The Photo Session

Big Tits

A few weeks after their night out at the cinema (see Cinema Night Leads to Better Things).

Karen had rung to ask if Ted would take some photos of her as a present for Tony. The session was set for today. Carol had agreed to help Karen with her make up and clothes, but said she would leave them for the photo session.

Karen arrived ahead of time, she looked fantastic in a leather mini skirt and knee high leather boots and a roll neck sweater, which showed all the curves in the right places. She came over to Ted and gave him a hug and full kiss.

‘Not changed your mind I hope?’

“Oh no, I’ve been looking forward to posing for the camera, it should be fun, besides it’s going to be a lovely present for Tony”.

Ted was very much in agreement with her.

Ted insisted on taking a couple of pictures of Karen in her leather skirt before she changed. She looked very sexy in it. She sat on a stool with her legs crossed, which showed off her legs very well, with her skirt being so short.

Carol came through and greeted Karen with a sensual kiss and a hug. Ted continued to take some shots of Karen to get the lighting right and relax her, and get her used to the lights and the noise of the camera. The two girls then both went off to get Karen changed and made up for the photo’s, leaving Ted to finish off setting up the lights.

When she came in, Ted said Karen looked great the make-up looked great, blue eye shadow, deep red lipstick and red nail varnish. She was wearing a black business suit with a silk blouse, black stockings and high heels and as always, her hair looked great.

Ted gave Karen a large glass of white wine in a long stemmed glass, this was to act as a prop as well as to relax her. Although Ted did not think, there would be many problems in that area. Karen drank most of the wine in one go. Ted refilled her glass. She smiled at him, relaxing a bit. Karen was enjoying the attention he was giving her.

Ted started taking pictures of Karen as she sat on a high stool. He got her to cross her legs, and hold the wine glass on her lap, both hands wrapped around the stem. He took the picture, then told Karen to tilt the glass forward, so he could get the ring of lipstick she had left on the rim. Then he got her hold it up almost to her lips, ready to take a drink.

The whole time, he was telling Karen how great she looked, and how perfect the pictures would be. Karen felt flattered and amused that he would say so.

“You’re just saying that.” She told him, hoping it’s not true.

“No, I’m not. I really believe it. Really!”

After about 10 pictures of this, Ted asked if she would like to do more. Karen said sure, since she was starting to enjoy it. Ted went over to the stereo, and turned on some hot, soft, romantic music. Not sleepy classical, but something with an underlying urgency to it. Not rushed, but not boring. After refilling her glass, he got her to look down a bit, stare up at him, with the glass close to her mouth.

“Ok, now lick your lips very slowly, like it’s the most arousing thing you have ever tasted.”

She did her best act, and noticed her lips felt pretty good and smooth. She put on a ghost of a smile, trying to be alluring. The wine is starting to work on Karen, since she was on her third glass; she has been sipping it in between shots.

Karen removed her jacket and Ted noticed she did not have a bra on underneath her silk lavender blouse.

“Great,” he said. “Put the glass down, stare at the camera, and pull your shoulders back. Now lift your chin, and put one foot out to the side. Hands on your hips. Great!”

He took a series of pictures, Karen was trying to be the sexy businesswoman boss type. It seemed to be working, because as she watched Ted take the pictures, she noticed he was getting a hard on.

Karen decided to spring a surprise on Ted, she leaned back, holding the glass high over her head, and tilted her head back. Ted was snapping like crazy, because her breasts were tight against her blouse. Then, without warning, she tilted the glass and let the wine run down her chest, over her stomach, and down to the floor.

The wine was cold, and it made her nipples tighten, and stand out even farther against her blouse. Ted asked her to turn towards him, and do the same thing again. The blouse was now almost see-through, just adding a hint of colour to her skin. Karen’s breasts ofise gelen escort were looking good through it, and she felt excited. He said it’s perfect. Just what he was looking for. So sexy, yet not dirty. Kind of like a wet t-shirt contest, he said. So she continued….

Karen started to unbutton her blouse, and got down to her cleavage before she stopped. She leaned forward, pushing her tits at the camera, and holding the blouse open to show her breasts. It looked good against the see-through material, which is all around them.

Ted lay on the floor, and got Karen to stand above him, astride of his head, as if she was walking. He took some shots of her stocking legs with their suspenders and the small black thongs she was wearing.

Ted decided to let Karen do what she wanted, snapping pictures at a rapid pace. She started to undo her skirt, unwrapping it from around her, and letting it fall to the floor. He almost fainted when he saw the garter belt and skimpy thong she was wearing.

He asked her to remove her stockings. Bending forward from the waist, her full breasts creating a stunning cleavage, Karen stared into the camera and ran her tongue around her lips once more as she unfastened the suspenders and rolled her sheer stockings slowly down her thighs.

‘Fantastic,’ he said. ‘Now your suspender belt.’

With a sultry smile, she turned her back and pulled at her thongs along with the belt, bringing into view the smooth skin of her buttocks. Karen reached behind and opened her arse cheeks, briefly displaying her anus for the camera, then she discarded the suspender belt and pulled up her thongs. Having removed her blouse, Karen started to fondle her luscious nipples, stroking them an rolling the tiny erections between finger and thumb, her eyes half closed as if oblivious to all but the divine sensations at her finger tips.

Her vagina was stirring, jumping violently and showing its displeasure at being ignored. It ached to be touched so she slid a hand into her thongs feeling is warmth, then pushing a finger into its silky depths. Her head lolled back as she fell in to a chair. Forgetting where she was for a few moments, Karen surrendered full to the joys of a finger fuck, stopping only at the point of climax.

She realised that Ted was getting some close-up shots of this, so she pulled her thongs to one side and spread her legs wide, giving the camera a perfect view of her clitoris as she parted her lips for him.

Ted remembered the banana shot from before and passed Karen a very ripe long thick banana to Karen who giggled as she unzipped it and plunged it between her red lips. Ted got some close up shots of her brazen act. She moved it in and out of her mouth, her eyes closing. She nibbled some of the fruit. Ted opened a bottle of champagne and poured Karen a tall glass full, he got some shots of her drinking the bubbly drink, the flash glinted off the glass.

Karen was by now full absorbed in the photo shoot, the drink had relaxed her, and she seemed to be enjoying posing and acting in front of the camera. Ted passed her a wrapped box that Carol had left for her, Karen ripped off the wrapping paper and shrieked when she saw what was in the box. The gift card just said ‘Enjoy!!!’ The box contained a 12″ black vibrator.

Ted decided to get the video camera running for this next part of the photo session, the sound and moving pictures he thought would add to the pleasure of the scene that was about to happen in front of him. He would continue to shoot stills for the album.

Karen grasped the vibrator in both hands, moving her fingers over its length. She turned it on, it made a discreet buzzing sound, and she teased her body with it. She moved the tip nearer to her pussy, pulling her thongs off, she opened her legs and placed the tip against her clitoris. Her eyes closed in pleasure, as she moved it up and down her slit. With one hand, she held her lips apart and pushed the tip of the vibrator into her pussy. She worked it in and out of her pussy, her head rolled from side to side as she reached an orgasm. She gently groaned and her breath grew ragged as she plunged the full length of the vibrator between her legs. As she pulled it out of her pussy it was glistened with her juices. She appeared to have forgotten about the cameras by now and was concentrating on her own enjoyment. Ted had caught most stages otele gelen escort of Karen’s pleasure on film and all of it on video.

Satisfied that he had enough material, Ted showed Karen where the shower was and let her refresh herself under the strong and powerful jets of water. Over coffee they chatted and she told him she was looking forward to seeing the results, or more to the point the look on Tony’s face when he saw the pictures. ——

Ted went to see Karen to give her the photos and the video. Over coffee, Karen looked through the pictures, she decided to separate them into two categories. One that she could show anyone, and the other, the more riskier ones would only be seen by close friends and of course Tony who would approve of the more raunchy pictures. The video was gift-wrapped and was reserved for Tony and Karen’s own late night viewing.

Karen was very pleased with all the pictures that Ted had taken. She teased Tony with the video. Karen also showed the pictures to her friend Debbie who was very impressed with them. Debbie asked who had taken them. Debbie wanted some pictures for her partner Mike’s 40th, so Carol arranged for her to see Ted to take some and got his friend Josh and Karen along to help out too.

Debbie looked very attractive wearing a pair of black leather trousers that showed her arse off to good effect, She was also wearing a white silk top with a short black leather jacket. Karen was wearing a similar leather jacket to Debbie but with a leather mini skirt, black stockings and ‘cum fuck me’ high heels

Debbie had an idea about doing a set of pictures that showed her as the Flake girl, but more sensuous and sexy. It would require her to wear some very sexy underwear.

Debbie and Karen came back into the room hand in hand and to Ted’s surprise they had both changed into some very sexy silk underwear, Karen’s was black, and Debbie’s was red.

Ted introduced them both to Josh, he was about 6foot 2, broad shouldered dark skinned West African lad. They shook hands, his firm grip was slow and deliberate and judging by the smiles it looked as if they were going to enjoy ‘working’ together. Ted explained that Josh would do any thing the ladies wanted, at which they just looked at each other and smiled. Ted was going to be on the sidelines taking pictures of the action, they would not notice him taking pictures and videoing them both enjoying Josh. All thoughts of Debbie’s original idea vanished and Ted prepared to watch and photograph some very raunchy sex.

Firstly Josh looked a little bit over dressed compared to the ladies, until they both set about undressing him and examining him. First off was his shirt, then Debbie started to undo his leather trousers, Josh stood with his hands on his hips, fully aware about what the ladies were about to discover. Josh was well endowed and proud of it. Karen pulled the back of his pants down, ‘hmm nice arse’ Debbie was quick to reveal Josh’s cock, all 12 inches of it. ‘Karen look at this monster’ Josh just chuckled.

Both girls stood at his side and they reached for his cock, they each had a hand around it and still the head was visible, which emphasised it’s great size. While Debbie kissed Josh, Karen sucked his cock, or as much of it as she could and played with balls, but she was taking control to keep him from coming. Taking control Josh lifted Debbie into his arms and carried her across the room and placed her down on the bed. He lay on the bed and Debbie straddled his powerful body, he pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy, she guided it in, and then lowered her body until he was deep inside her. She let out a brief cry as his cock fully rammed home deep inside her. She then paused and then slowly lifted her body and then with a big smile on his face he pushed his cock slowly back in, a lot easier than the first stroke.

Debbie was starting to get used to his huge size penetrating deep inside her. Karen was getting very horny watching them. She saw her chance to get her pussy licked out by climbing astride of Josh’s face and lowering her pussy on to his lips, he quickly found her clit with his tongue and had Karen moaning with delight. His long tongue could reach inside her honeypot further than she had ever experienced. It was just like being fucked.

Karen leaned forward and caressed Debbie’s breasts, they kissed passionately. Josh continued rus escort to tease Karen with his powerful tongue, he turned his attention to her puckered arse. He first of all used swirling movements around her arse and then whist holding her cheeks apart he pressed his tongue inside her.

Karen got off Josh’s face and flopped on the bed, she looked very flushed from the workout he had given her. Debbie couldn’t resist the idea of teasing Karen some more, she climbed off Josh, he lay on his side leaning on his elbow and watched Debbie lick at Karen’s pussy. Karen just lay back with her eyes closed.

‘Oh Karen he really did do you so well’

The sight of Debbie on all fours between Karen’s thighs was arousing Josh further. He positioned himself behind Debbie, holding on to her hips he pushed his cock deep inside her pussy, she arched her back as he thrust in and out of her. There was no holding him back his actions became almost animal like, the noises were incredible, the suction of his cock pushing in and out of Debbie who was moaning and shrieking as went from one orgasm to another. Josh was reaching an all time peak when he unloaded his balls into Debbie, Karen was giving his cock a gentle wank and squeezing his balls which helped him stay hard.

He pulled out of Debbie and flopped back on to the bed, his body glistening, his cock covered in her juices. Karen took his cock in her mouth, Josh liked this and put his hand on the back of her head to encourage her to take more into her mouth, but his large size was proving too much for her. Debbie soon recovered and joined Karen in licking Josh’s cock, neither of them could take his full length in their mouths, but they both tried it.

Karen let Debbie continue sucking Josh whist she kissed him and played with his arse. Her finger slipped in to his tight opening causing him to gasp, but it made his cock rock hard again

‘Hmm nice and hard again Josh. I would love you to fuck me from behind’ said Karen

She got on all fours and Josh kneeled behind and pushed his cock deep inside of her wet pussy. After a short while he pulled put and manoeuvred his cock in to Karen’s tight arse. She cried out as he eased it in. Debbie lay under Karen, she held her pussy lips open with her fingers and teased and sucked her clit, Josh pushed his cock to it’s full depth inside Karen’s arse.

He gently eased his cock out leaving just the engorged head inside her. Debbie could see her arse stretched around his cock. She reached up and coated the shaft of his cock in Karen’s pussy juices. He slid back in again and Karen gasped as he reached full depth. Debbie continued to lick her clitoris but also started to tease Josh by playing with his balls. Karen was managing to cope with the size of Josh’s cock and urged him to fuck her harder.

Her body took control of her desires and she pushed back on to his cock and rocked on its full length as it pushed deep in and out of her arse. Debbie managed to get out from under Karen as Josh speeded up his assault on Karen’s arse. To maintain Karen’s constant orgasms, Debbie pulled on Karen’s nipples making her yelp in pain and in pleasure as she twisted them between her fingers. Josh was now pulling Karen on to his cock holding on to her hips. His breathing became more of a panting as he came deep inside Karen.

The group had almost forgotten about Ted who had taken many pictures and video of the action that afternoon. Debbie had not forgotten him, she came over to where he was stood and dropped to her knees. She eased his stiff cock out of his shorts and played with it’s full length. Watching all the hot action had made Ted very stiff and did not think he would last long once Debbie started on him. Ted ran his fingers through her hair as she bobbed her head along the full length of his cock. He wanted to explode, but not in her mouth.

They quickly changed positions, he lay down and she straddled his body, taking his cock deep in to her pussy. He massaged her breasts as she fucked herself with his cock. He raised his hips to meet her downward strokes and the pace quickened up. Debbie was crying out as her orgasm hit her. Ted kept going until he hit his peak and cock spurted his cum deep inside her. Debbie could feel his cock spasm, and she used her muscles to milk him dry.

She collapsed down on to his chest, both exhausted but very satisfied. It had been a long afternoon, after they had all showered and dressed they went in search of a restaurant where they enjoyed a meal and some fine wine. Karen took Debbie home, they chatted in the car about the events of the day. Debbie was looking forward to seeing the pictures. She did not know if she would do anything like this again, but she had really enjoyed it.

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