The Owner


Sliding the dress up over her hips she contemplated what the evening would bring. As she reached over her shoulder to zip the curve hugging, navy, lace dress up she thought back to the last time she had been out with her friends, it had been months ago and she had been so busy since that she hadn’t had any time to let her hair down and enjoy herself. She looked in the mirror to appraise her reflection: the dress hugged her in all the right places, emphasising the curves of her hips and breasts and the low v neck showing what she felt was just the right amount of cleavage. She had chosen to pair the dress with red heels that elongated her legs and then reached to the table beside her to pick up a glossy red lipstick which she applied carefully to her full lips. “That will do,” she thought as her phone pinged to say the taxi was waiting outside.

The journey to the bar was short and she thanked the driver and slid carefully out of the taxi, looking up she saw her friends waiting for her and she smiled across at them as they waved to her. She walked across the road and towards them carefully, focusing on staying upright in her heels, her hips swaying involuntarily from left to right, almost hypnotically, in time with her movements. A strange feeling crept over her, as if she was being watched but she shrugged off her silliness and focused on walking towards her friends.

After some brief greetings, long awaiting hugs and excitement the friends walked into the bar. It was newly opened and therefore not somewhere they had been before. The decoration was opulent, velvet drapes lined the walls and enormous gold chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, casting light and creating patches of shadow around the room. They approached the bar and she rested her arm on the cool, gold metal of the bars surface to reach for a wine list.

The barman handed her the bottle of smooth, dark red wine she had ordered and 3 crystal glasses that clinked pleasingly as she picked them up. The friends retreated to a quiet corner of the bar and began their long awaited catch up. As she sipped her wine, she felt the warmth filling her body, relaxing her muscles and easing away the worries of the last few months. She laughed easily with her friends and enjoyed hearing about what they had been doing. As she began to pour from the second bottle of wine, the uneasy feeling came over her again. She looked around her surreptitiously, aware that she was likely being irrational. It was hard to see in the dim light but she thought she could see a figure standing on the other side of the room in the shadows, but on second glance realised it was nothing and continued to chat with her friends.

By now the alcohol had fully warmed her insides and she was beginning to feel a little fuzzy around the edges, but it was still early and she was enjoying herself. “I’m going to get us another bottle,” she explained to her friends, rising carefully from her seat and making her away across the bar. It had filled up considerably since they had entered and she found herself having to move closely between different people, her body grazing them as she squeezed past. At the bar she waited for the barman to catch her eye so she could place her order, but before she could do that, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, she came face to face with a beautiful, blonde, young waitress. “Erm…hi, can I help you?” She asked the waitress.

“Yes, I need you to follow me.” The waitress explained and turned on her heels walking away before she was even able to respond.

Feeling like she had no choice, and wondering if her friends were ok, she quickly followed, squeezing again through the crowd. The waitress walked to the far corner of the bar, it was dark there and there didn’t erotik hikaye oku appear to be anyone or anything there. “Through here, please.” She said and pulled one of the velvet drapes back to reveal a doorway and gently pushed the door open for her. Confused and acting almost on auto pilot, she walked through the door, nervously smoothing her dress over her hips and rubbing her red lips together, anxious still about what was happening. She turned to asked the waitress what was happening and saw the door close behind her. Unsure what what happening, she instinctively turned and pulled at the door handle.

“Its locked.” Said a deep voice from the other side of the dark room, the only light coming from the glow of a lamp placed on a large, grey marble desk in the middle of the room. She spun around to see who had spoken but couldn’t see anyone. “Who are you? Why have you locked me in here? What’s happening?” She asked, moving further into the room to try to catch a glimpse of the speaker. She paused nervously next to the marble desk, placing her hand on it to steady herself the nerves and wine starting to affect her balance.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Came the voice and she saw a movement in the dim light ahead of her. She fixed her eyes on that space, her heart thumping in her chest. A figure moved into the light cast by the lamp, the figure of the man was tall and she could see his broad, muscular shoulders even in the low light. As he moved closer she could see his dark hair, swept back neatly away from his face and his strong jaw. Despite her nerves and the unusual situation, she felt an unexpected flash of desire for the stranger. As she looked at him, she felt his eyes burning into her, she looked up and caught his dark eyes tracing her curves and lingering on the swell of her breasts. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she felt her heart rate increase. “What do you want?” She asked the stranger.

“You.” He said confidently. “Are you enjoying your evening?”

She swallowed the lump in her throat, trying to process what was happening and align it with the way her body was reacting, without her permission, to his lingering gaze.

“Erm…yes thank you. It’s a nice place but I have heard some rumours about the owner, apparently he’s quite hands off so everything was left down to the management staff to prepare for opening, they’ve done a good job though.”

“Is that right?” He asked reaching inside the breast pocket of his navy suit jacket and moving towards her. She felt her breath catch in her throat as he stood even closer to her and felt her heart thud as he grabbed her hand and pushed something into it, a business card. “I’m glad you like my bar, I own it, and would like to remind you not to believe everything you hear.”

Through the fuzz of the wine, she suddenly realised who this stranger was and that she may have accidentally offended him. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean…” she bumbled trying to backtrack and find a way out of this unusual situation.

“It’s fine, hopefully you will give me the opportunity to show you what I am actually about, rather than listening to rumours. Drink?” He gestured towards a smooth decanter filled with an amber liquid, whiskey it looked like.

“Erm, ok.” She had never drunk whiskey before but didn’t want to offend him further by declining his offer.

“Sit.” He said, pointing to a large white, leather chair by the desk. Without even questioning it, she did. He swiftly collected two glasses, adding ice from an ice bucket on the desk and pouring the drink over the top. He passed her the drink. “Drink.” He instructed.

She lifted the drink to her lips, feeling the ice clink against the glass and run gently across erotik hikaye her lips as she sipped. Tasting the sharp but smooth liquid, she swallowed, downed the rest of the drink to ease her nerves and absentmindedly licked her lips.

“Fuck, don’t do that.” The owner said.

“Do what?” She asked genuinely unsure of what she had done. Before she could wait for a response, he moved rapidly towards her, roughly grabbing her jaw with his large hands. The action was rough but his hands were smooth and warm and the contact sent a jolt of desire through her body. He dragged his thumb roughly across her bottom lip, smearing her red lipstick across the side of her mouth. “Anything to do with your lips that isn’t wrapping them around my cock.” He said gruffly and released her jaw. She stood silently, his words bouncing around in her head while she tried to work out what was happening. “You need to relax. I don’t want to hurt you, quite the opposite actually.” He explained. “I couldn’t help but notice you the moment you walked in and I’ve been hard ever since.” She couldnt help herself, her eyes dropped to his crotch and even in the dim light she could see the large bulge underneath his suit trousers.

“Fuck.” She thought.

“That’s what I was hoping, yes” he replied and only then did she realise she had spoken aloud. She couldnt help how he was making her feel, his deep voice and direct way of speaking was making her a little hot under the collar. She felt her nipples tighten under her dress and watched as his gaze dropped to her breasts as he noticed what was happening.

Before she had time to think about it he was in front of her, so close she could feel his breath and then she felt his thumb, still smeared red from her lips, gently graze over her dress where her nipple was now very obviously erect, highlighting her desire. His gaze moved up from her nipple, following the skin on her chest and neck until he locked eyes with her, he almost seemed to be asking for her permission. She looked down slightly and gently nodded her head, giving in to what her body clearly wanted her to do.

She felt his lips crush against hers, she could feel the heat and fire behind his intentions. His tongue pushed hard into her mouth, devouring her and she didn’t have time to think about how to react. She followed her body and kissed him back with just as much passion and fury. His hands ran up and down her curves until they stopped on her back at her zip. He pulled roughly on the zip and pulled away from her lips. She stood breathless as he pulled the dress off of her shoulders, releasing her breasts as she had not worn a bra, and down past her hips, offering his hand so she could steady herself and step out of it, which she did without hesitation.

He stepped away from her, shrugging off his suit jacket and hanging it carefully on the back of the chair. She remained still, not sure what to do until he came back towards her, running his smooth hands across her hips and up to her breasts. He grabbed them both roughly, dropping his mouth to her left nipple and sucking it deep into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around her hard nipple and released it every now and then to flick his tongue backwards and forwards over it. Every change in movement made her gasp, her mind emptying of everything other than the sensations he was providing. As he moved to her other nipple she looked down at him, he caught her looking and smiled, taking the opportunity to gently bite and tug her nipple while she watched.

“Oh God, stop.” She said, without really realising the words had left her mouth. He stopped immediately and stepped back, a concerned look replacing the desire on his face. “No, sorry, I didn’t mean…I meant…it porno hikayeleri was just intense is all.” She stepped towards him following her most animalistic of instincts, all her inhibitions had long since melted away, and slowly dropped to her knees in front of him.

She looked up at him, making eye contact and was pleased to see the desire was back in his eyes. His hands went to his waistband undoing his suit trousers and letting them drop to the floor. Only his white boxers remained between her and his cock and she could see the thick bulge waiting for her. His hands went back to his waistband, freeing his cock and pushing his boxers to the floor.

She couldnt help but stare, free in front of her was a long, hard cock, shiny with precum. Sticking out her tongue, she gently licked the head of his cock tasting him before sliding her wet tongue across the smooth head, swirling it around the head before taking him deep into her mouth, her red lips closing around the shaft of his cock. A deep, guttural moan came from his mouth which spurred her on. She placed her hands on his buttocks and pulled him towards her, helping to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth while she sucked. She looked up at him and was pleased to see the ecstasy on his face as he looked down at her.

Abruptly he pulled away from her. He grabbed her hands to pull her up and kissed her roughly on the mouth, smearing her lipstick further. Placing his hands on her shoulders he turned her body round and pushed her head down towards the desk, bending her over until her nipples touched the cool marble of the desk.

She felt his hand tracing the outline of her thong between her legs, his fingers tracing everywhere except where she now desperately needed them. He hooked his finger through the crotch of her thong and pulled it roughly to one side. Barely giving her time to think she felt the head of his cock pushing at the entrance to her pussy before it slammed into her, making her gasp and filling her with pleasure. Gently he began to move in and out of her, filling her deeply.”Please, more.” She begged. At her request he gripped her hips tightly, and began to move harder, slamming his hard cock deep inside her.

All she could focus on was the pleasure and the feeling building inside her and her desperate need for release. His hands released her hips and moved to her head, pulling her hair into a pony tail which he wound around his hand. Pulling hard he forced her upright, making her back arch. She moved her hips towards him as he pushed into her again and again.

“Oh fuck.” She said as she felt the pleasure building again. He moved his free hand to reach round the front of her. His fingertip touching her clit felt like electricity. He rubbed her clit in circular motions, recognise that she was close already. As she pushed back into him faster and harder he replicated this with the movements of his fingers.

The pleasure continued to build and she felt herself coiling like a spring. From behind her he shoved her head roughly down bending her over the desk again, grabbing her hips tight and pounding himself into her. The change in movement and depth was enough, she felt the quivering begin deep inside until it rolled the whole way over her body, making her hips buck and jolt with every wave of pleasure. He continued to slam into her, getting faster and she could tell by his breathing that he must be close too. She felt his pace shift and he slammed hard into her one last time, groaning gruffly and she felt his cock jerk inside her, filling her with his hot cum.

After a few moments he pulled out gently, helped her to turn around and kissed her again. It was different this time, the fury gone but the passion remaining. He pulled away and she noticed his cock was still stained red from her lipstick but he still pulled his boxers and trousers up, fastening them and collecting his suit jacket from the back of the chair. “You have my business card.” He said as he used a key to unlock the door and walked out into the darkness of the bar.

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