The Innocent Classmate Part 1


The Innocent Classmate Part 1Hi. Let me introduce myself. I’m Jake Whittaker. I’m 19 and half British and half Indian. Luckily, I’ve got the best of both worlds in terms of looks. I’m 5’11 tall, I have deep set brown eyes and wavy black hair thanks to my Indian lineage. Talking about my skin, I’m a light shade of brown, coincidentally the kind of skin tones English people want to achieve. I’m kind of good looking and I’ve a fairly decent body, thanks to football which I play nearly everyday.Coming to the story, this was my final year in school and everybody was getting sentimental about leaving each other and promising to keep in touch. We had our exams nearing as well, so everybody was on their toes. I wasn’t the very popular types, but I wasn’t a complete loser as well. I had a group of close friends, which consisted of 2 guys and 3 girls. Now being the idiot I am, all tuzla escort the 3 girls liked me at some point or the other but I never realized it. The one I’ll be telling you about is called Sammy. She’s an intelligent girl and is now working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from LSE, but earlier she was kind of a nerd. She was thin, wore spectacles and didn’t fool around a lot. But she read a lot and so did I so we had tons to talk about and we never missed out an opportunity to talk to her. But mind it, I never had any feelings for her.As time went by I realized I’m not looking for emotional relationships and I began to drift towards looking at girls towards girls from a sexual point of view. So I’ll get into the story it’s long so brace yourselves and somethings described here maybe a turnoff for you, but I’ve started to love it.”Hi, Jake. sancaktepe escort How yo doin?”, Sammy asked me, her smile a respite from the constant pressure she put herself through. “I’m fine, Math class is next. Did the homework?”, I replied suddenly taking her interest in her body. I darted my eyes from her head to toe and I liked what I see. The past few weeks had been momentous because the times I masturbated increased and I wanted it even more nowadays. “Yeah, I couldn’t do the last 3-4 questions. Have you? Ohh, wrong person to ask”, She smiled and went to ask somebody else. I was way above average in terms of intelligence and all my friends and teacher agreed, but I found school stuff boring, so I never did it. Instead, I read stuff which mattered, like about Current affairs, Economics etc, stuff which they didn’t teach in school. üsküdar escort The math teacher droned on about trigonometry and derivatives, but I paid little attention. Because my mind was busy with my sexual fantasies. I was imagining her naked, on her bed. She’s lying face down and I’m massaging her with oil, her body gleaming and her pussy dripping wet. Needless to say, I was horny as hell.My thoughts were broken with the alarm bell ringing, signalling the start of lunch break. I didn’t feel like eating, and I couldn’t walk around with a huge bulge in my pants, so I kept sitting on my seat. Sammy pulled a seat next to me and we started making small talk. My mind kept going back to the fantasy of massaging her naked body and that didn’t help in hiding my erection. I caught her glancing at it and I became embarrassed though I didn’t show it. “Jake, how many times do you masturbate?”, she asked, in a rather matter of fact tone and I was shocked.”Not a lot”, I replied. “Come on, Jake. We both know you’re lying”, she giggled. “Well to speak the truth, I have been touching myself a lot these days”, I replied while looking right into her eyes.

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