The Past


I shouldn’t have been there. I knew it as I got off the plane. I knew it as I picked up the keys to the car hire place and I knew it as clutched the last letter she ever sent me as I punched the address into the sat nav. And I sure as hell knew it as I stood, in the rain, with lightning sheeting across the sky, and knocked on her front door.

Officially I was in Boston on business. Officially I was attending a conference after which I was to travel to New York and spend a couple of days at our head office. As far as my wife, boss or anyone else knew that was the course of events. I had a hotel that I’d already booked into. I’d already spoken to my wife and heard my 9 month old daughter burble down the line at me. I’d showered, shaved, changed and phoned down to the front desk to hold my calls. Officially I was turning in early to be fresh for the conference. Officially.

Unofficially I was knocking on the door of someone I never thought I’d see again. By rights I shouldn’t. By rights I shouldn’t want to. But here I was all the same: stood in my best suit, with a long coat over the top, the rain pouring off the porch roof behind me whilst I stared at a beautiful wood door painted in a rich and vital red.

I’d rehearsed what I’d say to her during the entire flight. I could already make the assumption she’d not be pleased to see me. It would be what I said next that would determine if I got a door in the face, invited in or the Police called.

The door opened with the heavy click of an old door mechanism working. Gemma stood in the doorway, blonde hair drawn back and up, showing off a neckline that I’d kissed a dozen times, and emphasised her jaw line. My eyes were pulled down to the satin nightgown that stopped just below her backside. I felt a familiar feeling stir deep within me, something primal.

I honestly couldn’t decipher her expression. A word hasn’t been invented for the Technicolor emotions that worked across her beautiful, high cheeked features. She opened her mouth to say something but all that came out was a squeaked exclamation. I took my chance. The speech prepared and rehearsed earlier in my hotel room just vanished as I looked into those impossibly blue eyes.

‘I missed you.’ I said with a half smile.

I felt like the biggest prick on the face of the Earth. That was the best I could do? I miss you? Her features settled on something close to surprise before she realised she was stood in her door way, wearing a nightgown.

‘Come in.’ she said simply and stepped aside allowing me into the hallway of her home.

As I shook my coat from shoulders, water pooling around my feet, I took in my surroundings. The elegant wide hallway was simply decorated with a wide curving staircase leading up to the second floor. Large pillar candles stood clustered on each side of the banisters casting a warm flickering glow. Garlands hung from the ceiling, twinkling lights intertwined within. They’d decorated early for Christmas.

Gemma led me into the living room that was similarly decorated only dozens of lit candles framed a crackling fire. Sofas sat squat either side of the fire with a mango wood table in-between. On the table stood two full glasses of red wine. Gemma’s plethora of expressions at the door was starting liseli hikayeleri to make more sense.

‘Am I interrupting something?’ I asked weakly.

Gemma sat on the far sofa, her robe falling partially open revealing a black and red lace babydoll that framed her figure and told me everything I needed to know about the evening she had planned. I noticed the black stockings and red high heels for the first time.

‘You’re supposed to be.’ She sighed and took a sip of wine. ‘William is working late. Again.’ She drained the glass with practised skill. ‘I thought you were him surprising me.’

‘I’m sorry to disappoint.’

‘Me too.’ Gemma reached for the bottle and poured another glass. ‘And just what the hell are you doing here anyway?’ The anger she should have felt at the door was rising.

‘I’m not entirely sure.’ I said with a thin smile. ‘I was just in town for business and I knew that I couldn’t be in Boston without seeing you.’

‘Terry, it’s been five years.’

‘I know.’


‘I know.’

‘You’re married.’

‘I know.’

‘I’m married!’

‘Believe me, I know that too.’ I hadn’t sat, I was still in the living room door way and I started pacing the room. It was my turn to feel angry. ‘I remember getting the email. That’s right, she did it by email ladies and germs.’ I stopped by the fire place letting the flames dry out my soaked suit trousers. ‘You came back to Boston to see your mother and you ended up marrying some guy you met in a fucking bar on a night out with your sister. At Christmas.’

‘So what?’ Gemma got to her feet and shoved me accusingly. ‘You want an apology? Is that it?’

She stared up at me, blue eyes full of pain, outrage and regret. She knew what she’d done had been wrong. Not so much her actions, I know what it’s like to fall in love with someone whilst still being in love with someone else. It was how she handled it. Tried to turn me into the villain because of the hurt and betrayal I felt. Granted, I didn’t make it easy either but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I looked down in to her hers, at her face framed by loose strands of her golden hair, at the full lips painted a pastel rouge. I gently placed my hands on her shoulders, feeling her warmth through the silky fabric.

‘I’m here because I missed you. Because it’s been five years and I never wished you a happy life or even said goodbye. Because it’s been five years and I wanted you to know who the man you knew had become. But more than anything I just wanted to see you, one last time.’

She frowned. I use to hate it when she frowned. Then tears started to fill her eyes. I use to hate that more. I don’t know why I did it, but for the life of me; it seemed like the right thing to do. I kissed her.

There was a flicker of resistance. A moment when she tried to pull away but then Gemma melted into my embrace and kissed back. We kissed like we’d never been apart. We kissed like we were making up after a fight. We kissed like we knew it would be the very last time we would ever kiss each other again.

As our mouths opened and I felt the tip of her tongue press against mine it came with a surge of desire. My hands slipped between the folds of her robe planting them kadın hikayeleri around her petite waist, feeling the lace against her soft skin. I moved my hands up parting the robe, her arms going limp and it sliping off her body as my hands reached her breasts trapped and trembling within the lace and silken confines of the babydoll.

I cupped them firmly and moved my thumbs over her nipples eliciting a whimper from her quivering lips. I worked them harder as she pulled my jacket off and started to go to work on my shirt. My shirt came away in a shower of buttons, Gemma’s fingers probing the contours of my chest. It was in better shape than last she saw me and I was pleased by the eagerness with which she moved.

As Gemma struggled with my belt – she could never do belts – I moved my right hand down her beautiful, petite, feminine frame until I felt the damp smoothness of her panties. Gemma broke the kiss and gasped, my hand hovering millimetres from her swelling pussy. I searched her features for some sign that she wanted me to stop. If there was one I couldn’t discern it and I kissed her again, sliding my fingers between her legs and started to massage her pussy through her panties.

Already damp they were sodden in moments, my fingers’ physical memory quickly finding her swelling clit and working it just the way I knew she liked. Her knees buckled at the familiar touch and she whimpered as I held her in place.

I continued to work her pussy making her gasp and groan until she finally worked my belt free and undid my trousers. The belt buckle clattered to the hard wood floor as she reached out looking for my shorts to yank down and instead she found lace.

Gemma pulled away surprised. I was stood before her with my rod hard cock straining against a pair of black French knickers. She looked at me and smiled.

‘For me?’ She cooed.

‘Kinda. I remembered how you always liked me to wear them.’

She leaned in and started to rub my cock through the fabric. ‘Feeling lucky were we.’ She smiled.

‘Trying to remember what it was like to be with you.’ I said as she pulled my cock free and dropped to her knees.

She slowly licked the head of my throbbing cock before gently blowing on it sending a wave of tingling pleasure through me. She looked up at me, her mouth open, the tip just inside her mouth, her teeth hovering a hairs breadth away. She smiled around my cock before taking it fully into her mouth.

My mind exploded as her mouth worked up and down, her hand chasing it as she worked my shaft. Her tongue danced around my cock before pushing it as deep as she could, the head colliding with the back of her throat. That was a new trick…

I pulled her head up, kissing her, pushing my tongue into her mouth and tasting my precum on her, causing my hand to spear downwards and rip Gemma’s panties from her in a single motion. My fingers were already pushing into her hot wet pussy before she even had time to register the violence with which she’d been exposed.

As I pushed a third finger into her she started to massage her breasts, pulling them free of her garment and offering them to me. I immediately took the right nipple in my mouth, biting, licking, sucking causing her head erotik hikaye oku to flop back and a moan of pleasure to escape her lips. She reached down trying to work my cock some more, but I wouldn’t allow her, instead I pushed her to the sofa and spread her legs wide.

Her glistening pussy was exactly as I remembered it. Exactly as I’d dreamt of and imagined a hundred times in the last five years. She stared down at me over the mounds of her perfect breasts, hair tousled and out of place, her hands reaching, running through my own. I smiled at her. Then, as I pushed two fingers back into her welcoming pussy the tip of my tongue found her clit.

My tongue worked furiously as Gemma squirmed beneath my touch, her wetness filling my mouth and running down my hand. She whimpered and gasped as I pushed my tongue harder and harder against her swelling clit. She started to work her pussy up and down, her breathing becoming faster and faster. I worked my tongue in time. I pulled my fingers free in a squirt of wetness and clamped both hands on her firm pale buttocks, pulling her pussy flush against my face. I knew the signs.

Gemma came in a cry of release, her body trembling as I continued to work her clit, overloading her mind making her cry out. I refused to let go, pushing her into a second orgasm that caused her to squirt down my face and chest. Only when her body was trembling and she begged me did I stop.

With shaking hands he pulled me to her licking her wet from my lips and chin before kissing me deep.

I felt her hand around my cock, her fingers smearing my precum over its head before I felt her move it to the opening of her engorged pussy.

I’ll admit: I hesitated. Just for a moment. Then I was in her and it was as if returning home after years of being away. It felt familiar but different. I felt Gemma’s legs wrap around me, the heels of her shoes spiking my buttocks urging me on. Her finger nails raked my back and she pulled me ever deeper. She didn’t want sex. She wanted to be fucked. Fucked hard and fast and frantic. She wanted me to fill her up and throw her away. And that’s exactly what I did. Forehead to forehead I stared into her blue eyes as I fucked her. I fucked her hard. Harder than I’d ever fucked any woman in my life. Every thrust caused a slap of skin, made her body shake and made her whimper.

‘Cum in me.’ She whispered between gasping breaths. Sweat beaded both our brows. ‘I want to feel it just like I use to.’ She smiled and I felt my heart leap. I felt something that had merely smouldered at the beginning of his evening burn anew. ‘Please.’ She begged.

It was the last straw. With a cry of overwhelming sensation I exploded deep inside her pussy.

‘I can feel it.’ She moaned as I continued to pump my seed into her. She kissed me as my orgasm surged through me. When we broke away she looked at me the way she used to when she’d thought of something bad to do. ‘I want to taste it.’

I smiled at her. It wouldn’t be the first time. I slowly pulled out of her and lowered my lips to Gemma’s wet and gaping pussy and started to suck. It didn’t take long for my mouth to be flooded with my cum. I kissed Gemma hard, pushing my tongue into her mouth taking my cum with it. She made a yummy noise in her throat as the cum mixed in our mouths.

She pulled away liking her lips before swallowing.

‘I missed you too.’ She said gasping.

Someone behind us cleared their throat. I span round to see a man stood in the door way, coat in one hand, flowers in the other.

‘You must be Terry.’ He said.

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