The Photographer


My wife Kelly met him, or rather Kane introduced himself to her, at the Oxford Hotel while I had gone for a walk to get some more money from the ATM. We had been there all Sunday afternoon and had been having such a good time neither of us wanted to go home. A lone girl with a guitar and a wonderful voice had provided the entertainment. We had both noticed him snapping a few pictures of her and talking with her between sets. He was dressed grungily, his hair long and thick, a boyish face with just a slight shadow of stubble.

It transpired that the singer was his sister and had entered negotiations for a CD deal and so she had asked him to take some promo shots for her. When I returned from the ATM his handshake was firm. Kelly later told me that he had offered his hand before she had offered hers and was friendly without being sleazy. He bought us both a drink, and it was during the subsequent conversation that we discovered he was pretty much absolutely broke.

He had trekked in Nepal so for some time we compared stories and relived the wonderful times we had experienced. By one in the morning the Oxford was getting ready to close and Kane was ready to head off. I had been having a few ideas and asked him if he did black and white photography, and if so would he be interested in taking some photos of us. It was something Kelly and I had discussed quite often and now here was an opportunity.

In a matter of minutes we had agreed on paying $200 for 30 photos and so he invited us to go to his flat the following day, where he had a makeshift studio set up. I invited him and his sister to come back to our hotel for a few drinks and to keep chatting, but she decided to go home while Kane agreed to accompany us.

The easy conversation continued into the early hours of the morning, until Kane grabbed his camera and suggested we pose for a few shots so he had some idea as to what we wanted when we went for the shoot the next day. We started with a couple of simple poses, then Kane made a few suggestions and gradually the poses became a little more intimate. He had Kelly sit on my lap, facing me, her legs open and her head bent back so that her long brown hair fell free down her back and I licked her neck. Kane took some close ups of the wet trail my tongue left on Kelly’s skin.

‘Just pull her blouse tight under her breast,’ Kane murmured, and I complied, aware that the simple action outlined Kelly’s erect nipple clearly through the satin. Kelly’s nipples are prominent, even when not erect, and harden into points the size of the tip of a little finger. Kane snapped a couple of shots then moved closer to undo the top two buttons of Kelly’s shirt. I saw her look up at him but neither of us made any attempt to stop his hand. He deliberately brushed the back of his hand across her nipple as he drew away and I felt myself harden in my jeans.

‘Okay, slip one hand inside her shirt and cup her breast.’ Again I complied without hesitation and I could feel Kelly’s heart beating rapidly under her warm skin. I gently played with her nipple and the movement of my hand caused Kelly’s open shirt to slip off one shoulder. My hand covered the nipple but the swell of her breast above my grip was clear and I heard the camera rattle off several shots.

‘Kelly, stay on Dave’s lap but put your back to him.’ She turned awkwardly, keeping my hand on her breast, but again neither of us made an attempt büyükesat escort to close her shirt. We were both wondering where this was leading and the look in Kelly’s green eyes made me shudder in anticipation.

‘That’s good, lean back again and expose your throat to the camera.’ Kelly’s hair fell across my shoulder and the arching of her back made the shirt slip off the other shoulder. The edge of the shirt snagged and held on her nipple, exposing two thirds of her small but pert breast. I heard Kane murmur his appreciation and again the camera fired several times.

‘Now Kelly, I want you to place both hands on Dave’s knees and lean right forward. Look into the camera seductively, as though,’ he paused, ‘as though you want to seduce it.’ She complied, allowing her shirt to fall completely open, my hand moving and revealing both breasts to him. I felt the heat rise between her legs against my hardness and knew that we had both crossed a line.

‘That’s great.’ Kane’s voice was almost a whisper. His camera whirred again. ‘Push your arms together across your breasts.’ His voice was low but commanding. ‘Dave, stand behind the chair, one hand on her shoulder.’ We were puppets in his imagination, clay models for whatever he decided to shape us into. ‘Take the shirt completely off Kelly, Dave unzip your jeans and loosen the button so they sit open.’

He had Kelly lie backwards across the chair with one hand pulling open my jeans while she pinched her own nipple. Then he talked us to the bed, our clothes slowly disappearing until we were both in our underwear.

‘Doggie style Dave, with your hand on her buttock as though you had slapped her.’ I felt the intense heat as I pressed the strained cotton of my briefs against Kelly from behind. She quivered ever so slightly as my open hand touched her buttock. ‘That’s good.’ He moved behind me so as to get a rear view of the two of us. ‘Slap her lightly, just enough to leave a red mark.’ The contact of my hand on Kelly’s flesh sounded unnaturally loud and both Kane and I heard her gasp but made no comment. I looked down to see the vague outline of my handprint on her firm buttock. ‘Head back Kelly, Dave spread her hair across her back.’ I did so, enjoying the tingles springing along my shaft as it pushed against the thin cotton of her panties when I leaned forward. More shots. ‘Pull her head back.’ I did so, gently winding Kelly’s hair around my hand. ‘That’s great.’

He was directly behind me now, looking over my shoulder and snapping the full length of her body.

‘Grip her waist firmly with your other hand.’ The position made me feel powerful and turned me on, even though I was totally under his command and not in charge of the situation in the slightest. I felt his hand brush my buttocks then he pulled my undies down. I sprang free and rested against Kelly, pressing against the damp material of her panties. He moved around in front of us and snapped a couple more shots.

‘Dave, both hands on her waist now and rest yourself on top of her so I can see you.’ I wasn’t sure what he meantm so impatiently he moved forward, took my shaft in his hand and pulled it so that it pointed upwards, the tip popping up from behind Kelly’s buttocks. I couldn’t deny the electricity that fired as he touched me and suddenly wondered what his cock would feel like between my fingers…or my lips.

‘Kelly, turn and çankaya escort look back at him, reach back with one hand and lightly caress the tip.’ Our eyes met and I saw the blaze of lust in my wife’s eyes and suddenly realised that mine probably looked the same. ‘On your back, legs up and feet resting on Dave’s shoulders, panties off. We complied, completely exposing ourselves. ‘Reach up and touch him with a fingertip.’ Her finger stretched out and touched the small glistening drop of pre-come that had appeared, her fingertip moving in small circles.

Kane knelt on the bed and leant over Kelly to take some close ups, his crotch close to her face. I saw Kelly look at it and wondered if she was trying to see if he was hard. ‘Dave stand next to the bed, Kelly sit up and stick your tongue out and just touch him.’ Again we complied, eager and willing. She slowly ran the tip of your tongue around the head of my cock as he snapped away. ‘Into your mouth.’ Kane’s voice was barely audible as he watched Kelly’s lips slowly devour me. I looked down and watched as he put down his camera on the bedside table. Kelly began to get quicker but slowed down at his command. Kane slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, dropping it on the floor. He sat next to Kelly, kissing her neck as his hands ran lightly across her back and chest, flicking and pinching her nipples. He gently cupped her chin and pulled her mouth from me, turning her face to his and you kissed deeply. The he turned her face back to me, directing the movement of her mouth with gentle pressures of his hand on Kelly’s head.

Again he pulled her back, but this time he leant forward and ran his tongue along the side of my shaft. I shivered in pleasure as he moved Kelly’s mouth to the other side and the two of them began to lick my full length. Kane slipped me into his mouth and rolled his tongue around the tip. He guided Kelly’s hands to his jeans and eagerly she unzipped them and tugged them over his hips then off. He was not wearing any underwear and I looked down to see his erection spring free. Kelly had stepped back a little as his jeans came off and stopped to watch us for a moment.

I looked at her slender body, the dark patch of hair between her legs, your nipples pointing proudly at us and almost came in his mouth. I met Kelly’s eyes then took his face in my hands and began to thrust into his mouth, attempting to retake control. He gently bit me, forcing me to stop and he regained the initiative. He took my hand and guided it onto him, so I wrapped my hand around his shaft and gently stroked him. He was longer than me, and nearly as thick. His pubic hair was gone, shaved or waxed I couldn’t tell, but it made him appear huge.

I lay beside him on the bed, slipping him into my mouth. He was warm and slightly sweaty to the taste, but quickly became slick with my saliva as I worked my mouth as far down his length as I could. I played with his balls as I sucked him and felt him reciprocate and for a moment we were both oblivious to Kelly’s presence.

Then she knelt on the other side of him and her small hand snaked outwards and caressed his balls. I pulled my head back and offered him to her, watching as her mouth, inches from my eyes, devoured him. We took turns in sucking him, then licked him in unison, kissing each other across the tip, our tongues wildly flailing against him. He had stopped sucking me cebeci escort a little while after Kelly had joined me, though his hand gave small squeezes of my shaft, and I looked down to see his other hand between Kelly’s legs, which she had parted for him. He leaned across and his tongue flicked against her, Kelly’s squeal muffled in her full mouth. She gasped and let him slip away from her lips, so quickly I took him into my mouth. I heard him gasp to stop, so I released him and watched him twitch against my hand and knew how close he had been. I moved behind Kelly, gripped her waist and pushed inside.

Kane kept his tongue moving against Kelly’s clit, occasionally licking my shaft and balls as I thrust into her wetness. In less than ten strokes of his tongue and my shaft on her clitoris, she came, and we pinned her hard against us and continued moving, riding her into a second climax until she begged us to stop.

As Kelly lay panting on the bed, we rolled her over and knelt on either side of her head, pressing our cocks against her mouth. Kelly gasped but parted her lips, her tongue darting out so that we could rub ourselves across her. Several times the tips touched and I saw Kelly squirm as she witnessed each contact close up. The head of his cock was hot against mine and combined with her tongue drove me to a new state of arousal. Then Kane moved between Kelly’s legs and slid into her. Kelly lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist to pull him deeper. I slid myself into her mouth then placed one hand on her clit, matching each of his strokes. My fingertips could feel his slick shaft as it powered into her and I realised that he was going to keep this pace up until he finished. I stopped my thrusting into Kelly’s mouth, balanced on the edge of a climax, a delicate place where every fibre of my body is oblivious to everything except the waves of pleasure.

Kane’s body was slapping against my wife and I could feel each thrust through her mouth as it continued to work on me. Kelly’s tongue was a frenzy of action working without thought. Then Kane leaned forward and his mouth covered hers, covering my shaft in the process. Kelly used her tongue to push me out so that I lay across her lips and I felt his tongue join hers as they played together and rushed me over the edge. Kane stopped thrusting as I came with my hands grabbing at his shoulders to stop from falling over. I felt his mouth clamp over me, hot like Kelly’s but different somehow. More spasms ripped through me until at last I stepped backwards and collapsed on the floor, leaning against the wall.

I was side on to them both now and watched as Kelly bent her legs, drawing him deeper inside once again. Kane began thrusting again and as he did, with each inwards movement he dribbled some of my come from his mouth. With disbelief I watched as Kelly opened her mouth to catch it then watched as he brought his lips close to hers. His body was slick with a light sheen of sweat and he was speeding up his rhythm. Their foreheads touched and I watched as Kelly flicked her tongue out to lick his lips. With a roar he came, the last of my seed spilling downwards onto her chin and neck. His buttocks clamped tight and I watched as his orgasm took Kelly over the edge into another climax, her stomach ripples of taut muscle. Then he was kissing her, the tension leaving his body.

I crawled to the side of the bed and we kissed, Kelly’s tongue sliding into my mouth and leaving a salty taste as it withdrew. My come. I was hard again, but nothing more was to happen that night. Kane slid from her body and dressed. He smiled and waved at us as he left. He left behind his card with the address of his studio.

The End.

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