The Perfect Gift


It was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. Josh loved nothing more than enjoying a good time with friends, and he was everyone’s favorite at the office, so it was natural that a group of us would take him out to the local watering hole when that special day rolled around.

I might as well admit that I’d had a huge crush on Josh ever since I came to work at the advertising firm. But it was a secret crush, one that I’d always managed to keep under control, hidden behind a combination of professionalism and harmless office banter. Josh was one of the firm’s top-producing executives, and my job was to provide admin support to him and three other executives – Josh being by far my favorite.

There was always just the right blend of respect and banter, and he never demanded the impossible. It didn’t hurt that he was also incredibly handsome: mid-40s, tall and athletic, with salt-and-pepper hair and big blue eyes.

I could guess that he found me attractive as well, from the occasional glance he stole when he thought I wasn’t looking. Those glances were often towards my perfect breasts, and on more than one occasion I’d felt his eyes on my tight ass as I walked out of the room. Of course, he didn’t have to feel bashful about gazing into my big green eyes as we talked, or watching me pull my fingers through my long brown hair.

He was the one who’d hired me, after all, as an intern during my final year of college. In the year or so since, we’d developed an effective working relationship, and I’d even say we’d become friends, but I could tell there was definitely a line he wasn’t going to cross, and so I respected that line as well, even though there were many days I left the office hot and bothered, dreaming about what could be.

Anyway, back to the birthday outing. The plan was to close up the office at 5, walk the few blocks to Callahan’s, enjoy a few drinks and share stories of Josh the Great, as he’d asked we call him for the evening. Had to be a charming guy to pull that off, right?

“So, Madison, you coming, or what?”

It was Britney who was nagging me to turn off my computer and get out the door. She was the slightly obnoxious 19-year-old receptionist for the firm, who did her job well but had always gotten under my skin for sharing a few too many of her sexual exploits every time we found ourselves in a private conversation.

“Yes, just a sec, here I come.”

The walk to Callahan’s was a typical Britney experience. “So, Madison, did I tell you about the guy I met last week?”

“Um, no, I don’t think so?”

“Well, we met at the gym, and after we both finished our workouts, we totally made out in the locker room.”

“Yikes, really? Oh, look, here we are at Callahan’s already. Darn, I guess you’ll have to tell me the rest another time.”

Before Britney could respond, we walked into the pub and were greeted by a round of boisterous hellos from the executives who’d managed to cut out of work early and were already a drink or two ahead of us.

“Hey, Madison,” Josh hollered over the din of celebration, “great that you could make it, I was hoping you would help me celebrate my birthday!” Then, as an afterthought, “Oh, hey, Britney.”

It was one of the things I’d always appreciated about Josh, that he seemed as unimpressed by Britney’s immature behavior as I was.

“Hi, Josh,” I greeted him with a hug, then took the lemon drop he offered me. “Aww, how sweet, you remembered!”

“Of course, Madison! A true gentleman always remembers the favorite drink of a beautiful young woman,” he said, clinking our glasses together.

I smiled and tried not to blush, responding, “well, happy birthday, Josh! So, if I can ask, how old are you this year, anyway?”

“This year is the big 4-5, if you must know!”

“Wow, do you realize what that means?” I paused, re-thinking the numbers in my head, since I never trusted my ability to do math after a few drinks.

“That I’m another year closer to 50?”

“No, silly, that you’re exactly twice as old as me!”

“Hmm, not depressing at all, then!”

“No, really, today is six months from my birthday, I’m exactly 22 Travesti ½ today!”

“Wow, that is something.”

His comment was innocuous enough, but I felt his eyes moving over my body as I stood next to him. It was time for me to stretch my legs before I went weak in the knees. I made a point of mingling. There were games of pool to watch, some darts being thrown badly by a pair of drunk guys from accounting, and a few drinks and an hour or so later, I made my way back to the table where Josh was still the center of attention.

Just as I sat down, Britney, who had been off somewhere, no doubt up to something with someone, arrived back at the table, one of the pub’s waitresses trailing behind her, carrying something on a tray.

“Hey, everyone, attention please, I’m ready to present Josh with his birthday present!”

“Oh, Britney, you didn’t have to get me anything, really!”

“It’s just something I thought you’d appreciate – a blow job!”

The table went silent, all eyes on Britney as she dropped to her knees in front of Josh’s chair. Her exploits were just famous enough that I think everyone present – especially in our state of collective tipsiness – thought she just might do it. We all let out a sigh of relief when the waitress made clear what Britney meant, by setting the shot glass on the table next to the kneeling slut.

Britney put her hands behind her back, bent to pick up the shot glass in her teeth, and whipped her head back, swallowing all but a bit of the whipped cream, which ended up on her upper lip until she playfully licked it clean with her tongue.

The silence became deafening until Josh finally broke it with his usual unflappability.

“Well, Britney, I have to say, that was probably a bit of a relief for everyone at the table! Really thought you were going to take that all the way for a second there!”

“Aww, come on, that’s always been one of my favorite jokes.”

I smiled at Josh as he glanced in my direction, obvious relief on his face, and winked at me. As crass as Britney’s trick had been, it did turn me on, because I daydreamed that it was me on my knees in front of Josh, taking his cock into my mouth. I excused myself and hurried off to the ladies room to splash a little water on my face.

Dirty thoughts raced through my head as I took a few moments to myself. Should I make a move? Should I just go home? As I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed that my hardening nipples were visible through the fabric of my blouse, and I could feel the warmth growing between my legs, just at the thought of pursuing something with Josh.

As I walked back into the bar, I noticed that most people from our group had left, leaving only Josh and a few other random guys from the office still sitting at the big table.

“Well, Josh, this was fun! If I’m going to catch the last train, I’d better head out.”

“Oh, I can’t let you leave here alone. My car’s just around the corner, I’d be happy to give you a ride.”

“Sure, if it’s not too much trouble, that would be great, thanks!”

“No trouble at all,” he replied with a smile, and we headed out into the chill night air, my nipples now pressing against my bra even more with the combination of cold and excitement.

“So,” I said as we got into his car, “that was quite a stunt Britney pulled, huh?”

“Well, you know Britney, she doesn’t always make the best decisions.”

Now or never, I told myself. “Yeah, if you’re going to offer a guy a blow job on his birthday, it had better be the real thing.”

Josh turned to look at me, a serious look that I couldn’t read for a moment, as he began to drive. He turned back to look at the road before responding.

“So, are you offering?”

That was enough for me, and I decided to answer with actions rather than words. As Josh continued driving slowly through the quiet late-night streets, I reached over and began stroking his crotch, feeling the bulge grow quickly under my fingers. When he didn’t stop me, I used my other hand to unfasten my seatbelt, and positioned myself on my knees so that I could have full access to pleasure him.

I Ankara Travesti used both hands to quickly unfasten his belt, unzip his slacks, and pull his growing cock out from his boxers. I squealed in delight when I first saw his cock, a perfect eight inches. After stroking him for a few more moments with just my hands, I added my tongue, slowly licking over every inch of his shaft and balls until his skin glistened in the light that filtered into the car from the occasional street light as we drove.

His cock now fully erect, I slowly took him completely into my mouth, stroking and tickling his balls with an irregular rhythm as I began bobbing up and down on his full length. Much to my amazement, he kept driving, although I realized for a fleeting moment that I had no idea where he was taking me.

One hand still on the steering wheel, he used his other to gather my hair into a ponytail, which he clutched firmly, using it to control the speed and depth of my motions up and down on his cock. I did my best not to gag as he held me down on the base of his cock, the end of his shaft reaching well into my throat.

“Good girl,” he hissed as he let me up for air. I smiled up at him before he forced me down once again on his cock, this time speeding up my motions. He let go of my hair and I eagerly continued the rhythm, bobbing up and down quickly, one hand on his balls and the other following my mouth up and down on his shaft.

I felt the car turn a few different times, and we went up and down a hill or two, obviously covering some distance, as I wondered again where we were headed. The car jerked just a bit now and then as I brought him closer to his climax, but again I was impressed with his ability to keep driving, as well as his stamina in holding back his orgasm as I gave his cock my expert attention.

After a few more moments, I felt the car make one last turn and come to a stop, and he once again grabbed my hair, in both hands this time, and held me down on his full throbbing length.

“Are you ready, Madison?”

I did my best to answer in the affirmative, mumbling with my mouth full of cock. He pulled my hair tight and I squirmed in pain but kept up my motions, bobbing furiously now, feeling that I was close to bringing him to climax.

“I expect you to swallow, Madison, can you do that for me?”

“Umm hmm….”

He pounded into my mouth a few more times before jerking one last time and shooting a huge load of cum deep into my throat. I gagged a bit but caught my breath and managed to swallow every last drop as he gradually let me up to a vertical position. As I became aware of my surroundings, I could see that we were in an underground parking garage, and looked into his smiling face to ask where we were.

“This is my place, Madison. I think you’ve earned a visit.”

“Sounds good to me!”

We walked to the elevator, and after waiting for the doors to close, he unzipped my jacket and unbuttoned my blouse, his hands reaching for and firmly kneading my breasts. I arched my back and sighed, letting my weight fall against his body, until he encouraged me to stand up again as the elevator doors opened.

He motioned for me to leave the elevator first, and I peeked out bashfully, fearful that someone might see me with my blouse unbuttoned, but it was soon obvious that he lived in a building with just one condo per floor, so we were entirely alone. I walked towards that door with him following, then stepped aside so he could let me in.

“Now, Madison,” he said as he led me to his master bedroom which was dramatically filled with a king bed that was reflected in mirrors on each side of the room, “your nice birthday gift has earned you a reward.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, and if you can do one more thing for me, we’ll determine the exact nature of your reward.”

“And what’s that?”

“Strip for me.”

“My pleasure,” I replied, my hands immediately starting their work as he settled on the bed to watch me. I removed my already unbuttoned blouse and tossed it to the floor while I stepped out of my heels. Next to go was my business professional skirt, İstanbul Travesti which I unzipped and allowed to fall to the floor.

“Ah, very good, Madison. Without even knowing the rule, you’ve followed it.”

“The rule?”

“My rule about matching undergarments.”

“But of course.”

I stood before him, my hands moving over my body, as he took in the vision – I was naked except for the silky, kelly green bra and panties with lacy trim. They were my favorite, but it was sheer luck that I’d worn them on this particular day. The color of the fabric brought out the bright green of my eyes, and always made me feel particularly sexy.

“So, Josh, what’s my reward?”

“Come here, and you’ll find out.”

He motioned for me to join him on the bed, and I watched as he quickly pulled off his clothes and tossed them aside. We met at the middle of the bed, both on our knees, and he reached behind my back to unhook my bra, freeing my perfect tits, which he quickly pulled into his hands, and then his mouth.

I arched my back once again, sighing in pleasure as he licked and nibbled on my nipples. He gradually eased me down onto the bed and slowly shifted his focus from my breasts to my pussy, his hands first stroking me through my panties and then removing them for closer access.

“Ah, so this is Madison Avenue,” he said as he licked slowly from my belly down to my clit.

I couldn’t help but laugh at his silly line, but before long, my laughter was replaced by moans of pleasure. As I wriggled beneath him, Josh began licking from my clit to my pussy in slow, regular motions, keeping this up for a few minutes before inserting a few of his big, strong fingers deep inside.

I could easily have cum right then and there, but he seemed to know just when to back off in speed and intensity, bringing me down once again before he changed our positions. I opened my eyes to find him lying on his back next to me, and motioning for me to climb on top of his once-again erect cock.

I eagerly climbed on top of him and was about to lower myself down on his big, hard cock, when he tapped my arm with his finger and pointed towards the mirror on the wall. I had nearly forgotten about the mirrors, and when I looked into it, was surprised how much it turned me on to see myself in this position.

I smiled back at him, and he watched me as I watched myself lower down onto him, crying out at the sensation as he filled me. He grabbed my breasts in his hands, praising their perfection as I began to ride up and down on him, my pussy clenching his cock tightly as I gradually increased my pace.

For a few minutes, I looked back into his eyes as I moved, but then once again, as his hands shifted from my breasts to my hips, looked back at myself in the mirror. Just as I was once again approaching orgasm, he slowed my motions by squeezing my hips firmly and holding me down, his cock completely inside of me.

I moaned and squirmed, eager for him to let me reach release, but he instead shifted our position once again, climbing out from under me, flipping me over onto my knees, and then pounding into me from behind, doggy style. In the last moment of self-control I had before he quickly pushed me to orgasm, I shifted our position just slightly so that I could get the perfect view in the mirror as he slammed into me from behind.

A few moments more in this position was all I could stand, the deeper penetration quickly bringing me to climax, and he heightened the pleasure to something I’d never before experienced by slapping my ass firmly several times while I was cumming.

As I regained my awareness, I realized that Josh was still moving inside of me, his cock still hard, still waiting to cum. Since he had brought me to the most amazing orgasm of my life, I was determined to bring him more pleasure, and reached between my legs to fondle his balls as he pressed in and out of me.

“Oh, god, yes, Madison. Just like that, I’m going to cum!”

He picked up his pace, pounding in and out of my dripping wet, incredibly sensitive pussy for a few minutes more, until I finally felt him jerk and fill me with his cum. He collapsed to the bed next to me, and I cuddled in his arms.

“Now that’s what I call a nice birthday gift,” he whispered into my ear.

“Perhaps we should plan a repeat performance on my 23rd in six months?”

“Oh, most definitely.”

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