The Long Awaited Vacation – Day 05


Day five

The next morning Bob and Sylvia, both joined us for breakfast again and he thanked us both for making his wife feel young and desired again.

Heather and Sylvia were talking and having exchanged numbers the two were fast on the way to becoming great friends. Just then we noticed that Steve walked in alone and sat at the bar to have his breakfast.

This was the first time we saw him since he watched us from his balcony a few nights earlier. Heather had already told Sylvia all about the events from the first night and how she had such mixed emotions about the whole thing.

On one hand Heather felt she had betrayed me by taking another man into mouth after letting him finger her to one of the most extreme orgasms she had ever had up to that point. She then admitted to Sylvia about seeing him watch us and how turned on she was by that.

That was the night we first meet Bob and Sylvia. She also told how she still felt mixed about the whole thing. Therefore, she allowed Sylvia to suck me while she sat on my face, but it also gave her a sense of power.

She knew how much I liked to watch her from all the recordings I had made of us at home, and she knew that I had a little voyeuristic side that wanted to be watched as well. So, she had dealt with the mixed emotions so far, but she couldn’t understand why she was so turned on by this as well.

Heather and Sylvia continue to talk for some time and as Steve was leaving, he stopped by the table to invite us all to the dance club that evening that the first round would be on him.

That day we spoke about all the sex and excitement, and we came to an understanding that if we were both there and involved that it would all be ok. We thought we could just keep it to oral play and fondling, but we also agreed to let the moment dictate how things went.

That night came and Heather dressed to the nines wearing the same dress as the first night and hair and make-up done. This time she wore her garter belt and stockings which she knows I love and no panties at all.

We meet with Bob and Sylvia at dinner and Heather told her she wasn’t wearing panties for the night and to our shock Sylvia reached up under her dress and slides her panties off right there at the dinner table.

Bob says to us all that he wants us to know that he is perfectly ok with Sylvia having some action because he can’t give her any. Heather says she isn’t sure if she can share more than she has or not, but we will see how the night goes.

We leave dinner and head to the dance club where Steve is already waiting for us in the same dark corner U shaped booth. After a few hours of just normal drinks and dancing everyone loosened up quite a bit.

Heather was now openly flirting with Steve and even asked if he had enjoyed the show from his balcony the other night. Bob was about to fall asleep as he was 70 years old, and he excused himself to go to bed.

So now it’s me sitting between Heather and Sylvia with Steve on the other side of Heather. We are in the darkest corner of the club, and no one can see a thing.

We are all getting drunk and Heather kisses me and says remember our deal about what is ok and starts making out with Steve and pulls his dick out right there at our table.

She gives Sylvia a knowing look and starts to slowly jerk him off. Sylvia then slides as close to me as possible and says she needs to be relieved.

I start working my hand up her thigh knowing she isn’t wearing panties and she spreads her legs to give me full access. She pulls my dick out and slowly starts stroking it.

Right about then some club dance music comes on and Heather drags Steve to the dance floor. She either forgot or didn’t care that his fully erect penis was in her hand and next thing you know she is grinding her ass against his bare dick.

Steve had managed to pull Heather’s dress up, so his dick was inside her dress as it hung down over his cock to the side. Heather had his dick right in between her ass cheeks basically jerking him off with her ass while on the dance floor.

Sylvia wasn’t letting me go anywhere and I just sat there staring at my beautiful wife fingering a 60-year-old very attractive women while she was jerking me off.

Now Heather and Steve were dancing just a few feet from the table in the dark corner of the crowded dance bar. I told Sylvia that I was getting very close to Cuming, and she said it had been over 15 years since she had tasted a man’s cum, mouthed something to Heather and then her lips were wrapped around my dick right there in our both.

Heathers favorite dance song “yeah” comes on. Her and Steve dancing right in front of me giving me a show. Steve’s dick in between Heathers ass cheeks, his right hand now on her tit with his left on her pussy. Her dress pulled up so I can see her getting her clit rubbed and one hand on top of Steve’s pulling his hand into her breast while her head is laid back on his shoulder.

Then the bend over and touch your toes part of the song Kadıköy Escort came on and Heather bent forward she couldn’t go all the way down because the table was in the way. Now I hadn’t forgot that Heather wasn’t wearing panties or that Steve’s hard dick was out of his pants in between her ass cheeks, but this is when I realized the combination here may not be good.

Steve’s dick went from being nestled in between Heathers bare ass cheeks to right in between her legs when she bent over. Heather was just a foot away from me with a shocked and terrified look on her face as I realized that this move had lined Steve up perfectly to penetrate her right there.

Heather reached out and grabbed my hand. It seemed like a ten-minute pause although it was only seconds and Steve had moved both hands to Heather’s hips and indeed pushed himself into my wife right there on the dance floor in front of me.

Heather’s eyes rolled back, and she let out a slight moan. As she did, I came in Sylvia’s mouth, and she just kept going. Steve pumped into Heather 5-6 times as her free hand clenched in a fist from the feeling of his hard cock inside her.

It only took Steve the 5-6 hard pumps to empty his balls into my wife right there on the dance floor with her bent over the table less than a foot from me. I can’t blame him he had been getting jerked off by her hand and ass cheeks for almost 30 minutes now.

When Steve exploded inside her she opened her eyes wide and stared straight into mine. I knew what was happening, Heather reached down between her legs as she stood up and pulled Steve from inside her although his dick stayed between her legs, he was no longer inside her.

They danced this way for several more songs then returned to be seated. Sylvia had gotten me hard again and never stopped sucking my dick. She was face down in my lap as my hands roomed from her ass to her pussy with her dress up around her hips and legs spread to give full access to it all.

We ordered shots and when they came, she finally sat up. We all took shots and Sylvia pushed my hand back under her dress and into her pussy.

This gave Steve the ok to start playing with Heather again. This time Heather saw how hard my dick was and went down on me to suck me off. She got so into the blow job that her hips had rotated up towards Steve as he was still fingering her. Sylvia was lost and lying flat down in booth, to where her and Heather could take turns on my dick.

I notice Steve move and next thing I know he was buried balls deep in my wife for the second time tonight in a public setting.

This time Heather didn’t stop him and renew her efforts on my dick as she was getting it good from behind. Steve stared with long slow strokes with slight movements so to not attract attention to us then Heather started pushing back into him and started working her hips, so he didn’t need to move at all.

About this time the lights came up and the manager comes around. Apparently, the group at the next booth wear enjoying similar activities but no wear near as discreet as we were.

The lights coming on made Heather sit straight up and Steve held her hips so now she is sitting on his dick breathing hard slowly grinding while the manager is scolding the group next to us.

Sylvia kind of ducked under the table as the lights came on and never stopped sucking my dick. The whole time the manager was right beside us

Heather continued to grind Steve’s dick into her pussy and Sylvia was sucking me with all she had. The lights went back off and we all laughed.

Heather says let’s get out of here, but Steve said in a minute. He wrapped one arm around her waist and grabbed a hand full of hair pulling her head back and fucked her hard and fast for about three minutes exploding deep inside her.

Heather was having her own orgasm as he exploded. Steve says, “now we can go.” I said, “no we can’t, I need to cum first.” Heather then removed herself from Steve and straddled me facing me and slide my dick deep inside her.

Her pussy felt swollen, sticky, and sloppy from already having 2 loads in it. I have never known her to be so horny before as she fucked me with a purpose and passion I have never experienced.

Sylvia held my dick and guided it into my wife’s pussy. Sylvia started licking my balls as Heather rode me which sent me over the edge and a third load deep into Heather’s pussy.

She felt me explode inside her and Sylvia occasionally tonguing her ass which sent her over the edge to her orgasm. She couldn’t be quite any longer as she convulsed all over my dick.

A few minutes later we caught our breath, and she slides off of me and onto the bench between Steve and me. Sylvia licks me clean real fast, and we gather our things to leave.

I ask Heather if she needs to go clean up in the restroom before we head out and she say no she kind of likes it the way it is. I had to pee so the other 3 say they will meet me out front.

When I came out it was only Sylvia Kadıköy Escort Bayan there. She said, “Steve and Heather went ahead and took the nature trail back.” We decided to follow to see if they were up to anything.

We came around a corner a little way down the path and heard Heather moaning. She was standing with her dress up around her waist as Steve was on his knees in front of her eating her pussy.

She was standing on one leg with the other wrapped around his head and draped over his back. She had pulled both her tits out and had one hand squeezing them as the other had a hand full of Steve’s hair.

Sylvia and I stop to enjoy the show for a few minutes. Then we realize that there is another couple sitting on the park bench just in front of the two of them and Heather is allowing them to watch.

Sylvia starts to play with my dick and pulls it out. She gets in front of me and pulls her dress up and takes my dick in between her thighs. She is just grinding on it with no penetration at all, but the hardness rubbing along her slit and to her clit was really stimulating her.

I’m steady watching Heather as she is in complete control. Now she is smearing his face with her cum drenched pussy. She finally pulls him up and makes him sit on the bench opposite the couple watching.

She then lowers herself onto him and rides him reverse style while staring at this other couple the whole time. That’s when I see that this is the same couple we watched in the Everglades.

It’s about now that I realize that at some point during this that Sylvia had leaned forward, I was playing with her ass, and I then buried my cock deep inside her.

She lets out a long loud moan as I penetrated her. Looking back at me she says, “this is the first man she has had in 15 years and took all of it.” I grabbed her hips and started slamming into her and she couldn’t take it and start screaming in excitement.

Heather heard her and looked at us but never missed a beat. She continued to grind her hips in a back-and-forth motion playing with her tits then returned to staring at the couple right in front of them.

Steve had a hand around her waist frantically rubbing her clit as he was now the one getting fucked.

Sylvia was shaking and screaming, “Oh my god, yes please fuck me”. All four of us came and headed back to our room.

Once back at our room Steve started to make drinks and Heather and I stepped outside for a fast chat while Sylvia excused herself to check on Bob and freshen up a bit.

Once outside Heather gave me a big hug and kiss. I could tell something was bothering her. She apologized for allowing things to go too far past what we had discussed.

I told her that I wasn’t mad, and it really turned me on to watch her. I told her I only wish I was able to record it like I do is at home so I could watch it again. She gave me a big kiss and said the night wasn’t over and maybe there would be something to record later.

She tells me she wishes she could’ve seen the look on Sylvia’s face when I started pounding her and the thought of that is what had made her cum on the nature trail.

I looked over Heather’s shoulder and noticed that Sylvia had returned and her and Steve were sipping drinks at the table giving us a few moments of privacy.

I told her they were waiting on us and she said whatever happens tonight we need to promise it will never be held against one another for anything and that anything goes for tonight only.

As we came inside, we noticed that Sylvia and Steve had started making out. Heather says to me now is your chance to start filming as she removed her dress and joined them.

Of all the things I had seen and done that night the next thing is what shocked me the most. Heather removes Sylvia’s dress and starts fondling her fake breast and kisses her long and deep.

Steve was standing behind Sylvia and guided the two of them to the couch. Heather sat down and Sylvia now kissed all the way down Heathers breast to in between her legs which she spread willingly.

Steve had kneeled behind Sylvia and was about to enter her when Sylvia stopped him. She told us that her husband had only given her permission to be with me and she needed to respect that. She was sorry if she gave Steve the wrong idea by kissing him a few minutes earlier.

So, Steve stood up respecting her wishes and moved to Heathers head where she eagerly took him deep in her mouth. So, here I am filming my beautiful wife being eaten out by a women 15 years her senior while sucking off a man 10 years her junior.

I continue to film as I walk over behind Sylvia, and she looks at me and says, “it’s yours do with it as you please.” I start to rub her ass and pussy as she moans into my wife’s cum filled honey pot.

I set my phone down to continue recording and grab Heathers phone and set it up to record from another angle. I kneel behind Sylvia and she grabs my dick and guides it straight into her swollen pussy.

She was Escort Kadıköy still swollen from the earlier activity on the natural trail. I decided that I would be very gentle this time and slowly slid the length all the way in then all the way out.

The feel of her pussy was different than Heathers. She was obviously swollen and super tight, but also not as wet as Heather normally gets.

She loved this and started to lick my wife with a renewed passion. I noticed at this time that Heather was going almost all the way down on Steve till her nose was buried in his pelvis.

I thought she doesn’t take me that deep and that maybe after this she would. I start short stroking Sylvia by removing my dick almost completely before sliding back to just an inch above the head and repeating this.

I also slid my thumb in her ass at the same time. Heather and Steve had repositioned themselves to where she could ride his dick reverse style on the couch and still give Sylvia full access to her pussy and clit.

I had one hell of a view here. While Heather and Steve were adjusting positions Sylvia look back at me and told me’ “everything was mine for the night to do with as I please.” She took my hand that had my thumb buried in her ass saying, “please be gentle when you decide to go in there.”

She leaned up and I gave her a passionate long deep kiss. She smelled and tasted like my wife. She then returns eagerly to my wife’s pussy and clit.

Steve was sitting on the couch legs spread wide while my wife was riding him long and slow his hands wrapped around her waist and playing with her tits the whole time.

Heather raised her feet up onto Steve’s knees so Sylvia could get back to her. This continues for a good while and Sylvia seems to be able to cum repeatedly.

The rest of us are lasting a good long time because we have all came multiple times in the past 4 hours. Steve finally moans loud as he explodes inside my wife yet again.

He got up to get a drink and Sylvia continues to eat Heather. She has all but cleaned every drop of cum from her as both the girls start to cum.

Now I’m the only one that hasn’t cum since we returned to the room. Sylvia says to me, “go ahead and lay down here. If you won’t fuck me in the ass, then I’ll have to fuck you with my ass.”

She gets some lube and slowly lowers her ass onto my rock-hard dick. It was super tight and a completely different texture. Heather starts making out with her and decides to sit on my face so she can kiss Sylvia and play with her tits.

Talk about every man’s dream. I’ve got my cock buried deep into the hottest 60-year-old women I’ve ever seen. My wife is sitting on my face grinding her soaking wet pussy all over my tongue while kissing and fondling another woman.

Sylvia leans back, raises her legs so her feet are flat on the floor and although I could confirm it until I saw it on film Heather went down on her and started eating her pussy while she was riding me with her ass.

After several minutes of this Heather realized I was nowhere near Cuming. Heather removed herself from my face and told Sylvia to turn around, so she continued to ride me with her ass with her back facing me.

Heather went back down on her and then I felt her use our mixed juices to lube up her finger as she inserted it in my ass and started to massage my prostate.

I held Sylvia in place and started to fuck her ass hard and fast she was Cuming again and again and finally I erupted inside her. She was having spasms and full body convulsions from her orgasm as Heather wouldn’t stop sucking her clit.

We all three collapsed in exhaustion and noticed Steve passed out on the couch. The three of us went and got in our bed and cuddled until we were all asleep.

At some point during the night, I’m woken up with Heathers mouth around my dick. Sylvia is nowhere to be found and I just laid back and enjoyed it.

That’s when I realized that Heather was on her knees taking Steve from behind while sucking me and Sylvia was filming the whole thing. I thought to myself that Heather wasn’t going to be able to walk tomorrow.

She is pushing her hips back into him as he has a firm grip on her ass sliding his dick in and out of her from behind. She can feel every inch of him all the way from the tip to his base throbbing inside of her.

Her pussy is swollen and sore from all the action she has seen tonight. I can see by the look on her face that even though she is enjoying it she is starting to feel pain instead of pleasure.

She continues to suck me while letting Steve take her long and slow from behind. Sylvia is getting great footage of this with my phone. After about 10 minutes of slow steady fucking Sylvia comes over and sits on my face while continuing to film.

Sylvia’s pussy is grinding back and forth on my face as I reach up around her hips and hold her in place so I can suck her clit into my mouth.

Sylvia cums on my face and I cum inside my wife’s mouth and Steve starts to really pound hard. Heather is taking it and giving it just as good. He cums deep inside her and they both collapsed.

Steve says he must go and leaves to return to his room. Sylvia helped herself to orally clean up both Heather and I getting me hard again in the process.

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