The Replacement. part 2


Training the Replacement..

I cried my eyes out until there were no more tears, the dreadful sick feeling in my stomach, the continual memory flashes of what had just happened in such a short time.. the constant flashes back to my short brief interlude with Emily.

I had mixed feelings of disgust and excitement, my mind kept reliving the first kiss she gave me, the feelings that rushed through me, how it excited me, and the struggle not to pee myself with nervousness like a school girl getting her first kiss..

My ability to move and function returned, relief washed over me. .Until I raised my head .

I stared at the screen playing over and over the video of me in the toilet being fucked by Emily, followed by the scenes of me exposing myself to all in the night club, a lump in my throat,

Slowly everything that had happened to me in the hours before, were rolled across the screen,

the scenes of my helpless body being raped by a massive dog.. the look on my face actually seemed to be enjoying the moment,

the sight of me gushing copious amounts of dog cum from my gaping cunt..

then vision of me, standing in front of Emily’s car in all my glory smiling and dropping my dress to the floor, gyrating and twirling naked in a public carpark.. then willingly sliding into the car. .

The thought in my mind .. anyone seeing this would believe i was completely willing.

I felt the bile rising in my throat, the sinking feeling of drowning swept over me, so weak the room started to fade.

I woke with a start, the bad dream had felt so real.. I went to stretch, the clink of a chain snapped me back to reality…

It wasn’t a dream.. the collar Emily had placed on my neck the night before was still in place. a long chain was secured to the floor. a low growl had me freeze, then slowly I looked in the direction it had come from.

The biggest dog i had ever seen. Stood staring at me, he had vicious intimidating look about him .. i tried to look away but too late his eyes stared into my soul..

Awake are we sweetie.. Emily’s voice whispered.. my eyes glued to this huge angry looking beast…to scared to take them off him..

Sara honey this is “Ares..” You met his father last night..

He’s a pussy cat compared to his son… Don’t make any sudden moves sweetie, he lives up to his name,, Named after the god of Rage ,Terror and Violence,

ohh and he can smell you have been with his dad.. so he just might try and compete.. if you give him cause..

He has so much attitude he sometimes scares me..

giggling to her self.. but ohhh boy he is so much bigger than his dad in more ways than one,

I started to shake in sheer terror, the control on my bladder lost its battle, a trickle of urine escaped ,

I slowly tried to rise and shuffle to my feet, very aware of my nakedness the, tug of my collar restricted me from standing properly and the cage i shared with this massive brute was to low for me to any way,

so in a crouch i shuffled around to keep my back to the wall, one hand shielding my now wet vagina, my legs squeezed tight trying to prevent the intermittent trickle escaping. Esat Escort The other arm attempting to hide my bare breasts in a vain effort of holding onto a little dignity.. shaking and trembling…

She’s awake … Kate’s husky voice sang…

Sara Honey he is going to take what he wants whether you want to accept it or not honey.. Just try and relax sweetie .. other wise … Well lets just say it could get a whole lot rougher .. now now…get off that wall .. On your knees bitch and present to him…

I shook my head .. I cccaant , i cried nnno no wway yyyou cannt make mee.. dddontt do thiss ttto mee i stuttered…my eyes still glued to this monster.

Emily’s voice soft but clear … Down Ares!!! Down,, He looked at her .. then sat, still staring at me and licking his lips with the widest longest tongue i had seen on a dog.. my eyes were drawn to the protruding tip of his penis, it was starting to expose itself, a wet patch forming on the ground below him.

I heard the cage open and felt the tug on the chain , relieved i stummbled out, sweat running down my body still trickling urine in fright..

Kate opened the out side door,, The first time i had seen the outside in daylight, it was huge ,,

We are on a farm i thought.. the fresh air flowed in, my skin now covered in goose bumps from the fresh cool air.. i stood still naked trembling but happy to be away from that monster in the cage.

my nipples aching and swollen from the cool air as well as a little tingle and strange feeling that was settling over me,

The way Emily was looking at me … made me tingle even more . her eyes seemed to be devouring me.. i felt conscious that when she looked at me like this that strange sensation would flutter through me.. feeling like a school girl with her first crush..that feeling quickly vanished.

Okay Sweetie,, off you go,, outside Now !! Go…I will give you a head start,, Run.. Fast ..

I glanced at Emily then back at Kate,, Kates hand was reaching for the door of the cage.. that massive monster was watching me .. his body was trembling.. i could see he was lowering himself into a crouch as if ready to leap..

I caught Emily’s eye .. she was mouthing words , and moving her eyes from me to Ares.. a hint of her sexy smile starting to break through, then i heard the door open ..

I ran .. I ran as fast as i could .. hope in my heart, that i could manage to attract some attention from someone .. freedom in sight.. I looked around.. nothing but vast fields .. people in the distance walking dogs…

ohhh no not dogs,, people walking people on leads for fuck sake.. like dogs.

Running.. breathing hard, I screamed for help.. my words whisked away on the breeze.. the sound of this monster gaining , the heavy beat of his four legs against my two.. the hit on my back,, the ground coming up at me in a rush..

Screaming in terror i scrambled up on my hands and knees . clawing at the wet grass to gain purchase. another hit to my back. .still scrambling, almost on my feet.

The powerful legs gripped around my waist, the massive head reared up and pressed onto my shoulder.

The sudden weight Escort Esat dragged me to my knees, the force that dragged me back threw me face down on to the grass, my rear raised , the shock leaving me breathless, the powerful front legs drawing me back into his groin.

i felt the wetness as something stabbed at my naked exposed vagina,, two .. three ..times then the fourth hit the mark.. but not my wet dribbling vagina.

He hit my anal hole i yelled and screamed but in vain.. like a rag doll i was pulled and probed . his cock determined to gain entry,

I felt the wet pre-cum spraying on my resisting hole i felt the pressure as i was dragged back onto his rapidly hardening cock. tears of humiliation ran down my cheeks, the wetness on my thighs like rivers.

Softly calmly and in a low husky whisper the voice drifted to me on the wind rushing in my ears..

Relax Sara.. it will get better honey trust me.. Then a series of gasps and giggles..

The snarl and the sudden thrust shocked me .. I felt him slam deep inside my anal cavity .. the sharp teeth closing over my soft neck, the feeling of something trickling down my neck.

the sight of tiny droplets of blood appearing on the ground stopped my fight..

a shudder, the swelling deep in side me, the pulses of fluid being injected deep into my cavity, each pulse warm and each pulse seeming to cause him to swell in size,

i felt the final thrust something large slid inside me i gasped in shock and pain the instant he was completely in past my rectal ring of muscles. i felt the most intense pain as his knot swelled.

as it increased i felt him being drawn deeper inside me. my anal muscles stretched so wide and tight and then shrinking back over his massive knot, locking him deep inside me gripping and sealing my entrance to let him continue to fill me with his warm seed.

Exhausted and lost I resigned myself to my fate, his seed flowing deeper in to me i can feel it flooding my canal, my belly is tingling i imagine my bowl being flooded ,

The swelling in my colon.. the pressure building inside .. the pain from his knot stretching me so open has subsided i feel him still growing inwards, the frenzied assault on my hole has stopped , now just that pulsing squirt continued inside me..

my head on my fore arms still the grip of his powerful jaws.. i feel myself squirting and shuddering in the throws of an orgasm, moaning and panting I cum so hard i shudder and start to rock back and forth on this wonderful cock.. the first to ever invade my tight virgin anal hole. my screams of terror now moans of pleasure..

Noises drifted all around me .the sensation of the adrenaline pumping into my veins had me on a high,

I became lost in the pleasure .deliriously yelling and moaning.. not realizing i had a huge audience now gathered around watching me. filming and taking photos..

I felt Ares start to dismount from my back, at first i thought he was finished then the memory of his father Zeus reversing back to back leapt into my mind..

To tired to fight it i endured the discomfort as he settled in behind me, the tug of his knot hurting but Esat Escort Bayan bearable . I started to drift into a daze, then felt him tug at me.. It hurt , i squealed, and pushed back clenching my rectal muscle tighter, he moved again then started to drag me through the wet grass ..

Joined tightly together i panicked as he dragged me effortlessly towards the kennels we had come from.

I heard the giggling and laughter around me, the comments and rude remarks , a female voice exclaiming that he was going to rip my arse clean out with that huge knot,

Painfully aware of being towed behind this monster of a dog the helplessness of hanging from his huge cock the motion sending me into another uncontrollable orgasm the spasms ripping through me.

my nipples dragging on the ground, trying to scramble backwards on hands at knees clamping ever so tightly to this basket ball in my destroyed hole.

Pleasure then Pain , my rectum being stretching outwards as this massive knot drags me onwards. The small relief as i slam back into his hind legs, then the tug as he pulls away again, a constant fucking motion as I bounce across the wet grass behind him, my knees raw my palms sore and scratched.. The pleasure washing over me.

No stopping this brute until he has me inside the building once again ..

Exhausted, shuddering in the throws of delirious pleasure, I feel the fur against my thighs, the swollen knot still locked tightly, each movement starts to feel I will be torn , crying from pain as he trys to pull out of me, my ring of muscles holding tightly. clenching ..

The more I clench the more of him I feel being injected deep into my full so tired and so sore .

The fingers probing and prodding my tightly stretched hole the wet slippery substance I feel running down my inner thighs , the whispers.

ohh fuck he’s still huge. More lube Em,

I scream as the monster tugs. my hole is being stretched so wide, that dreadful constipated feeling as slowly this basket ball is coaxed out of my bruised battered hole,

Biting my lip, I tense then relax .push then rest, the pop as he pulled free the gush and sound of cum spurting and spraying out of me is embarrassing.

I cant help wonder how big he is i turn my head and just stare in awe at what had been deep in my body , the trembling started. .weak and totaly sexually satisfied collapsing face down,.


The soft kiss on my forehead and the words of praise..

Good girl.. you did well sweetie..

sent a tingle through me, I felt happy that she thought I was good.. so pleased to get a little praise .. not like those arseholes I had worked with… No I felt special… Emily thought I was a good girl.

A warm feeling passed through me, the touch of her lips on my cheek caused me to turn my head, my eyes closed my mouth opened to accept her lips .my tongue eagerly sort her probing tongue, that warm glow flooded through me.

our tongues danced in and out each other’s hungry mouths , her fingers gently brushing my sensitive nipples.

The touch of other hands between my legs the caress and teasing on my clit . The husky voice of Kate as she started to fuck me slowly with her fingers.


That hidden feeling of submission bubbling to the surface taking a deep breath I shivered and allowed myself to relax..

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