The Pickup Ch. 2


He drank his glass greedily, water spilling over his chin andstaining his shirt. It made me laugh to think what else was gong to be all over his shirt before the night was out. I sipped my water far more slowly. I held it to my temples, dampening my hair and cooling my desire, just a bit. I caught his eye as he was trying to order in in-room porn flick. Smiling at him, I rubbed the cold hard glass against my nipples, the shirt made transparent by the liquid.

“Keep going,” he whispered, hand finding his cock, kneading it through his jeans.

I played with my nipples for him, first teasing them on the outside of my shirt, then reaching inside so he could see my fingers working the dark rose points to an impossible size. I lifted my shirt over my head, exposing my tan belly, and waited until I was sure I had his eyes on my face. Once there, I held him with that gaze, eye to eye, as I lifted my tits out of their bra and began to flick my own tongue over them. He moaned his approval and began to unzip his fly.

“No. Not yet. That’s my job.” I knelt in my mouth on the zipper and breathed hot moist air onto him. He thrust against me, pushing my head harder down onto his straining cock. No longer able to wait myself, I popped open his button and listened to the sizzle of his zipper as I tore it open. The man had on no underwear, just escort vip that rock-hard dick bobbing up from the root of his tangled blonde hair. My luck had held and this man would offer me the size I so loved. He was thick and long, a fucking beautiful piece of meat for me to go down on. I live for the feel of a cock in my throat. It is almost as good as flicking my tongue over a soft, sweet pussy. In fact, there are times when either will do, but I love the power of giving head. I wrapped my tiny hand around his base and began to pump him, gazing into his eyes.

“Hmmmm, what should I do with this?” I asked, batting my eyelashes and rubbing my tits against his thighs. I stroked his balls lightly, just teasing and waiting to see what he would do. I knew my lover, hidden, was getting off on seeing another man be where he had been before, that same feel of frustration and desire. That fear that somehow I might not actually come through. That was not an option for me now. He grabbed my head and forced me down, but I was ready, opening wide, timing my breathing, fast at first, just to prove to him I could take him all the way down my throat.

“Goddamn, girl. NO ONE has ever done that. Look at me,” he pulled me, slobbering and drooling, off his cock to kiss me. His tongue filled me and I felt his fingers massage escort rus me through the lambskin of my pants. I wanted them off. I wanted to feel him fuck me so that I could suck him after. That delicious back and forth of cunt to mouth. He stood me up and turned me so that my lover got a great view of my own panty-less ass being exposed in the mirror. The new man’s tan hands digging into my sweet soft flesh as he returned the head I had given him.

“Oh God I love a hairless woman,” I heard him say, almost to himself. I loved being one, the sensations of everything, silk, leather, tongues, so much more pronounced when bare. I was particularly careful that morning to shave not only my pussy lips, but my asshole as well. I wanted to feel it all. He pulled my hips into his face, forced my legs wide, until I had straddled him, his strong arms supporting my upper body. I rode him hard, no longer needing to keep anything back. I wanted to cum, to calm myself, so I could really give my lover the show he deserved. I shuddered, feeling my wetness caught on this pickup’s face, coating him. I writhed against his chin and he met me measure for measure, using his lips and chin and teeth and tongue to get me off a quick second time.

I sighed. Subsided. Ran my fingers through his blonde hair. Came back to earth. Noticed the escort elit stain around his collar and down the front, no longer of water but of my nectar. I held his head as I licked myself off him. He submitted. Head back, eyes closed.

I dove for him again, sucking him back to full erection, my ass open and pointed toward the bathroom, the mirror reflecting my lips wrapped around the new cock. I caught my lover’s eye in the mirror as I slipped a finger first into the new man’s mouth and then deep into my own ass in one stroke. I timed my finger to match the entry of the cock into my throat. The new man’s fingers reached for my labia, just stroking and playing. With a little wiggling and direction, I eventually had him slip just two fingers into my sloppy wet cunt. Together, we had filled me, but not as full as I wanted.

I turned, facing the bathroom now and lowered myself onto him, pumping up and down, knees spread so far apart, lips and clit totally exposed for my lover’s eyes as I stroked my clit, a finger on either side, jacking myself off, as the stranger’s cock rocked inside me. A few strokes, then I was back on my knees, ass up, mouth full of man and cream. Then again, burying him deep only to suck him again. When I felt him come close to his coming, I stopped, whispering to him to take his time because I wanted more of that big fat cock. He nodded, panting, knowing that if he just let me have my way with him, he would not be disappointed.

I waited, played with a vibe on my clit, while I told him what I wanted. “Listen,” I breathed, “and I’ll tell you what I want. . . “

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