The New Neighbor Pt. 03


Authors note:

~I’m still brand new to this site, sorry if I’m not linking the parts of the story correctly. Also, sorry if there’s too much build up for your taste, it’s just how the story is flowing! I have a feeling this is going to turn into a long adventure and might change titles a couple of times. Just bear with me! Feel free to comment with advice! I have a lot of ideas for Amber and Ms. V. Xoxo-Indigo~


Amber stood with her eyes glued to the window, refusing to blink. Curiosity held a tight grip on Amber’s mind and heart, her stomach full of fluttering butterflies. Ms. V’s intense, and sexual nature, had Amber on edge. This shopping trip was sure to be interesting. She didn’t want to stop for a moment and think about what she was getting herself in to. She wanted to see more. Already Amber had stripped naked in front of her, seen and rubbed oil on Ms. V’s naked body…How was this woman so easily pushing her limits? Amber considered herself an open minded person, but generally conservative. She smiled to herself when she realized she couldn’t imagine saying no to Ms. V for anything. She was kind of hoping she would get to test her limits even more. Sure enough, right on the dot, the black car came into view. Amber flung open the door, the wind causing the hem of her sundress to fly up, revealing a glimpse of her thick thighs. As she walked to the door, Raphael got out of the driver side and opened the back door. The back seat was like a mini limo, completely modified and luxurious. Ms. V sat by the window, a glass of champagne in hand. There was a divider from the back and front seat that was left open. The car smelled delicious. Amber slid into the seat, and Ms. V started to pour her a glass of champagne as well. Amber started to say thank you but Ms. V held up her palm to stop her and said

“I have a bit of a headache and am not one for idle conversation. Let’s sit quietly. Enjoy the champagne and view until we get there.”

Amber closed her mouth, feeling slightly cut off. But she obeyed. Ms. V was constantly topping off her glass. Amber noticed that Ms. V wasn’t even refilling her own at that pace. But after the second glass, or maybe it was the third (hard to tell with refills before its empty) Amber had a warm buzz that put her in a comfortable glow. Most of her anxiety had melted away. Out the window, overly detailed landscaping whizzed by. She recognized that they were in the extremely wealthy district of town. She remembered a few boutiques in the area that she was figuring they were about to visit. Moments later, they pulled in front of a grand entrance to one of the fancy looking boutiques. Raphael let them out, and then went to park the car at some out of sight parking lot. Amber noticed there were some valet’s on duty, and they all seemed to be staring longingly in their direction.

They walked inside and Ms. V knowingly walked towards a back corner, clearly she had been there before. A small woman probably in her 60’s rounded the same corner, coming from the other direction, probably from a backroom. She looked surprised to see Ms. V and instantly straightened her posture, her whole demeanor changing. She was short, but heavy set. Breasts even bigger than Amber’s, she looked soft and curvy all over.

“What a pleasure! Ms. V! It has been far too long, how may I be of assistance today?”

“It has been a long time, Candace. I actually have a friend with me who is in need of some clothes.” Ms. V gestured towards Amber, who was lingering in the middle of the store.

“She’s currently house sitting for my neighbors, her aunt and uncle…Amber, what did you say their names were again?”

Amber walked up, joining the women

“I don’t think I mentioned their names, actually. Lindsey and Evan.”

Candace, who seemed to be the boutique owner, widened her eyes slightly and shot a quick glance at Ms. V. Ms. V only looked back with that small, subtle smile she seemed to do so often. It made her look slightly smug. Amber was unsure why Candace seemed to react to her Aunt and uncle’s names like that. Before she could think about it further, Ms. V started dictating. Well Candace, we will need the store, If you don’t mind. Amber, start to look for things you like. We will all pick out some options for you.”

“Oh, of course!” Candace sprung into action, Avcılar Escort changing her store sign from open to close. She quickly expedited the process of a few wandering customers that had already been in the store. By the time the last guest was making her purchase, Raphael was walking in. Ms. V instructed Raphael to follow Amber around, bringing anything she wanted to try on back to the dressing room that was getting set up for her.

With the fuzziness from the champagne, and the fine quality of the clothing, everything felt like silky goodness to Amber. She wanted to try it all on. She was feeling loose and having fun, unable to believe her stroke of luck. Raphael was having a good time with her too. He was joking and laughing, showing off his perfectly pearly white teeth. Amber took a second to appreciate how truly handsome he was. Sort of like Ms. V, he had a dark-warm coloring that had a very mysterious, ambiguous look. His brown eyes were smiling and expressive. Amber was glad they were having fun. It wasn’t until she had combed through most of the store that she realized Raphael and her had been alone.

“Where’s Ms. V?” Amber slightly slurred.

“Most likely in the back, choosing through the private collection. Shall we go join them? If you’re ready to start trying things on, that is.”

“Yes! Let’s do it!!” Amber was far too excited. She had never spent more than $100 on a dress before, and almost all of these items had commas on the price tags. Raphael led her to the back dressing room, which was nicer than any Amber had seen. There were extravagant chandeliers, an incredibly soft and thick purple carpet, soft lighting, and only a few large rooms that were spread apart with curtains for privacy. One of the curtains was pulled back, revealing a room that was bigger than some bedrooms Amber has had. Clothes were hanging everywhere. It was like a fairytale.

Ms. V thanked Candace and must have relieved her (or sent her away) for Candace scurried out of sight without a goodbye. Ms. V and Raphael sat on a Victorian couch that was opposite the full dressing room. Amber awkwardly hovered in front of the open room. Full length mirrors that were scattered throughout the whole dressing room area made it look like there were 20 attractive Ms. V’s and Raphael’s staring at her. The real Ms. V finally started to speak

“Well, get on with it. Show us what you try on so we can help you decide. Everything is hanging in a proper order, start with the farthest left hook and make your way right.”

Amber started to push the curtain shut but was immediately stopped by Ms. V.

“No, leave it open. We need to see everything.”

Amber just stood frozen for a moment.

“Well, get on with it!” Unless you want to keep wearing free event t-shirts the rest of your life.”

Amber felt slightly offended. She usually just dressed comfortably by choice, fashion wasn’t a huge concern of hers. But she still knew even her best clothes weren’t to par for Ms. V. Plus, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to purchase clothes like this anytime soon in her lifetime. She gulped. She also hoped Ms. V wasn’t expecting her to pay for these items, it hadn’t been discussed. Her eyes darted towards Raphael. He was staring at her intently; but with a softer, more friendly gaze than Ms. V.

“Uh- I wasn’t expecting, I uh- I’m not exactly dressed…for-um, sorry, I’m just not…”

As Amber fumbled through her words, Ms. V swiftly got up, within a few strides was standing right next to Amber. With one hand she grabbed a fistful of Amber’s curly hair, the other hand was pushing down on the small of her back…effectively bending Amber over. Amber was startled and grabbed out for the wall to maintain balance. Ms. V was moving so quickly, everything happened in an instant. She pushed up Amber’s dress to her hips, revealing her bare bottom. Ms. V swung her arm back high and far and delivered two stinging spanks. Out of the corner of her eye, Amber could see Raphael looking on. The smile dropped from his face, a completely different expression replaced it. His lips were now slightly parted and he was to the edge of his seat. It looked like he was practicing serious restraint to stay seated and neutral. Ms. V was already walking back to her seat, leaving Amber awkwardly bent Beylikdüzü Escort over still in the same position. It took a second to shake off the shock, but as Ms. V sat back down on the couch, Amber straightened herself back up. She caught a glimpse of a bright red handprint on her large butt cheek.

“I have warned you enough times about saying uh and um. It truly displeases me. Now, if you would be so kind…please model these selections we chose for you. I’m willing to spend lots on you.”

Ms. V winked, her voice sounded like a purr. Amber was in disbelief. She just got fucking spanked? She hasn’t been spanked since she was a small child. And to be spanked by someone other than her parents as a form of punishment? That had never happened to Amber before. She was oddly excited by it though. Amber could feel her pussy get a little gush of wetness. Maybe it was from the rush of air she felt as she got exposed during the spanking, maybe the champagne, or maybe she was just really enjoying herself. The vagina she was worried about exposing before, since she went without underwear again, was now aching to be touched. Amber obediently started to get undressed, pulling the dress over her head. As she started to unhook her bra, her eyes scanned the clothes picked out for her. On the left hand side were blouses and slacks, then towards the right she saw dresses, some with plunging necklines and short hems. Pretty much everything Amber picked out was on the far left hand side. As Amber got fully naked she noticed some of the last items were lingerie, some of the sets having hardly any fabric.

The first few outfits she went through quickly. She clumsily stumbled around the dressing room, dancing to get each leg through pant holes. Amber tried to keep her eyes averted from her audience. For the first few outfits, they were mostly quiet. Everything looked stunning, professional style clothing that enhanced Amber’s curvy body. Everything had slightly sexy undertones. Only a couple items, however, Ms. V spoke up on saying they would be bought. Any time she approved of something, Raphael stood up to retrieve the item. Sometimes even helping Amber undress. Amber felt her blood pulsing as this attractive man nonchalantly stood so close to her naked body. Ms. V’s scrutinizing eyes only a few paces away.

Amber then started making her way into some of the more revealing clothes.

“Is it safe to assume, Amber, that you don’t have any clothes like this at home?”

Amber silently nodded and Ms. V slipped into an even more smug smile than usual. Amber kept getting naked and then pulling on tighter and tighter dresses. Her breasts were popping out of each one, though they were all a proper fit. Some of these clothes made her feel like an escort that costs thousands of dollars. She didn’t know whether she liked or disliked that feeling. Amber was now getting into the lingerie when Ms. V interrupted her.

“Everything has been looking fabulous on you, Amber. I’m happy to see we have your sizing correct for such an unique body. For the lingerie, however, I think we should just get it all. How does that sound?”

“Well-well, I love everything here. I just couldn’t afford…all of it. But-but whatever you want to do.”

“Amber, stammering is almost just as bad as saying um. We will have to work on your confidence.”

Amber shot a nervous look towards Raphael. He was back on the couch with an anxious look in his eye. If Amber wasn’t mistaken, she could see the outline of a hard on.

“Ah, you and Raphael have certainly connected today. He has been so hard at work, how about we let him pick out a final outfit for you to try on. All of this lingerie is coming with us, but it would be nice to see a preview.”

Almost as soon as his name was out of her mouth, Raphael was jumping up towards the dressing room. Without even looking at Amber, he pushed passed her towards the lingerie on the back wall. He came back with a small, black lace number. It was a see through bra, that had crossing straps on the back. Matching panties that had numerous straps crossing around the hips in the front and back.

“Raphael, undress.”

Ms. V took her spot back on the couch, this time taking more space…sprawling out and having much more relaxed posture than before. Esenyurt Escort Amber looked at Raphael with wide eyes and a gaping mouth that formed the shape of an oval, completely surprised. Raphael was silently stripping naked. Within seconds he was completely in the nude, standing only an arms length away from Amber.

“Raphael, thank you for your help today. You may take care of yourself to full completion.”

As soon as Ms. V finished her sentence, Raphael grabbed his shaft with his large hand. He started to incorporate both hands, rubbing up and down slowly. He was growing in his hands, like a magics trick. First he had looked thick and incredibly short, but with each stroke he seemed to gain a bit of length. Amber was in shocked disbelief. Her eyes staring at his dark penis, his cock…the head coming in and out of view as Raphael’s hands went to work. He was most likely 7 inches in length now, fairly thick around too, by the far the largest dick Amber had seen. Amber looked towards Ms. V, who was laying on the couch tickling her breastbone…spreading her legs a little farther apart. “Amber, get on your knees in front of Raphael. Give him some of your spit but do not touch him.”

Amber obediently bent down in front of Raphael. Feeling pretty much naked, she could feel her nipples starting to poke through the thin lace. She sat in front of him like she was about to give head, instinctively she almost wrapped her hands around his shaft. She glanced towards Ms. V, who was staring intently, and restrained herself. She put her mouth right over top his now fully erect penis (less than an inch away from touching), and slowly released thick spit over top. Once she could tell his penis was fully lubricated, she leaned back but stayed on her knees. Eye level to his erection, which he was stroking passionately. She gave a quick glance up to Raphael, his eyes were almost closed and his arm was pulling at himself much faster and tighter now. Ms. V told Amber to get closer to Raphael, right underneath him, her face practically buried in his thighs.

“Raphael, long and strong strokes. Give yourself some time. Amber, open your mouth with your tongue out. Look Raphael in the eyes and wait for him to cum”

Amber couldn’t believe it. She gave a fleeting look towards Ms. V. She was thrilled to see her sitting with each leg spread and planted on the couch’s arms. Her fingers were barely touching her pussy, almost absentmindenly tracing the area of her vulva. It was as if Ms. V was only mildly aroused. Touching herself slightly out of habit.

“Raphael, cum”

Amber immediately turned her eyes back to Raphael. His brown eyes were staring down at her. He looked hungry and excited, his eyes closed for a split second and then he was shooting out semen, and his eyes were rolling back. Amber’s face was getting covered, some going in to her mouth. His hot juices tasted salty, but delicious. Healthy. It was the best cum Amber had tasted, her face was dripping with sperm. Before she even fully realized what happened, Ms. V and Raphael are already getting things together and movIng to the front of the store. Raphael had got dressed in record time. Amber started to move towards the clothes she arrived in.

“No. You look amazing, you will be going home like this.”

Amber stared at Ms. V in disbelief. The globs of cum on her face started to feel hot. Suddenly, Candace was there and staring at Amber like an overheated dog…her tongue was practically sticking out.

“It has been a long time Candace, you may keep this video. Usual rules apply. I will see you again another time.”

Ms. V said all of this as she was heading out the door. Raphael was already waiting by the car. Amber turned towards Candace with a sheepish expression and cum covered face, trying to hide that with her hair

“Thanks for everything. Sorry for making a bit of a mess back there…is everything paid for?”

Candace simply smiled a huge grin and showed Amber out the door. Amber got into the black car, luckily she didn’t see anyone in view. She was in barely-there underwear and cum was heavily coating most of her face. She got into the backseat and saw Raphael smiling at her from the rear view mirror. Ms. V said

“You did very well today. I will need you at my house tomorrow at 6PM. I need your help with something”

The car drove off, whipping down the smooth, windy roads. Tons of shopping bags could be heard sliding around the trunk. Amber sat next to Ms. V, their knees occasionally touching due to inertia. She felt her wetness leaking through the black lace panties. What the fuck just happened? And what’s going to happen tomorrow?

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