The Lawn Rangers Ch. 10


My girlfriend Claudia had called me and my best friend out. We’d been having gay sex for several months in secret. In an effort to get Claudia and her twin sister to fuck each other, we agreed to have sex in front of her. Apparently our enthusiastic fuck gave away our secret.

John and I looked at each other in dismay.

“What are you talking about?” John asked after Claudia asked us straight up how long we’d been having sex.

“Come on boys. I’m not stupid. That was seriously hot as gay hell sex!” Claudia said. “No way that’s your first time. No way.”

I didn’t say anything, but felt John’s stare burn into me. He didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t going to admit it to her, but didn’t see the point of denying it either.

“I’m not going to tell anyone guys. I promise,” Claudia said to reassure us that our secret was safe.

John had basically accused me in the past of the same thing Claudia was always accusing me of – not having any boundaries with the other. I decided I wouldn’t say a word. If John wanted to admit anything, that was on him.

Claudia laughed at us and said it was more queer to deny the fact that we were having sex, than actually having sex. She said she was going to clean up and that our fun for the night was over unless we came clean.

While she showered John and I discussed the predicament we were in.

“I knew this would happen man!” John complained.

“I didn’t hear you complaining when you were fucking her – twice! Or when she gave you a lap dance. Or when she sucked your fucking cock for half an hour!” I said angrily. “And let’s not forget who the one is who kept bringing up her sister in the first place!

John took a breath and seemed to calm down.

“You’re right man. I’m sorry,” he said. “What should we do?”

“I don’t know dude. It’s not like she has any evidence, but it’s not like she’s wrong either,” I said.

John seemed to think about it some more. I was thirsty and got up to get a soda. After a few minutes he cleared his throat as if to announce he had an idea.

I laughed so hard at it that I almost spit my soda.

Claudia came out of the bathroom about 20 minutes later. She was all dressed in her PJs, obviously ready for bed and not ready to continue fucking and sucking us.

John decided to be honest with Claudia. But instead of telling her, he figured we’d show her.

We had both gotten into a torrid 69 in the bed. We sucked each other’s cocks for what seemed an eternity. I had been ready to cum for what seemed like hours. I also wasn’t feeling sucking John’s monster hog. It tasted of lube and a little like ass, since he hadn’t washed up. Just because I was bisexual didn’t mean I enjoyed ass to mouth.

Claudia clapped and cheered when she came out and saw us. I saw her take her PJs off with the corner of my eye, before she jumped into bed with us.

“OK, you caught us,” John said. “We’re queer!” he said in his best queer voice.

We stopped sucking each other off and answered all her questions. She seemed satisfied that we were telling her the truth, which we were.

“This is the hottest shit ever,” she said when we were finished. “I promise that if you guys are willing to put on a show for me and my sister, we will give you a night you will never, ever forget!”

We agreed to table that discussion and to continue fucking. Claudia insisted on just watching, saying she had a special surprise for the morning if we continued to entertain her.

John and I agreed that we were going to give her the gayest show ever. We cleaned up a little and started in on each other.

We got into bed and kissed and caressed each other for several minutes. We took turns jerking each other’s cock. I started trailing kisses down his chest, making sure to kiss and suck each of his nipples. I kissed his stomach and his upper thighs before I engulfed his giant dick with one gulp.

Claudia moaned when I swallowed that big dick. I had gotten pretty good at sucking his giant hog and was determined to show Claudia that I was ready to give her a run for her money in the cock sucking department.

I mamak escort licked his entire shaft, making sure to get spit all over. I then started bobbing on his dick taking a good 2/3 of his dick into my mouth. I moaned with pleasure while I sucked his dick.

John was enjoying my work. He was pulling my hair and eventually started pulling my face towards his dick.

“Baby, you suck a good dick,” Claudia said to me at one point.

I pulled off John’s dick, but continued to stroke it.

“I’m his little cocksucker. I promised him that I would suck his dick whenever he wanted me to, all he has to do is ask,” I confessed to my girlfriend.

She closed her eyes, sighed and started playing with her wet cunt.

“Damn baby, that is so fucking hot,” she said.

I went back to the task at hand and continued to suck his huge dick. Eventually I started working my fingers in his ass.

“You wanna see something weird?” I asked Claudia.

She seemed to really think about it before answering me.

“Uh, OK,” she said.

I grabbed John’s left nut and isolated it from the other one. I then gently rapped it. John moaned in pleasure. He grit his teeth and asked me to do it harder. I continued to pleasure him this way for several minutes. The last few times I slapped his nuts pretty hard, but he loved it.

“You guys are making me so fucking horny,” Claudia said.

I started lubing John’s sweet ass at this point, I pushed on his gland as hard as I could. Sweet, white cream came out of his cock. I leaned down and licked it clean.

Claudia moaned out loud again.

After I was sure that his ass was loose, I pulled out and lubed my own dick up.

“You fuck John in the ass too then,” Claudia said.

“Yep, tell her why buddy,” I said.

“See I’m Bobby’s little bitch, and whenever he wants my ass I have to give it to him,” John said.

Claudia had heard enough. She made me lay on my back while she sat on my face, facing John who was on my dick riding me like a cowboy. Claudia had several orgasms while I licked and sucked her clit. Every now and then she’d reach down and stroke John’s mighty dick.

When she was done riding my face, I told her I wanted to show her something really awesome. I told John to lie on his back and grab his knees. I then started to fuck him as hard as possible.

In this position, I could stimulate his prostate with my dick. Cum would always spew out of his dick in this position.

As promised within a minute white, hot cream was erupting from my buddy’s huge dick. Claudia squealed in delight.

I felt my orgasm approaching and picked up the pace. I was really pounding John’s ass now, dropping all my weight on him with every stroke.

Cum continued to ooze out of his dick. Suddenly he announced he was having a real orgasm. Four gushers of cum shot out of his dick and landed on his chest and chin.

This was too much for me and I started to shoot my seed deep into his ass. We were a sweaty mess when I rolled off of him. Claudia bent over my friend and proceeded to lick up all his creamy cum from his stomach and chest.

After she was finished she plopped down between us to cuddle with me. We kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes.

“Baby, that was so fucking hot, I’m going to be wet for weeks and weeks!” she said. “Is this the reason you’ve been fucking me so hard the last few months?”

“I guess. I didn’t realize it at first, but now I realize that I’ve been overcompensating with you,” I confessed.

“Oh hon, you can overcompensate with me all you want!” she said. “I’m sleepy. I’m gonna sleep. I need to get my strength up for my surprise tomorrow.”

I looked over Claudia to my buddy, but John had already dozed off.

I got up to turn off the light and clean up a little. My mind was racing as I was wondering what the surprise might be. I laid back down next to my girlfriend and waited for sleep to come.

The next thing I knew I woke up to the sounds and smells of someone making breakfast. ofise gelen escort I looked around and saw my buddy still asleep in the bed. I looked towards the kitchen area where Claudia was cooking the rest of the stuff we’d brought for breakfast.

“Surprise!” she said.

I almost wanted to cry.

“This is your surprise? Breakfast?” I asked more than a bit annoyed.

I got out of bed. I was still naked and my dick was semi hard.

“Hahaha!” Claudia laughed. “No dummy! I’m kidding. I’m just famished! Let’s eat and then we can finish our business.”

“Should I wake John up?” I asked.

“I guess,” Claudia said, looking his way.

He was asleep, but his giant hog wasn’t. It stood proudly up. It was so heavy that it leaned to one side like the Leaning Tower of Piza.

“He’s got a giant fucking dick, huh?” she said.

“Yep,” John said. “I can’t get enough of it, baby.”

Claudia gave me a flirty smile. I could tell that the gay sex thing was doing it for her and the gayer we were, the hotter she got.

We sat down to eat. John eventually woke up and joined us for breakfast. We talked about all sorts of nonsense. Gay sex, straight sex or freaky sex never came up.

When we were done I told the others that we should start packing up. I wanted to leave by noon to get home with plenty of time to get some chores done at home.

“OK, that gives us about an hour and a half for my surprise!” Claudia said. “I want you both to fuck me at the same time!”

John and I looked a bit confused, as we had both been fucking her at the same time since she drove up the day before. Claudia saw the confusion on our faces and looked annoyed that we didn’t understand.

“I want to try a double penetration! Bobby I want you to fuck my ass while John fucks my cunt!” she said.

At that point both John and I broke out in huge smiles. We all hurried to clean up and put everything up, except our sex toy bag and the sheets for the bed, we’d brought with us.

After the longest 10 minutes of our lives we finally got back into the cabin and all stripped down naked. Claudia seductively got into bed and called us both over.

I looked at John and smiled. He grabbed my hand and we walked toward Claudia.

She took turns kissing us both, caressing our backs and asses. Figuring that I had nothing to hide, I used my right hand to reach out and stroke John’s big dick. He snuck his left hand in between Claudia and my arm and started stroking my own cock.

Claudia eventually got off the bed and got on her knees in front of us. We smiled at each other as she pulled us closer together by our cocks. She sucked on each of our heads, alternating between one and the other.

John looked at me with lust in his eyes. I leaned into him and we shared a hot, wet French kiss, while Claudia continued to blow us.

Eventually she broke the kiss and directed John to lay down on the bed. She got between his knees and started to feast on his nuts.

“Baby, lube my ass,” she asked, sticking her ass in the air.

I got the lube and started working a finger into her waiting ass. She moaned a pleasurable moan. I spent a good 10 minutes stretching her ass out and lubing her up.

“If we’re going to do this, we better do it soon,” John said. “I’m gonna cum if we don’t!”

Claudia mounted John’s huge dick. She moaned loudly as she slid her wet pussy down his long, thick pole.

“Oh fuck baby!” she cooed. “You have the biggest dick I’ve ever fucked!”

I waited a few minutes until they found a good rhythm. I was slowly stroking my lubed up cock watching my girlfriend fuck my boyfriend. A big smiled crossed my face when that thought occurred to me.

“OK, baby. I’m ready,” Claudia moaned. “Fuck my ass.”

I approached Claudia from behind on my knees. This was just like doggy style, but instead of fucking her pussy, I’d be finally fucking her sweet ass. I was curious as to how it would be different than John’s tight ass.

I positioned my cock head at the entrance otele gelen escort of Claudia’s ass. She moaned as I started to push through her anal ring. The entire time, John was fucking her pussy. She moaned in obvious pain as I pushed through her asshole.

It took me a few more minutes to work my entire dick into her ass.

“Oh baby, that really hurts,” Claudia moaned.

“Right? This guy thinks his dick is so small ‘cuz it’s not as big as mine! I always tell him his dick is too big for my little asshole!” John chimed in.

“Whatever dude! You love to get fucked in the ass,” I retorted.

We all laughed.

Once I was all the way in Claudia’s ass, I stopped and tried to enjoy the sensation of being in her ass and being able to feel my friend’s big dick fucking her through her pussy wall. I could literally feel the ridges of his cock. It was unreal.

I began to pull out of her ass gently. She grunted in pain. Eventually I was able to fuck her a little, but I could not get to “ramming speed” with her. This prevented me from being able to cum. John didn’t have this problem as he shot his load into her waiting pussy after a few more minutes.

By this time I had pulled out and was jacking off watching them fuck. Claudia rolled off my buddy and tried to catch her breath. Her ass was too tight; much tighter than John’s ever was.

“Oh baby, you’re huge dick really stretched my pussy out!” she said to John.

I looked at John laying on the bed. His big dick was a mess and he was fighting to catch his breath after his orgasm.

“Buddy, I need you to be my little bitch and let me finish in your ass,” I said.

John obediently nodded his head “yes.” He reached for his knees and pulled them towards his chest. I moved towards him and started lubing his ass.

“Damn this gay shit is so fucking hot, I’m going to have to quit my job to stay home and jerk off,” Claudia said, masturbating.

I smiled at her, and gave John a wink.

“Maybe we should tell Stephanie too, so she’ll loosen up!” I joked.

“Do you want to fuck my ass or not?” John replied, obviously not amused.

“OK! OK! Sorreeeee!” I said mocking him.

By then I had already gotten my cock head into my buddy’s ass. One long push later and I was all the way in. I lowered myself towards my friend as he hooked his legs onto my shoulders.

I looked at Claudia and said “Now let me show you how you take an ass fucking baby.”

Claudia grimaced at me sarcastically, but continued to jerk herself.

I was fucking my friend with long hard strokes. We had experimented with different styles of ass fucking – gentle, slow, different positions – and all. But I need to get off and we needed to go home. There was no time for romance. This was going to be a quick, primal ass fucking.

I slammed into his ass as hard and fast as possible. Within a few minutes I felt the familiar feeling in my balls. I knew I was about to come.

John was moaning as white cream was oozing out of his dick. I was able to really massage his prostate with my dick in this position. He was basically speechless as I fucked him.

“I’m cumming!” I announced. “I’m coming bitch!”

John tightened his ass around my dick. He milked me for the last dozen or so strokes, making my orgasm that much better. I reached for his big dick and stroked it. Amazingly, he came again even though he’d just cum 10 minutes before. More white cream oozed out of his big dick.

I pulled out of my friend. My dick made a sloshing sound as I pulled out. Claudia and I took turns licking his cum off his body. While we wanted to rest, we decided to get up, clean up and get out.

As we were locking up the cabin, Claudia asked me if I would ride with her since she wanted company. I was slightly surprised that I wanted to ride with John better. I kept my mouth shut and said “yes.”

I gave my best friend a nice, long wet kiss and told him to be careful with my truck. I told him I’d follow him to my house.

In the car, Claudia and I talked about all the hot sex we’d had, about John’s monster dick and about our upcoming fourway with her sister.

When we finally got to my house, I said my goodbyes and kissed Claudia.

“Thanks for such a great time babe,” I said. “I know John loved his birthday gift.”

“You’re welcome honey. Suck him off for me one last time tonight, OK?” she said with a wink.

I laughed and watched her drive away.

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