The Massage Table


As I walked through our over-55 community, I noticed a new lady riding her competition bicycle. As she passed me I could not help but notice how well her ass sat on her bike seat. Two nice cheeks split by what appeared to be a thong under her Lycra bike shorts, and they appeared very firm. It takes me about 25 minutes to walk the two mile loop around our community, and she passed me three times in that timeframe. As I came to a crossroad I finally got a good look at her from the front, and I swear I could see a camel-toe as her shorts were so tight. At the clip she was riding she was working up quite a sweat, but wasn’t pausing to drink much water.

As I turned up our street to finish my walk, I heard a crash behind me. I turned and saw the biker had fallen to the side of the road and was laying there grabbing her right calf. She obviously had a cramp in her leg and was in some pain. I turned back toward her, offering a water bottle and reaching down to massage her calf. She drank half the bottle down and then winced as I hit the tight muscles of her calf. As I rubbed down her leg I explained that I was a trainer at our local high school, and continued trying to ease her discomfort.

As soon as she was able to stand we lifted her bike and found the front tire rim was bent from the fall. As we walked back to her house we introduced one another and I found her name was Jill and she was recently widowed. She had been into competition riding since college and had joined a local club soon after moving here. She looked down at her front tire and said “Great. Another expense I can’t afford!” and started crying.

I offered to fix her tire as I had worked in a bike shop and still had most of the specialty tools. So we marched her into her living room, propped her leg up on an ottoman and I got a zip-lock bag of ice to drape over her calf. As she was comfortable, I said I would see her later in the afternoon and left, getting her bike as I went out through the garage.

Two hours later I had her tire spokes trued back up and put a new inner tube into it and mounted it back onto her bike. I took it for a ride around the loop, and then dropped it back off at Jill’s home. I knocked on the door and Jill called for me to come in. Her calf was still in spasm, so I suggested a massage to work some of the muscles free. She insisted that wasn’t Kolej Escort necessary, as she would just lay around the rest of the day and give it time to heal. I nodded okay and told her that I finished work on her bike and it was in the garage when she felt ready to ride again.

Two days later Jill sped by me as I was on my daily walk, then looped back around and stopped beside me. She thanked me for fixing her bike, and said that it was so much easier to pedal. I shrugged and told her that it just needed a tune up and grease on the rear hub. Jill laughed and said maybe she needed a tune up herself.

I stood back and took a good look at her. Jill was 5′ 3″, maybe 105 pounds and maybe a B cup. On her petite frame they looked like a decent handful. I told Jill there was nothing wrong with her looks, but she insisted she was out of shape for long distance rides. I tried to convince her otherwise, but it was a losing battle.

Several months passed with us nodding as she sped by, but not really talking much. Then, as I was driving back from an afternoon game, I came upon a group of cyclists gathered at the side of the road. As I pulled over to see if I could help, one of the cyclists said a car ran three of the group off the road and they were waiting for an ambulance as one had a compound fracture. Just then the ambulance pulled up, the EMTs had the injured rider on a gurney and drove off. I looked around, and Jill edged up close to me and said she could use a ride home as her legs had cramped during the wait. I loaded her bike into the rear of my pickup and hoisted her into the front seat.

As we drove back to the community, I volunteered my services as a massage therapist. She was hesitant at first but agreed to try a massage. We drove to my house and I eased her down out of the truck into my house and onto the couch. I got my massage table out of the spare bedroom and moved it to the great room as I wanted to ease her mind that I wasn’t going to try anything. I plugged in a warmer and poured some oil into it. As Jill laid down on the table I asked her if she wanted to remove her bike shorts and drape a towel over her backside so as not to get oil on them. She asked me to step out of the room so she could have some privacy, so I gave her a few minutes. She called me back in and I looked Kuzey Ankara Escort down at her perfect bubble butt covered by the towel.

I poured oil on her calf and started massaging the cramps away. I worked my way up her inner thigh, and the back of my hand grazed the edge of her panties. Jill jumped up, startled, and tried to edge off the table. I gently pushed her back and assured her that it was accidental. We finished the massage, and Jill said she felt so much better. I offered my services if she ever felt the need again and Jill decided to take me up on it as a weekly massage after the long training runs.

The next week, Jill rang my doorbell and announced she was ready for her massage. I started to move the table and she said no, the spare bedroom was fine. She told me to give her five minutes and then come in. I did as told, and once more found her on the table with a towel draped over her. Once more I started at her calves and worked my way up her legs. As I worked her thigh, I moved my palms to the inside of her thigh expecting to feel her panties again. Instead, my palms touched the wet skin of her bald pussy. Jill laughed and said “I wondered how long it would take you to find me naked.” I laughed with her, then ran both hands up and cupped her lips to separate them. I slowly started to rub the outside of her pussy lips as I leaned over to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer.

I suggested we move to the bed as I did not want her falling off the table. As we laid on the bed I took her boobs in my hand and massaged them gently. As her nipples grew and became hard, I pinched them between my thumb and forefinger. I then twisted them up away from her chest until she grimaced with the pain. Then I released them and slipped one into my mouth. Jill grabbed my hair and shoved my face harder into her chest. I proceeded to motorboat her boobs and dropped one hand down to finger her pussy. I inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers into her as she started panting and writhing on the bed. I licked from one nipple to the other, bringing Jill closer and closer to an orgasm. When she finally hit her peak, I eased my fingers out of her pussy and leaned back to watch her.

When she was able to breathe normally again, I spread her legs and Maltepe Escort started to eat her pussy. I curled my tongue and licked though her meaty outer lips, savoring her taste. Jill bucked up to meet my tongue, so I licked faster and harder. Jill acted like a woman possessed, as she grabbed my hair and pushed me deeper into her pussy. Her wetness threatened to drown me, and I could not get enough of her taste. She squirted all over my face, my shirt and the bed sheets. As she came down from her second orgasm, I climbed off the bed and removed the last of my clothes. Jill just stared at my cock, and reached her arms out to draw me back to the bed.

I parted her legs, put her thighs up onto my shoulders and slowly entered her pussy. We started slow, but soon both of us were ready for more. I pulled out, grabbed her hips and turned her over onto her knees and plunged back into her doggy style. We were going hot and heavy, pushing toward release when Jill collapsed onto her chest, jerking me out of her pussy. As I speared back down into her I was too high and pushed up against her rosebud asshole. The head of my cock went in about an inch, and I stopped in shock.

Jill looked back over her shoulder and said “Well, you’re in part way, so you might as well continue!” I grunted agreement and slid the rest of the way until my ball sack banged against her. We worked slowly through the tightness and as Jill’s ass spread to accommodate my thickness, we ramped back up to full long deep strokes. All too soon, I was ready to cum in her tight ass, but wanted Jill to reach another orgasm. I reached under her and grabbed a boob in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Soon Jill was rocketing off to another squirting orgasm and I filled her ass.

As we laid there in the wet sheets, Jill said she needed a shower. I got towels out of the closet and started the water. We climbed in and shampooed each other’s hair, then scrubbed each other clean. I rubbed a finger along her slit, and Jill shuddered and asked me what I thought I was doing. I just massaged her clit rougher and pushed her against the wall of the shower. I lifted her right leg and shoved my cock back into her pussy as the water cascaded over us. It took no time at all for Jill to reach a frenzied peak and she squirted once more in the shower. I cut off the water and toweled Jill dry. She dropped to her knees and sucked her juices off my cock and smiled up at me, then laughed and said I better dry off the rest of my body.

As we got dressed, I looked at my petite neighbor and wondered if we would ever do this again. Jill walked to the front door and as she was leaving said “Same time next weekend?”

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