The rugby team in the showers


The rugby team in the showersI was horny that week, since I was home alone.I had masturbated several times during those days, but nothing seemed enough to me to calm down my craving for cock. I called my beloved hubby who was in a not so far city, telling him I needed his thick cock and I needed it as soon as possible. Victor told me I should be patient, since his boring business trip was taking him more time than expected…On Saturday morning I went to the gym; a bit of workout would cool off my arousal for cock…I had purchased some new tight gym Spandex pants.I put it on and looked myself in the mirror, noticing if I pulled up the leggings, I could show a very nice sexy camel toe… Once at the gym, I joined a mixed group of men and a few women, to start the workout circuit. We started warming up and I then could admire some nice fit bodies working out; they were mostly men…Some guys were looking as if they were in a special training workout.I asked one of them about this training and he replied they played rugby.This guy was very young, in his early twenties and he was also handsome.He introduced himself as Matthew.I noticed he was staring at my toned body as I was moving into a bicycle.I also could see that other men had noticed my sexy camel toe, as I was not wearing panties under my tight Spandex pants…When I hooked my feet to some straps, Matthew approached to assist me. His hands Fulya Escort accidentally brushed against my buttocks and I felt an instant sense of excitement rushing through my whole body. I became aware of my camel toe was now protruding as I was doing sit ups; but I could not do anything to pull these folding out from my pussy lips.My nipples suddenly got hard and I noticed they were poking out…All those men now were enjoying a good look as they were working out. I felt even more excited, having their attention…I could feel the Spandex folding pulling deeper into my pussy crack and this was causing some pleasure with the friction, as my cunt was getting I knew all these men now could notice my pussy going wet. I began to chat with the guys as we moved around the circuit.I never pulled these folding out of my pussy crack. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and even my crotch was damp now. I looked into a wall mirror and saw a wet patch on my crotch…I then knew why I had so many eyes on me when I was stretching my legs.The session finally was over and so we all headed to the showers.Matthew told me I had done a very good job. I thought that I had showed and all guys there had enjoyed by looking at my wet crotch…After having a warm shower, I passed the men’s locker room.I peeped around a corner and saw part of the rugby team there. All these young guys were naked, sporting Fulya Escort Bayan tremendous hard cocks and they were chatting quite normally having a shower.Just then Jack, one of the guys surprised me from behind, whispering in my ear that I was a naughty bad girl, peeping into the boys’ showers.He rubbed my naked butt and hissed that he could introduce me to them…I accepted and Jack dragged me inside, amongst all these naked guys.So I lick my finger and asked them if they would mind if I could shower with them… Of course these guys cheered up at me and one of them pulled my towel off from my body. I then just joined some of them in the showers…One by one gave my pussy lips a rub with their cockheads growing harder.After they finished a round, Matthew grabbed my wrist and made me lay onto a bench near the showers. He was the first one to enjoy my wet cunt.He climbed between my spread thighs and I soon felt his hard cock invading my wet cunt. He began pounding me, while I sucked in turn on his friends’ dicks.Matthew pounded away at my pussy for a few minutes until he finally erupted inside of my womb. He withdrew and soon I felt another hard cock between my legs. Another two guys fucked me in this same position. When the fourth one was done with me, I headed back to the showers to clean all this sticky semen out of my body.As I was there, I felt a pair of Escort Fulya hands feeling my buttocks. I did not even turn around my face; I just bent over a little and soon I felt a nice thick cock trying to open my very tight asshole…I cried in pain, but the guy behind me kept invading my anus…I then heard him whispering into my ear, while his dick was tearing my ass apart. I recognized his deep voice; it was Jack…He pounded my anus with no mercy, as I cried in pain, but also in lust.He finally came in my bowels and I felt some relief for my anal pain.Jack slipped out, saying he had never fucked an ass so tight like mine.A last guy moved behind me, saying he wanted to taste my hot pussy. I felt he was thicker than his buddies, but it felt so good in my eager cunt.I came in seconds as he started to pound me; but this last guy also came very soon in my womb.The guy thanked me for letting him to fuck me; so I knew then he was a virgin and he was so excited about having his first pussy…The guys were done with me; so I toweled my body and went to the ladies’ room to get dressed. As I was there, Matthew called me from the entrance. He said the rugby team used to gather there at the gym on Tuesdays; so they would wait for me on next week if I still needed some sexual relief…I thanked him and replied I would be here for sure…Two days later I joined my nice girlfriend Helena for going on shopping.I told her about my adventures with the rugby team at the gym…Helena laughed loud, saying she was going to the same gym, just on Tuesdays and that she only fucked a couple of these men every time…Just only two; it kept her married cheating pussy happy enough…

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