The Proposal Pt. 01


“Would you ever let Joe give you head?” water shot from Mark’s mouth as he turned to look at Cici with wide eyes.

“What did you say?!” he asked setting his cup on the coffee table.

Cici expected such a reaction and giggled, “Would you ever let Joe give you head? Don’t act like that is such a crazy question, I mean we have talked about you being curious about guys before.”

“I was drunk and that was one time!” Mark exclaimed in shock at the thought but also admittedly curious where she was going with this. He was secure enough in his own sexuality to know that getting head felt good no matter who was doing it, unless they sucked at it, no pun intended.

“Yes but we all know a bit of truth is let out when we drink now don’t we Mark?” Cici said as she slowly got up from the couch giving him a chance to glance down her shirt at her perky little B cups while she pushed her tongue into her cheek making a rounded bulge.

Mark just sat in silence as she walked toward the bedroom, watching her butt sway side to side as she went and what a butt it was. Cici was about 5’3″, athletic build, long brown hair, dark eyes, with a gorgeous smile. Upon stunning figure rested a pair of supple breasts that demanded a peak at the least, long silky smooth legs, and a perfectly round, creamy, perky ass upon which multitudes of men, and even women, dreamed of beholding with eyes, hands, and mouths alike. Mark stood to his full height of 6′, ran his hands through his dark brown hair, and with his eyes he looked her up and down. Curious about why in the world she would even asked the question he followed her to the bedroom.

“Wait a minute now, why did you ask that?” he asked with a smirk on his face. “I don’t know, I guess I just think it would be hot to see you get head from someone and Joe seems like a good fit.”

“Why Joe? In fact why a guy?!”

“Well you don’t think I want another girl sucking that cock now do you?!” she said reaching out to grab his crotch with the intent of not only getting a handful of the dick she loved but gauging what he was thinking and while it wasn’t a full hard on, it wasn’t soft either, he was thinking about it. “You don’t want to make me jealous now do you? Besides Joe is very nice, we like him, he’s a friend, we trust him, and you know he is curious too. I mean he does get a little loose lipped when he drinks remember?”

Mark did remember of course. One night when the three of them were hanging out the topic of sex came up, as it often does when adults start drinking, and before long Joe admitted to being interested in not only rubbing a guy off but, and I quote, being “interested in feeling it shoot down my throat”. Mark had to admit that when Joe said that his pants got a little tighter knowing that the person sitting right next to him would happily drop down and blow him and all Mark had to do was ask.

“Alright I can see your point there but you would be into that?”

“Why?”, Cici cocked her head in thought, “Well I like seeing you enjoy yourself and this way I could be doing any number of things while Joe is between your legs. Plus it’s just hot. I mean what more do you need than that? I will be right there next to you and I’ll be getting wet and you’ll be hard thinking about that along with the sensation of a tongue working your shaft and balls. How exciting!” Cici could feel it starting to get her in the mood, she felt warmth in her pants and wanted to do something about it soon.

“Have you two talked about this before or something? I mean why now?” Mark asked wondering if there was anything he needed to worry about between Cici and Joe.

“I mean he brought it up that one night and I asked him if he meant it and he said he felt the same way even after sobering up. He did say though that no matter what he wouldn’t ankara escort do anything unless you were fully on board because he would never want to upset anyone.” Cici delivered it all with her sweetest voice as she closed the gap between them reaching out to grab his arms and pulling him toward her. Mark believed her and in the end he wasn’t intimidated by Joe at all as Joe never gave him reason to be and Cici would never leave him for Joe anyway, but he had to ask none the less.

“You think it would even work? Like I would even be able to cum?” Past his initial shock Mark was having fun kicking around the idea. Cici felt his dick move against her, unsure of if it was because of her moving his hands to her breathtaking ass or if he was picturing it right then but either way it made her smile.

“Well I mean it would be his first time and he won’t compare to me but from the sounds of it he really wants to try and that level of eagerness might serve him well. Besides I’ll get you started followed by me climbing up your body, grabbing your hand, and sliding it down my panties to feel how insanely wet I am”. With that Mark squeezed her ass and pressed his growing hard on against her. “Then as your sucking on my sexy little tits I will glance down at Joe and see how he is doing on my sexy man’s dick. Plus the more he sucks you off the wetter I am going to get for you which will just make you enjoy it all the more. By the end you just might be begging for him to make you cum in order to see my reaction”, she said as she reached for the top of his pants undoing the button.

Mark was fully erect at this point and figured what was the risk, if Joe was curious then let Joe have at it. Plus if Mark found himself in the mood he could potentially try a thing or two. Either way it was a win/win. Mark watched as Cici slowly knelt down while keeping eye contact with him. She licked her lips and folded open his jeans with a sly smirk. He knew what was coming and he couldn’t wait for the pleasure he was about to feel. Gripping the waist band of his underwear she pulled them down and was greeted by his six and a half inch cock hard as could be.

Still looking up at his eyes she opened her mouth slowly and watched him as the head disappeared into her mouth, then the first inch, the second, and by the third Mark could feel the walls of her mouth closing around it. So wet and warm he wanted to let his head roll back in pleasure but wanted to watch what was happening at the same time. Slowly Cici’s tongue guided Mark’s cock all the way down her throat until her nose touch his pelvis. Enjoying the sensation of him filling up her throat she held it there until she was forced to breath. With a loud suck she pulled it out and filled her lungs with air as spit strung from her lips to his cock. The site almost made Mark cum right then but he still had things he wanted to do and so did she.

Cici grabbed a hold of it with her right hand and began to lick it from base to tip over and over as Mark did his best to stand up right. Once he was good and slick she started stroking his beautiful cock as she bobbed her head along his length. Knowing he was fighting to stand she used her hands and guided him to the bed. Laying down Mark could fully relax and focus on the pleasure she was giving to him. Although if he was going to keep from busting he needed to focus elsewhere. Cici began running her hands all over his stomach, chest, and legs as she over whelmed his body with sensations.

Opening her throat again she swallowed his whole length over and over wanting more and more of him inside her. Her thong was soaked at this point and she needed something. Reaching down she slipped her hand inside the thong and even surprised herself. Her fingers slid over dripping eryaman escort lips and her clit felt like the pleasure center of the universe.

At first she just circled her clit with her fingers but shortly thereafter she needed to be filled so as she slide Mark’s dick down her throat she buried her fingers as deep inside her as she could. Time and time again she did this and slowly she began to add more fingers. One at first but soon it was two. As his cock curved its way down her hungry throat she wanted more and forced a third finger inside. She was so wet by now that she felt her juice slowly running between her knuckles. This just drove her wilder and with that she deep-throated him farther than ever and sunk her last finger inside. She could hear her wetness now as well as the sounds his cock made in her throat but suddenly she realized she could hear Mark begin to prepare himself to cum.

“Not yet,” she thought to herself, “I still have plans for you”.

Cici swallowed him one final time and tasted the precum on her tongue as she slide it out for the last time. Mark, realizing she was stopping, looked down to see Cici stand up. There she stood in the perfect light of the sun coming in through the window. She grabbed her shirt and lifted it up over her head exposing her perfectly creamy colored breasts, her nipples just the right size and a shade of pink that made you want to hold them to your tongue as she wrapped her arms around your head. She then slid off her thong to show him the wetness that was dripping out of her. His mouth instantly watered which was good because Cici slowly began to crawl up his body kissing him as she went.

Once her head was past his Mark leaned up and began to lick every passing part of her focusing special attention on her neck and sensually pink nipples. As amazing as this felt Cici kept crawling up the bed and eventually rested with her hands on the headboard and her glistening pussy hovering right above his face. She wanted him so bad Mark could feel the heat radiating off of her and his cock grew even more in anticipation of tasting her sugary center. Gently wrapping his arms around her behind her hips Mark pulled her to his waiting mouth. His tongue felt cool and amazing against her wet lips which were on fire by now. His tongue opened her lips and grazed along her opening as she rolled her hips.

Gently guiding his path with her movements Mark slipped his tongue inside her and began to taste her center. In ever growing circles he licked up as much of her sweet juice as he could swallowing the beautiful nectar. He then slid his tongue up her pussy and in large circles he licked all his tongue could reach.

Cici arched back at this and using that to his advantage Mark lifted her hips, pulled his tongue out from inside her, and slipped it right between her heavenly cheeks. Cici’s eye opened in a flash but she couldn’t force herself to move. His tongue felt so foreign against her tight ass but as he licked her pink circle she realized she loved it and wanted it more. She began to press into his tongue increase the pressure against the most private entry. He began to roll his tongue back toward her clit and she knew based on those few moments that they would have to visit that area again and the sooner the better.

On her clit he circled and rolled his tongue pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Cici did her best to focus but was becoming increasingly lost in the mind altering pleasure she was feeling. Her breath started to quicken and she knew should couldn’t hold it much longer.

“I want you inside me”, she moaned, “I want you to fuck me!” she begged with pleasure in her voice.

As soon as she said it Mark knew he wouldn’t last long after all etimesgut escort that happened, the idea of getting his dick sucked by Joe, knowing it would turn Cici on to watch, then the blowjob, tasting her delicious pussy, and now that?! He grabbed her around the waste and flipped her over to lay on her back on top of the bed. Cici loved when Mark took charge like that and let him spread her legs as he took hold of his diamond hard cock. Running the tip over her pussy, teasing her, making her squirm for it, Mark smiled.

She bucked against him and said “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” With that he slammed all six and half inches of his cock into her white hot center and started fucking her just like she wanted. The walls of her center gripped him tight begging for him to never leave but with each stroke out he would slam back in hitting all the perfect spots along the way. Cici could feel him filling her up and she loved it more and more. Running his hands over her perky tits he pinched her nipples and watched her bounce as he kept entering her over and over.

Grabbing his hand Cici pulled it to her mouth and put his thumb in her mouth and began to suck as his perfectly thick cock kept leaving her empty and filling her full of pleasure over and over. She was close and knew he was too. She could hear his breathing getting quicker and quicker and the desire overwhelmed her. Cici wrapped her legs around Mark trapping him where he was as he continued to fuck her with greater intensity.

“I’m going to cum!” Mark groaned as he tensed every muscle in his body.

“Cum for me baby, cum deep, I want to feel you cumming inside me!” Cici screamed.

Mark knew he shouldn’t but it was what every fiber in his being desired and her telling him to was all the convincing he needed. Mark tightened up and went deeper and harder than he ever had before. Maybe it was the fact that it had been so long since they last made love or maybe it was the fact that she just told him she wanted to watch him get head from Joe and truth be told it all sounded exciting and fun or maybe it was all of it along with realizing that he loved and trusted this woman more than any other but Mark had the best orgasm of his life.

When he couldn’t hold his cum back anymore he fired off rope after rope of it deep inside her pussy and as he screamed out in pleasure Cici felt her orgasm wash over her and her body clench down on his cock. As they came together Mark kept fucking her and with each thrust wave after wave of pleasure crashed against Cici. With her pussy now filled with his cum she could feel it dripping down along her ass and between her cheeks. She shuttered as he slid his perfect cock out of her and sat upright on the bed.

“I wonder if Joe is so curious he would want to clean my cum from between your ass.” Mark laughed as he admired the view.

“Why don’t you send him a picture and ask him?” Cici said with a sly smile.

“So were you serious that you would like watching that?” he asked.

“I would enjoy watching that for sure, but only if you were okay with it. Plus if you wanted to try something you could but if not that is fine with me as well. I would be curious to see how you handled a cock as well” she said squeezing his dripping dick “either way I would like to watch you get your dick sucked off while I got to please and tease you? Of course. Besides with me not doing it you could have my body all to yourself while still getting pleasure. Maybe even give me an orgasm or two” with that Mark’s cock twitched again seemingly waking up from its momentary slumber after that incredible orgasm.

“Alright, well how about we have him over, have a few drinks, wear something comfortable, and see what happens.” Mark said as he began to crawl up Cici’s perfect body.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, glad you thought of it. Now how about you bring that beautiful cock up here, I am ‘interested in feeling it shoot down my throat’.”

They both chuckled and Mark happily rested his cock over her face as she grabbed his ass and slid his now semi hard prick down her wet, warm, welcoming throat.

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