The Pact: Wilder Still


We all had some of the strong stuff, starting about 3 or so that afternoon, and we didn’t stop for several rounds of it. By suppertime, we were pretty wasted, so we simply lay down for a nap and fell sound asleep early instead of eating. I had several highly erotic dreams myself, though I couldn’t make sense of them logically (then again, when can one make dreams sensible). We woke up a couple of times to use the restroom, but otherwise, we slept for a good while.

When I awoke, it was to a pair of unfamiliar lips on my cock, sucking hard on it while the tongue licked the underside of it to make things even better. However, right then, I also needed badly to piss, so it was rather urgent that I relieved myself before I came. I groggily and irritably demanded that I be given the chance to pee, and then I heard a very familiar voice tell him.

“Here, allow me, Bacchus. I got this.”

Sure enough, Desiree’s sweet lips took over from my ebony fellator. As I soon as I realized that she still wanted the taste of my amber fluid, I let out my golden stream and she drank it like it was nectar, almost. I was still a little uneasy about her recent kink for it, but I hope that it would pass in time. When Des sensed that I was empty, she got up and spat it out in the bathroom, not wishing to swallow it, of course. Then I heard her wash her mouth out and brush her teeth, wise precautions, given her self-appointed duty.

While Des was gone, Bacchus simply resumed his blowjob with a vengeance, determined not to lose my morning wood and its wonderful use. He caressed my balls as well, eager to taste my spunk in his mouth and get my load down his gullet. As if that wasn’t enough, I felt a lubed-up finger ease its way into my butthole, pushing in and out as it approached my prostate. This only made things even harder to hold back, but I didn’t want to cum just yet, as I was enjoying the first experience of a guy sucking and stroking me off. Bacchus evidently knew how to pleasure a man, which made sense as he also had a dick and understood its needs.

“Can you stand up, please? I want to fuck your ass, if you don’t mind,” Felix requested, which prompted Bacchus and me to cooperate with him.

“As long as I get to keep sucking his dick and swallow his cum, I’m alright with that,” Bacchus agreed.

“Suck away,” I told him, “but I want your cock up my butt next.”

I was in a bold, experimental mood, as everyone could tell, probably because I was horny and I knew that this was the best opportunity not to chicken out from keeping my end of the lost bet with Desiree. I was ready to try gay sex for the first time in my life.

“Man, you have no idea how much I want to fuck that ass of yours. I also want you to fuck mine. Care for a blue pill? That way, you can get it up a few more times and enjoy a little more fun today before you get too sore,” Bacchus promised, as I felt Felix put more lube in my asshole and then slide his cock in afterward.

I won’t lie. It hurt a bit at first, having Felix’s large dick bury itself in my ass, but Bacchus’s oral favors certainly made it easier for me to relax and endure the pain as it faded into pleasure from the impact that Felix made on my prostate again. I started moving my hips to assist his strokes, determined to increase the excitement and enjoyment for both of us. This also pushed me deeper down Bacchus’s throat, which evidently turned him on.

“Holy smokes, this is so fucking awesome! I have to get this on film! Do you mind?” Tammy pleaded with us.

“Yes, film us guys getting it on together!” I said breathlessly, though not in time for her to catch my money shot as I blew my load into Bacchus’s mouth.

“Damn, guys, this is amazing!” Des reacted to the wild gay threesome, especially after Bacchus swallowed all of my hot spunk without hesitation.

Not wanting me to get too soft, Blanca and Tina then knelt in front of me, licking my cock and sharing it with each other. I didn’t mind that, of course, nor did anyone else present, I could tell, as this was all about just going with the flow and doing what came to mind. I still preferred women, after all. I just wanted to try out some male action, too.

Apparently, Felix was also quite turned on by knowing that two of my sluts were sucking my dick while his ravaged my butthole, because he really stepped up the pounding then. He was hammering my ass hard when I felt a twitch in his cock and then a warm, slimy cream coating my sphincter. It was hard to describe how sensual it felt, but it was a damn good sensation, at least to me.

“My turn, buddy. No sense in letting this natural lube go to waste. Besides, I love the feeling of Felix’s cum on my dick when I get his sloppy seconds. The best is when I’m fucking Tammy’s pussy or ass right after him, but this is not bad, either,” Bacchus urged me to cooperate, which was no trouble for me, since my anal cherry was already taken by Felix.

Tammy still filmed this guy on guy action, but I noticed that Des now sucked balgat escort Felix’s dick straight from my bunghole. I wondered about that, but Des’s wink made it clear that she didn’t seem worried about doing ass-to-mouth with the cock that had just plundered my bowels. On the contrary, she took it deep in her mouth and throat several times in full view of me, even giving Blanca and Tina gestures instructing them on how best to suck me as I returned to full stiffness. She was right, because while my new sluts had learned ways to gratify me, Des was still the resident expert on my pleasure. In fact, I damn near came more than once as Bacchus fucked my ass and I ravished the girls’ throats.

Speaking of Bacchus, he was obviously quite enthusiastic, which didn’t help my self-control, since he kept hitting my prostate perfectly for my purposes. It was quite clear that both Bacchus and Felix were very adept at sodomy, knowing exactly how to make a man or woman enjoy their dicks in the ass. They must have learned a great bit hands-on and compared notes, I suspected. I tried desperately to hold out longer, but I just couldn’t. It was just too much stimulation. Instead, I came yet again, this time on Blanca’s and Tina’s faces, prompting them to giggle and lick it off each other for the hell of it.

That was when Bacchus finally spent his load up my butt, leaving a nice deposit of cum that oozed down my crack to my taint and my thighs. Des smiled even wider as Bacchus joined Felix in getting cock licked and sucked by her right after buggering me. Then, when Des had thoroughly sucked both of them off a bit longer, she knelt behind me and started rimming me rather eagerly, clearly thirsty for their loads as well as my butt-crack. She even slipped a finger up my manhole to make sure she got every drop she could.

“You know that I worship this ass, right? I would never do anything to harm it. I would never encourage someone else to hurt it. I only want to bring it, and you, the ultimate pleasures possible,” Des swore to me, before she went back to licking my butt.

“So I see. Well, you found rather clever and creative ways this time around, my dear,” I smiled as my fiancée engaged in a battle of tongues across my taint with Blanca and Tina, who still seemed insatiable.

At this point, at last, I was hungry, so I spoke up.

“As much as I love this, I’m starving. None of us ate last night. Anyone up for a pancake or waffle breakfast? Say Denny’s or IHOP?” I proposed.

“IHOP works for me, babe. Just a word of warning, though. I want a quickie in the bathroom before we’re done. Everyone else has had you in a washroom, and I know this because Des told me so. I’m the only one left out so far. I think that I should spill the beans, too. I’m fertile, guys, and I want Ian to father my first kid, so the rest of you need to cum in the other holes, not my pussy today and tomorrow. Any objections?” Tammy asked everyone.

“Hey, baby, your ass is good enough for me. Besides, maybe I can be the first to knock Des up,” Felix suggested.

“Too late, stud, but next time around, we can plan for it. Sorry, I’m afraid that Ian here has booked all the wombs in this family for his own seed. We’re all gonna swell up at roughly the same time. Should get nice and fun for a while, four preggo girls in one household. Just think of the odd cravings and such. Anyway, we can plan for the next babies over breakfast, right?” Des consoled Felix over his missed chance.

“Okay, but I still call shotgun on your next bambino, ginger bush. I love redheads and badly want to see your pale belly grow large with my dark progeny. There is something to a ginger with fair skin, damn it, at least when the curtains match the drapes,” Felix grinned at the idea.

“It’s a deal, then. You get Des’s second baby. Now that this is settled, let’s handle the rest of the paternity and other issues over a nice, hot plate of flapjacks, shall we?” I urged them to get dressed in a hurry, as I did, since I was famished by then.

“Tell me about it. Those hot cakes with the strawberry syrup and whipped cream are calling my name. I just have to respond, or so my stomach tells me,” Tina remarked.

With that, we were soon all dressed and out the door, as Tina made my point for me rather well with her description of the pancakes. Blanca, meanwhile, began joking that she hoped someday to have my cum as the cream on her hot cakes. I was increasingly convinced that she wanted to add my spunk as a regular sauce for foods in her diet. What she did the day before with the burger was rather revealing about Blanca’s attitude about man juice. She seemed to have a craving for it that was much stronger than I had suspected in the past. It was a good thing that she had three sources now for her supply and would soon have a fourth if things went well with her uncle. Of course, she had to share them, but that was no real issue, as there was plenty to spare.

Tina ordered the pancakes that she mentioned, batıkent escort Blanca went for the chocolate crepes, Desiree opted for Belgian waffles, and Tammy went for French toast. There were no real surprises there, or with the menfolk, as Bacchus opted for the ham and eggs, Felix for the blueberry pancakes, and I chose Eggs Benedict, a personal favorite of mine. We all had orange juice, since we wanted something refreshing and fruity to drink.

“This Eggs Benedict is the world’s best sandwich ever,” I asserted as I polished it off.

Felix shook his head there, answering, “Sorry, but I disagree. The best sandwich is an Ian sandwich, as you’ll find out later. I can’t wait for all of us to service you today. I’d take these blue pills now, in fact, if I were you. You’re gonna need ’em. Just wait until we all have our way with you, man. As I recall, you owe Bacchus and me a good, hard fucking in the ass, not to mention that if you’re to knock Tammy up, she deserves a lot of seed. Don’t worry. I don’t begrudge you her womb. We’ve often thought how much fun it would be for men to take turns putting buns in her oven. I do, however, want my fair shake at conceiving a child with Des and the others.”

“My sentiments exactly. I will wait as needed, but I want to spread my seed, too. Right now, the idea of my child inside Blanca or Tina sounds terrific, for example,” Bacchus commented as well as he downed his glass of OJ.

Meanwhile, Tammy grabbed me, just as I remarked, “Hey, trust me, we’re more than happy to have you men as daddies to the future kids as well as me. It’s no trouble at all.”

“Well, for now, let’s focus on you knocking me up this morning. That’s the main attraction for me here,” Tammy winked at us as she led me to the men’s room and dropped her pants for me in the stall.

“Ready to get fucked, are you? Well, here goes, baby,” I warned Tammy as I eased my dick inside her sweet pussy once more.

Before I knew it, my cock was enveloped in Tammy’s cunt, which was one of the most sensual I had ever known. There was a silky quality of smoothness and sleekness to her that was hard to explain, but it made a man felt very much like he was bathed in luxury and comfort just by planting his dick in her twat. What was more, Tammy reacted to being fucked as I would want any woman to handle it. She kept fucking me back with her hips, grinding with me as we continued our quickie and risked getting caught. However, the excitement soon got to both of us, knowing how risqué this particular romp was, and I finally felt my cock jerk a little before it shot out my load into her luscious pussy, headed to her womb.

“Ian, honey, just so we’re clear about this, I love my husband, Felix, very dearly. He’s a great man, Bacchus too. Both of them are great. I’m still in love with both of them, too. Yet I’ve added you to my heart and you now have a place that none can take away from it. From last night and onward, I am yours, too. I belong to you, to Bacchus, and naturally to Felix in different ways, but some instinctive part of me demands that I bear you a child as soon as possible.

“I’m in love with you, Ian, just as I am with Bacchus and Felix. This isn’t just pure lust for me. I gave my heart to each of you the nights of our first encounters. When I fuck a man, I give him my love, too. I can’t help it. What’s more, I made love to you, knowing what would happen, as it had before. I chose to give myself to you, to be yours. Something told me, even more than what I heard from Des, that I should do this, that you were right for us, that this whole group, all of us, belong together.

“I can tell also that Des, Blanca, and Tina are just like me, made the same way, with the same mystical bond that they form with a man, one that binds them forever to that man. Well, they will also form it with Felix and Bacchus, but that will not lessen what they feel for you. It’s just how it is. This is a family now, believe it or not. This is right, this is as it should be. I knew it instantly with Des when I met her. It’s why I pushed hard for Des to become intimate with Felix, Bacchus, and me. Then when I heard about you, I knew down in my soul that I would be yours as well. Same with when I heard about Blanca and Tina. I can know things about a person, just learning of his or her existence. It’s part of my gift, if you will.

“However, there is a difference with you. I’ve told Felix and Bacchus, and by now, they know to trust my premonitions. Meeting you only reinforced them. You’re not a regular guy, Ian. You never were. Trust me on this. When Des called you a god, she had no idea how close to being on target she really was. You’re more than just a man. It’s part of why Felix and Bacchus are so attracted to you as well. There is a part of us that demands to be joined at the hip with you, to become one with you, to bond with you in a sexual and mystical way. It’s a great honor, the greatest of my life, to be one of your women, one of your lovers indeed. beşevler escort You have no idea what it means to me,” Tammy confessed as we walked back to the table and I finally called for the check, truly stunned at her flattery.

“Is there something wrong, Ian?” Des asked me on the way back.

“Why do you ask that?” I wondered how evident my confusion and surprise were.

“Because you look like someone has just asked you to run for President or something,” Des partly teased me, but she was in earnest.

“Tammy explained a few things to me,” I started to say, at which point Desiree then beamed and kissed me ardently on the mouth.

“Good, then no more secrets. Here it is. We’re a family now. All of us. However, the family needs a head. That head is you. Plain and simple, always had to be you. The Godfather, if you will pardon my Mafia jokes this once. I’m Italian, so I can get away with it. Look, we’re your harem, first and foremost. By us, I mean both the ladies and the men. Bacchus and Felix are part of it, too. That was always meant to be, I now understand. It’s a major part of why I encourage the gay sex. They’re your sluts, too. They know it despite their pretense otherwise. They love it, in fact, and hunger for more of it,” Des picked up Tammy’s train of thought.

“Yes, we’re very much at your service, Ian. I can’t wait to suck your dick,” Felix added.

“Or to bend over and spread my cheeks apart for your hard cock to ram my manhole,” Bacchus put in his thoughts.

“I’m personally eager to climb on the ass train, you know,” Blanca remarked, “more than ready to be sandwiched between your dick and a nice butt that I get to prong with my strap-on dildo.”

“Can I be that lucky bitch, Blanca? The one whose ass gets plowed by you?” Tina openly admitted her slutty desires, much to my delight.

“Here’s hoping we all get a turn to try it out on you and her,” I grinned, while Tammy used the momentary distraction to pay the bill … clever girl, that one.

“Hey, hot stuff, just remember that I’m not done servicing you, either. I have plenty more of that kind of action planned for you, including orgies. Be sure to use the blue pills, though. They keep you nice and virile for a while, or rather shorten the time between sex acts. Trust me about this, babe,” Tammy continued to praise me as we left the IHOP, full and horny again.

Des laughed and added, “Damn straight, that’s true. We need to keep his balls nice and drained, don’t we? Such a pleasant duty, that one. I’m still holding you to that bet, by the way, which means that you owe a Felix a nice, big load of cum in the near future, of course. Well, two big loads, at least. One in his mouth, the other in his ass. Not to mention that you owe Bacchus a nice dose of your jizz up his butt, too.

“It’s for your own good, and theirs … and ours. If everyone in the family is fucking each other, then there is no separation of this couple or that, this trio or that, either. We’re all one, bonded by our love and lust for each other.

“Oh, and don’t forget to take my sister, and eventually, Becky Adler. That girl needs a good helping of what you have to offer.”

“Don’t forget us, too,” Blanca and Tina reminded me, as if I could forget those lovely tarts. I’d sooner forget my birthday.

“No danger of that, I promise, girls. You’re quite unforgettable,” I smiled at them as we got there.

I was barely inside the door when my pants were back around my ankles, and Des was underneath me this time. She had a clear and definite agenda of some kind and it soon became apparent, because in short order I was balls deep inside her cunt, pounding away like nobody’s business. I felt my cheeks being spread and three tongues moving between them. That alone damn near got me off, and I was certainly back to my healthy condition, if one didn’t count the blue pills that I took with orange juice right before I left IHOP.

“Didn’t want you forgetting me, either, honey,” my ginger goddess winked playfully as I rammed her pussy hard from behind.

“No danger of that, either, for the same reason. Even more so. You’re irreplaceable, of course,” I barely managed to say, just as the urge to cum had to be held back yet again until I was ready to release it.

“Cum in me, baby. Just in case I’m still fertile,” Des urged me, knowing that this would work if nothing else did to make me cum with a massive expulsion of my seed inside her.

Sure enough, I was unable to resist any longer and my balls shot out the load that my cock then deposited almost at Des’s womb, in fact. I put out of my mind the possibility that if Des was still fertile yesterday, she might have conceived by Felix or Bacchus after all, not that I minded. Both men were great and would make excellent fathers from what I could tell. Still some part of me was intrigued by the idea of four women all having my babies inside them at once. Of course, I had already cum in Des more than enough if she was fertile on Sunday to do the job. We wouldn’t know until the final result and it was pointless to speculate about something as unpredictable as this. I also felt Des gush and heard enough of her shallow breathing to sense that she came, especially when her pale skin changed to a shade of dark pink for a moment.

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