The Hotel Room Rendevous

Big Dicks

There was a knock on the hotel door and Michael went to open it, he was expecting someone but he didn’t know who. He opened the door and standing in front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her eyes were glowing and her blonde hair was like an aura surrounding her beautiful face. She was dressed smartly but sexily, a suit with a low cut neckline and a mini skirt, she had small rimmed glasses that she looked over seductively. She was exactly as had been described, and for the price she should have been.

The door opened and Kelly stood there surveying what would be her surroundings for the next hour, waiting to be invited in. Her agency had phoned her up early that day to say she had a booking and which hotel to turn up. She was to ask at reception for Michael and they would know where to send her.

Michael had done this before but this woman left him gobsmacked, he invited the escort girl in after a seconds more hesitation and took her jacket from her when she offered. As she turned around his breath was taken again as the plunging neckline now showed off her lacy black bra and breasts very well, Michael couldn’t wait to see what was under the rest of the clothes.

Kelly stood there admiring the hotel room, it must have cost a bomb. She faced the client smiled at his obvious attraction to her, she got this a lot from men, and said “So you’ve got me here, now what do you want to do?”

Michael didn’t waste any time and kissed her on the lips hard, parting her lips and searching for her tongue, she responded immediately with no nerves and Michael knew he was in for some fun. He started to unbutton her blouse and gasped as her full breasts were revealed to him, he drank in the sight of them and kissed them while pulling the blouse from her arms. He then led her into the bedroom.

Kelly might have been in the job for the money but definitely enjoyed doing it and kissed her client as well as she could, helping to remove her blouse, she liked the soft caresses of the kisses on her cleavage and thought she might enjoy this hour. She was led into the bedroom and asked “So do you have a name? Mines Kelly.” “Michael” was the hesitant reply. She wondered whether that was his real name or not. She sat on the bed and pulled Michael towards her, unbuttoning his shirt and finding a firm, trim body underneath. She started to kiss his stomach and undid his belt and zip, allowing his trousers to drop to the floor, his arousal was obvious to the eye. Kelly went to remove his boxers but Michael stopped her pushing her back onto the bed.

Michael was getting very aroused, too aroused by this woman and stopped her roaming hands. He gently pushed her back onto the bed and knelt down next to her and kissed her stomach, getting closer to her belly button. He reached around her and under the zip on her mini skirt that was riding up to her hips. He leant up and slid it down over her long muscular legs. Then he started to kiss her entire body, Michael considered himself a considerate lover and only enjoyed himself Escort Beylikdüzü if the other party was finding pleasure as well, even if it was only an escort girl. He started on her lips and slowly made his way down her neck and in between her breasts. Again he felt behind her and this time unclipped and removed her bra. Her breasts were a sight to behold, big, round and natural, he held them in his hands and started to kiss around the entire breast slowly working inwards until he got to the nipple which he carefully sucked and nibbled on until it was large and hard.

Kelly was really enjoying this session, she was just lying back and getting all the attention, normally at this point she’d have her mouth full or would be pinned to the bed but this man was different, his kisses were soft and caring and bringing out feelings that she hadn’t had aroused for a long time, as he sucked on her nipple the most amazing sensations were shooting down in between her legs and she could feel herself getting moist. The sensations continued as the kisses started to move down her body leaving her breasts behind though his hands did keep returning. He was kissing her stomach and then suddenly parting her thighs with his soft hands and kissing the inside of her thighs. Starting at the bottom of each and working his way up, slowly but surely to the centre of her.

Michael carried on kissing her thighs, slowing moving upwards, he could feel the heat from in between her legs and knew that she was turned on by the slight moans and squirming she was doing. He reached up with his hands and hooked his thumbs under the stringy panties and slowly removed them down her legs with a gasp. She was now completely naked before him and he gazed in between her legs, she wasn’t shaven, just neat and tidy, as Michael preferred, he reached down with his hand and carefully touched the hair, running his fingers through it until she was moaning for him. Then with his fingers he slowly moved them further between her legs, feeling the delicate lips of skin and ran his fingers up and down pushing his fingers inside bit by bit.

Kelly spread her legs as a fire erupted in between her legs, she had never been so turned on by a client and to tell the truth, none of them had ever spent so much attention on her, she’d become unused to it. The fingers were pressing deeper inside of her, still running up and down passing through the lips, then he started to rub her clitoris, slowly round and round the edge until it rose then rubbing it back and forth as she groaned, she couldn’t help it.

Michael could hear Kelly moaning more and pressed his finger deeper into her slowly parting her vagina walls so there was no discomfort for her, he had been pleasantly surprised about how moist she was and started to easily move his finger back and forth, replacing one finger with two drawing a gasp from Kelly. He continued pressing in and out with one hand and brought the other round and after quickly dipping his fingers in to get wet started Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to massage her clitoris which got a groan of appreciation. He reached up with his mouth and kissed Kelly long and passionately on the mouth before placing his lips around a nipple and teasing it.

Kelly couldn’t resist all the sensations that were flowing through her and could feel an oncoming orgasm, her hands were above her head clenching the pillow and sheet as Michael carried on rubbing her clitoris and masturbating her, his fingers going deeper and deeper, the thrusts starting to build up speed. She was disappointed when the fingers were removed but not for long as they were back again and replaced by three slowly spreading her more and creating better sensations, she couldn’t stop the onrush and the waves of orgasm started, she couldn’t control herself and shook around the bed.

Michael had felt the orgasm coming and while carrying on with her clitoris had pushed his fingers as deep as he could inside her, he felt the muscles start to contract and furiously played with her clitoris, his fingers being repeated crushed by the strength of her orgasm, not stopping until the last waves had stopped and her body collapsed onto the bed covered in beads of sweat.

Michael didn’t give her time to recover and started kissing her stomach again, working his way across and down, finding his way to her pubic hair and still kissing making his way downwards to her waiting parted vagina. Kelly again spread her legs when she realised what his plans were. He placed his head in between her legs and carefully kissed around the lips of her labia, dipping his tongue into her moist, warm cavern. Using his fingers to part her lips Michael started to lick her clitoris, using his tongue to swirl around and around it, arising new moans out of Kelly, then he sucked hard on it causing Kelly to squeeze his head hard with her thighs and give out a loud groan.

Kelly relaxed her legs allowing Michael to go to work again, she was starting to wonder whether she was going to have to pay him for this, though he seemed to really be enjoying himself, and she definitely was as he started to lick the length of her vagina from one end to the other. Then she felt him put his arms around her legs and press his face hard against her vagina. She moaned in delight as he thrust his tongue deep inside of her and proceeded to move it around, continually changing direction and where it was touching, she didn’t know whether it was intentional or not but his nose was nudging her clitoris causing waves to pulse through her.

Michael moved back up to her clitoris and started to lick and suck and nibble on it again and replaced his fingers back into her finding he could easily fit three this time, moving them in and out, hooking his fingers, trying to find her g-spot, and focusing on licking her clitoris. He lifted her legs up around his shoulders and they clamped his head hard in between her legs, Kelly was starting to moan lots again Beylikdüzü Escort and Michael could feel the tension coming into her body and started to move his fingers and tongue faster. Suddenly her body went rigid again and her legs squeezed his head tight and pulled him in hard to her clitoris. Michael couldn’t move so just kept on sucking and sucking whilst pushing his fingers as deep as he could get them inside of Kelly.

Kelly was having another powerful orgasm in what was turning out to be a memorable hour, she couldn’t remember sex like this, being paid or not. Michael was doing things to her that no man had done before. The waves were slowing and she collapsed onto the bed again releasing Michael’s head, he stood up and removed his boxers, she admired him as he stood there in all his glory and then he climbed back onto the bed and on top of her, she spread her legs without him asking and positioned himself, and then to Kelly’s surprise asked “Do you want this?” to which Kelly nodded and said yes and Michael gently pushed inside of her, holding his weight on his hands he started to thrust in and out shallowly at first and progressively getting deeper and faster.

Kelly wrapped her legs around him allowing him in deeper that got a groan out of Michael, Kelly was in ecstasy, she was so moist and Michael so gentle that this was the most perfect sex she’d ever had. She was in heaven.

Michael withdrew and turned on his back indicating Kelly should get on top, but she took him in her mouth and he gasped as she started to run her tongue around the head of his penis flicking it while her lips were going up and down the sides, her fingers playing with his testicles as she licked and sucked him, tasting both herself and him turning her on even more. He groaned and pulled her head upwards and she climbed up and positioned herself with her vagina just touching the top of his penis, teasing him, then she started moving down and up only taking an inch, the head, into her, looking coyly into his eyes, slowly taking him deeper and deeper until he was almost fully in then removing to just an inch again, in and out, teasing. Michael placed his hands on her hips and started to pull her on and Kelly now wanted him inside of her more than anything and took him all the way into her.

Kelly was moving up and down getting faster and faster and Michael started to kiss her breasts and neck and suck on her nipples feeling his orgasm rising. He started to thrust up into Kelly and she started to moan. With one hand supporting her side he started to play with Kelly’s clitoris with the other, rubbing it as best he could as she moved up and down, taking him deeper and deeper into her.

Then Michael could hold back no longer and thrust deep inside of Kelly, holding himself there and felt the waves of orgasm surge over him pumping his semen deep inside Kelly, spasm after spasm erupting into her.

Kelly felt Michaels warm orgasm hitting her inside and started to orgasm herself, Michael kept rubbing her clitoris as she shuddered on top of him, eyes closed in ecstasy and then collapsed on top of him still feeling him ebbing inside of her as well as the last waves of her own orgasm. “Thank you” she said

“No thank you” Michael stated feeling satisfied that he’d got his monies worth as they both fell asleep with Michael still inside of Kelly.

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