The Guy in the Office Down the Hall


Okay, let me set the stage. My name is Denise and I am thirty five. I am in relatively good shape for my age, tall, thin and with dark shoulder length black hair that curls at the ends, no matter what I do to try and straighten it. (Kind of like me — pretty much a conservative straight arrow, with a wicked uncontrollable twist, which my friends and my hubby hates!)Okay, so you also know I am married. Very married. I would never cheat on my spouse, because I know better. Or do I? I have often found myself wondering if offered the opportunity, and no one but myself knew, would I succumb to a worldly desire for self-fulfillment, just for the pure fun of it? Almost always I have said I wouldn’t. Two weeks ago, after one of those little husband-wife spats that turned into me sleeping on the couch all night, I trembled as I had reached my peak. John and I used to have a very fulfilling sex life, but over the years it dwindled. He had gone through his “change of life” or whatever it is that men call it, but I hadn’t. I still craved sex—badly.I have my own credit consulting business in a small office located in a multi-tenant building. I have the office all to myself, except when work demands I bring in a temp employee to help with the work load. I like working alone, because I can get more done that way.Robert worked in the same multi-tenant office as myself. I only knew him in passing. He was a tall guy, standing about 6’ 4″ and was weight proportional. He had an engaging smile, but beyond that, I didn’t know much else about him. He was a relatively quiet guy, except for his “good morning” and “have a great day” salutations.I wasn’t attracted to Robert, but for some off reason, we connected about the same time I was getting tired of sleeping on the couch. I wasn’t in a particularly good mood as I slipped my office key into the key slot of my office door. Robert’s cheerily belted out “Good morning!”, as he walked up behind me, startling me. I did my best to Bostancı Escort pleasantly respond. Before I could do so, Robert apologized.“I’m sorry,” I replied back, “had a rough night.”“Completely understandable,“ Robert acknowledged as he walked on past me. I quickly glanced in his direction, my hand on my office door knob. Robert glanced back in my direction over my shoulder.Our eyes met for only a brief second. I quickly slipped into my office, embarrassed by the fact that I thought he had caught me checking him out. I don’t why I felt so embarrassed. I wasn’t looking for a hookup. I sat down in my office chair. I stared at my blank computer screen for the longest time. Then I did something totally out of character. I got up and walked down the hall to where Robert had an office. The door was open. I stepped into the doorway and Robert looked up from his computer.“Can I ask you a question?” I bluntly blurted out.“Sure,” Robert replied, looking up at me from behind his computer.“Are you married?” I asked. Damn. What was I doing? I couldn’t believe the words fell out of my mouth.“Divorced,” Robert replied. He sat back in his chair and looked at me. “What about you?”Damn. I should have turned and walked off, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. My legs felt like noodles.“Heading that way if something doesn’t change,” I remarked.What was I saying? What the hell was I doing? I didn’t even know this guy and I was telling him my deepest feelings less than thirty seconds after stepping into his office doorway. Maybe this was the draw: I felt safe because he didn’t know me and couldn’t judge me.“That doesn’t sound like fun,” Robert replied. “Do you want to talk about it over some coffee?”Double damn. He wanted to talk with me. I was a married woman and I knew the rule. Never socialize with other men outside of the presence of your significant other. Damn the rules.“Sure,” I replied, excited about the possibility of finding someone Bostancı Escort Bayan who appeared interested in hearing me out. Screw the hubby. I had a person that was willing to listen to me.We slipped into the break room, and as Robert made us some coffee, I spilled my guts. College degreed. Married to my college sweet heart for fifteen years. Happy. Two kids. Good job. I have my own car – a BMW. I have my own house and run my own business.Robert poured the coffee into two cups as I rattled on.“Cream?” he asked.“Yes,”“Sugar?” he asked.“Yes,” I replied.“Sex?”“Yes,” I dutifully replied without realizing what he had just asked.“A lot?” he pressed.Suddenly, it dawned on me what he had just asked. I chuckled out loud.“You’re smooth,” I said.“I try to be,” he replied.“Yes,” I replied, “We have sex. Not like we used to, but we have sex.”Robert silently stirred the condiments in each cup and then handed me one of them. I took a sip from coffee at the same time that he did. He looked at me from behind the rim of his coffee cup.“You look like you still have it going on,” Robert said, setting his coffee cup on the granite table top of the coffee room.“Thanks,” I replied. “I look fine on the outside, but on the inside, I am conflicted.”“We all get that way,” Robert replied. “Sometimes, we have to take a step back and re-evaluate a few things.”I couldn’t have agreed any more.“So, what happens if you take a mini-vacation?” Robert asked.I was lost. The question caught me totally off guard.“I’m lost,” I replied.“Maybe all you need is some time away from the routine,” Robert advised.Kids. I could not leave my kids. They needed me to be at home.“I’m not suggesting you leave your kids,” Robert replied. John and Sarah were good kids. They most certainly didn’t like the conflicts at home. One can not hide much from a ten-year old and a twelve-year old.“Tell them you’re going on a business trip,” Robert suggested.“And my husband?” Escort Bostancı I pressed.“Tell him you need a few days to sort through some things,” Robert instructed. I stayed quiet, mulling things over in my mind. What he was telling me made good sense. I needed to think a few things through.Robert was a smooth guy. His advices seemed right on target. I needed some time away and to think things through.“Do you have a place to go?” he asked.That was a problem for me, I acknowledged. My husband knew all of my friends and I was sure he would pester them looking for me. I needed a clean break without him looking for me.“I have a couch,” Robert proffered.I chuckled out loud.“I just met you,” I replied.“But you know where I work, so I doubt you will find me disappearing,” Robert shot back. He quickly added, “It’s your call.”For whatever reason, I didn’t see Robert as a threat. In fact, he was quite nice and appeared quite charming in an odd sort of way. I took in a deep breath and forcibly exhaled. I was in uncharted territory. I was leaning up against the counter top, standing right next to Robert, when he slipped his hand into mine.“Look,” Robert said, as I looked down at our hands. “No pressure. You can do whatever you want to do.”That last statement had a profound effect on me. I could do whatever I wanted to do. I had been trapped in a marriage where I was expected to confirm to norms, to do certain things and to take on certain tasks. Robert was now telling me, I could do whatever I wanted to do. A sudden feeling of relief swept over me and I started to cry.“I love my family,” I said as tears streamed down my face, Robert holding on to my hand.“I know you do,” Robert replied. “That’s why you need some time alone. You need to regroup.”I agreed. I was emotionally vulnerable. I knew it. Robert knew it. I wanted to hate him, because I felt like he was taking advantage of me, but truth be told, I needed some time away and I needed to reconnect with someone who would not be judgmental one moment and then want to take me to bed the next. I hated that with a passion.“Can we get out of here?” I pressed.“Sure,” Robert replied.I told him I needed to grab the computer from the office, since my husband had a key to the office and I knew he might come looking for it and me.

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