The Neighbor Pt. 01


I stand under the heat of the shower, enjoying the warm spray dancing over my skin. Squeezing some orange blossom shower gel into my hand, I begin to work up a lather and smooth it over my body. As I soap my breasts my thoughts drift to my neighbor. I lift and push them together, kneading them, my fingers trailing over my nipples, feeling them pucker as the water trickles over them, while I close my eyes and recall the scene I witnessed a few days earlier.

Since I’d moved in, I’d seen my sexy neighbor working out a few times in his home gym. He often left the blinds open, so I’d spent many afternoons surreptitiously watching his muscles flex as he went through his routine. Seeing his skin build up a glistening sheen of sweat had me licking my lips with more than a tingle of desire, especially when my eyes were drawn to the bulge that inevitably appeared in his shorts.

As the vivid images play through my mind, my hand dips lower over my tummy to cup my bare mound, feeling the slow steady pulse of my body. Squeezing my eyes closed, I pinch an aching nipple as I remember my gasp of surprise when he’d begun to fondle that hard cock… my breath had caught in my throat as I’d watched him grip his solid shaft. He didn’t even bother to take off his gloves which quite frankly, had made it even hotter.

I press my middle finger tight over my slit, feeling the warm tingle as I picture him stroking, eyes closed, quickening the pace until he begins to buck his hips and gush over the glove Escort Beylikdüzü and his trembling belly.

I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about that moment since. Fuck, he had made me so hot. At one point he had glanced towards the window, and I’d taken a quick step back, afraid he might have seen me.

My eyes pop open as I realize what time it must be now. He may be in his gym at this very moment! I quickly rinse off the rest of the suds and step out, grabbing my ivory silk robe and wrapping it around my dripping body. I leave wet footprints as I pad quickly to my bedroom, eyes going immediately to the window.

There he is, already in the middle of his workout, a light glean of perspiration illuminating his body. I smile to myself, then grab a chair and position it in front of the window. I sit down to enjoy the view. I know if he looks up he’ll probably see me too, but in my aroused state I don’t care. If I envision being caught, it only serves to heighten the ache in my nipples and the twitch of my inner muscles.

I watch his biceps tighten and release as he works the weights, and I let one hand slip inside my robe to cup a breast, heavy with desire. I turn my hand and let my knuckles graze over my taut nub, eyeing the rise and fall of his chest as my own breathing begins to quicken. My legs part of their own accord as my gaze travels over his stomach to the bulge in his shorts. I let my other hand drop to my parted thighs, feeling Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan my heat through the thin scrap of silken material.

God I’m so wet, and not just from the shower. As I watch his erection swell before my eyes, I begin to circle my clit slowly, feeling the pink material dampen as my juices begin to seep. My fingers move faster as I see his hand move down towards his quickly hardening shaft.

His fingers slide under the waistband to take a firm grip, and I let my own slip beneath the sodden silk to caress my wet folds. I can’t contain an involuntary moan… my breath catches as I look at his face to see if he has heard anything. He’s watching me!

My hand is frozen in place, I can’t move… can barely even breathe under that intense gaze. I sense movement and notice that he has begun to stroke himself underneath the shorts, his eyes never leaving me. I gulp as I feel my desire weep from me under his steady perusal.

Slowly, I let my fingers move once more, following my slit up and down, mimicking his steady caress. I begin to pant, leaning forward to collect my juices and spread them up over my throbbing clit. As I move, I feel my robe part, and see his hand begin to move with more urgency.

Emboldened by his desire, I wiggle my shoulders ’til the robe slides down my arms, catching at my elbows. I swirl my fingers in a wide circle around a straining nipple, teasing myself as much as him before rolling it between Beylikdüzü Escort a finger and thumb. Another moan escapes me.

My eyes are glued to his hands as he carefully pulls down his shorts, allowing his hard cock to spring free. I lick my lips, convinced I can see a drop of precum at the engorged tip. I let out a whimper and catch his steady gaze.

Slowly, deliberately, I place one foot and then the other onto the window sill, spreading myself further for him. I then part the silk of my robe, giving him a clear view of my hungry pussy.

His mouth opens, and I imagine a groan of arousal as his fist tightens around his cock and begins to stroke anew. I can see the sheen of sweat and desire on his body as he pumps away, and I slip a finger into my wet entrance and begin to slide it in and out, matching his pace. As he picks up speed, I curl my probing digit upwards, pressing against my tender spot.

I try to hold his gaze, my eyes flicking between his and the fervid movements of his fingers… I’m panting heavily now, chest heaving and thighs beginning to tremble with the onset of my release. My eyes flutter shut, my body slipping down the chair slightly as I press deeper inside, my fingers pumping in and out of my wet lips, making an almost obscene squelching sound to accompany my soft moans. My body stiffens as I feel that familiar warmth flood my core, then I throw back my head and cry out, my thighs shuddering as I clench and pulse around my glistening wet fingers. I heave a shuddering, satisfied sigh and try to control my labored breaths, straightening myself on the chair.

I lift my gaze to his, but he is no longer there! My eyes dart around his gym, trying to see where he has moved to. Suddenly, I startle and my heart begins to race furiously. Someone is ringing my doorbell.

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