The Petite Girl in a Sexy Red Dress


I was on tour a tour of South America and my group had just came through Peru, down to the Amazon and now onto Brasilia. I was disappointed with my second Brazilian girl and thought this time I would go for someone more petite.

This was mainly because they tried to fight you off if you tried to fuck them. It wasn’t because they had anything against getting screwed by foreigners it was more to do with the fact that Brazilian condoms kept breaking causing them to run the risk of pregnancy.

I had lost my mates in one of the bars and made my way back to my hotel where most of the girls seemed to hang out.

I saw three well dressed girls stood around opposite the night club entrance and slowly passed them waiting for their catcalls. They soon came and I went over to size them up. A small dark haired girl who was barley five feet tall immediately took me. Unlike the others she wore a classy red dress and was lithely built with adequate boobs and long shiny black hair that went down to the small of her back.

“How much?” I brazenly asked.

“How much you wanna pay?” Replied the sweet petite young girl with a look of surprise.

“Thirty dollars,” I offered.

All the girls looked at each other and rapidly fired their exchanges in Portuguese so I could not understand.

As I chose the small girl the others interrupted with lower offers but I ignored them.

We were soon off to the hotel.

She wore a charming red dress that sexily flared from her waist just covering her knees but I was more taken with her pretty face. Wide hazel eyes, a petite nose and sexy bee stung lips, all in the wonderful backdrop of her light olive skins.

We sat on the inner most bed and once again I could sense fear in the girl. I wondered just how dangerous it was being a prostitute in Brazil and went about conducting my soothing calming chats trying to relax her.

We started kissing and once again the girl went straight for my loins, going at my flies like nimble fingered safe cracker. I stopped her as I had soon leant that these girls tried to wank you off before they could be penetrated, scared of the condom of Damocles braking.

I tried to push the straps of her dress and bra off her shoulders but was met with resistance. “Yet again.” I sighed. She sexily purred widening her big doe eyes with a promise of things to come.

I still tried to lower her straps longing to see the hard pert nipples pushing out ripe for sucking.

“No,” She sweetly whispered bringing her hands to her shoulders crossing her ripe chest.

“Here we go again,” I sighed very irritated at my bought goods.

“Look you want thirty dollars or not?” I asked forcefully.


Before she could say anymore I forced her hands off her shoulders and forced both dress and bra straps down hastily to her waist exposing her gorgeous hard pert breasts which she quickly covered with her hands.

“You no hurt me!” She squealed, her eyes moistening with fear.

I felt exasperated and sorry for her at the same time and calmly began to stroke the girl’s silky black hair to comfort her.

“I no hurt you.” I soothed, eventually gaining her confidence and laying her on the bed. I removed the barricade across her chest and went to work on her pert solid breasts stroking and kissing her face while tweaking her nipples.

I felt my cock harden against her and my breathing intensified.

I kissed her on the lips and stroked her outer thighs. Stroking up from her knee, pushing up her dress along her tanned legs until I caught a glimpse of the ultra bright white panties. I hardened more as my strokes increased and then gerçek sex hikayeleri I slid my hand to her inner thighs. My hand moving up slowly and seductively readying my hand to stroke her panties over her pussy.

Once again the girl resisted and I knew I was in for another tussle. This girl was smaller though the one reason I picked her. I leant up and suddenly she dropped to the floor, knelt and berthed herself between my legs and quickly worked on my trousers and pants. The speed at which she worked at releasing my cock was dumbfounding and I could only watch mesmerised at the blur of her hands quickly whipping my trousers and pants down to my ankles.

She then forced my knees wide apart as if I were some chicken wishbone and then took hold of my cock

She quickly shuffled on her knees making her sturdy little breast bounce as she got between my legs and brought her head over my cock in preparation for administering pleasure. With two hands she brushed my upper pubic hair outwards pushing down slightly at the same time.

She then tantalisingly took my penis and slowly pulled back my foreskin. I groaned as she stretched me beyond my limits making me squirm and her giggle. She looked me sexily in the eyes as she slowly gave a long lick up my shaft stopping to give special attention to the glans. I gasped, then she then took the whole head into her petite sexy little mouth and plunged down as far as possible.

Her head fell forward along with her long glossy black hair, which started to dance on my groin as her head bobbed up and down.

She quickly took her mouth down to my balls as her long red nails raked along my purple head. She sucked on the way back up and gave more special attention to my now gleaning bell head. Tantalising my penis eye by inserting the tip of her tongue all the while staring at me sexily wide eyed as she wriggled it around. I fell back onto the bed with a shiver, fuck she was good.

She sucked and licked my balls while wanking my shaft giving attention to each testicle, taking each in her mouth sucking at my ball sack and then licking between my balls and anus. I tensed as her tongue teased me there as my mind begged her to rim me. She grabbed both my balls at the neck of my sac stretching out the wrinkled skin making them look like two smooth hard globes. She giggled at her power gentle rapping her fingers on my hardened testes making me delightfully wince with her little power game.

She pulled them hard up making me lift my ass and present my anus for her administrations. She held me there giggling as my sphincter pelted, yearning for attention along with my half groans half pleas.

Her tongue delicately danced around my ass rim and my head spun in a delicious reverie.

I groaned with every slow slippery moist circle and gripped both my knees and pulled back to present my surrendered ass.

All the while she slowly wanked my cock and pulled my balls up to work my sensitive ass. The moment she stopped I wanted her there again. “More!” I begged as she held my genitals up and laughed. “What?” She teased.

“More!” I pleaded louder and with that she positioned her head down to rim me again.

I lay back and awaited. Her head went back slightly and then moved forward. I felt her soft tongue stabbing my ass, back and forth, time and time again until eventually I felt my sphincter give and her tongue pushed up into my ass! Oh God! She tongue fucked my ass leaving her moisture as she still raked my cock head with her nails. I groaned my appreciation as once more she lifted.

“No please more!” I begged as she sex hikayeleri smiled and placed my cock between her firm tits and rubbed. She looked me sexily in the eyes. I was in paradise and writhed accordingly. Everything was made gloriously more sexy by her long red fingernails with which she expertly teased my willing cock. Teasing my urethra with light scuffs.

Just as I felt I could take no more she inserted a finger into up my bum. I went into a spasm as she quickly inserted another, twisting a probing all the time and then upping the ante even more by sucking my cock head once more.

I regained some compose and I playfully grabbed her by the ears and bobbed her head up and down my shaft. It was getting too much to bear.

She played with my balls rolling them over and over,

“Oh you certainly know your onions,” I said as she looked at me quizzically, obviously lost in translation.

I was in heaven and my erection and stiffness neared to capacity, I would have gladly come but for my lust to want to fuck her. I tried to pull her off and position her to take my cock.

All was to no avail as judging from her urgent head bobbing the girl seemed hell bent on not being penetrated preferring instead to suck me off.

My hips started to buck as I groaned appreciatively to her vibrato tongue rapidly working my penis eye.

I could feel my balls hardening ready to throw as she urged me on with giggles and sultry looks. Her finger rimed and fucked my ass as I was about to shoot my load.

I changed my mind, angry at the rejection of my penetrating qualities. I placed my hands under her armpits and easily lifted her small frame high up onto the bed where I pinned her down.

She desperately tried to send me over the edge with her flailing hand scratching my shaft and then rubbing me with her red dress and legs.

I pinned her on the bed as she struggled and tried to hammer at my chest with her compressed limbs. I grabbed her jaw and pushed her down until I heard her say. “Okay, okay.”

My arm pinned her down while my other hand traced a slow gliding caress up her dress on her outer thigh. Her skin was soft and smooth as my hand went back down to her knee only to start another movement up in between her legs bound for her bush.

“No, No, please,” She cried pushing my hand away in a state of anxiety. I stopped in frustration. “You put condom on and I ride you,” she suggested. I went to my strewn trousers and pulled out a condom. “British standard,” I pointed out trying to ally her fears.

I lay back and she expertly bound my cock and then put both hands up her red dress and whipped down her ultra white panties. Flipping them off her toes and then throwing them over my face for me to eagerly accept and immediately sniff.

She straddled my body her dress falling down over my loins as she reached back a guided my cock in her. At last, I thought some confidence in the British standard condom!

She pushed down on my chest, tantalising my nipples with seductive twists as she slowly rode me.

She looked magnificent and I was quick to squeeze her solid budding boobs, returning the favour of nipple play.

I reach around and up her dress and squeezed her hard ass, which caused her to panic a little for some reason. I didn’t care as I was penetrating deep with-in her and was well on the way to cumming.

She sensed this and accelerated her bouncing and put a hand up her own dress to masturbate herself. I tried to help but my hand was pushed away as it was obstructing her pussy rubbing. I didn’t care as by now I was squeezing my base muscles sex hikayeleri and holding onto my sperm for dear life.

I started to cry out loud as did she and I let go my spunk deep into her. I pulsed and pulsed again sighing with each release, depositing load after load with-in her.

I lay back and watched her as she still bounced on my spent cock not yet finished.

Her high pitched squeals told me she was approaching her orgasm fast and I thought I’d lift her dress to see the final flicks of her clit.

I lifted her dress and blinked in amazement for she had a tiny cock! I blinked again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things only for her to ejaculate all over my face! By the third splattering I exploded in a rage and shoved she/he off me.

she/he got up and ran for the door and I ran after her thinking she had stolen something. I ran after she/he wondering what she had stolen. She quickly opened the latch and pulled the door to her only to be stopped by the slender key chain. She/he panicked and I was easily able to slam the door shut to prevent her escape. She turned quickly on her heels and ran into the bathroom trying to barricade herself in but I was too strong for her to with stand and easily brushed her aside. The door gave away and I burst in to find she/he crouched by the foot of the bath covering up.

“No hit me, no hit me,” she cried, genuine tears now gushing down her cheeks. I looked down and all I could see was a pitiful girl crying, her delicate arms and hands covering her chest for modesty as she snivelled. I stood naked looking down on her and chuckled to myself. This urban myth had been played out verbally in many an office, pub, or in the letters pages of the magazines.

Many went on to tell that once having found the prostitute was a man that they flipped them over and gave them anal sex. As soon as I saw a set of bollocks the last thing on my mind was sex of any kind as my sexual urge evaporated faster than a glass of water on the planet Mercury.

It did throw up an unusual predicament though for here on my bathroom floor was she/he crying. I was amazed at what a different perception I had of her before I knew she was a transsexual. Before I thought she was a beautiful petite feline sexual girl but now all I could see where the hallmarks of maleness and all it did was turn me off.

Pity took over and I calmed her down making it clear I wasn’t going to hurt her. I led her back to the bedroom and sat her on the bed and did my best to replace her bra and dress straps.

“I save for operation.” She admitted between sobs.

I put my arm around her to soothe and felt strange, John Lennon’s song ‘Nobody told me there would be days like these.’ came to mind as I bided my time with her in my long consoling role.

Eventually she came out of her tearful slumber and slowly her hand make its way to my flaccid penis again.

“No!” I quickly interjected and moved the affronting hand away.

“But I need money for the operation,” she sniffed.

Despite everything she/he still wanted to get me off so she could get her money and the desperation of the moment hit home. I got up and dressed and in pity I gave her a hundred dollars, much more than the thirty I had bargained for. I took her to the lift and was greeted by a smirking lift boy.

“You little bastard,” I laughed when it quickly came to me that he had known all along.

The lift doors closed and I could see the smiling faces of the lift boy and the transsexual as the lift descended. “Going down!” Called the lift boy when he was safe from being got at.

I stood on the landing in a state of shock. Did that really just happen? Did the transsexual regularly play the victim to extract money from clients? I was utterly bewildered ‘strange days indeed’ I recited from the Lennon song ‘most peculiar’.

The next three hours were spent in the shower scrubbing away, not sure if I was happy with what had happened.

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