The Satyrs’ Feast Ch. 05


Disclaimer: All characters are over 18.

Dixie could see the lights in the distance, less than a mile away, and all along the roadway were more guardhouses, but all were empty. Perhaps Hyperides and his company were the last to retreat to the feast, and they would be the last to arrive at the top of the mountain.

Up ahead, she heard the sound of rushing water, and a bridge spanned the small, shallow stream before it met with a larger river downstream, and it seemed this watercourse formed the falls she had spotted earlier, and poured into the lake in the valley below. She ached from walking and staying on all fours for so many hours, and she felt she could use a proper wash before she was presented to the king. An empty guardhouse stood solemnly by the bridge, and she searched it quickly for soap, and found it in one of the back chambers. With soap in hand, she carefully climbed down the banks and sank into the cool water, letting the flowing water ease her soreness.

And she washed as quickly as she was able, concentrating on her pussy and ass, scrubbing those with care. So absorbed was she in cleaning herself thoroughly that she didn’t even hear the hooves clicking down the path until a voice called out from the bridge.

“You’ve come a long way.”

She turned with a start, her bare breasts jiggling as she faced the owner of the voice, and saw Kyril standing proudly on the bridge, his cock at half mast, a smirk on his face.

“From the reports of my fellows, I’d say you’ve been incredibly busy,” he continued, and she headed to the bank as he moved to help her, and he lent a hand as she climbed back to the bridge. But there she paused, her heart filling with joy at the sight of her first lover, her gateway into this new life, and she didn’t even spare time to say hello before she was on her knees again, taking his cock swiftly into her mouth, suckling it to full hardness.

Kyril chuckled, then groaned. “Oh, my sweet Dixie…you’ve gotten so good at that.”

“I’ll get even better, with all the cock I’m going to suck tonight. Oh fuck, you taste so good…”

She bobbed up and down his thick rod, one hand reaching up to cradle his balls while the other wandered wantonly over his hips and thighs and ass. He gripped her hair, and she relaxed her throat in understanding, letting him thrust powerfully into her mouth; her eyes nearly rolled into her head as his skullfucking reached its climax. Cum flooded her mouth, dribbling out over her bottom lip, and she swallowed quickly before scooping up the remainder from her chin and breasts, shoving her cum-covered fingers into her mouth.

Kyril stared down at her proudly, cupping her chin as she licked the last finger clean, and he pulled her to standing ankara yabancı escort and bid her walk beside him.

“I hear word of your arrival has already reached the king.”

“Yes,” she replied softly, wrapping her arm around him and caressing his hip. “Hyperides was sent ahead with the message that the king’s human whore was on her way to serve him and his people.”

Kyril chuckled, his hand creeping around her shoulders to tease her breast. “And so you shall. It’s not far now.”

He tweaked her nipple, and she sighed in contentment, squeezing his ass in return. He chuckled in her ear, and they wandered down the path together, the lights of the feast drawing nearer and nearer.

Kronos stroked absentmindedly at the hair of his attendant, who was busy slurping down the king’s cock while another attendant licked his ass. He gazed over the satyrs gathered, watching them drink and talk and fuck each other. The feast was slightly subdued this year, though Kineas was putting up a good show. Fifteen satyrs had cum in his ass already, and more were lined up to have their turn. But the king was bored, and saddened at the sight before him.

He missed the old days, when scores of humans would be fucked at this feast, all the women with their gaping pussies dripping with satyr cum, and the men, their throats nearly painted white with seed as they sucked cock after cock…he missed having a human’s lips around his meat, though his attendant did do a serviceable job.

A ripple of murmuring broke out near the back of the crowd, and he saw one of his guards rushing up to the front, and the guard bowed hastily, out of breath as he bent his knees.

“Your majesty,” he said, his eyes gleaming wildly. “A human…a human woman is on her way here.”

Kronos sat up, pushing both attendants away and staring intently at the satyr before him. “When will she be here?”

“Presently, my king. She is currently…servicing my comrades at the nearest guardhouse. She…she asked me to tell you that ‘your human whore is coming to be presented to his majesty, to serve him and his court and his guard and his people for all eternity’.”

The king grinned at the message, and at the way the guard smiled a little at whatever memory he had of this human. A cry went up from the crowd, cheering and whooping as word spread through the hall. He smiled at his subjects, his cock twitching at the sight of them returning to their celebration with renewed vigor, and the guard bowed again, awaiting dismissal.

“Did you fuck the human?” he asked, and the guard shook his head.

“No, but she would not allow me to leave before she sucked my cock. She is bahçelievler escort wonderful, my king. She is everything we could have hoped for, and more.”

The satyr’s cock rose at the thought of it, and Kronos noticed, smirking as the guard bowed again, perhaps trying to hide his erection.

“Not so fast,” he said with a chuckle. “You are called…?”

“Hyperides, your majesty.”

He smiled and pulled the satyr forward. “Do not think you are dismissed just yet. As you can see, your king requires your service still.”

Hyperides saw the throbbing, thick red cock still at full mast, and his subject bowed his head in understanding, and knelt to service his king.

His lips were soft, his tongue hot and wet as he took him down his throat, choking slightly on the king’s girth and length. The attendants, who watched the affair from the sidelines, snickered slightly at Hyperides’ struggle; Kronos fixed them with an angry glare.

“You two, make yourself useful. You, suck Hyperides’ cock. You, lick his ass. Now.”

The two hesitated, but obeyed, both taking up positions to pleasure the guard. Hyperides moaned around his cock, letting it sink deeper into his throat, and Kronos sighed contentedly, stroking his hair gently as he tongued at his balls.

He tenderly lifted him off his cock and set him to his ass. “Lick me there, Hyperides,” he cooed. “And feel free to ram your cock down that one’s throat. He deserves as much.”

The king smirked in satisfaction as he heard a steady glug glug from his feet. Ah, the sound of an unready throat gargling on cock…

He groaned, lifting his hips as Hyperides’ tongue drove into his ass, and he closed his eyes. “Very good…oh, very good. Oh fuck…”

His hot, wet tongue dove in and out of his asshole, stopping every once and a while to lick around his taint. The king sighed, chuckling slightly as the glug glug sound continued. Hyperides whimpered, there came sounds of sputtering and choking from the attendant, and his servant stood suddenly, cum dribbling from his mouth and nose.

“It suits you,” the king said simply, then shoved the attendant’s mouth down on his cock, and came down his throat, making the satyr choke once again. “Now go join Kineas and let your fellows fuck you.” The attendant scampered off, not daring to refuse. “And you,” he said to the other. “Present your ass to Hyperides, now. Make a good show for your king.”

The attendant paled, and hesitated, but obeyed the command and got on all fours, laying his head down so that his furry ass pointed towards the sky. Hyperides grinned, and knelt behind his fellow satyr, and lightly licked up both thighs before rimming balgat escort his tongue around the attendant’s asshole.

“Oh, very good, Hyperides,” the king purred, stroking his cock at the sight. “Thank him, Phideus, he’s much kinder to you than I would have been.”

“Thank you, Hyperides,” the satyr groaned, and the guard responded by driving his tongue into Phideus’ asshole, lapping hungrily at the hole until Phideus moaned in true pleasure. The king was impressed with how slowly and deliberately Hyperides worked his tongue, making the satyr’s ass wet and sloppy and ready for his cock. The attendant’s own manhood rose in interest, and Hyperides saw it, sighing in contentment.

He reached around his fellow’s leg and stroked his rising cock slowly, sensually, caressing it as he slurped greedily at his asshole. Phideus moaned again, rocking his hips in time with the pumping, and Kronos grinned in pleasure.

“Beg for it, Phideus,” he commanded quietly, his cock twitching. Hyperides continued stroking, but lewdly sucked one finger and used it to press into Phideus’ asshole, making the satyr gasp.

“Yes, please,” he said, and he sounded like he meant it. He bucked back against his fingers, moaning lustfully, then thrust forward into Hyperides’ hand stroking his cock. His hips danced a figure-eight, his knees sliding apart, and Hyperides moaned, leaning over him as he pressed his cockhead to Phideus’ welcoming hole.

“Do you know what the human told me?” he cooed in Phideus’ ear, the head of his dick slowly being swallowed by the attendant’s asshole. Phideus trembled. “She told me that when she saw me again, she was going to ride my thick cock. Maybe you and I can fuck her together, hm?”

Phideus nodded, then cried out as Hyperides drove his manhood fully into his ass, and fucked him deeply, his cock sliding almost fully out before he thrust it back in. Kronos grinned, his balls churning with more cum, and his stroked his thumb over his head as Hyperides’ thrusts slowed, his expression transformed by bliss; Phideus whimpered.

“Very good,” Kronos murmured, delighting in the wet slurp that Hyperides’ cock made as it exited the attendant’s asshole. Cum dribbled out, and Phideus collapsed onto the ground. “Hyperides,” he said gently, gesturing for the young satyr to come forward. He obeyed, kneeling before his king, and Kronos offered him his cock, which the satyr immediately took into his mouth.

Just the sight of Hyperides’ lips wrapped around his cock, his own manhood still dribbling cum, was enough to drive Kronos over the edge again, and he pumped his seed down Hyperides’ throat.

Once the guard had swallowed all his cum, Kronos sighed and leaned back, dismissing Hyperides with a wave of his hand. He could feel the winds of change in his very blood, and they would finally have a feast worthy of his people this year after all their waiting.

His cock throbbed with the very notion, but he gave it a passing stroke and no more. He would save his energy for this little human slut coming to serve him, and he would give her pleasure like she had never known before.

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