The Lake Trail

Big Ass

She took the afternoon off on a Wednesday so she could finally enjoy some personal time. All she wanted to do was go to the lake and take a walk on the trail that surrounds the lake. She figured that since it was in the middle of the week and the kids were still in school there would be less people on the trail which was fine with her.

She reached her favorite spot to access the trail. It was a small dirt parking lot that was led by a small gravel road. She didn’t think too many people had known about it as it is not right next to the trail and there were no signs indicating its access to the trial. She just remembered where it was from her past trail walks. The lot was big enough to contain maybe six vehicles and it was surrounded by large Oak and Ash trees providing abundant shade.

She stepped out from her car and looked around while stretching her tired back and legs. The area was heavily shaded and quite with a gentle breeze caressing her cheeks. She took in the clean air and heard nothing but a few birds and the breeze filtering through the trees

She had brought a change of clothes, knowing this morning that she would take the afternoon off. Still in her dress and pantyhose, she knew that she would have to change out in the open. This was not an uncommon practice for her. One more look around gave her the confidence that she needed to begin stripping off her clothes.

She removed her heeled shoes and slipped the dress off of her shoulders. Next she undid her bra and removed her pantyhose. Her nipples began to instantly harden once the gentle breeze touched them. The breeze was exceptionally warm but the effect was as if it were cold. Next she removed her thong underwear leaving her body totally naked as she stood beside her car with the driver door open. She sat down in the seat with her legs out the door. Reaching back between the seats to the back seat she retrieved her change of clothes.

Before she began to dress she folded and organized the clothes that she had taken off and set them in the back seat. Then she reached down to brush off the dirt from the bottom of her foot before she put her sock on. She repeated with her other foot.

She caught a glimpse of her well manicured pubic region. She had shaved the night before reshaping the shortly trimmed hair into a heart shape. The hair around her labia she always shaved away leaving it nice and smooth. She reached down and slowly ran her fingers through her folds sending a shiver up her spine. She knew if she didn’t stop she wouldn’t go on her walk as she had planned but would instead be busy playing with herself until she reached the orgasm that her body hungered for.

She stood up and slid on her black spandex shorts that did a fantastic job of showing off her perfect tight ass. Next she squirmed herself in a tight yellow tube top and tied her long hair back in a pony.

Once her shoes were on, her MP3 player was strapped to her hip, and grabbed her water bottle she walked to the entrance of the trail under the thick Oak trees.

As she walked she got herself in a good rhythm and she began to work up a sweat. That’s when she noticed that it was quite warmer than she thought it was. She also noticed that even though the trail was heavily shaded from the thick trees, it seemed to be getting darker outside.

After about 30 minutes she came to a clearing and did indeed see that it had clouded over heavily. She kept walking and enjoying the warm breeze on her body.

The clearing lasted about a quarter mile or so before the trail once again ducked into the thick trees. She took note that the clouds were steadily getting darker. Another thing that crossed her mind was the fact that so far during her trek she hadn’t come across any runners, walker, or bikers. This gave her the sense of solitude and she didn’t mind it a bit.

There was a right angle turn in the trail ahead of her that went up a slight hill. She knew that to the left of it was another small parking lot that was down at the bottom of the hill. She rounded the corner and came to the crest of the hill allowing her a partial view of the parking lot below. She could make out a blue pickup truck through the trees and brush. She slowed a little as she discovered that truck was still occupied.

A man stepped out of his truck and walked to the back gate and opened it to take down is bicycle.

She stopped walking and watched the man dressed in jeans and polo shirt as he settled his bike next to his truck. Then she saw him lift his shirt over his head revealing a slightly hairy chest and strong abs. His arms were strongly defined. He didn’t have the best defined six pack but he wasn’t on the flabby side and it was obvious that he did take care of his body.

The man then removed his shoes. Her eyes were then shocked to witness his next brazen move as he unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down his hips and removed from his legs. She looked at him as he stood there in his bikini briefs. Her eyes zeroed in on the prominent bulge in the front and she felt her İstanbul Escort heart skip a beat.

He turned away from her sight as he threw his clothes into the cab of his truck. She silently chuckled as she thought he looked somewhat silly standing there in socks and bikini briefs. The sudden humor left as he hooked his thumbs in his briefs and pulled them off of his body leaving her voyeuristic eyes a view of his tight butt. She felt herself catch her breath.

He stood there fidgeting with something in the truck with his back side totally exposed to her. She stood there wishing that he would turn and face her. She wanted to see him. She wanted to see what the bulge was that his briefs were hiding. She wanted to see it!

Her heart was beginning to beat faster while she hoped, wished, and willed for him to turn around.

Her wish was answered. He turned around and took a couple of steps to his bike to open the pack that was on the back of the bike. She gazed upon his groin area as he stood there. From where she was her eyes were massaging his treasure taking in every detail. It looked like he was shaved because she had no problems seeing his balls hanging from between his legs and his shaft hung down reaching the bottom of his ball sack. The head of his cock was very prominent.

As he opened the pack his right hand grabbed his cock and he rubbed his balls before sliding his fist down the length of his shaft.

She caught herself whispering, “Oh my gawd!” That’s when she noticed that she had her hands clasped tightly against her chest as she looked on.

Then man took out a t-shirt and shorts from the pack and put them on.

She decided she better get going before she was discovered by him. She was afraid that he might think or find out that she had been watching him.

She continued in the same direction on the trail but hurried a bit to space herself from the parking lot quicker. She walked about three hundred yards before she heard from behind her, “On your left!”

She walked to the right side and watched the man on the bike pass by her on his mountain bike. It was her naked man that she saw. She watched him travel down the trail until he made the next turn and he was gone.

Her mind was on his body and what she saw. She was playing scenarios in her mind on what she could have done with him after discovering him. Her mind was playing fantasies over and over.

Soon she realized that it had begun to sprinkle. She heard the drops pelting the leaves on the trees. She knew she wouldn’t get too wet under the trees. Not yet anyway. She figured that she had walked maybe 3 miles from her car if she remembered the mileage posts. There hadn’t been any thunder so she decided to keep going.

As she walked on, her mind kept “playing”. She came to another clearing and stopped just short of the wide open area. She only had a few hundred yards until she was in the trees again. She decided to go for it but hurry her pace a bit.

She came out into the open and the drops of water began hitting her. She was surprised at how warm the rain was. She got halfway to the trees when the sky opened up and held nothing back. She tried to run but she was afraid that she would slip on the trail. She couldn’t run off of the trail because the weeds on the sides were way too high. She just kept a fast walk until she finally reached the trees.

She stopped to catch her breath while she felt water running down every where on her body. At least it wasn’t pouring down on her now. She looked down and noticed that her tube top was almost transparent from being wet and her spandex shorts were not very comfortable. She thought about taking them off as she figured that there wouldn’t be anyone around anyway, not in this rain. The only person she came across was the naked man. He was still out there and he had not come back her way yet.

She walked on and saw a dirt trail veer off of the main trail and the sign posted read “Observation Platform”. She followed the narrow trail that had a slight decline for about fifty yards through the thick trees. It came to a wooden platform that was housed in the trees and it allowed a great view of the lake from a high cliff. The platform was no bigger than eight feet by eight feet and benches were built all the way around the inside.

She sat down to catch her breath while looking out over the huge lake as the heavy rain sifted through the trees hitting her body. The rain was steady and almost deafening as it fell on the leaves of the trees.

For some reason being in the rain was causing her to get horny. And knowing that she was pretty much safe being out here alone was giving her the opportunity to act on a growing and aching need.

She stood up and stripped off her tube top and shorts. She rolled them up together into a tube to cover her MP3 player and set them down on the bench next to her.

She realized how excited she was getting being naked out in the open like this and feeling the gentle rain hit her body. She could feel Escort Bayan her nipples ache as they had hardened as much as she thought they could. She also felt a familiar warmth growing between her legs.

Again her mind began “playing”. Just what would she do if Mr. Naked happen to come back to this same spot and to find her naked as the day she was born? Would she hurry and throw her clothes back on in hopes that he didn’t see anything? Maybe she would be daring and reveal to him that since she saw him naked that it was only fair to pay him back. What would he do if he saw her?

The possibilities were many and any one of them excited her.

She got up and walked to the front side of the platform facing the lake. She knelt with her knees on the bench and her hands on the railing. She felt so free, so exposed, and so horny.

As the gentle rain ran down her back she could feel its wet warmth trickle down her crack and drip from the lips of her sex. Her nipples ached to be touched and she didn’t deny them their need. Rising up from the railing she cupped her breasts rubbing the warm rain into them. Her nipples were hard and she took them between her thumbs and fingers and rolled them. The sensation she received was like an electrical pulse that traveled from her nipples strait to her pussy. Her hands slowly traveled down to between her thighs. She spread her knees apart on the bench to give easier access to her wandering hands.

As her hands rested between her thighs she looked back behind her towards the small trail. She didn’t expect to see anyone and the loudness of the rain would have made it difficult to hear anyone approaching but something made her look. She saw no one.

She imagined what she would look like if someone came down that trail and caught her in the situation she was in, totally naked in the rain, kneeling with her knees apart and her butt sticking out. She felt herself gasp at the thought and she closed her eyes as her fingers from both hands traveled to her lips. She wasn’t surprised by how swollen she was and that her clit was sticking out begging for attention.

She arched her back and slightly tilted her head back to welcome the rain as she brought one hand up to play with her nipples. Her other hand busied itself spreading her lips apart. Even in the rain with all of the water dripping from her naked body her fingers discovered her slimy wetness. She wasted no time in plunging two fingers inside of herself while her thumb rested on her hard clit. Her fingers felt her muscles clamp down and she gently moaned out loud, “Oh, my gawd!”

Her fingers began pushing in and out of her wetness while her thumb gently strummed over her clit. The sensation was making it hard for her to take it slow. She just wanted to go for it and welcome the fast rushing orgasm. She had been horny and wet for too long to take it nice and slow. She new she didn’t have the patience for a long build up. In fact she didn’t need the build up.

With the rain beating on her naked body, being out in the open over looking the lake and hearing the rain pouring down on the trees, knowing that there still could be the slightest possibility of being discovered, she began panting heavily and plunging her fingers harder inside her pussy.

She hadn’t felt this turned on in such a long time. Then she began thinking about the naked man. She pictured him again as he changed his clothes next to his truck. She remembered his tight butt and how she finally got a glimpse of his cock. She remembered how his hand traveled down his shaft. She imagined that he did actually discover her while she was masturbating out here in the open rain.

That thought alone sent her over the edge. Her tummy tightened causing her to crunch down a bit as the muscles inside her caused the walls of her vagina to clamp and pulse around her pumping fingers.

She felt her breasts resting on the railing of the platform as she started her journey riding out her orgasm. She began moving her hips back and forth as her thumb rode over the top of her clit. Her fingers moving in and out as she pumped her hips.

“Oh yeah! Fuck!”, she groaned.

As she fucked her plunging fingers the freight train of sensory overload hit her hard and her breathing stopped while she rode out the strong peak. Her climax caused her body to tighten up and she felt herself twitching uncontrollably. She felt the warmth cover her hand as her pussy let go violently to orgasm. She had to stop moving her fingers.

After a minute or two when at last she caught her breath she straightened up and slowly removed her fingers from herself. She was so sensitive still and she jerked when she withdrew her fingers. She felt so warm and tired. She leaned against the railing until she felt that she could stand.

When she finally stood up and pushed away from the railing she turned around and her heart shot up into her throat and she gasped!

There he stood in the middle of the narrow dirt trail standing with his bike at his side. He was twenty Eskort feet away from the platform, shirtless and dripping wet from the constant rain. His shorts were soaked and they were advertising a huge erection that was pulling the wet material away from his excited groin.

She gave a sudden but subtle scream from being startled with his presence. She stood frozen and stared at him taking in the vision in front of her. She didn’t even bother covering her wet naked body. She figured that he had seen the show judging by the tent in his shorts.

Her small scream snapped him from his trance and he quickly said, “Hey, I’ll leave, you don’t need to scream out. I don’t want to cause trouble. I’m sorry that I intruded.”

He quickly started turning his bike around. The new view of his profile gave her a tantalizing site of the tent in his shorts. She was curious and wanted to see more.

“Wait just a sec!” she blurted out.

He stopped and turned to look at her.

“Just how long were you standing there?”

He looked at her and took a deep breath before he answered. “Long enough to see the good part.”

She shook her head and she felt her face flush. What an odd reaction standing naked talking to a man with an obvious hard on, she thought.

“The way I see it is that you owe me!” she stated.

“I owe you?” he asked.

“Oh definitely! You got to see a show without permission and from my point of view you obviously have a hard situation on your hands and I think it would only be fair that I get see you take care of it.”

He stood there and stared at her. He wasn’t too sure if she was serious or just wanting to tease him by standing there naked before him. He shook his head in disbelief as he said, “You want to watch me jerk off? Is that it?”

“Yup!’ she answered putting her hands on her smooth naked hips.

“Right now?” he asked.

She used her hand and waved outward towards the platform, “There are plenty of seats here and from the looks of things, you look very uncomfortable.”

He steadied his bike next to a tree and starting walking towards the platform.

“Whoa, stop!” she said to him.

He stopped with a puzzled look.

“Take em off, your shorts, now.” She wanted to see him walk knowing he was hard.

He thought that she was a bit demanding but the situation excited him even more. He turned around and dropped his wet shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. All he had on was his soggy tennis shoes. He turned around so she could see his excitement.

Her eyes zoomed in on his hardened cock. It was pointing straight up to his belly. He had gotten harder and longer talking to her. Her first assessment was correct, he did shave. He definitely has been getting some sun too as his tan lines showed quite nicely. She liked what she saw.

He walked through the entrance of the platform while his cock swayed back and forth. Water droplets were dripping from everywhere on his body. She sat down on one of the benches as he walked by. She stared at his hardness as it swayed, admiring the smoothness of his balls and shaft.

He sat down on the bench opposite of her and leaned back on the railing and placed his hands on his thighs. She looked at his face while he blinked as the rain hit his face. Her eyes traveled down to his groin and she noticed that his shaft was slightly throbbing, perhaps from his heartbeat. His balls weren’t as loose as she had first seen them but they still hung somewhat and looked to her as they would fit in her hand quite nicely.

“Well, go on then!” she requested. She sat back like he did and slightly parted her thighs giving him a glimpse of her swollen lips.

His eyes were dancing all over her sexy form. Almost as if he couldn’t decide what to look at. He moved his left hand up to his chest and he subtly ran his fingers through the light patch of hair on his chest. His right hand slowly snaked its way between his legs to his balls. When his finger tips touched his sack his shaft twitched. He lightly tickled his balls over and over again causing the head of his cock to expand.

She felt her mouth drop open while she witnessed the sexual display before her eyes. Once again her heart began to beat heavily and she felt her insides start to tingle. Her right hand started to play with her nipples.

The rain began to ebb to a point where it was just sprinkling. The sound of the falling rain was much quieter now.

He continued to tickle his balls and his left hand moved to the head of his cock. He used his finger tips in a similar manner and lightly teased the bulbous head. His abs tightened up with the new sensation he was administrating to himself.

She looked on and couldn’t believe how he was putting on such a teasing show for her. He hadn’t even stroked himself yet and she was as turned on as she was before she fingered herself off earlier. By the way he looked at her she thought that he was deep in thought. Whatever he was thinking or doing, he was deeply getting into his self pleasuring. It was very erotic to her watching a man touch himself like she wanted to be touched, slow and easy. Most guys just want to get down to it, but not him. He didn’t know it yet but he was controlling her while he touched himself so exotically in front of her.

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