The Saga of Mercedes

Father Daughter

Finally it was Friday and I needed a stiff drink. It was one of those busy weeks where too many customers made me crazy. I drove over to my favorite sports bar and met my old high school friend Jim. Jim is an ex professional football player. He is big, heavy set dude over 300 pounds now with a pretty boy face and wavy graying hair. Luckily he doesn’t need to work much, except for what he calls his exec services hobby. I’m a 6 foot muscular Italian guy with a shaved head and a thin beard. I’m a tattoo artist and have my left arm and shoulder nicely painted. My right shoulder just has my skull logo tattooed on it. Sitting down next to him, I asked how his week went. He laughed and said that his girls were giving him problems again and wished he had Mercedes back, being over 6 months since she dropped out of sight. Laughing because I knew that wouldn’t happen, I asked why. With a sarcastic grin, he told me that he still gets a lot of requests for her services and hasn’t found a girl to replace her yet. I thought that was strange since the last time he used her, and as big as he is, he still got his ass kicked by her brother and his friends. That was also the last time any of us had seen her. We later found out that her brother did an intervention and we were warned about pursuing or seeing her in any way. So we haven’t.

As he sipped his beer, he said, “Boy she was such a nice piece of hot ass too. She was petite, skinny with nice tits, but her legs and ass were her best assets. She just loved escorting all weekend without complaining. It was like she had an insatiable appetite for sex. She never whined about the cash I gave her either. It was like she was enjoying herself way too much and didn’t care about the compensation. But her eyes did light up every time I handed her some green. She once told me that having lots of sex was a special treat and she would do it for free, but enjoyed the extra reward as a nice gift.” He laughed when he said gift, because he said she never thought of the money she received as anything but a donation.

I smiled, took a big swig of my beer and replied, “Yeah, and that’s exactly what I paid her on Sunday too. I had her fucking a couple of my bros for zilch and they paid me a few bills for the use of her cunt. It was totally free money for me.” Taking another gulp of my brew, I chuckled and said, “Even after all the fucking she did for you bro, she still wanted to fuck on Sunday. Damn what a great little whore she was and you’re right; she had a smoking hot body with a cute smile and those big blue eyes. Yeah, it sure would be nice to get her back in action. I wonder what she’s doing and if she is missing all of the attention we gave her.”

We both laughed at the thought of her being our fuck buddy again, but knew it would be for not. We used to watch her in action and take some photos. Jim felt that he could use the pictures as blackmail if she ever decided to quit. But after his beating, he lost all desire to pursue her. Maybe it was unwise, but I still keep a lot of her photos on my phone. Occasionally, I looked at her in one of her skimpy slut outfits that she liked wearing in public. But I have a few favorites of her bare on all fours with some guy starting to stick his big cock in her. She was looking back with a huge smile across her face. Here is a brief description what Mercedes looked like.

She is very attractive 29 years old with a nice tight body. She is about 5’5″ with long red hair maybe 105 pounds. She once told me that she measured out at 34C-23-35. Her big blue eyes twinkled in ecstasy after every fuck too. She has a cute little turned up nose with freckles sprinkled across it that she tried to hide with makeup. Her cheeks are round and her lips are soft and sweet to kiss. Her mouth isn’t huge, but when she smiled, it was like putting the asterisk over her beauty. As for her hot body, her tits were nice and firm maybe c or d cup that looked faked, but she swore they were real. I never saw any scares, so I’m sure she was telling the truth. She loved having her small nips played with too. I remember her yanking on them as I pounded her wet cunt. She had such a slender waist and very flat stomach with a pair of silky smooth long legs that felt great being pushed up over her body or wrapped around me. And her ass! Oh that was to die for, especially when she crawled around on all fours. She had this completely shaved pussy, with a nice pink slit and very tight hole, unless she was fucked by some big black cock. I always had fun sucking and fingering inside her cunt listening to her moan with an orgasm. Her clit bulb was easy to find and she had some huge orgasms when I played with it. She is very orgasmic and would have many during sex. I should mention she like anal sex too and craved being doubled. But the best part of her was that sexy voice moaning and saying to fuck her harder. Yes she’s very vocal when being pumped and liked long hour sessions. No minute men for her. I don’t think I could esat escort ever find a girl that loved getting it, as much as Mercedes did. She laughed, telling us that she had a bad sex addiction problem, but didn’t care. She just felt incredible being the center of a guy’s attention and the cause of him exploding his cum. Her eyes sparkled as she described her feeling of elation and the satisfaction she received during the sex act. This is what our little fuck buddy Mercedes was all about. With her innocent, wholesome, girl next door demeanor (until you fucked her), is why a lot of guys loved paying Jim and me for that pleasure. She was such a joy being around and was always willing and ready for anything we sent her way. Damn, I really miss her too!

As we kept talking about Mercedes and reminiscing about the good times we had fucking her, even though it was only just for over a year, I looked up and saw a girl that looked a lot like her. It’s been such a long time since seeing her that I couldn’t be sure. So I nudged Jim and he looked at her standing in between these two nerdy looking weird dudes. Although her hair was shorter and she was wearing baggy clothes, hiding her body, that we couldn’t be sure it was Mercedes. She looked over at us and quickly turned away, like she didn’t recognize us. I tried to hear her voice, but the noise was too loud from watching the football games. Jim said it wasn’t her and our imagination was playing tricks, since we had her on our mind. He mentioned that our Mercedes would never be caught dead going out with those types of losers, unless she was paid. I guess he was right.

They were seated in a booth across the bar where I could look at her through the TV monitors. As time went by, Jim had his eyes glued on the game, when I noticed her getting up and looking my way. A slight smile emerged as she walked toward the restroom area. Elbowing Jim, I told him that I had to find out for sure if that was Mercedes. So I got up and followed. Unfortunately, she made to the ladies room before I got there.

Like some anxious timid dude, I waited outside pretending I was just on my way out of the men room. It felt like hours but wasn’t, until she finally emerged from the ladies abode. As she did, I made sure she saw me. She smiled and I asked, “This is going to sound like a pick up line, but you look familiar. Is your name Mercedes?”

Grinning from ear to ear with that gorgeous smile I remember and with her eyes gleaming with joy, she walked up to me and blurted, “Oh my god! Is that you Tito? So what are you doing now that you didn’t go to jail?”

We hugged and it felt great having her tits plastered against me again. When we broke, I told her I was doing the same tattooing at my shop, after I put it back together from the police raid. Then I asked her what happened to her and if she was still in town. She giggled and told me it was a long story and maybe some time she would tell me all about it, but right now she had to get back to her finance.

Now I was shocked, she was going to marry one of those ugly weird dudes. She always told me that she was not the marrying type and wouldn’t try that disaster again. Now I was curious to what has changed!

As she began to walk away, I exclaimed, “Wait Mercedes! You just can’t leave me without thanking you for not pressing those charges against me. That kept me out of jail and I should at least buy you a drink for doing that! And you did promise to tell me what has been going on in your life!”

She turned back and answered, “I would like that Tito, but I’m not that person any more. I’m a good girl now and I’m afraid it may lead to other things that I may later regret. As for what’s going on with me is that I have a new job, a rich boyfriend and don’t want to jeopardize any of it. So no. I just can’t! And I hope you understand.”

I smiled and said, “But Mercedes, it’s just a drink thanking you, and nothing else. I promise!”

After a long pause with our eyes glued to one another, she took a deep sigh and replied as if to appease me, “Okay then, no sex and just one drink.”

I happily agreed to that, although my thoughts were remembering her being naked and fucking me. So she asked for my number and told me that she would call me sometime next week. Yeah, only a fool would really believe that she would call! But I gave her my card to my tattoo shop anyway and watched her walk away. She seemed to put an extra wiggle in her step, as she disappeared back to her seat without turning back to look at me. I felt that the most attractive and horniest girl I ever met was now walking completely out of life, although there is some hope that she would actually call.

When I got back to the bar, Jim was yakking on his phone. It sounded like he was having girl problems with a client. When he hung up, he told me that he had to leave. I grabbed his arm and said, “Hey bro that is Mercedes. She told me she was getting hooked to one escort bayan of those ugly dudes.”

He looked over at her and she was staring at us. Then he said, “You know bro she’s big trouble. Good for her. But I got things to take care of. I’ll see you tomorrow for the game.” He was dialing his cell, as quickly left.

I went through two more brews, while looking at my photos of a naked Mercedes. The game was now almost over, when suddenly I got a fucking great idea. I knew she gets real horny after drinking. All I had to do was to get her drunk and I bet I could fuck her again. I smiled thinking about that possibility, as I clicked on a photo of her with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. I kept flipping through my photos of her, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning back, it was Mercedes. She gave me a note with her number on it and whispered, “You’re right we should meet. Call me Monday for that drink.” Then she quickly left. I could tell in her voice that she was excited, but her expression seemed like she was also distressed. I became happy that I would be seeing her again.

The weekend seemed long as I was impatiently waiting for Monday to roll around. I was up early Monday, but waited until the afternoon to call her. I didn’t want her to think I was eager to see her again. All morning long I practiced what I was going to say. Finally I dialed her number. She answered, “Financial Services, Mercedes speaking.”

I had a pit in my stomach when I replied, “Hi gorgeous, you wanted me to call you today.”

I slight pause as she answered, “Tito is that you?” I replied it was.

I was looking at a picture of her naked as she continued, “Oh I was hoping you call and was concerned when I haven’t heard from you. Listen, I can go for that drink on Friday night that is, if you still want me too?”

Now I was excited with a bulge brewing in my pants, but didn’t want her to know how much I wanted to see her or was that fuck her. Yeah I know I promised, but then it was Mercedes and it seemed like she was the anxious one to meet. I began to wonder why. Quickly I answered, “Sure gorgeous, I would like that, but where and what time?”

She giggled, “Oh how about the same place I saw you on Friday. Say around 6 after I get off work.”

I wanted to keep talking and ask why the sudden change in attitude but after I said okay, she told me she had to go and was looking forward to seeing me on Friday. I chuckled to myself because she seemed very excited about the date. Then my thoughts turned to remembering her in all kinds of nasty behavior.

The week went by extra slow and I thought about Mercedes a lot, while looking through her photos on my phone. Friday came around and I closed the shop early. I got to the sports bar ahead of time and found a nice spot at the bar where I could see everyone coming in. Six pm came and went, while Mercedes didn’t appear. I was becoming restless that she was going to be a no-show. I ordered another brew, telling myself that if she wasn’t here by the time I finished it, I would leave. Just before 7 pm, she emerged at the door looking frazzled. Looking around she finally saw me and rushed over.

I got up and she hugged me and said, “Oh Tito, I was hoping you still be here. I had a client come in late and I had to take care of business before I could get here. I called you, but you didn’t answer. I was so worried you leave and I really needed to talk to you.”

I just smiled and told her it was alright and was glad she made it. The bartender came over and asked what she wanted to drink, I said, “A double Vodka Martini with six olives.”

Mercedes grinned and told me it was nice that I remembered her cocktail of choice, but she doesn’t drink that any more. She just drinks wine. I laughed and told her that tonight she looked like she needed something a little stronger. She smiled and told me that would be fine. Then she excused herself for the Ladies room. After she left, I told the bartender to make her drink a triple instead. He smiled like he knew what was on my mind, took a bigger goblet and mixed away.

I watched for Mercedes to return and was becoming horny as I stared at her walking back. She wasn’t wearing the baggy outfit that I saw her in last week. Instead she was wearing tight black slacks that accented her cute ass, a black jacket, white blouse and 3″ heels. But to my dismay she had a bra on. When the bartender placed the big drink in front of her, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, is that all for me? I don’t know how I’m going to drink all of that. Wow! Luckily it’s only a double.”

I just chuckled to myself knowing that if she drank that whole thing there would be a good chance I’d be fucking her tonight. I put my hand on her shoulder, smiled and answered, “Yeah they make drinks big here, but I know you can do it Mercedes. Now tell me why the change in attitude and what’s so important to talk to me about?”

After she took a big gulp, eryaman escort she smiled and told me that she would tell me that long story, if we moved to a booth. I looked around and saw a quieter empty booth in the corner. Helping her up, she took her drink and we walked over to it. I had my hand around her waist as I eased her into the comfortable padded seat. She moved over and I sat close to her with our hips slightly touching. Then I asked again what she wanted to tell me.

Taking another big swallow, she sighed and said, “Tito, I want you to know I’m sorry for calling the police on you. It was my brother’s idea and he was pissed that I dropped the charges. When I saw you last week, I knew I had to explain. You have to realize that I was totally out control concerning my sexual behavior. I realize that now. When my brother found out about me escorting for Jim, he went ballistic. He couldn’t believe that with the job I had and the money I was making, that I would disgrace myself as a whore. He told me I needed help and you were just in the way, since you dealt the drugs. I’m really sorry.”

Then she went into explaining everything that happened to her, after her brother took her away. She said he made her go to therapy for her sex problem and met Tyler, her finance, at that office. She began to cry when she told me the ordeal she went through from not having any sex for months, but has accepted the need to be normal. As she continued her story of being daily monitored and losing her job, she kept sucking down that potent brew and I knew she had something else on her mind besides explaining her months of tribulation. I could tell she was becoming soused from the Martini as she kept unloading her troubles. After almost an hour of detailing her life for the last six months, she finally took the last sip of brew and began chomping on the olives. She told me that I’m the first person she has told about her ordeal of feeling like a prisoner and now stuck in a life not of her choosing.

As she ate an olive I asked, “Well that must have been horrendous for you, but Mercedes why do you want to see me? I forgave you a long time ago and the cops never found any drugs. So everything is okay with me. So really what is it you want?”

As she swallowed the olive, while giggling from too much booze, she replied, “Well Tito, they think I’m cured. Until I saw you and Jim, I thought I was too. When I hugged you, all of those sexual urges came roaring back. I knew I need something else in my life besides just Tyler. You see Tyler is very religious and so in love with me, but we haven’t had sex yet. He believes in sex only to have children. He doesn’t know I can’t become pregnant and am afraid to tell him. After seeing you guys, I remembered all the fun times I had and just thought.”

She paused and taking the goblet, she tilted her head back to get every last drop of booze out. Licking her lips, like she used to after a guy dumped a load of semen in her mouth, she put her hand on my leg.

Turning toward me, she sensually said, “So you see Tito, I just thought that you could help me sexually and no one would ever know. I want you to make love to me tonight. I need to feel your big cock in me again to see if I still liked sex or no longer need that thrill. You are kind of my test. After I saw you, I knew it must have been a sign from heaven with such a chance meeting. I’ve been horny all week hoping you would say yes.”

Then without warning she leaned over and kissed my lips with a deep French kiss. When we broke for air, I was completely surprised. It seems I didn’t need a fucking plan after all. Knowing that I was going to be fucking her again, I answered, “Oh yeah Mercedes, I’ll be only too happy to help you out. But first you need to do me a favor. I want the old Mercedes back whenever we are together.”

She looked puzzled with those questioning, twinkling, big blue eyes, and asked what I meant. I told her that she needed to go to the restroom and take off her bra. I want the exhibitionist Mercedes back. It was as if someone just gave her permission to let go and be naughty. She smiled and squirmed out the other side of the booth. Bending over to me, she kissed me again and staggered off to the Ladies room. Sometime later she returned.

Holding her jacket under her arm and trying to walk back to me, a drunken guy grabbed her arm as she went by his table. I could hear him telling her what great tits she had and to sit on his lap. He talked to her for a few minutes until she pulled away. Wobbling back to me, she slid in our booth. I asked what that was about.

Giggling she said, “Oh he just told me I had great looking boobs and wanted to play with them. Last year I would have let him.”

The guy wasn’t wrong. After she took off her bra, the sheer white cotton material didn’t hide much of her booty. And with the top two buttons undone, I could see her tits like she wasn’t wearing anything over them. It was like a wet t-shirt contest. I kissed her and pushed my hand on them. Then I undid another buttoned and pushed my hand under the blouse and over her bear boob. She moaned and kissed me. When we broke for air, she sensually said, “Not here Tito. Let’s go back to your place.”

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