The Morning After


I feel the need to relieve myself. The warmth beside you makes it hard for me to leave. Alas, I can’t endure it much longer, so I get up to go about my morning routine. The morning is still early as I wander about your place, smiling to myself as I remember the intimacy that we shared last night.I take a stroll down the hall and back into the bedroom that we just shared. I lean against the door frame, taking in the view of you. I think to myself, ahh, what a yummy-looking treat; I have that all to myself. Slowly creeping back into the bed under Manisa Escort the blanket, I crawl, settling between your legs. I lean in and lick your balls, teasing you carefully, trying my best not to wake you.I take my time playing with your balls, rotating them in a circular motion. I alternate between your left and right side. Gently sucking each of your balls, I can hear you groaning a little in your sleep. Your morning wood becomes even stiffer and begins leaking pre-cum.My tongue goes up your shaft, tasting Manisa Escort Bayan my pussy on its length. I make my way up to the head of your cock. At this point, I can’t help myself but suck a little harder on your cock, taking a little bit more of you every time. I can hear your groaning become louder.Then suddenly, I feel a cool breeze across my forehead. I look up and see you’ve lifted the blanket slightly, peeking into the blanket. Our eyes lock onto each other, but my mouth never stops bobbing up and down Escort Manisa your shaft. Until my nose is all the way down, making contact with your pubic hair. I’m gagging and choking at the entire length of your hard cock down my throat, but the pleasure on your face makes me want to try harder to please you.I am beginning to run out of air and try to make my way back up your shaft. All of a sudden, I feel a force against my head, making it impossible to go back up any further. Your hand grabs a fistful of my hair as tears run down my eyes. I open my nostrils more, trying to take more air in.You start to face-fuck me rigorously, my throat being stretched wide to accommodate your girth. After what felt like forever, you cum into my mouth. Seeing your smiling face makes me feel so proud that I swallowed you completely.

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