The Packages


You are sitting at your job and it’s about time to call it a day. A guy from some delivery service comes up to you are gives you a package. The box is wrapped in a shiny red paper and black strings and you see your name written on it. As soon as the delivery guy walks away you open up the box. What you find is a key with a small label on it, it reads “202”. Attached to the key there’s also a small note;

“Hi there darling! Tonight I’ll treat you to a night of sensuality and lust in a way you have never felt before. Get your sexy ass to the hotel Grande and make yourself at home in the room 202. I’ll see you soon, P.”

With anticipation you pick up your belongings and in a steady pace walk towards the hotel. In your mind there are all kinds of images flashing of what is to come. All you know is that you have no work tomorrow so you can spend the whole night there. You look forward to sleep also on those luxury beds they have at that hotel. Inside your mind you respond to yourself — if I will be permitted to sleep… A tingle spreads across your body, a sense of what is to come.

When you finally reach the hotel you step up to the reception and ask for the directions to the room. With the elevator you reach the second floor and instantly see the door marked 202 in the big hallway.

The key slides softly into the keyhole and you let yourself in.

Before you is a room with a luxurious sofa, two chairs and a table. The whole room is decorated in a soft and romantic style. With a few steps into the room you notice that that door leading into the bedroom is open. In there is a huge king-size bed and decorated poles at each corner of the bed and a satin sheet hanging from the top of those poles and creating a roof over the bed.

You also notice a door into the bathroom.

As you put down your bad you notice a box on the table. It’s the same paper and strings as the one you got before. A card with your name is on it. It says “Open me”.

Inside the box you find an outfit of sexy lingerie along with another note. The note reads;

“The bath is all warmed up and waiting for you. I want you to take a bath and relax and when you are done — put on the lingerie and go into the bedroom.”.

You take the whole box with you into the bathroom. When you step inside the warm and moist air washes over you. The bath is full of white bubbles and foam and on the table next to it is a bottle of champagne and a glass. It already opened so you pour yourself a glass before soaking in the heavenly water.

You feel the warmth of the water covering you and at the same time the tingle from the champagne spreads from inside as you sip on it. You feel your thighs, pussy, stomach and breasts become one with the water. You feel all the strains and stress just fade away, it feels sooo nice…

As you mind wanders, of things to come, what will happen in the bedroom, you feel your pussy becoming warmer and more sensitive as each nasty thought crosses your mind. You mind is overwhelmed with fantasies as you close your eyes and let your kolej escort soapy hands dance all over your body.

You feel as if you want to surrender and just go anywhere this night will take you.

Finally you step out of the water, feeling so cleaned and fresh. And you have also shaved your pussy since you just know how crazy I am about eating a newly shaved pussy.

When you dry yourself in the thick towel you feel as if your whole body is as sensitive as your nipples are when they are licked by an eager tongue. It feels so good on your soft skin that you take good care to dry your whole body.

You look into the box to see what kind of lingerie you can find there. There’s a matching outfit of black stay-ups, bra and panty along with a pair of high healed shoes. Once you get it all on you, you watch yourself in the steamy mirror and see how damn sexy you look. The way those stay-ups brings out your legs and those shoes, how your breasts are framed in that bra and the way your ass looks in those panty’s. You wondered how I will be able to control myself when I see how sexy you look. It’s a big risk I’ll rip it all off and fuck you right where you stand…

Eventually you step out of the steamy bathroom and walk to the bedroom. On the bed you see a small box. You are sure you didn’t see it there before. You can’t see me anywhere but you know I have been there. Inside the box is a small note;

“It looked so nice and sexy when you bathed! I couldn’t help myself to just one peek through the door… Now put on what is inside this box and you will meet me very soon.”

Inside you see a soft and red fabric with a string. You take it out and you see that it is a blindfold. You sit down at the end of the bed, facing the bedroom door, and let the soft blindfold cover your eyes. Now you are completely in the dark, you can only trust your other senses which are on high alert now. You feel a warm tingle inside yourself, it’s almost causing you to shiver wit anticipation. You feel your breathing becoming heavier, your breasts press against the bra with each breath.

You see nothing but hear a door opening and shortly thereafter closing.

Your tender fingers play with your clit and those pussy lips. Eventually you slide two fingers into your soaking pussy. You feel hands on your tits all of a sudden but you still keep sliding your fingers in your wet cunt. The hands squeeze your large tits and trace the bra’s fabric to your back and unhook it. Your heavy breasts fall free but are soon cupped on a pair of hands. It’s impossible to see the hands but you feel in the way they massage your tits that they are mine.

Now you are pushed backwards, and land with your back on the soft bed. Your legs are still outside the bed, the high heels on the floor. A pillow is placed under your head and your legs are spread open as someone grabs your feet and places them on the side of the bed. Your pussy is now wide open for anyone to see so you try to cover it with your hand but maltepe escort at the same time massaging your clit. A pair of hands grabs firmly around your wrists and pushes back your hands above your head and on the bed. You can sense that someone is sitting above your breasts, legs on each side.

You hear my voice say; “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” You do as you are told and you can sense the tip of my dick against your tongue as is begins to slide inside your mouth. At the same time you sense a breath on your pussy and shortly thereafter you feel a tongue sliding just above your clit and down, over your clit and down the pussy lips and tickling the entrance of your hole. It goes around and probes a little at your hole and then downward slightly. You feel that warm wetness tickling at you asshole. Thoughts of who it could be that is down there between your legs run through your head as my dick slides in and out of your mouth.

You have a hard time concentrating on sucking me, distracted both your curiosity and the please of the pussy licking. As the tongue stops licking you wonder what will come next as your feel something bigger pushed at your pussy entrance. You gasp as you feel that huge cock enter your hungry hole. You can’t suck my dick as you moan deeply when you are penetrated. Who can that man be that has that huge cock? Your pussy stretches to accommodate his dick and it feels so good to be stuffed at both ends. As the cock in your cunt starts to move faster and deeper so does your mouth. You try to suck more of my dick in your mouth, and I help you as I begin to seriously fuck your face.

You feel something building up inside you, muscles being contracted inside your pussy. It’s the first sign of a huge orgasm coming. Your breath becomes heavier and you moan so deeply. My dick is retracted from you mouth and you can hear my voice again: “Fuck her really good, fuck her until she comes!” The cock goes faster and faster, you feel a big tension building up. Your pussy is aching to be released and you feel yourself nearing the edge. It goes faster and faster until you finally come. You can hold back your moan so you scream as you come. The cock slides slowly back and forth as you come down from your orgasm.

And finally it slides out of you. You place your hand on your pussy and it feels like it’s on fire, a wet and intense fire. The bed bounces a little as if someone is getting up on it. You hear my voice saying: “Now suck on this!” You expect that big cock to slide into your mouth but instead you feel a soft breast and a hard nipple pressing against your lips. As you part your lips that hard nipple taps on your teeth. You open your mouth more to suck on that nice titty.

As you are enjoying sensation of licking a woman’s tit your mind again wonders who this can be and hw people are there really here?! The woman says to you that it feels really nice the way you lick and suck her titty but now she wants you to taste her pussy. You feel her legs mamak escort move as she gets ready to place her pussy all over your mouth. Soon you will get to taste your first pussy…

You feel those soft pussy lips pushed against your lips. Your tongue slides out and you open your mouth a bit so you can play with your tongue over her pussy. You can sense her juice, she tastes really great. The more you taste and lick her the more you want. You lick more and more and you feel her starting to grind her pussy against your mouth. You can hear her moaning and feeling that she has one hand in your hair so as to steer your licking of her pussy. You are so caught up in licking your first pussy that you almost don’t notice how a cock slides inside your cunt and start to pump away.

The cock is not as big as the one before so it is clearly another man’s cock there. And you also sense someone licking and sucking on one of your tits. As the woman is grinding her pussy on your mouth her movements is causing your blindfold to come off, little by little. Soon you have a clear sight of her heaving breasts above you and you see her looking down at you. She is very sexy and beautiful but you don’t know her.

She compliments you on how you work on her pussy and begs for a little more since she is close to coming already. You want to make her come so you lick harder at those sensitive spots. Her juices start to overflow as she comes violently on your face. She bends down and gives you a passionate kiss, tasting herself in your mouth. You look in the direction between your legs and see that I am there, pumping your pussy in a slow motion. I say to you that I have to do it slowly because the scene of you licking that woman’s pussy is too much. If I fuck you faster I will cum right away.

As you move your eyes across the room you see no one else there. But on one chair you notice a huge rubber dick in a strap on. So it was that woman who fucked you with that huge dildo… The woman says that the both of you have already cum and it’s only me left. You say that you want to get a feeling for how it feels to shoot a load of cum. So you tell the woman to get to the side of the bed and start sucking my dick. She does as you told her and you move to a kneeling position at my side and take my cock in your hand. You watch as the woman licks all your pussy juice from my cock and then start to jerk my cock with you hand.

The woman gets down on the floor and sits there with her head right in front of my cock. She licks at my head as you keep jerking my cock with your soft hand. I’m saying that I am about to cum so you increase your pace in stroking my cock. The woman cups her breasts and flicks with her tongue at my cum slit. In a second my cum shoots at her tongue and lips, spraying her mouth. It splashes against her mouth and drips down on her tits. You keep milking my cock until every drop of cum is out. She spits the remaining cum from her mouth and onto her big tits. As I am breathing heavily I see you licking her cum stained tits. I get down and kiss the woman deeply until you reach up and also want to give her your kisses. We have all become a bit hot and sweaty so we have into the bathroom for a group bath and shower. Since we have the room all night we want to make the most of this night together. We spend the night exploring every possibility for sex in all the rooms and in all kinds of positions…

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