The PC Geek Male Multiple Orgasms

The PC Geek Male Multiple Orgasms

Mary Wilson had been sitting on the side of her bed, watching the tall thin young man as he worked on her computer. A faint smile played around the corners of her mouth as he asked the question. The sexual scenes that had been running rampant through her mind as he worked would have probably scared the poor boy to death, if she were to verbalize them. 

The rumors around the neighborhood coffee clutches, had been running wild for the last few months, about the young computer geek that was hung like a horse and could eat pussy with the best of them. The problem was how to find out the truth in the rumors, without making a fool of herself. 

Jerry clicked on My Documents and then on My Pictures. Mary held her breath as he clicked on View and changed it from list to Thumbnails. Her family pictures were on there but there were also some pictures that she had taken as she had played in front of the web cam. There was also a set of pictures that her husband had taken of her, when they had been on vacation in Mexico. They had spent a day on an isolated beach and she had been able to run around completely naked. The warm sun and cool breeze off the ocean had had her hornier than hell and she had shown it.

As the thumbnails filled in, she felt Jerry stiffen and then relax. “Are you sure you want me to see these?” He asked softly.

Mary laughed nervously and replied, “Well, it’s a little late now. You wouldn’t say anything to anyone, would you?” She asked softly.

“No way, I know when to keep my mouth shut.” Jerry said, turning his head to look at her. She noticed the slight pause as his eyes went across the front of her blouse. They paused a little longer as he turned back to the computer screen.

Mary felt herself getting even wetter. Her little g-string had already been sopping from her earlier daydreaming but now there was a literal flood as this boy looked at her breast. It made her feel so raunchy.

She moved to the side, giving him room to get up. As she straightened, she felt the thin material of the blouse slide across her hard nipples, a tingle running from them straight down to her pussy. She felt herself shiver slightly. 

As he moved around behind her, she suddenly stood up and turned toward the bed, saying, “Oh, my glasses.” She picked them up and turned back to him. He had no place to hide and blushed a deep red again as Mary’s eyes dropped to the tent in the front of his shorts. 

“Oh my!” Mary whispered softly, her hand moving slowly out to brush her fingers over the straining material of the shorts. “I think you liked my pictures.” She whispered softly, glancing up at Jerry’s face. 

The blush got even deeper as he stammered, “You’re a very beautiful lady. What’s not to like?”

Mary closed her fingers around the hard hot shaft and marveled at its thickness. “How would you like to see the real thing, not just a picture?” Mary found herself asking.

Jerry’s eyes got wide as he nodded his head sharply. Then he took a step back, pulling out of her grasp, and shook his head. “I better not, I don’t want any trouble with your husband or anything.” He said slowly.

“I wasn’t planning on telling him.” Mary whispered as she reached up to unbutton her blouse. “It’ll be our little secret.” She said as she slipped the blouse off her shoulders. 

Jerry’s eyes dropped to stare at her breasts. Mary smiled as she thought that she might be twice his age but there was nothing wrong with her body. She was five six in her stockings and slender. Her breasts look even larger for that reason. They were only a thirty-six C but were still firm and high on her chest. She rolled her shoulders, making them sway slightly. Her nipples were so hard that they hurt. She would probably cum as soon as he sucked on them, she realized suddenly. She was just that turned on.

Jerry moved slowly forward, his eyes still locked on her breasts. His long slender fingers came up slowly, almost shyly, to gently brushed across one nipple and then the other. Mary shivered and moaned softly, deep in her throat. “They are beautiful.” Jerry whispered softly as he ran his fingertips slowly and very lightly over her breasts. 

Mary shivered from his soft tickling, teasing touch, and the sudden surge of heat between her thighs. Jerry leaned over and flicked one nipple with the tip of his tongue, which brought a loud groaning moan from Mary as an orgasm washed through her body. He flicked the other nipple and then sucked it into his hot mouth. Mary cried out sharply as the orgasm shot up to a higher plain. She had to grab onto him before she fell. As it was, she ended up sitting on the edge of the bed, but only with his help.

He held onto her for a moment or two and then asked, “Are you alright?”

Mary nodded her head and then sighed deeply, before she replied, “Oh yeah, I’m just fine. That orgasm just took me by surprise.” When Jerry looked at her questioningly, she chuckled and added, “It’s been a while since I had one and that one, snuck up on me.”

Still looking puzzled, Jerry asked, “Your married, why would it…. I mean, you and your husband can have sex all the time so why….” Jerry stalled out, not sure how to ask, what he wanted to know.

Mary laughed and shook her head. “Being married has nothing to do with sex, sometimes. This is my room and my husband’s is down at the end of the hall. He sleeps there and I sleep here; never the twain shall meet or is that meat. It’s a long boring story, believe me.” 

Now Jerry looked even more confused. “I can’t believe that. You’re such a beautiful lady. How could he not sleep with you?
Suddenly, she turned her head and kissed the boy. Boy in age, he might be, but he could kiss better than her husband ever had. She wondered briefly who had taught him and then gave in to the kiss and let it sweep her away. 

When he laid her back on the bed and wrapped his leg over hers, she could feel the hard heat of his manhood pressed to her thigh. His thigh was pressed tightly against her sex and she knew he could feel her heat. She felt a moment of panic and then surrendered to the feelings of his leg rubbing against her sex and his lips on hers. 

Jerry suddenly broke the kiss and sat up, pulling his tee shirt off over his head. Mary’s eyes roamed over his slender body, hairless, with well defined muscles. Not the bulging kind but the long lean look of a swimmer. When he stood up and slipped his shorts off, Mary heard herself gasp. She had never seen anything so huge. That was the only word her mind could find to fit his size. She was no expert but my God, what a dick. This was only the second one she had ever seen, besides her husbands. The other had been a one night stand over a year earlier and it didn’t even compare with this.

Mary’s train of thought was interrupted by Jerry’s fingers on the snap at the top of her shorts. Another shot of fear ran through her as he undid the shorts and slowly pulled them down off her hips. u*********sly, she lifted her hips to make it easier for the shorts to come off. She felt cool air on her sex and realized that her g-string was also off. A shiver of excitement ran up and down her body as he stood there looking at her. His eyes roaming up and down her body freely.

Slowly Jerry went to his knees beside the bed and leaned over to lick along each side of the vee of hair on her mound. Mary heard herself whispered, “No, please don’t.” Even as she felt her feet rise to the edge of the bed and her hips rose as a moan started deep in her chest. 

His long slender hands slipped under her ass cheeks and he held her up as his tongue found her fiery liquid center. Then it was all shooting stars and bright sparklers as she exploded into a million pieces. No one had ever done this to her and she was cumming her brains out as his long tongue worked into places no one had ever been before.

She slowly came back to earth and her senses, to find Jerry still kneeling between her feet. When he saw her eyes open, he asked, “Please don’t, what?” 

Mary shivered and grinned crookedly as he leaned in and took a lick up the center of her slit. She gasped loudly as his tongue bumped over her clit. “You can’t be talking about that.” He whispered. 

Then he took another lick and Mary moaned loudly, her hands finding the sides of his head. He paused at the top of her slit and teased her clit. Mary’s hips jerked and jumped with every flick of his deft tongue. Mary was almost to the point of screaming, when he suddenly sucked her clit between his lips and rolled his tongue over and around the swollen bud. She lost her voice and her breath as another orgasm of world shattering proportions washed through her body.

When Mary once again came to her senses, Jerry was lying on the bed next to her, cuddling her, and slowly stroking her back. “Welcome back.” He whispered softly, a grin on his face. 

She could only nod and lick her dry lips. “I think you need a drink of water.” He whispered and then got up and went into the bathroom. 

He reappeared a moment later with a glass. “Here, sit up.” He said extending the glass toward her. 

Mary sat up slowly and took the glass as he crawled back onto the bed and sat there watching her. She drank nearly the whole thing and then sat the glass on the nightstand. Slowly, she lay back down and took a long deep shuddery breath. She blew it out softly and whispered, “Wow! I never knew what I was missing.” 

When Jerry looked at her questioningly, she chuckled and shook her head. “It’s one of those live and learn deals. I would never let anyone do that to me before and now I’m finding out what I’ve missed.”

Jerry looked at her with an amazed look on his face. “Never?” He asked, almost in awe. 

When she chuckled and nodded, he blinked and whispered, “Well, I’ll be damned, I would never have believed that if someone had told me, but after seeing your reaction….” He let the sentence trail off as he lay down beside Mary and cuddled up next to her. 

Mary sighed and rolled over to cuddle up even closer. They held each other for a long while, just their hands moving slowly and gently over each others backs and hips. 

When Jerry’s hand dipped down to caress her ass, Mary raised her head from his chest and looked up at him. He moved closer and kissed her softly, sweetly, his hand still stroking and caressing her ass. When he dipped a finger into the crack of her ass and teased her asshole, she moaned softly and kissed him with a new eagerness, passion building once again. 

The finger moved lower to tease her hot wet opening and Mary moaned louder and worked her hips back and forth, wanting him to slip it into her. He didn’t though; he just kept on teasing her, driving her farther and farther up the wall of passion.

With a whimper of passion mixed with frustration, Mary finally reached down between them and wrapped her fingers around his manhood the rumor’s true his hung like a horse. Then she gasped as she realized that she could just barely touch her fingertip to her thumb. Then he was rolling her over on top. She spread her legs to straddle his hips, feeling his manhood pressing along the length of her soaking wet slit.

She placed her hands on his chest for balance and rubbed herself along his length. “Oh my God!” She whispered as she felt her clit being rubbed so deliciously. 

She glanced at Jerry’s face and whispered, “I going to cum again and rather quickly.” Was all that she got out before she did just that. Her body jerked, shivered, and shook through a long drawn out orgasm or maybe it was many small ones all linked together, she never was sure about which it was.


Mary returned to this time and space to find her head on Jerry’s chest and him rubbing her back, slowly, and sensuously. She sighed deeply and whispered, I’ve already cum twice I haven’t had this many orgasm since my wedding night.” She paused a second and then added, “Come to think of it, I’ve had more today than I’ve had throughout most of my marriage. Now, there’s a sad thought.”

Jerry rolled over onto his side and propped his head up on his fist, looking at her with a big grin on his face, he whispered, “We haven’t even reached the main event yet.” 

Mary’s head snapped over in his direction and then her eyes dropped to his huge member. “Uh….” She started and then let the sentence die as she knew she would, if he tried to stick that thing in her underused pussy. She took a deep breath and whispered, “That’s going to take some work, to say the least.”

Jerry laughed and whispered back, “I have patience and we have all the time in the world it always fits.”

Mary’s eyes snapped up to his face at the serious note in his voice. The voice of a man, not a young boy. “What do you mean by that?” She asked softly, a shiver running up her back. She wasn’t sure if it was fear or what.

“I mean that I have great mental and physical control someone my age. I may be only twenty physically, but I’m one or the rare males that can cum 4 ot 5 times or more without going soft your going to cumming all night long on my cock” He said slowly and softly. 

Mary realized that her mouth was hanging open and shut it quickly. “Uh….” She said and then took a deep breath, your k**ding me. Men only last 5 minute’s or less in a women’s hot pussy.

Ok Mary I like a challenge!

Mary shivered again, only harder than before and then sat up reach into the nightstand for a condom and lube if she was going to get that big horse dick inside her pussy.

Jerry looked at the condom and smiled knowing that 99% of the time they break from his massive cock stretching them to the limit or how many times he shoots he cum into them.

She rips open the condom thinking is this thing even going to fit this huge cock, it barely fits over the head of his cock and rolls the rest down his shaft.

Her hand starts to shake a little as she pours on the lube and runs her hand up and down his member.

She straddled his hips and settled her hot wet sex down over his long thick, hard dick. 

I’m going to take my life in my hands and see just how much of this damned thing I can stuff in my little pussy.”

Mary grinned as she slid her hips back and forth, coating his shaft with her slippery juices. She took care not to touch her clit to him as much as possible she could feel another orgasm building within her. Even so, she was on a hair trigger by the time she raised his shaft to a vertical position and rubbed the head round her opening. 

With a loud moaning groan, she fitted the big head to her opening and slowly lowered her weight onto it. Jerry moan loudly as the big head suddenly snapped through and entered her he was only half way in her tight pussy he could feel the first of many orgasms shoot into the tip of the condom. Mary was cumming with rapid fire orgasms each time her hips jerked, she settled farther down on his shaft, and the next orgasm would assault her senses. Oh god I never had this many orgasms with any man.

Jerry moving slowly and gently between her legs Jerry pulled almost all the way out of Marys pussy and with a deep thrust into her stretched pussy Jerry could feel the condom tear open the feeling her pussy juices coating his cock was to much and with another thrust he shot another cum load into her unprotected womb. Jerry stopped realizing Mary had taken the full length of his cock into her soaking wet pussy as he was balls deep, Mary assumed it was over after he came a second time. Jerry smiled back It’s only my second orgasm hang on baby I’m just getting started. Jerry started thrusting again and Mary’s body went into overdrive as she lifted her hips to meet him thrust for thrust.

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