the holiday gets better


I had found a mans club on the net in the city near us, so I told Sue I was going to head of there today and let her and Chris play alone if she wanted, so around 11am, I set of to find the club and have fun, Sue was also keen to meet Chris.

I got there as the doors were opened, so quickly got undressed and put the towel around me and looked around, several rooms looked interesting, the group room was my fist choice. Soon more guys came along, and one caught my eye, a nice good sized guy with a decent buldge in his towel, we chatted and made our way into the group room and stripped of, I had picked well.

Taking his meat into my mouth he grew some more, now 8 inchs stuck out proud, and I gobbled it all in, just then a cock went straight up my ass, which surprised me but felt good too, most times the guys will at least ask of say hi first, now I was being rocked between the two cocks and more hands found my nipples and body.

The guy fucking me must have been busting to cum, as within 5 minutes he had empited his balls into me and pulled out, another cock took his place and took control of my orgasm. The new guy fucking me gave me several orgasm then he to filled my butt with his load, now I wanted this big cock in me, turning I backed onto him, he grabbed my hips and worked every inch in, until his balls were slapping my butt cheeks.

More cocks filled my mouth and I took my first mouth full of cum, then I asked who wanted to dp me, laying down a new cock slide in next to big cock, and both worked away to plessure me and themsleves. It was good to see the number of guys looking on or joining in with our fun, some just happy to wank and shot cum over us all.

I know once two guys dp me, it always seems to set them both off, within seconds of one another, they both flooded my butt with cum, my orgasm showed them it was appreciated too. No sooner had they got up, then I asked who wanted to fist me, still kneeling a fist shot up my ass and played in my cum filled hole, these guys were much more open about playing together than my regular club, and I liked that.

The whole day was spent on my knees or back, as guy after guy used my mouth or ass, I got to fuck a ass or two as well, some times in a line, me fucking a guy as others fucked me, I also spent time in the sling room, but that limits what guys can do, so returned to the group room or video room, that was good laying on the stage while guys watched me being fucked, or the porn on the screen.

I had a great time, I lost count of the number of guys who had fun with me, but by 10 pm, I thought I had better get back to Sue and Chris and see how her day had gone. Upon arriving back at the caravan, Sue was not there, so I striped of and walked to Chris chalet, the noises I heard let me know her day was still going.

I knew they wouldn’t mind, so I opened the door and walked in quitely, no wonder Sue was still going, Chris must have called his mates, as she was being fucked by 3 guys, all a lot younger than her, and her cum covered hair and face showed they liked what they had.

My hand wrapped around my cock, as I slipped it in Sue’s mouth, Chris was sucking her cum covered boobs while she was dp by the other two, they looked a bit shocked but carried on fucking her any way, Chris said Hi, and introduced me to his mates, both nodded to say hi back, but kept fucking Sue.

Chris got up for Escort a break, I spoke to him and asked if they knew he was bi, he said no, but wanted to fuck my cum soaked ass to show them anyway, after letting them fuck Sue, he said they shouldn’t worry about it to much.

I knelt in front of Sue, my mouth on her boob, as Chris went behind and slipped his cock into me, I heard a muffled WOW from his mate, but nothing was said, as they watched his pound my butt, my cock was hard and Sue was wanking it for me, then a second hand touched me, helping her, I knew it had to be the guy on top who had a great view of Chris’s cock in my ass, quite soon he grunted and blew his wad into her ass, he eased out leaving the other guy to fuck her ass.

Chris was ready to blow, his stroke’s harder and more intense, then with one last hard lung, he added his cum to the rest, I felt him relax onto my back, then again he surprised me by going down and licking my butt clean, tasting the other guys cum with his, just then another cock was pushed in, his mate forcing my ass open, as he wanted to use me.

For some one who had just cum, he recovered very quickly, and gave me a good run, then I asked if he had every fisted a guy before, he said until tonight he had never fisted any one, so I knew Sue had been busy.

I said have a go, I need a good fisting and more cum, once you have your fist in, put your cock back in with it, he sounded shocked, but Chris said he can take it, try it.

Slowly at first, then with more confidence he eased his fist into my abused ass, pushing back onto him I would have been half way to his elbow, when he started to push his cock in too, fucking me with new found vigour, he didn’t last long, as another load hit home, he let out a loud moan and commented how hot I felt inside and how his cock was squessed tight in me too.

We played for a few more hours, even getting Sue to take all four of us at the same time, with two in her ass one in her pussy and a cock in her mouth, the guys were blown away with her performance, the night ended when they all shot thier balls deep inside the holes they were fucking.

We arranged to meet them and a few more friends tomorrow night at one of thier places, so we could have more space and make more noise. we stayed with Chris and slept in his chalet, I heared him and Sue fucking some time during the night , but I was happy to leave them to it.

The next morning we woke Chris by sucking his cock hard then I sat on him, riding him until he blew a load into me, then left to clean up a bit, Sue was still covered in dry cum as we walked thought the club grounds, but no one was close enought to see us, so a nice hot shower then a clean out went down well.

Later that day we played with Chris again, then drove to his mates home around 6 pm when they would be there, Chris told us that word had got out, and others might be joining us, that suited us both as we were shown around, a nice pool out back was our first stop of, and a cool swim, as his mates started to play with Sue.

It didn’t take long, all three holes were filled with cocks as they got her warmed up, I had Chris fuck my ass, then one of the guys from last night joined in and dp me. I was more than happy as my orgasm took hold, another cock found my open mouth, from what I could see, some 7 guys had turned up, hopefully more later Escort Bayan too.

Some of the guys hadn’t done bi before, but Sue always found a great way to tease them into trying fucking me, after that most times they will cum back for more, espically when the other guys are taking turns fucking us both, the stigma of being bi doesn’t seem to matter

We played until midnight, when the guys had to get some sleep, all saying they wanted more if we were available again, of course we said yes, and told them the kinkier they get they kinkier we get too, saying that we had even been fucked by dogs before, that brought a loud wow from them all.

The next day, Chris told us, another meet was possible tonight, same place and time, so after a lasy day playing with Chris and Sue, we headed of once more, this time, a bit later, but soon the number of cars on the road told us, we would be kept busy tonight.

The door had only just closed and Sue was picked up and fucked by some of the guys from last night, I took had several guys now take my ass and fill it with cum, a few of the guys wishpered about some thing later, and can’t wait to see, but for now the cocks in me had my attention.

Around 7 pm, there was a lot more guys using us both, Sue and myself now wet with cum, as they enjoyed our bodies, then what I was hoping for, a guy with anice big dog turned up, that was of course the whispers, who did they want to see being fucked by him first.

Sue also saw the dog, and quickly made her way over, the guys fucking her had to hold her back while thier cocks filled her with cum, then she was on her knees telling them to get him to eat her pussy and ass, this dog had never fucked a person before , and took some training.

I wet my fingers in her pussy then got him to lick them, after doing this a couple of times he got the idea, going right in, her first doggy orgas rang out as he licked her with long hard strokes.

His cock began to grow, so I helped him along, stroking it to get him more interested, by now a good 9 inch cock was standing proud, but more was still coming out slowly, that was when I got him to mount Sue, the guys holding his front paws, while I got his cock lined up with her ass, shouts of lust filled the room.

Once he found the mark, he knew what to do, plunging hard and fast into Sue’s butt, he growled a few times as his cock went further in, Sue now lost in K9 bliss, as her orgasm told the guys she was more than happy.

My ass was used by the horny guys wanting to watch her in action, most never thought they would see a woman being fucked by a dog, now had rock hard cocks wanting to fuck some thing.

The dog put on a good show, fucking Sue for a good 10 minutes, then his knot tried to gain entry too, Sue holding her ass cheecks apart to help him in, knowing once he knots with her, the cum will flow pretty quickly afterwards.

Now the guys who could see her taking the knot really got hot, saying no way will it go in, Sue of course knowing what she wanted, pushed back and with one good hard thrust, it all went in, a good tennis ball stuck firmly up her ass, with a 9 inch or longer cock inside her too, she was going wild.

That was when the dog really made some strange noises, his balls now flooding Sue’s ass, as she screamed out in a long loud orgasm, some guys now just shot thier cum over her head, Bayan Escort or mine as they were so horny, cum leaked out from around the knot, as he turned back to back with Sue, causing her to orgasm harder again.

I though the guys would be shocked, but some one must have told them what was planned, seeing Sue knotted and guys trying to face fuck her and turned on always makes me hornier too, so when after the dog had slipped out of her ass, my cock went right in, fucking her hard, my balls to added more cum to her brown hole. As my orgasm eased, I went down eating her out, the guys all edged me on, saying things like, eat them doggy whore out, one fucked me and cum pretty quick in my ass while I was busy too.

Sue was kept busy now, guys fucking her ass and adding more cum to the mix, again I wasn’t sure, but these guys were horny and nothing was going to stop them fucking her ass. I waited then fisted her ass, cum leaked out every where, my arm white with juices, slid in easy, but the guys pushed me out of the way, so they could fuck her some more.

I saw the dog laying nearby, licking his cock, it was still fairly hard, so I moved over and wanked him some more, soon he was back to full size, so I knelt up, putting my ass near his nose, he soon caught on, licking me sent a good orgasm racing though me, a few guys now saw what I was doing, and urgerd me on, so moving to the bench I told them to help him mount me.

He knew now, it didn’t matter that I was a guy, his cock found my ass and with one good push he started to fuck me, with that the fist orgasm hit hard, bringing more attention to my fun, as Sue took on guy after guy who wanted to fuck her doggy cum filled ass now, I was now taking all his cock, just the knot left to go.

I held him out as long as I could, knowing that once knotted he will cum, he fucked me good, growling trying now to knot with me, but I held firm, a few guys saying that it wont go in, but all the time he was fucking me I wanted more, then as I was having one great orgasm, he gave an extra hard push, his knot went in, he changed speed, now building for his ogasm, my ass fixed tight on his knot forced into a contant orgasm.

That was it, the tightness of my ass on his cock and knot set him off, I could felel his cum flood my bowels, filling my stomarch, oh I love that feeling, then as he slowed he turned, back to back, his knot causing me to orgasm again and again, the feeling to good to be true.

Guys were using my mouth to empty thier cum sacks, the same as Sue was now impladed on 3 guys and more waiting, the dog was still knotted, every time he tried to pull away another orgasm shot though me, as his knot tugged against my g spot, then with a loud plop, he came free, cum slashed out, as I stood quickly, and sat over Sue’s face, letting gallons of hot fresh dog cum run free.

The guys cheered seeing her soaked in dog cum, my ass was soon filled with eager cocks and more cum, as the horny young guys, used us both, I leant they were a foot ball team, and school mates, no wonder they had plenty of energy.

The night went on, Sue took the dog once more, this time I lay under her, licking her clit, and taking the full flood of the dogs cum when he pulled free, around 12 ish, the guys started to leave, Chris and us made our way back to the club.we couldnt be bothered to dress, just a quick shower to stop his car seats getting messed up, then we spent the night with Chris and fucked a bit more until the early morning.

We told him to arrange another night as soon as possible with them too.

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