The Power Of Yoga Pants


I sat there staring. I knew it was impolite to stare but I just couldn’t help it. That was the most amazing ass I had ever seen and it was right in front of me. Of course, it didn’t make it any better that the ass was in the tightest pair of yoga pants and it belonged to my stepmom. I met my stepmom when I was seven after my natural mother tragically passed away. In many ways, she was just like I remembered my mom. She had the same obsession with youth, trying to fight off wrinkles and keep her body in shape. Looking at her you couldn’t believe she was thirty-nine, so that obsession kind of paid off. Her five-foot-four body was tight and gorgeous and was complimented by her long black hair, baby blue eyes and pretty face. I guess I was attracted to her because at seventeen, I was still a virgin. I wasn’t exactly the most popular guy in school. Instead of football, I played video games. Instead of chasing girls my own age, I went for older. That’s probably why I have a library on my computer full of MILF porn and dream about my teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. I had short brown hair, blue eyes and a skinny frame. I wasn’t exactly a bad looking guy but how many girls would like to say they got nailed by a geek? I continued to watch her as she popped her ass high in the air, doing the various yoga positions. The tight black material of her pants showed off the shape of her beautiful, curvy backside. I was mesmerised by the whole situation. I just couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to see her naked ass in front of me with her gorgeous MILF pussy peeking through her thigh gap. The beauty of dreams soon overtook me and I stared blankly at her bum. “What have I told you about staring?” I heard her say whilst I was still imagining her butt naked doing yoga. I quickly came back to reality and saw her standing on her mat, hands on her hips and her tits almost popping out of her tank top. I Arnavutköy escort bayan almost went back to dreaming, she was a goddess in human form and I couldn’t help but have the hots for her. “It’s impolite,” I replied. “Should I go to my room?” My cock was as stiff as it had ever been. It pitched a perfect tent in my pants as I sat there, trying to look as innocent as possible. Thankfully, it was covered by the table so she couldn’t see, or so I thought. “Go to your room?” she questioned. “Where’s the fun in that?” She gave me a seductive smile, as she slowly stepped towards me. Her eyes lowered to my waist and widened at the sight of my cock tent. Time went by so slowly, like it was a movie playing in slow motion. I saw each jiggle of her fabulous tits followed by a slight ripple in the skin as they gently bounced. She placed her hands on the table and leant forward, giving me a full view down her cleavage as she came eye to eye with me. “Did you enjoy watching me Greg?” she asked, wiggling her breasts slightly. “Err… ” I gulped as I watched her tits move from side to side. “Come on, don’t be shy,” she said as she hinted at my cock. “I enjoy knowing what I do to your young cock.” “Yes Marie,” I replied with a reddish tint beginning to form in my cheeks. “I enjoyed it.” “Dirty boy,” she laughed. “Mom’s going to have to teach you a lesson.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing. She slowly squatted down, got on to her hands and knees and moved under the table. I felt her delicate fingers on my bulge, touching it through the material of my shorts. I felt as if I was going to explode there and then as she groped my bulge and inner thighs. I then felt her fingers move under my waistband and against my skin as she tugged at both my shorts and boxer shorts. Lifting my ass from the chair, she pulled them down swiftly and my virgin cock Escort Avcılar sprung to life in front of her. “My, my, my,” she said as her hand wrapped around the base of my six inch cock. “You have become a big boy.” She began to stroke up and down my shaft firmly. My mind was spinning as I was getting my first handjob from my stepmom. It was such a surreal moment for me and I’m sure it was the same for her. Whilst she carried on stroking me, I felt her warm breath against my helmet. Many things were running through my mind as she masturbated me. I then felt a warm liquid drop onto the eye of my cock. She wasn’t sucking or anything, just quietly working her hand up and down with such elegance. I leant back, seeing a group of bubbles in a pool of saliva running down my head. From all the porn I had watched, I could only think one thing was to follow from this. Just as this thought circled my head, I felt her warm, velvety mouth around my helmet. Her tongue was paying close attention to the underside and eye of my head. Each flick of her tongue against my banjo string made my breathing intensify as it caused exquisite pleasure. “Oh god Marie,” I groaned as her tongue continued to work my helmet. “Call me mom,” she replied as she took my cock from her mouth for a split second before moving it back in. “Okay, mom,” I said as I leant back. I watched as she drew her cheeks in, showing off the most amazing cheekbones. Her hand was still firmly grasping the base as her lips glided down my shaft one inch at a time. As she reached the bottom, she held my cock in her throat for a few seconds before bringing her mouth back up my length. Looking up into my eyes, she started to bob her head back and forth on my shaft with her tongue pleasuring the underside of my cock. I was in heaven. A few minutes went past and all I could hear was soft moans and playful lip smacking Bağcılar escort coming from her as she gave me my first blowjob. She carried on bobbing her head back and forth on my crotch, making sure I enjoyed it. In response, I cupped her head and started to carefully fuck her mouth. To my surprise, she accepted my cock better as I thrust my hips up off the chair. Her hand released my base and her mouth opened as wide as it could possibly get. I took this opportunity to speed up my thrusts and fuck her throat quick and soft. More moans left her mouth, slightly muffled by my cock, and they were closely followed by my groans of pleasure whilst I face fucked my stepmother. My balls slapped against her chin whilst my cock drove deep into her throat. “It feels so good mom,” I groaned whilst my cock pumped into her mouth. Looking up at me, she slapped my thighs as if to say ‘stop.’ I took my hands from her head, noticing the bulbous shape of my cock against her cheek as I pulled my cock from her mouth. Saliva dribbled from my shaft onto the patio and one line of saliva bridged to her lips. Gasping for breath, she moved from under the table and stood up next to me. Rubbing the saliva from her chin, she sat on the table in front of me. “Time for you to go to work,” she flirted. She pulled her yoga pants down a little bit so her ass and pussy were uncovered. I looked at her bald, MILF pussy for a few seconds, admiring the neatness of it. Her lips were moist with the juices that were seeping out of her hole. I placed my hands on her hips and buried my face between her legs. My tongue started to lash at her clitoris, making her moan almost immediately. Just like I had done, she grabbed my head and started to rub my face into her pussy as my tongue licked and sucked on her beautiful pink pearl. I made circular motions with my tongue which made her shudder on the table slightly. The sweet nectar of her aroused body started to move onto my taste buds, making me hum with delight. Her moans were soft and heavenly and with one final lick of her clit, I moved my head up and planted a kiss on her mound before moving down to her hole. As I moved my face down to her vaginal opening, I kissed her clitoris tenderly.

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