The Pool Party – Chapter XIV


While their mothers had been inside getting ready, Jamie and Tyler were leaning on the edge of the pool getting to know each other better. They had talked about their schools, friends, skateboarding, and girls. Being teenage boys, they finally began comparing notes on how far they had gotten with the opposite sex, but while they each admitted the most they had gotten was a blow job, neither confided the secret of who had given it to them. Little did they know just how much they had in common.Just then, they heard the clip-clopping of sandals on the concrete deck, and looked up to see the women who had given them their first blowjobs walking towards them. They were both wearing conservative beach shirts that covered them from shoulder to thigh, which disappointed the teens since they had both secretly hoped to see more skin, but their disappointment wouldn’t last very long.“So, how’s the water, boys?” Julie asked as she kicked off her gold sandals and set a collection of suntan oils, fashion magazines and a frosty margarita on a small table between chaise lounges.“Nice,” both boys answered almost in unison.“Well it looks heavenly,” Charlotte said as she put her own pool gear on the table next to her friend’s.Even though they were still wearing the cover-ups, the beautiful women were still getting admiring looks from their boys. Tyler couldn’t take his eyes off of Charlotte. She had tied her brunette hair up, and he was really taken by her perfect facial features and smooth, olive skin. And even though he had been lucky enough to catch a few brief glimpses of her naked body the day before, he still wanted to see the curves that were now hiding under the loose beach shirt she was wearing.Charlotte wasn’t the only one being ogled, Julie had Jamie’s full attention. She had also pulled her silky blonde hair up to expose her neck and shoulders to the bright sun, and even though she was wearing a pair of designer sunglasses, Jamie had never seen her with her hair away from her face, and she looked more beautiful than ever. And the beach shirt showed more of her shapely legs than he had ever seen, and like Tyler, the sight only made Jamie want to see more.Once the women had arranged all their stuff, they clicked their margarita glasses together in a private toast, then after taking a sip of their Margaritas, they winked at each other, and then simultaneously grasped the hems of their cover-ups, pulled them over their heads and tossed them aside.Both boys’ jaws dropped as they saw the incredibly skimpy bathing suits their moms were wearing. The tiny bikini tops barely covered their breasts and left their flat midriffs completely exposed, and only a small triangle of material hid their pubic mounds. They were both surprised and thrilled at how much skin the women were showing, and it didn’t matter that one of them was their own mom, all they were focused on was how hot they both looked.Charlotte and Julie knew they were being watched, but they acted very nonchalantly as they each grabbed Kıbrıs Escort a beach towel and began to unfold it. They were still facing the boys, waiting for the right moment to reveal the final secret of their suits, and much more. Then they each turned around to spread their towels on the chaise lounges, and that was when the boys saw they were wearing thongs.Jamie and Tyler inhaled sharply as their eyes focused on the naked asses in front of them. While they were different in size, they were both perfect in their own right. Charlotte’s derriere was larger than Julie’s, not fat, but full and succulent. And Julie’s behind, by Charlotte’s description, was like that of a gymnast or beach volleyball player, smaller and more athletic, but still shapely and feminine.The young mothers were purposely bending over for much longer than they needed, and the boys got a clear view of how the thin bands of material came down from the waistband of their thongs and then disappeared between their ass cheeks, only to reappear as a small patch of cloth that barely covered their crotches. Both teenagers could clearly see the outline of their moms’ pussy lips through the material, and that caused their young cocks to swell underneath the water.Once they had given their sons sufficient time to ogle their bodies, the women sat down on the chaises and picked up their margaritas. After taking another sip, Charlotte said, “Why don’t you boys c’mon out of the water and get some iced tea?”Tyler and Jamie both froze. They knew if they got out of the water right then, there would be no way they could conceal the erections they were now sporting thanks to the show their moms had put on. So they both said they wanted to stay in the pool, hoping that if they swam around for a while, their raging pricks would shrink back to their normal size.As the boys began racing to the other side of the pool, Charlotte knowingly whispered, “I’ll bet they didn’t get out of the water because they have erections.”Julie giggled and said, “I peeked over my shoulder at them while we were bent over, and they both had that ‘deer in the headlights’ look from staring at us, so I’ll guarantee they have erections!”“Well they aren’t the only horny ones, my pussy is dying for some attention,” Charlotte said with a giggle, and then she added, “So what do you think we should do now?”“I have an idea, but let’s have another Margarita first, and then follow my lead,” Julie said as she picked up the frosty pitcher and poured each of them another glass of liquid aphrodisiac.Once both boys had regained their composure, and lost their erections, they decided to get out of the pool and get a glass of iced tea. After pouring their drinks, they sat on the edge of the deck with their feet dangling in the water. As they sipped the cold liquid, both boys were making a conscious effort to avoid staring at their nearly naked moms for fear of being caught, or worse, getting another hard-on.The warmth of the tequila Lefkoşa Escort was spreading through Julie’s body and settling deep in her vagina, which was still wet from the licking Charlotte had given her, and what little apprehensions she had been feeling about seducing the boys had vanished. So after finishing the last of her margarita, she said, “I just love how the sun feels on my skin, don’t you Char?”“Mmmm, it does feel good,” her friend replied, not sure where Julie was headed with her question, but dying to find out for her twitching pussy’s sake.Then Julie said, “I hope you boys don’t mind the suits we’re wearing, I know they’re pretty revealing, but we just want to get as much sun as we can.”“No, ummm, not at all,” both boys replied, stuttering as they tried to get the words out.Now Charlotte knew where Julie was going, and she chimed in, saying, “Yeah, when I was putting this suit on, I didn’t realize how small it was,” and then she reached up to adjust her top, purposely jiggling her large breasts back and forth as she did, and then she added, “My boobs barely fit into this thing.”“MOM,” Jamie exclaimed, a little surprised that his mother would reference her breasts in front of Tyler.“Oh don’t be embarrassed, Jamie, I wish I had your mom’s boobs, they’re incredible,” Julie interjected, and then she cupped her own tits and added, “Although I guess mine aren’t too bad, right Char?”This time it was a surprised Tyler who said, “Mom, really, do you need to talk about stuff like that in front of company?”Both women laughed, and then Julie said, “I was just complimenting Mrs. Bradley’s body,” and then she added, “And you didn’t seem to mind when you saw us sunbathing naked yesterday.”“Wait… what?” Jamie asked in a shocked and confused tone.“Whoops, I guess I forgot to tell you,” Charlotte replied, acting like it was an innocent oversight, “Dr. Alexander and I were sunbathing nude to get rid of our tan lines yesterday, and Tyler got home early from his grandparents’ and surprised us while we were naked.”Jamie was a little perturbed by the fact that his new friend had seen his mom naked, but what really bothered him was the fact that he hadn’t gotten to see Dr. Alexander naked too. Then he said, “I can’t believe you were sitting outside naked, mom.”“Oh Jamie, don’t be that way,” Charlotte said, “Dr. Alexander said they purposely installed this fence for privacy, and we both love the sun, so we decided to sunbathe nude… I mean, we’re both women, and have no problem being naked in front of each other, so what’s the big deal?”“There is none I guess…” Jamie said, realizing he must sound like a bratty little kid, and then he added, “I mean I know you weren’t doing anything wrong, it just made me feel a little weird I guess.”Before Charlotte could reply, Julie’s psychology courses kicked in and she said, “You know Char, I understand what Jamie is saying, it’s normal for a young man to feel a little awkward or resentful if a friend sees Girne Escort his mom naked, even if it’s accidental.”“Well I guess that does make sense, but I may have a solution,” Charlotte said, “Why don’t we sunbathe nude now? I’d love to get some real sun, and if Jamie sees you naked, then he and Tyler will be even. So what do you boys think? Would you mind if we sunbathed nude?”Both boys were too shocked to reply, so Julie asked, “Well, would you guys mind if we went ‘au naturel’, I mean in Europe, boys younger than you go to nude beaches with their parents, and you guys are mature young men now, so nudity should be no big deal to you, especially since we’re your moms.”“Ummm, yeah sure, I mean if you want to do that, it won’t bother me,” Jamie said as he jumped in the pool to hide the fact that his penis was already swelling at the prospect of seeing both women naked.Not about to be outdone by his new friend, Tyler said, “Whatever you want to do. I mean, we’re all adults here,” as he also jumped in the water to hide his growing dick.Julie almost laughed at Tyler’s ‘we’re all adults’ comment, but she wasn’t surprised that both teenagers okayed their nude sunbathing. It proved her theory that no matter how awkward either of them felt about his own mom being naked, the desire to see the other boy’s mom naked was far greater.Charlotte gave Julie a silent nod, telling her to go first. The boys tried not to be too obvious as they watched the beautiful blonde stand up and take off her bright green bikini top. Her breasts were round and firm, with hard pink nipples that topped the orbs of feminine flesh the way a Maraschino cherry tops an ice cream sundae. After she was sure they had gotten a good look at her tits, Julie peeled her tiny thong down over her naked ass, exposing her clean shaved pussy mound to the boys’ prying eyes.“Oh, the sun feels so good, Char,” Julie said as she did a slow spin, giving her son and her young patient a chance to see every inch of her naked body before sitting back down.When Julie was finished, both teens’ shifted their focus to Charlotte. First, she undid her bikini top and then dropped it onto her deck chair, releasing her magnificent breasts from their confines and exposing them to the bright sunlight. Her nipples were darker than Julie’s, but every bit as erect with excitement. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her tiny white thong and slid it down over her full round hips and plump ass cheeks, leaving her smooth pubis completely exposed.The effect their nudity had on the boys was almost hypnotic. They could feel their sons’ inexperienced eyes drinking in their nude forms, and that was when Julie said, “Hey Char, this feels great but the doctor in me says we’d better put some sunblock on where our suits usually cover us so we don’t burn.”Jamie and Tyler watched quietly as both women began spreading suntan oil on their bodies. For Jamie, seeing his beautiful doctor totally naked was something he had fantasized about ever since he learned to masturbate, and watching her slippery hands slide over her nude body had his dick raging in his swim trunks. He was also sneaking peeks at his own mom as she massaged the oil into her ripe breasts and flat stomach, and wishing he was the one rubbing the oil onto both of them.

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