The Monastic Court.


The Monastic Court.At precisely 9 a.m, they were led into a small room and ordered to undress. They knew the Nun was watching them. She kept repeating that they were naughty fornicators and deserved a good thrashing. Once they had removed their clothing and under garments they were ordered to kneel in front of a large painting of the Abbot;they stared at the painting,at the face of the Abbot who looked very stern,his eyes seemed to bore into their very souls,searching them and probing them,they stared at the face who would pronounce a severe sentence on them. They were not the only ones who would stand before the Abbot today to hear their fate,but they would be the first.”Fornicator’s,wicked,filthy fornictaor’s,you will suffer today”, came the Nun’s voice from behind them.They could hear her habit shuffling as she paced behind them. Prioress Agnes stared at the two naked people kneeling before the painting of the Abbot,she felt very aroused,she couldn’t take her eyes off of their bare backs and bottoms,she smiled at the thought of what was about to happen to them.Prioress Agnes had spanked many,many bare bottoms in her time at the Monastery of Repentance ,she never grew tired of seeing and feeling bare bottoms,she enjoyed bringing her hand to bare on a naughty,wicked penitent’s bare bottom,she enjoyed using her cane and strap on someone’s bare bottom,the sights and sounds within the Monastery of Repentance excited her;male or female it mattered not to Prioress Agnes as long as she had a bare bottom to slap !Mark and Alison had both been married,but a chance meeting in a shop had led them into an affair and now destiny had led them to kneeling before the painting of the Abbot;they were naked and shivering,not from the cold ,but from fear. They glanced at each other and tried to comfort each other by smiling,but seeing Alison’s sexy smile began to excite Mark and caused her to giggle loudly.This Escort brought the unwanted attention of Prioress Agnes who soundly slapped each one of them on the bare back with a strap causing them both to fall forward and giving Prioress Agnes a most delightful view of their bare bottoms.”Silence,Fornicator’s !” Prioress Agnes roared,her voice echoing in their ears as she grabbed Alison by her ear.They had been kneeling for a while,listening to Prioress Agnes tell them how wicked they were,when suddenly they heard the door to the room open and a voice say, ” Bring the wicked penitent’s forward !””On your feet wicked,filthy fornicator’s!” Prioress Agnes yelled.They stood up and followed the Prioress into a large room. At the top of the room was a raised platform and three chairs, two Nuns sat on two of the chairs,one Nun,an old Nun,looked at them sternly while the other Nun sat in front of a huge ledger writing and glancing at them with what seemed mild interest. “Move closer,wicked Fornicators!” prioress Agnes yelled,beating them on their bare backs with her strap causing them to cry out and move closer to the raised platform. They stood there,naked and very afraid and waited.A few moments passed and a monk entered the room and stood behind Mark,while Prioress Agnes stood behind Alison.Alison and Mark both felt very uneasy knowing that the Nun and Monk were standing behind them no doubt gazing upon the bare bottoms that they would soon be thrashing. Their thoughts were interrupted by a door opening behind the raised platform and the appearance of the old Abbot wearing his long black habit,cowl,scapular and strap.He wore the hood of his habit up ,but his eyes from under the hood bore into them. The Abbot sat on an ornate chair and looked down at them.The Nun who sat to the Abbot’s left suddenly spoke, “This is Alison and Mark,they were caught having a wicked relationship despite Escort Bayan been joined in sacred matrimony to others,they stand before you,Abbot,to decide their fate.”The Abbot glared at them ,there was silence,Mark and Alison stared at the floor.”The sanctity of marriage is sacred,you have ignored the vows you took to those you wed,you have fornicated and answered the call of lust;your wicked appetite for each others flesh has led you down a path paved with sinful and wicked deeds; you must be punished severely.,your sinful thoughts must be washed from you minds; your bodies must suffer in order to save your souls”, the Abbot said in a monotonous voice. His words filled their ears,they both kept staring at the floor,feeling shame ,but what the Abbot could not know was that they both had no regrets,they had enjoyed the wild torrid sex on the back seat of Mark’s car,their heaving bodies,glistening with sweat locked in sinful lust.”Do you have anything to say for yourselves before I pronounce sentence,?” the Abbot asked.Mark raised his head and looked at the Abbot,he could see the Abbot gazing at his nakedness and then that of Alison. “It was my fault,Master Abbot,I led Alison astray,please let her go and do what you want with me,please!” Mark pleaded.”It takes two wicked fornicator’s to do what you both done,this wicked wench was in control of her own actions,she is as guilty as you,my boy “,the Abbot said ,looking at Alison who still stared at the floor.Alison looked up and said, ” Please ,Abbot,forgive us,we were sinful ,I more that Mark,I could not satisfy myself,I had to feel his body next to me,please deal with me more severely,” Alison begged before returning her gaze to the floor.”Wicked harlot,you both will receive equal chastisement,” the Abbot said.Despite their situation,Mark found himself failing to control his penis from becoming erect,a wicked thought Bayan Escort of Alison encapsulating his penis in her mouth appeared in his mind . The Abbot noticed this,so did the Nun’s.The Nun who was writing in the ledger felt a great personal excitement flow through her body ,she was younger than the other Nun who sat at the Abbot’s right hand side.The older Nun had a remedy for erections,she slapped the offending appendage with a school ruler,now she felt a rage inside her and wanted dearly to take her ruler to Mark’s erect penis ! “It is my order that you Alison will be taken to a private room by Prioress Agnes and beaten, you will receive twenty lashes with a suitable strap from the good Prioress,and may you repent with every stroke,” the Abbot said looking at Alison.Upon hearing her fate,Alison cried, “Please,no,please no,forgive me Abbot,have mercy on me,!””SILENCE,HARLOT ! the Abbot yelled.Now looking at Mark the Abbot said, “You boy will be taken to a private room and beaten by Bro.Anselm,you will suffer twenty slaps with a suitable strap and may you repent at every stroke.” Mark noticed the Abbot look at his fully erect penis.”And Mother Superior Gertrude here will join Bro.Anselm,she has a way of reducing wicked appendages from appearing, take them away and beat them both soundly !” the Abbot said,indicating to the old Nun sitting on his right who produced a school ruler from somewhere under her voluminous habit.Mark not alone felt the searing sting of the Monk’s strap ,but he had to suffer the indignity of having his penis slapped severely and repeatedly by Mother Superior Gertrude who wielded her school ruler to great and lasting effect. Alison screamed and cried.Mark could hear her screams for mercy coming from the adjoining room,but Prioress Agnes was enjoying herself too much to desist and show Alison any form of mercy. After their chastisement Mark and Alison entered a programme of ‘reconciliation’ with their spouses under the auspices of the Monastery of Repentance. Corporal punishment certainly proved a most efficient way to chastise the sins of the flesh. I AM SURE THE ABBOT IS WILLING TO HEAR YOUR CONFESSION.

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