The Reunion

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Bo parked the car and took a deep breath. He had arrived at his 20th high school reunion. It was the first one he’d been to and he had nearly not come. His life since high school had been, like most, up and down. He had gone to seminary after college and then entered the ministry. At the age of thirty, he assumed the pastorate of a large church in a neighboring state. He had done well, but had made some powerful enemies from the old guard of the church after he began to make changes. Not long after, a young woman had begun attending the church. She was attractive and single and they had begun seeing each other. The relationship progressed and had, at her leading, become increasingly physical. A video of the two of them had been sent to the deacons and he was out of a job. It had been a setup and it left him bitter, out of a job, and unemployable.

The scandal had been very public and had reached his hometown (he was sure those that set him up had made certain of that). He had sold his house, moved out west, and taken a job as a sales rep. He hated it, but it had paid the bills while he tried to sort out his life. He loved soccer and had eventually decided to try to get into coaching. While still at his sales job he had gotten licensed to coach and then begun working his way up the coaching ranks. After several years, he’d gotten into coaching at the high school level which had led after another few years to him moving back closer to home to coach.

When the invitation to the reunion had come, his first thought had been to ignore it, but he decided it was time to go back, even if it was awkward, and so, here he was at the Friday night mixer at 8th and Rail.

With a last deep breath, he got out and headed toward the door. He looked at his reflection in the glass. He was 5′ 9″ with close cropped dark hair that was beginning to gray, and the slim build of an athlete. He put on a smile and walked inside.

He was recognized almost instantly by a cadre of old friends. No one mentioned his fall from grace. Everyone was in good spirits and he began to relax and enjoy the banter around the bar. He was enjoying dinner with a group when he looked up and almost choked. Tammy had been his first love and his first lover. She took his breath away then, and twenty years later, she still did. Her blonde hair was darker and a bit shorter than he remembered, but her eyes still had the same sparkle, her smile still made his heart beat quicker, and her curve still caused an ache of desire deep inside him.

She worked her way into the room, speaking to and hugging many of those present. As she turned from the table next to his he rose and smiled. Her eyes lit up and she smiled and gave him a long hug. She looked him in the eye and said, “I wondered if you’d be here. I was hoping you would. Let me speak to everyone and I’ll be back.”

He nodded and watched her move on. His mind, like his heart was racing as memories flooded his mind. She returned several minutes later with a glass of wine and joined the group he was with. They all talked and laughed for another hour and a half before the party began to break up. As everyone began to leave, Tammy went to speak to several of her old girlfriends and Bo went to the restroom. When he returned, he didn’t see her. Feeling disappointed, he walked outside to get some air.

It was getting late and there were other activities planned the next day. He had begun to walk toward his car when he heard the door open behind him. It was Tammy. She smiled and asked, “Taking off?”

He smiled, “Yeah, I was going to head that way.”

“Me too,” she said, “I’m parked around the corner. Would you mind walking me back?”

“Not at all”, he said with a smile.

He offered his arm and she smiled again and took it and they began to walk in silence.

After several steps, she said softly, “I heard about what happened. That must have been a really hard time.”

He nodded silently.

“Sounds like you’ve found something you enjoy now.”

He nodded again, “Yeah, I have. I love what I do and I don’t have near as many people critiquing my every word and action.”

She smiled and squeezed his arm. They reached her car and she motioned, “Get in and I’ll drive you back to yours.”

He did as she requested, watching her as she cranked the car and drove back down the block.

“How about you?” Bo asked quietly, “I noticed you stopped posting on Facebook.”

She parked the car next to his and stared straight ahead for a moment. When she turned to look at him, her eyes were sorrowful. “Mike left me about six months ago,’ she said flatly, “Married his 25-year-old secretary last week.”

He didn’t say anything, just reached over and took her hand. They sat in silence for a moment. After a moment, Tammy squeezed his hand and let go, “I should go,” she said.

He nodded and opened the door, “See you tomorrow?” she asked.

“Definitely,” he answered.

She nodded and smiled, “I’ll be there. Will you be my date?”

He escort bayan ankara smiled, “Of course.”

She smiled again and blew him a kiss. He made a show of catching it, then winked and waved good night. He got in his car and drove back to his hotel. He got ready for bed and turned out the light but his mind was turning too much for sleep to come.

Bo’s thoughts turned to their relationship back in high school. He had dated several girls as a junior and early in his senior year. The two of them ran with the same group and had been friends for years but Bo had never asked her out, mostly out of fear of rejection. They had both broken up with their significant others shortly before the Jr. Arts Dance in February of their senior year. All their friends were going together, and they ended up at the dance as the only unattached two in their circle of friends. They danced and had fun and went to the after party together. When he had taken her home, she had given him a hug and a peck on the cheek. “I had fun,” she said, “We should do more stuff together.”

Bo smiled as he remembered feeling like he’d won the lottery. They continued to see each other for the next few months, slowly getting more serious and beginning to explore a little physically. When prom arrived, they were going steady. They made plans with their group of friends as usual. There was a pre-dance dinner put on by their group’s parents. Then, following the dance, Tammy’s parents had agreed that he, Tammy, and eight of their friends (4 couples) could go to their lake house, provided there was no alcohol and that the guys and girls stayed separately. Somehow, all ten kids convinced their parents to allow them to go.

The prom had been fun. They had all danced, acted the fool, and generally enjoyed themselves. At midnight, they all jumped in their cars and drove the thirty minutes to the lake. Bo and Tammy led the way, followed by the other four couples. When they arrived, Tammy opened the house and made a show of putting the girls’ stuff in one bedroom and the guys’ in the other as the others grinned. They all changed into shorts and t-shirts and the girls cooked a couple of pizzas while the guys brought in two ice chests filled with wine coolers. They ate and drank and played cards and eventually settled in to watch a movie.

The couples were spread out around the living room and it didn’t take long for the guys’ hands to begin to roam and the couples to begin to kiss. Soon, all five couples were ignoring the movie completely. The house had three bedrooms, and before long, couples had stumbled into all three.

Bo and Tammy continued to kiss on the love seat in the living room. Their hands were roaming and they were both aroused, but Bo had no intention of trying to go much further where they were. Soon, they could hear the beds begin to squeak. Tammy giggled softly as she they began to hear other sounds, moans and soft cries of pleasure.

They had forgotten the fourth couple Tara and Jason, who were still in the living room with them. Tammy and Bo both jumped as Tara moaned loudly and began to pant. “Oh, god, don’t stop baby. Mmm.”

Bo and Tammy were behind them at an angle. It was difficult to see more than shadows, but it was clear from Tara’s moans, that Jason was doing something she enjoyed. Suddenly, she sat up and with one motion pulled her shirt over her head. She had obviously lost her bra earlier in the session. Tara then stood and pushed her shorts and panties to the floor and straddled Jason. Bo and Tammy couldn’t see their sexes, but they heard them have a graphic discussion about fitting his condom and then heard their moans as he entered her. They watched and listened as Tara rode Jason. The squeaking of the couch springs grew louder as their moans grew more desperate. Soon, both bucked and cried out as they came, first Tara, and soon after, Jason.

It was the most erotic thing Bo or Tammy had ever witnessed. His cock was rock hard and Tammy was breathing heavily and he could tell that she was wet. Both were incredibly aroused but neither wanted to go further with the other couple only feet away.

Suddenly, Tammy rose and whispered, meet me on the back porch. She then turned and disappeared silently down the hall. Bo rose and walked quietly out to the screened in back porch. His erection had softened a bit, but he was still breathing heavily when he heard the door open and close quietly. He turned to see Tammy with a bundle in her hands. She laid two thick quilts on the floor and put pillows at one end near a few other items Bo couldn’t make out. She stepped over to him and put her hands gently on his chest as their eyes met. Bo rested his hands on her hips and pulled her into an embrace.

They kissed passionately, their tongues playing as their hands moved over each other. After a moment, Tammy pushed away, reached down and took the hem of her shirt, and pulled It over her head. She had already removed her bra. Bo kızılay escort stared. Her breasts were full and firm. She smiled at his stare and then reached for his shirt, which he yanked off in one motion. They embraced again; he loved the sensation of her tits against his chest and he could feel her nipples beginning to rise. His hands moved between them and caressed her breasts, squeezing and kneading them, and then brushing her nipples with his fingertips. She sighed softly into his mouth.

Tammy broke the kiss and took Bo’s hand, guiding him over to the quilts. She kissed him again, and then reached for the button of his shorts, undoing it and sliding the zipper down. She watched his eyes as she took his shorts and underwear in her hands and began to pull them down. They both chuckled as his erection kept his shorts from coming off. He quickly reached down and pushed them over, letting them fall to the floor as his cock popped to attention. She smiled and then looked down at her shorts and back up at him.

Bo took the hint and reached for the top of her shorts, pushing them and her panties over her hips and off. He swallowed hard as he looked at her standing before him. She was beautiful and he desired her like nothing he ever had. They embraced again, and he gasped as the head and shaft of his cock brushed against her pussy. It was warm and damp and she moaned softly at the touch.

She sat down on the quilt and lay on her right side. He lay down on his left side, facing her and they embraced again, their legs entwining as their bodies rubbed together. Bo was incredibly hard and he wanted badly to push inside of Tammy, but he wasn’t sure if that was what she wanted, so he settled for rubbing the base of his shaft against her pussy as they kissed. She moaned, rubbing against his shaft and stroking his hair as he began to suck on her nipples. They rocked on like this for several minutes, both their arousal growing. Tammy began to move faster against him. Bo matched her speed until suddenly, he slipped inside her. They both gasped at the feeling. Bo pushed into her further, his breathing ragged and his heart pounding. She moaned, but seemed to hesitate and he looked up at her.

Her eyes were wild with desire, but there was something else too. “Condom,” she whispered. He nodded and pulled out. She reached over to the items she’d brought and found one. His cock was throbbing as she handled it. They fumbled with the rubber, trying to get it on his swollen head. The pressure and movement of her fingers was driving him wild. She seemed to sense how close and put the condom down, pulling him down into and embrace again, lying on her back, and guiding his shaft to her pussy. “Stroke it ’til you come,” she whispered.

Bo nodded and began to rub the bottom of his cock against her wet pussy. In his already aroused state, it didn’t take long before the pressure in his balls became overwhelming. His eyes went wide and his back arched as his cum pumped from his cock. He moaned with pleasure as more and more erupted from his shooting member. He looked up and Tammy’s mouth was open and she was panting. Quickly, he rolled over and positioned her pussy against his still hard shaft. She began to slide against it steadily at first and then more and more quickly as her desire grew into desperation and finally exploded as she cried out and shook against him.

They had held each other for a long while until finally the wine coolers and the late hour finally caused them to drift off to sleep. When they awoke, sun was up and several of the other couples were stirring around. They kissed, then dressed and got up. Everyone was soon awake and they all ate brunch together, laughing and talking easily.

After brunch, the other couples had begun to leave until only Bo and Tammy remained to finish cleaning up and removing the evidence of the party. They had pulled the sheets off the beds and put them in the wash. While waiting for the laundry to dry, Tammy suggested that they go for a swim in the lake. Bo agreed and had changed into his swim trunks and walked out on the dock. He heard the door open and close and turned to see Tammy walking toward him in a blue bikini. He smiled admiringly and she giggled. They swam and played for nearly an hour when she said, “I’ll bet the sheets are dry. I guess we better go in.”

Bo agreed and followed her toward the dock. They both dried off and then headed into the house. She padded back to the laundry room and he followed. The room was small, and Tammy didn’t realize Bo had followed her in. When she bent to open the dryer, her bottom pressed back against his crotch. His cock felt like a small shock had gone through it and he instantly had a woody.

Tammy jumped slightly, then turned to face him, first with a look of amusement, then with something he couldn’t quite read. She took a step toward him and put her arms around his neck. Bo swallowed hard as she pressed herself against him escort bayan and whispered, “kiss me.” He did, deeply as his hands found her hips and his heart began to pound. They kissed deeply for several moments and then she broke the kiss, her breath ragged and shallow. Without a word, she grabbed a couple of clean towels, then took his hand and led him back to the love seat they had occupied the night before.

She spread the towels on the seat as he watched and then embraced him again, running her hands over his back and sides, before sliding into his suit and squeezing his butt as she kissed him passionately. Bo returned her kisses with a desire he’d never known. His cock, trapped in his swimsuit ached to get fully erect as his hands moved over Tammy. She reached between them and untied the knot on his suit, and then began to tug it off. Between the suit being wet and his cock being erect, it wasn’t easy so he helped her pull it off, letting it drop to the floor as his erection sprang to full attention. Tammy looked at it and smiled and whispered huskily, “Sit down”.

Bo sat, not taking his eyes off Tammy as she reached behind her and untied the top of her bikini. With one motion, she removed it and let it drop. Bo stared at her full, firm tits as Tammy pushed her bikini bottom off and let it slide to the ground. Then, she knelt in front of him and leaned in to kiss the tip of his cock. He groaned as she ran her tongue around the rim teasing him. Her hand began to jack his shaft as she continued to tease the head with her tongue. The sight and feel of it was driving Bo wild with lust. He closed his eyes trying to slow the speed of his growing desire.

His passion grew until he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. She sensed this and stood. He opened his eyes as she stepped forward, putting her knees on either side of him and kneeled on his lap. They kissed hungrily, desperately for several minutes, their bodies rubbing together. Tammy sat up, adjusting her body so that Bo could reach her breasts with his mouth. He began to kiss and lick them, first the left, then the right; kissing and licking her nipples and stroking and caressing them with his hands. Tammy sighed and moaned at his ministrations even as she adjusted herself so that his shaft was rubbing against her sex as it had the night before. Bo’s hands found her ass and began to squeeze and rub it as they began to move together. Bo felt as if his shaft was about to burst he was so erect and with every movement, the pressure in his balls was rapidly rising. Tammy for her part was moving faster against him, moaning his name as her arousal grew. As Tammy moved faster against him, he again slipped inside her just as he had the previous night. Tammy pushed him back so that his back was touching the seat. Her hands were on his shoulders and he thought for a moment she was going to pull off of him again. Instead, she impaled herself on him even deeper, pushing down to meet his thrusts.

He looked up at her questioningly and she nodded lustily. “I want you,” she moaned, “I want you to fuck me and shoot it in me!”

That was all he needed to hear. Bo’s hands were on her hips driving her deeper as the pressure in his balls grew uncontrollable. Bo felt the head of his cock swell, then twitch as he felt his cum rising. He moaned and fought to hold it back, but it was too intense. He cried out as he began to cum, load after load shooting into her. His pleasure seemed to drive Tammy over the edge. Her moans became louder and more fevered until she took in a deep breath and cried out as her orgasm rolled over her. Their ecstasy had lasted for several minutes and even after he had stopped cumming, he was still rock hard; so very hard.

Bo awoke with a start, his cock standing straight up. He looked around, disoriented for a moment and then realized where he was. He blew out a long breath and tried to will his erection to soften. As on that weekend so long ago, it didn’t seem to want to. That weekend had begun a summer filled with more pleasure than Bo had ever imagined. They learned and experimented together, enjoying each other’s bodies and developing a deep emotional bond. And then it was over.

He had gone to Auburn and she had gone to Suwanee. They tried to continue seeing each other, but it had been difficult and they had eventually agreed to see other people. Bo had never forgotten her, and when he was alone, he had often wondered where she was and what would have happened if they’d stayed together.

Bo rose and showered, trying to clear his head before heading to the class picnic. It was warm, but not uncomfortably so when arrived at the park. Like the day before, he was greeted warmly. He struck up conversations with several people that hadn’t been at the bar the previous night even as he looked for Tammy. She arrived about fifteen minutes after he did and waved when he caught her eye. She spoke to several people and then made her way to where he was. She greeted him warmly and squeezed his hand.

They spent the next several hours having lunch and talking to friends. It was a fun time, relaxed and enjoyable. As the event began to break up, they walked toward the exit together. “Want to get a cup of coffee?” she asked. He agreed and they drove to a little shop downtown, ordered their drinks and sat on the patio.

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