The Most Wonderful Day of the Year


National Nude Day. Is there really such a holiday? I discovered this crazy concept while browsing one of my favorite websites, Literotica, and thought it would be an exciting idea to see if my wife would go along with being nude for the entire day.

My wife, Mary, has always had an adventurous side to her personality and I was certain this would make for an erotic, spontaneous day. Mary and I have experienced many of our sexual fantasies, ranging from threesomes to orgies so I knew she’d play along.


It didn’t take much coaxing to get her to agree to being naked for the day. We both planned on just spending the day at home in our secluded hideaway in the country. We have an in-ground swimming pool, hot tub and many summer amenities to enjoy during our little mini stay-cation. The 14th of July fell on a Saturday, making it easy to adjust our schedules on short notice.

We could have scripted something, like going to a nude beach or trying to find another swinger couple to enjoy the day with us but figured we’d just wing it, staying at home, just the two of us, hoping for some interesting scenarios.

We awoke the morning of the 14th , I reminded Mary of our pledge to remain nude for the entire day.

“What if someone visits?” Mary asked.

“We’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.” I answered with a sly grin.

We went downstairs together, I made the coffee as Mary started getting things together to prepare breakfast.

I couldn’t help but to stare at how beautiful and sexy she was. Mary isn’t a stick figure but has curves in all the right places. She’s five feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. Her natural C-cups sway and bounce as she struts, always giving me an erection. She’s also a natural redhead, although you couldn’t tell from the obvious way as she keeps her pussy shaved clean. Mary looks ten years younger then her 37 years, maybe because we never had children.

Mary glanced toward me, her eyes making their way down to my growing excitement. She’s always made a big deal of how perfect she thought my cock was, although I never considered it anything special. I considered myself average in size at seven inches erect. I try to stay in decent shape as well, working out when time permits. In no way am I a muscle-man, standing just under 6 feet tall, weighing about 180 pounds.

“OK stud,” Mary said slyly. “How do you propose getting the newspaper wearing no clothes?”

The newspaper boy normally left the paper between the doors but today it was on the front steps.

“Do we have to have the paper today?” I asked.

“You’re the one who said to live today like any other, only naked, so please get the paper.”

I cracked the front door open, looking both ways before snatching the paper from the top step. My semi-erect cock twitched in excitement at the possibility of being seen by someone.

“Got it!” I exclaimed, shutting the door quickly behind me.

Mary enjoyed watching the episode, giggling as she spoke, “I think our neighbor across the street got a good look at you, I think she liked what she saw too.”

We ate our breakfast and had coffee on the pool deck, hidden from spying eyes by a privacy fence. I had a feeling this day was going to be fun and not all that difficult to stay out of people’s view. One thing I did manage to forget was that Saturday was the day our pool boy, James came by early in the morning to add chemicals and vacuum the pool. James was a nineteen year old college student, working his way through college cleaning pools and doing odd jobs. Mary always had the hots for James as she loved strutting her stuff in her tiniest bikinis as James worked.

James was a big kid, probably a football player, muscular and lean. I knew he had a thing for Mary as he almost always removed his shirt as soon as she appeared while he worked. I’m sure he was just showing off for her.

As you have probably guessed by now, James walked into the pool area as we sat eating our breakfast, naked as jaybirds. He froze in place as he took notice of our being naked, looking away as he spoke.

“I’m so sorry folks, I can come back another day, I am so sorry!” James said sheepishly.

“James, it’s no big deal,” Mary said rather nonchalantly. “It’s Nude Day and we’ve decided to be naked all day, regardless of circumstances. You may continue doing your job unless we offend you.”

“Oh, I’m not offended, just surprised and embarrassed,” James said, looking down toward his feet.

Mary’s eyes were locked on James’ crotch as his excitement became noticeable. He must have been very well hung, his cock filling his shorts nicely.

“Please don’t be embarrassed James, we can go inside while you work if you prefer,” I said.

James looked up, glancing again at Mary’s tits as their eyes met. Mary made it obvious that she noticed James’ bulge. He even looked briefly at my cock as it was now almost erect.

“Maybe I should go,” James said.

“I wish you wouldn’t,” etlik escort Mary said seductively, now staring at James’ crotch. “Maybe you’d prefer to be naked too, then there would be no reason for you to be uncomfortable.”

Mary winked at me as she stood, then slithered toward James. James stood motionless, his cock still growing as Mary stood toe to toe with him. Mary took James’ hand and placed it on her tit, then she slid her hand down to his bulge, grasping his cock, rubbing up and down the length of his shaft, making him squirm.

Mary was never shy, unzipping his fly immediately, pulling his cock free. She dropped to her knees, licking the pre-cum from the tip of his large cock. His cock twitched, oozing as her lips wrapped around the head. James looked toward me for my approval, I gave him a thumbs up as Mary slid the length of his shaft into her mouth, gagging slightly as she tried to consume it all.

If I had to guess, I’d say he was a good eight fat inches, just a bit larger then me. Mary was giving him the blow-job of his life, cupping his balls with her palms as she swallowed his entire cock. His cock looked so much fatter then mine, the veins protruding the length of his shaft. I had no idea how she fit it all in her mouth but each time she forced all of him back down she’d gag as his cock entered her throat.

At this time, James had his head tilted back, eyes closed, as he moaned in pleasure. Mary stuffed his entire big cock into her mouth, each time as she went downward her nose rested in his pubic hair. She loved holding it deep as long as possible, gagging and milking the head of his cock with her throat. I couldn’t take any more as I mounted Mary from behind, easily sliding my cock into her moist pussy. Each time I pushed into her I could hear her gag as I forced her to take all of him into her mouth, pushing her forward. James was nearing an eruption, his hips tensed and his ass tightened as he held her head each time I slammed into her from behind. As I pushed forward into her, he did the same, driving his cock down her throat.

James’ bulging veins on his neck signaled he was ready to cum as he grunted and growled. I matched his grunts with my own as my explosion neared. James yelled as he drove his cock deep down her throat as my first hot, sticky load shot forcefully from my shaft. Mary gargled on his first load, swallowing it as the second stream filled her mouth, oozing around his cock, dripping down her chin.

James had his cock pushed into her throat, not letting her retreat for air as he erupted again and again. Mary could only manage a moan and gargled as her mouth was completely full as I filled her pussy from behind. She gulped as quickly as she could, unable to keep up with the steady stream jetting from his thick, throbbing member.

The sight of Mary sucking his big cock made my explosion so intense, I continued pumping load after load into her pussy as his cum covered and dripped from her chin. My thighs tingled and balls were so tight as my creamy semen filled her., erupting in waves. James finally released his hold on her head as his orgasm subsided. Mary cleaned his cock thoroughly, wrapping her tongue around his shaft and sucking every drop from him, then turned her attention to my cock, doing the same. She devoured my cock like an animal in heat, wanting more cum, hungry for it. I had to pull away, my cock was so sensitive, now satisfied.

“Wow,” was all James could muster saying.

“After you clean the pool, I want you to fuck me,” Mary said to James. “Your cock was so delicious but now I want that monster between my legs.”

James nodded his head and went to work, cleaning the pool as we lounged naked watching him. Mary even talked James into going nude while doing his job and I swear, she hardly took her eyes off him. That kid had a hard-on half the time he worked and she loved it. His cock bobbed, semi-erect as she stared at him.

We invited James to have lunch with us after he finished with the pool. Mary and I went in, prepared lunch and made some tropical drinks to lighten the mood and quench our thirsts.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Shit,” Mary said. “We can’t answer the door naked. James is in the backyard naked too.”

“Let me see who it is,” I said.

I looked out from the corner of the curtain and could see a young lady, probably in her twenties standing at the door with a clipboard in her hand.

“I don’t know her.” I said.

“I’ll handle it then,” Mary said, cracking the door open as she stood behind it. “May I help you?”

“Yes. Hello, I’m doing a political survey and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions,” the young lady said.

“This probably isn’t a good time as we’re not dressed properly, but thank you,” Mary said.

“I don’t mind how you’re dressed and will only need a few moments.”

“I don’t think you understand, we might embarrass you with our lack of clothing,” eve gelen escort Mary said. “Today is Nude Day and I promised my husband I’d play along with him.

“Believe me, I’ve seen it all. Nothing would surprise me,” she answered. “But I understand if you don’t want to let a total stranger see you in this condition, I don’t blame you. This survey is very important though.”

I couldn’t believe it when Mary opened the door, standing naked in front of the young lady. The lady’s eyes went from Mary to me, then back to Mary, her mouth open.

“Hmm, I must admit, this is a first,” the lady said. “Do I have to disrobe to do the interview?”

“Only if it would make you more comfortable,” I answered, curling the corner of my lip into a smile.

“That’s my husband, Dave,” Mary said. “My name is Mary.”

“Pleased to meet you Dave and Mary. My name is Julie.”

Mary closed the door and to my surprise Julie started removing her clothes. She took off her shoes, then her blouse and skirt. She stood before us in her bra and panties, looking at us for encouragement.

“You are very beautiful and sexy, please join us,” Mary said.

With a little coaxing and encouragement, Julie removed her bra, revealing a perfect set of D-cup tits with erect nipples. They hung naturally on her tiny frame. I would guess she was five foot two inches tall, maybe 110 to 120 pounds. She had beautiful natural blond hair and blue eyes.

Then she took off her panties, revealing a tiny runway strip to her pussy, proving indeed that she was a natural blond. My cock quickly came to life so I sat down, trying to conceal my growing arousal.

Just then James walked in, expecting lunch. He was still naked as well, his thick cock bouncing as he moved. His eyes just about popped out of his head as he spotted Julie, his eyes devouring her. Julie’s eyes immediately focused on James’ large manhood. He always looked his cock was in in a semi-erect state, thick and full.. Mary was enjoying the view as well, almost salivating.

Our living room consisted of a couch and a recliner so I offered the recliner to our guest, Julie. Mary sat between James and me. I think she sat a little closer to James than me but maybe she was staking her claim to him or something.

“Well, what would you like to ask?” Mary asked Julie.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Julie said, fumbling through her notes nervously.

‘Don’t be nervous Julie, we’re all born naked,” Mary said as her hands rested on James’ and my thighs. James’ cock twitched, glistening already at the tip of his it’s fat head. Mary noticed as well and grabbed his cock, holding it with both hands as she leaned down and licked the moisture from the tip, dipping her tongue into the hole.

“Sorry, had to do that,” Mary said, smacking her lips. “I just can’t resist a great tasting cock.”

“I feel left out,” I said.

Mary then leaned into my lap, sliding my cock into her mouth, still holding James’ cock in her hand.

“Now I feel left out,” Julie said.

Julie stood, slowly moving toward me until she knelt between my legs. She looked over my cock, as if sizing it up, then joined Mary licking my shaft. I reached down to fondle her breasts as I was treated to wonderful mind blowing attention being given to my cock by both women. Mary was still stroking James but James had other ideas.

James started sucking Mary’s tits and Julie began stroking James’ cock too as her tongue continued tracing the length of my shaft. We were all tangled in a maze of sexual pleasure on the couch. I wasn’t quite sure who was being touched or sucked by whom.

“I still want to fuck you,” James said to Mary.

Mary let go of my cock and stood, leaning over as she sucked my cock, joined by Julie. James quickly moved behind Mary and easily slid his cock into her moist pussy, still coated with the cum I had deposited earlier. I had a great view of his balls hanging between my wife’s legs as he slid his large cock completely into her tight pussy. He pushed himself into her until his balls were resting within the folds of her pussy, pushing her forward onto my cock. Both women were still working my cock but I wanted to sample Julie’s little pussy so I slithered off the couch, leaning Julie over as I entered her doggy style. Her pussy was so tight that it took a while before I could fit my entire length into her, working an inch or so in at a time. She moaned in delight, clutching the arm of the couch as the head disappeared between her folds. Her tits hung and swayed as I slid in and out of her, further each time. I cupped her tits in my palms, holding her in place as I drove deeper into her tight little pussy.

James was driving his big cock into Mary as she neared orgasm, screaming and soaking his cock with her juices. His big balls were slapping against her pussy every time he pushed forward. I mimicked his movements, slamming into Julie at the same time, now pushing gaziosmanpaşa escort all of me into her.

“Let’s do some DP, is anyone up for it?” I asked.

“I’d love to,” said Mary.

I pulled my cock from Julie’s pussy and sat on the couch. Mary lowered onto my cock facing me. I could feel James directing his cock toward her ass but knew Mary didn’t like anal, especially with a cock as big as James’.

“How about both in my pussy? Stretch me boys!” Mary panted.

I held steady as I felt James trying to squeeze his big cock into Mary along-side mine. The head of his massive member rubbed the underside of my cock as it squeezed in. I held still, feeling like I would come at any second with the incredible feeling of another man’s cock joining mine in my wife’s pussy. It was so tight and felt so good as we both started to rock in and out, our cocks rubbing along-side each others’ as we stuffed her hole. This quickly put Mary over the edge as she trembled and screamed in orgasm. I had never felt her release like this before, splashing us with her pussy juice. I held back from coming as I wanted to try the same with Julie.

“Julie’s turn,” I said.

James withdrew from Mary, she lifted off me, completely spent and satisfied.

James sat on the couch this time as Julie slid onto his cock, her tight, young pussy stretched by his large member. There was surely not room enough for both of us in her pussy so I lubed my cock and squeezed the head against her ass. She arched and screamed in ecstasy as I entered her, sliding in a little at a time as James sat still, his cock stuffing her pussy. It took a few minutes but I managed to get my entire cock into her ass with our cocks touching with only the tiny membrane between her pussy and ass separating us. Julie loved it. She started rocking and pushing into us, begging to be fucked hard.

“Fuck me guys, hard!” She screamed. “Fuck my ass and pussy!”

James and I pushed in and out in unison, slamming our cocks into her. Her juices soaked our cocks as she trembled and clutched James. I held her tits firmly, squeezing them as my eruption neared.

“Cum in me, fill me up!” Julie yelled.

I slammed into her ass, my balls slapped James’ shaft as his balls slapped mine. We were all three grunting, groaning and screaming as we came together. My cum oozed out her ass, each time I drew back, my hot semen oozed out. His cum filled her pussy, her pussy was coated with a mixture of his cum and mine. I could feel his cock swell each time he shot another load as I’m sure he felt mine. I withdrew from her ass and Mary slipped into my spot and began cleaning Julie up, lapping up what I left behind. As Julie lifted from James, a suction sound of his cock escaping her cum soaked pussy alerted Mary to another area.

Mary rolled Julie to her back and attacked her pussy, craving more cum. Mary looked like a cat rolling in catnip, smearing the cum onto her cheeks and licking Julie’s pussy as cum flowed from within. It was such a hot sight that I found myself getting hard again, stroking my cock to a half erect state but it was just too soon for me to go again. James, on the other hand, at nineteen years old, stroked himself to full erection again.

To my surprise, James began licking Mary’s pussy as she continued devouring Julie. Mary quickly tightened and shook in orgasmic delight within minutes as James eagerly consumed her pussy flow.. Mary and Julie turned their attention to James as I became a bystander, letting the youth take over. This kid was already as hard as a rock again with the ladies stroking and sharing his cock orally.

Mary was a master cock sucker and swallowed his entire cock as Julie fondled and lapped at his balls.

I sat back and enjoyed the view as James closed his eyes and lay back, taking in the attention. It was interesting to see his cock swell as his excitement grew, the veins on his cock became huge just before he shot another string of gooey cum. James lifted his ass off the couch, forcing his eruption upward as both ladies stroked and awaited his gift. The first shot of cum hit Mary in the face, but she was ready for the second as she plunged it into her mouth, swallowing his warm semen greedily. Julie wanted the next load so she guided his member with both hands into her mouth, moaning as she gargled on his stream of hot, gooey sperm.

Both gals had hands stroking, slamming his cock, milking every drop until his ass settled back into the couch, exhausted and drained.

I never knew Mary had Bi tendencies but she then locked in an embrace with Julie again, sharing James’ slimy semen.

We were all exhausted and it was only early afternoon. Julie dressed and left after having us complete the survey she originally came for and James dressed and departed as well.

“Wow, quite a day,” Mary said, after we were alone again.

“The day isn’t over yet, it’s only three o’clock,” I said.

“I can’t take anymore. Can we get dressed now?”

“No way! Nude Day isn’t over yet, things will be quiet for the rest of the day. Let’s take a nap,” I said.

We did just that, waking up three hours later after a much needed rest. Mary almost got away with getting dressed but I put up such a fuss that she didn’t. Instead, it was a warm evening so we decided to Barbeque out by the pool and enjoy the great weather.

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