the librarian.

the librarian.
I took a look at myself in the mirror with pleasure. I was wearing my favorite black tank top that dipped down to display my full C cup breasts along with my short black skirt. It looked good along with my athletic build, long sexy black hair and some assertive heels to top it all off. I knew it looked like I was ready to go to the club, but the truth was I was heading to the library.

I wasn’t concerned with the books looking at me, but there was one librarian in particular that I WAS concerned with.I had discovered him a couple months earlier while I had my head in a book. It takes a lot for me to pull my head out of a book but one glance up and I was hooked. He walked by with such confidence and the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen. He was quite a bit younger than me with built chest that you could clearly see through his uniformed shirt. To my delight, he was quite the flirt too. I found myself “needing a new book” a lot more often. I would go in and hang around him pretending to get a book. Which is exactly what was taking me to the library again. I knew I couldn’t have him. I had only slept with 1 other guy in my life, not the sleeping around type, and he was far too young for me to be in a real relationship with. That, however, didn’t stop me from fantasizing about him every night as I fingered myself to an explosive orgasm.
After I got to the library we chatted as much as we could without his supervisor getting angry as she had in the past. I had no idea how the time went so fast as the next thing I knew the lights were flashing as a warning to closing time. Saddened inside that I would have to leave him again, I took in all that I could of him. He was so sweet to the older customers but there was something about him that just screamed bad boy. Just thinking about him being such a bad boy got my pussy wet.
“Well, I guess I should go since you’re boss is going to kick me out soon.” I said with a teasing smile.
He flashed an amazing look at me and walked closer to me than he ever had which sent electricity through my body instantly. He bent over and whispered in my ear, “Wait outside for me, I will be out in 10.” and then he walked off.
I thought my body was going to explode! He didn’t even touch me, but I felt like I was going to melt all over the floor. I walked out of the library trying to conceal the intense smile that was radiating from inside me. I wanted to stay so badly, but I didn’t want him to think I was a slut either. As everyone else left the library, I started getting really anxious battling to stay or go in my head. I wasn’t finished with the battle when I heard a “pssst” coming from behind me.
There he was, standing in the night, so gorgeous with his brunette hair, manly build and amazing blue eyes. He had a backpack on, revealing just how young he was and it thrilled me.
“Oh, hey. Umm… I was just…” I started stammering.
“Come with me. I want to show you something.” he said with a big smile and enthusiasm as he started walking away. I took a big breath and began following him with my heart racing. As if my heart didn’t feel like exploding already, I noticed he was leading me to the alley behind the library. If he was anyone else, I would be gone already but I couldn’t walk away from him. I knew I shouldn’t but I followed him into the dark alleyway that was sandwiched between the back of the library and a row of backyards. I saw him disappear into a cove where a backyard wall dipped in for an electricity box. When I got there he was pulling a joint out of his backpack.
“What are you doing?!” I whispered loudly.
“Calm down. It’s great.” He said with a smile that shut me right up. He took a big hit and I just leaned back on the wall to watch him.
“Want to try?” he asked.
“No. No I don’t smoke. I never did. I was an angel growing up.” I said with another teasing smile.
He locked eyes with me and came over to me with the joint.
“Do it.” he said as he put it up to my mouth.
“No.” I kind of giggled nervously not wanting to upset him but not wanting to smoke pot either. I really was a good girl. I didn’t do that kind of stuff. I had smoked pot once in my whole life and it was years ago.
He inched closer to me and put the joint on my lips. “Take a big inhale. You’ll feel good.”
My body was on fire with him so close to me and I didn’t want it to end so I submitted to his demand. As he held it and looked into my eyes, I took a big puff. I coughed and coughed so hard.
He chuckled and said “That’s a good girl. Try again.”
I really didn’t want to but he had a twitch of seriousness in his voice that I didn’t want to push considering my position in a dark alley alone with him. I took a couple more puffs and he seemed to be pleased. We made small talk, flirting as usual in the secret cove as he finished the joint.
It wasn’t long before I started feeling very funny. I felt suddenly alarmed knowing that something wasn’t right. He was telling me a funny story about someone at his college when he noticed my body language change.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know. I guess it’s been a long time since I smoked pot. I don’t remember ever feeling like this.”
He chuckled. “Maybe you didn’t have pot laced with ecstasy before.”
My heart stopped. “It had WHAT?!” I asked in disbelief.
“You will feel good. You’ll like it.” he said coolly like he did it all the time.
“Oh my God, Oh my God. Why did you do that?” I said.
Suddenly I was very aware of police sirens getting closer and so was he. His eyes got real big and he quickly zipped up his bag. He grabbed my arm and started to head out of the cove when we saw cop lights flashing up the street.
“Shit!” he pulled me back in the cove. “Hop up” he demanded as he put his hand out for me to hop over the wall.
“Into their backyard?!” I yelled.
“Do it! I have a shit ton of d**gs in this bag and you are on d**gs too. Do you know how long we will be in jail if we get caught? GO!”
Without thinking I hopped over the wall into the backyard and saw him appear over the wall just as the police car turned into the alley.
I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I didn’t do things like this. I was a GOOD girl. He grabbed my arm and dragged me over to a tool shed in the corner of the yard. He pushed me into the shed and got in right behind me. I found myself sandwiched between this sexy bad boy and the wall of the tool shed. The tool shed had a tiny opening that let me see numerous cops showing up in the alley and illuminated the shed slightly.
“Yep! I smell pot! They couldn’t have gone far. We will find them!” I heard a cop yell.
My head was spinning with emotions. The d**gs had my body tingling, the cops had my heart racing with fear and this sexy bad boy up against my back had my pussy wet. It was all just too much to handle. As I was taking it all in, trying to be as quiet as possible, I felt a hand on my bare thigh. I gasped as I realized he was brushing his hand along my thigh. I stayed silent and very still. I felt him push up against me harder and I could feel his hot breath on my neck, his hard cock through our clothes, on my ass.
“Fuck” I groaned quietly as I exhaled. “No, stop.” I whispered even though I was melting inside.
His hand kneading my thigh harder as he wandered further up my skirt and his other hand came around to my exposed cleavage.
“Stop. I can’t do this.” I whispered even though I felt the thrill of pleasure course through my veins. As he grabbed my tit hard his other hand reached up to my hot wet thong. I realized he was going much further than just fooling around and it scared me. I tensed up and clamped my legs together. He spun me around to face him and his blazing blue eyes.
“You know you want this and you’re going to get it.” he rasped at me as he came closer to my mouth and then feverishly kissed me with built up passion. I wanted to fight it, but it was all too much. The sexual tension that had built up over months, the intoxicating d**gs, the adrenaline, knowing even if I screamed, I would just be caught by the cops looking for us on the other side of the fence. I surrendered my body as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
His mouth traveled to my neck where he kissed and tasted me, sending chills through my body. I grabbed a handful of his hair and tried to suppress my moans. He pulled my shirt straps down revealing my tits that he grabbed with pleasure. He looked up at me as he bit down on my nipple. As he hungrily tasted my breasts, his hands went back up my skirt to my thong. He ripped my thong off me like an insatiable a****l. I had to see this chest I had been staring at for so long. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head revealing a chiseled, young chest begging for me to be pressed against. Reading my mind he dropped his pants and pushed himself against me. His hands slowly lifted up my skirt as he looked deep into my eyes, almost telling me that I was entirely his now. I could feel his throbbing rock hard cock by my bare wet pussy. His hand reached down and grabbed my ass cheek so hard I winced in pain. He pulled my leg up and I wrapped it around him. I felt him guide his dick up against my wet cunt and he slowly started to sink past my wet pussy lips. His hands came up underneath me and as he picked me up he slid deep into my pussy.
“Ohhhhhhhhh’ I gasped at the unbelievable pleasure. I bit into his hot neck to keep myself from screaming out in ecstasy.
He let out a satisfied groan. He began pumping his hard cock inside me with such force it felt like he was in my stomach. I scratched at his back wanting more. Our quiet moaning and labored breathing filled the tool shed. So did the sound of his dick pounding into my tight soaking wet pussy. Each thrust felt better and better as I scratched at his back and moaned in his ear. “OH fuck. You feel so fucking good inside of me” I moaned into his ear. He squeezed my ass tight and intensified his thrusting.
He suddenly turned, got on his knees still holding me, cleared a space and laid me on my back. His mouth dove down to kiss me and our tongues danced with passion. He resumed fucking my tight pussy as we kissed. He slid into my soaking pussy, so deep inside of me. Moaning involuntarily escaped our mouths. He broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “You’re mine.” I felt his hand come up to my neck and grab it lightly. He gave a gentle squeeze, just enough to let me know he was in charge. He licked my earlobe and then nibbled as he continued to pump his dick inside my body.
“You’re going to cum for me.” he whispered in my ear. “You’re going to cum all over my dick while I’m pounding your little pussy.” his grip on my neck tightened so slightly.
I could feel an orgasm building deep inside of me as my pussy clenched around his cock.
“You’re so fucking naughty. I love your pussy.” he moaned.
I grabbed two handfuls of hair and bit into his neck as I felt my body get closer and closer. He pounded into me faster and I exploded, my cunt spasming on his cock, cumming all over. “Oh fuuuuuuck!” His dick exploded as he shot his hot cum deep into my body. Our mouths connected in an intense passionate kiss.
Once we broke apart I tried to catch my breath while he pulled up his pants, still staring at me with a pleased smile on his face. I composed myself, and pulled my tank straps back up.
I was suddenly aware that there was no longer any commotion outside or the sound of police. It seemed he noticed it too as he slowly poked his head out of the tool shed. He grabbed my hand and we snuck out to the wall. He put his hand out so I could climb over the wall and then he jumped it landing us in the same cove it all started out at an hour ago. He walked me to my car in silence which made me wonder what he was thinking. Did he want nothing more to do with me? Will he say goodbye and that will be the end?
Once we reached my car he pushed me against it. “Don’t forget, you’re mine now..” He whispered in my ear as his hand slid up my skirt to my pussy dripping with his cum. He kissed me and I began to feel the ache in my pussy needing him to put his fingers inside instead of teasing me. He stopped kissing, and abruptly walked off to his car leaving me thirsting for more. As I got into my car I thought ” Boy, tomorrow is a lovely day to get a new book.

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