the scavenger hunt. This is all part of your surprise for our anniversary!” I screamed at him.

“Jesus, Rachel. You really are taking things to a level that they don’t need to do. We are swingers. We play together. Why are you trying to push me to do things on my own? I don’t get it. I thought this was something we were doing together.” He sounded hurt and I honestly hadn’t anticipated that this would be a problem for Shawn.

“Listen, Shawn. This is what turns me on. Now get back in there and go fuck Leanna. I know you want to fuck her. You used to watch her ass the entire time we took that class.”

“She does have a nice ass, but it’s not like yours. I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Shawn, if you don’t do this we are going to have serious marital problems. If you want me to be happy, you’ll go fuck her.”

There was a long silence. All I could hear was my own dragon breath, my anger burning so hot that I was absolutely seething. Shawn cleared his throat.

“Okay, Rachel. I’m doing this for you. I will go fuck Leanna, but when I get home we are talking about this.”

“Go fuck her, Shawn. Now.” I sounded like the biggest bitch in the world.

“Okay. I’ll text you when I’m on my way home.”

“Okay. Fuck her good,” I added before hanging up on him and returning to my now soggy cereal and my computer. He was back in the room with Leanna and this time there was a swagger to eve gelen escort him I hadn’t seen in a long time. He swooped Leanna onto the dance floor and showed her that he had actually learned something in her class all those years ago. Leanna was smiling and laughing and I realized that Shawn was getting her back in the mood to fuck.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel when he finally kissed her, but there was nothing but lust running through my veins as their mouths met. My pussy throbbed with a horniness that far exceeding any other I had known before. I had never felt so powerful. I had ordered Shawn to fuck her and now I was watching as he seduced her, his hands now moving into her leotard. I watched as they tore off their clothes, stopping only to kiss a few times. Shawn pulled a stretching mat out and he lay Leanna down on it, the kinky ponytail spreading above her head in a fan. He went down on her, tasting her pussy until her legs shook with delight.

He presented his cock to her, climbing onto her face and forcing his girth between her lips. Her eyes were wide as she looked down at his cock pushing in and out of her mouth. He fucked her face, grabbing her arms and holding them in place above her hair so that she couldn’t move. Her legs were kicking as she fought for her breath. I grabbed my vibrator and flicked it on. I came within seconds as I watched my husband face fuck our old dance teacher. He pulled his wet cock from her mouth and then smiled down at her with a sense of accomplishment.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Ready for what?” Leanna asked breathlessly.

“Ready for this cock in your pussy?” He wasn’t really asking. He had already positioned himself between Leanna’s legs and his cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. I’ve been waiting many years for this!”

“You have?” she asked. “I always wanted you too.”

“Good!” He sunk his cock into her.

Leanna screamed.

“I’ve got you now, bitch!” Shawn grabbed Leanna by the waist and pulled her body down so she was absolutely impaled by his cock. Shawn was slamming his cock into her like she was some kind of whore and I could tell that Leanna was stunned by this development. I hadn’t asked her much about her sexual history. I hadn’t known what to tell her about Shawn. He hadn’t exactly performed at this level in front of me before and technically he didn’t know I was watching. I hadn’t told him that I had placed cameras, but I didn’t want him to know. It would ruin all of my fun. I didn’t want the fun to be over.

I turned my vibrator back on as my husband slammed his dick into Leanna’s pussy with force and vigor. The sounds she was emitting were making me so horny. By the time I touched the vibe to my clit, I was cumming. I tried not to scream but it was so difficult to hold everything in while I was watching Shawn manhandle Leanna.

Leanna was cumming hard now, throwing her body around uncontrollably as Shawn had his way with her. He screams of pleasure turned to snarls and growls that only made my orgasms sweeter. I was being noisy and my kids would be home at any minute. I knew I had locked the door, but I still needed to be quiet.

“I’m going to cum!” Shawn screamed and I watched my husband pull his cock from Leanna’s pussy and squirt a giant load of cum all over her dark skin. He hit her in the chin with his furthest squirt and the rest of his load ended up all over her chest and stomach.

“Whoa!” Leanna laughed. “That was crazy!”

“Yeah it was. Now you can tell Rachel I did a good job.”

“What’s up with her wanting you to fuck other women?” Leanna asked him as they dressed.

“I don’t know, honestly. This is the first time anything like this has happened. She said it’s part of my anniversary present.”

“That’s weird. I’ve never heard of a woman wanting her husband to fuck other women.”

“Rachel isn’t like other women.”

“I noticed that a long time ago. She’s one of the most assertive women I know,” Leanna smiled. “Tell her thanks for letting me borrow you for the afternoon.”

“I’ll be sure to let her know. I better get home, though. You were fantastic, Leanna.” He leaned in and gave her a small peck on the cheek.

“Thanks,” I couldn’t see her blushing (my video resolution wasn’t that good) but I could tell that she was flushing from Shawn’s compliment.

I was about to fuck myself again when I heard the front door slam shut. The kids were home.

“Mom! Mom! We’re home! Pete is hogging the best chair again! Can you tell him it’s my turn?” Stacy screamed as she got closer and closer to my bedroom door. “Mom, why is your door locked? Mom?”

“I’m coming!” I screamed. “Give me a minute!” It was time to switch back into Mom mode, but I couldn’t wait to deal with Shawn later. I wanted to hear every detail of his story and compare it with what I saw with my camera. I wanted to see if my husband passed the test. I laughed to myself as I shoved my vibrator back into my messy drawer and closed my computer.

The doorbell rang. It must have been the pizza. I grabbed my wallet and headed for the front door.

“Mom, where is the Cap’n Crunch?” Peter yelled at me as I passed by him to open the door for the pizza guy.

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