The night before Mother’s Day


The night before Mother’s DayMy wife is not so adventurous now that she has had k**s. I still am so have to make my own excitement sometimes without her knowing. Went to visit the wife’s family for Mother’s Day weekend and stayed at a hotel near Dayton. Prior to going, I made arrangements for a friend I met on this site to hide in my hotel room closet to watch me fuck my wife. On Saturday morning I met Escort him in the lobby and supplied him with a key to my room. Told him we would be back to the room around midnight after a night of dining and drinking with family. His only fear was how to exit the room after we finished. I told him my wife always goes to the bathroom after sex to squeeze out my cum.After a night of margaritas, Escort Bayan we returned to the hotel. I was already excited with the thought of my friend inside our hotel room closet. As we entered the room, I immediately went at her. Got her on the bed and quickly removed her clothing. She lie there naked and ready for me. I noticed the closet doors parted in the center and Bayan Escort realized he must be watching. I moved up on her and placed my cock against her pussy. It slowly sunk in as she gasped in pleasure. She parted her legs wife apart as I bucked for a bit and quickly came inside her. I was overly excited with the thought of my buddy watching, not knowing if he would stay quiet or try to join in (that might have ruined the evening). After a few moments, she went to the bathroom as expected and he opened the closet and gave me a thumbs up and left. It was a turn on I truly enjoyed. Am hoping for more adventures with new friends as we travel.

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