The Grand Strategy Ch. 11


The Grand Strategy Ch. 11Our month together passed quickly.Mom and I spent almost all our time together, except for her weekly book club meetings. At that, I drew the line. When we were out in public, we were Mother and Son, and nothing more. When in the house alone, we were lovers. We lived as man and wife. We snuggled together on the couch at night, watching movies or PBS programming, and drinking wine.I had been a busy boy in those times when she ran to the store and left me alone in the house or went to her book club. I had reached out to the gang and arranged a group video chat for the next Wednesday night when I knew Mom would go to her book club meeting at the local library. When the day came and we were all on-line and connected, I wasted no time.Adopting an exaggerated British accent, I announced, “Lads, it’s time to talk about the Grand Strategy. Your Field Marshal has discovered a strategy that will guarantee success in our sacred mission.”There was general laughter and confusion. “What goal? What the hell are you talking about,” asked Roger.One guy was not confused, and that was Robbie. I had invited Robbie to the local brewpub the first Wednesday night after Dad left. When Robbie came in, he had a shit-eating grin on his face.I immediately braced him. “Robbie, you damned sandbagger.”He laughed heartedly. “Yeah, Aunt Ellie told me everything. I’ll bet you were surprised.””Surprised,” I asked. “Are you shitting me? The whole time we were plotting and planning ways to get in our Mothers’ pants, and you were getting it the whole time.”He laughed. “Well, we were going to tell you.””Yeah, but you didn’t, did you?”Robbie laughed again. He was enjoying this. “But didn’t you like finding out in your own way, Bill? I’m betting you liked it.””Oh, I loved it, Rob. I fucking loved it.”I paused, because I didn’t know what I could tell Robbie. “Aunt Ellie is the most loving woman I know,” I said.”You said that. From the first time, I’ve never been able to get enough of her.” He paused. “You know, Bill…,” then he kind of trailed off and didn’t finish what he started to say. I figured he didn’t know how much I knew about him and Aunt Ellie, and that she had cautioned him to not say too much.”Yeah, I know, Robbie.” Although I had no idea.Then we put our heads together and started plotting in earnest. I didn’t tell Robbie about Mom and me, but I think maybe he was putting it together. He knew that I was spending the month with Mom while Dad was away and, as I had learned for myself, once you’ve bedded your own Mom you can kind of identify others who might be doing the same thing. Those who are in the game can recognize other players, seems like. Despite our best efforts, I think Mom and I put off signals.”How can we help the other guys get what they want?” I asked Robbie.”How do you know they still want it?”I thought. I know my desire for Mom had only grown as I matured, but I didn’t know if everyone felt the same way. “Well, I guess that’s step one. We have to know they still want it.””And then what?,” Robbie asked.”Here’s a strategy I’ve come up with, Rob. Tell me if it’s consistent with your experience.” I had to tread gingerly, because I didn’t want him to know I had bedded any of the other Mothers, and I especially didn’t want to confess about my own Mom. “It’s all about what we want, what our Mothers want, and how we can bring the two together.””I’m listening.””We want to fuck our Moms. Our Moms want us to love them, completely and without Halkalı Escort reservation. They are not going to change. Their desires will remain fixed. So, we have to change. We have to mature enough that we want only to love and to please our Moms and, if we can do that, the two goals can come together.” I continued. “It has to be done a step at a time. A man has an on/off switch – fuck or not fuck. Once we make the decision that’s what we want, that’s it. But a woman makes independent decisions at every little step. ‘Do I let him kiss me? Do I let him flirt with me? Do I let him touch my butt?’ By the time she gets to the big decision, ‘Do I let him fuck me?,’ it’s not such a big decision. It’s just another small decision in a chain of other small decisions that led to that moment.”I was proud of myself. I had remembered pretty well what Mary had told me, just as she had told me. Robbie nodded sagely.”I think you’re onto something. I think you’re right.””Then let’s get it together. I’ll arrange a group chat, and we can pitch it to them. Don’t let on about you and Aunt Ellie, Rob. They’re not ready for that, I don’t think,” I cautioned him.So when we had the video chat, Robbie already knew what was coming. I answered Roger, and the group as a whole, and I didn’t mince words. “You remember how we used to plan to get our Moms in bed? Well, here it is, boys. Take a minute and think. Do you still want that, and are you ready to work for it?”It took a moment for everybody to consider his own decision, but soon every split screen image had a head that was bobbing enthusiastically.”Hell yes,” exclaimed Jim. “She still drives me crazy.” And then everyone chimed in with their own words of assent.The one that made me laugh was Roger. “I’ve fucked every redhead I can find, and none of them have quenched my thirst for Mom.” I knew the feeling.”Okay,” I thought. “Step one is a go.”Adopting the British accent again, I said, “Right, lads. We’ll storm the bulwarks. We’ll overcome their defenses.”There was a chorus of groans, so I dropped the accent. I told them exactly what I had told Robbie, and all heads nodded. They understood. “Okay, then. Step one is that you have to restore your demonstrated love for your Mom. Start texting her during the day, every day. Tell her you love her. Tell her you miss her. Hell, tell her you hunger to see her. That’s going to be your homework. Now, can everybody get some vacation and come home in about a month?”When they all agreed they could do it and we settled on the dates, I told them, “If you have your Mom happy that you’re showing her love and she’s addicted to your daily phone calls and chats by the time you get here, you’re as much as in. That’s your homework. Get to it, and start tonight. Call home. Tell her you love her.”I didn’t tell them that I had personal knowledge that each of the Moms had a burning desire to fuck her son. Some things are best discovered yourself.As I said, the month flew by. Soon Mom and I were a week away from Dad’s return. She appeared a little sad at times and I knew she was thinking about how our lives had changed.When we went to bed, we loved. I learned that what Mom had said was true. With the change of life she did not need sex as much as she might have when she was younger, and sometimes it was even painful for her. While she might not have needed sex, though, she desperately needed love. My love. I gave it to her as completely and eagerly as I could. I asked Halkalı Escort Bayan nothing in return, but she was always ready to give. If we couldn’t fuck, every night she made sure I had at least one of her killer blowjobs. I’ll swear, she seemed to have honed her technique to exactly what I liked, and they kept getting better and better.She knew I liked seeing her wedding band on my dick. One night she looked up and caught me focused on it while she pumped my dick with that hand. She giggled a little and said, “I think my boy likes seeing his Mom’s wedding band on his dick. Is that right? Do you like that?”I nodded, wondering if she was going to scold me. She didn’t, though. She looked down at her hand and said, “You know, I like it, too. Why do you think I always use that hand? You know I’m right-handed. Remember the first time? I used my left hand then, because I thought you might like it, and I think I was right.”That led into a serious talk.”You know I love your Father, don’t you? I loved him from the minute I met him, and that has never changed. Plus, you know, he gave me you.”I nodded again. “I know you love him, Mom, and I never want to do anything to harm that. We’re a family.”That was what she wanted to hear. “Bill, women are really no different from men. Sometimes we want something a little different and even exciting. That my something different is with you is just icing on the cake.” With that, she bent down and licked the length of my dick. “Hmmm. Icing on the cake.”She looked up at me. “Have you forgotten what I told you we might try?”Hell, no, I had not forgotten. I twisted around so we were in a 69 position, and dove into that pussy. Eating her pussy like that put the tip of my nose right at her ass, of course, and I loved it. I raised up a little bit and probed her ass with my tongue. She squirmed and took her mouth off my dick. I touched her ass with my finger, gently pushing the tip of it in. She shuddered, and softly moaned.She moved to her right and stretched out on the bed, face down. She raised her head to look back at me as I knelt and studied that beautiful ass, and said, “I mean it, Bill. I’ve never done this before, but I’ll try it for you. Promise me, though, that if it hurts too much you’ll stop.”I promised, and I meant it. I hoped she would like it as much as I knew I was going to like it, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her.”Okay. Reach in the bedside table drawer and see what’s in there.”I did, and it was a bottle of Astrolube. She must have picked it up the last time she went out. I wondered how excited she was to be buying it. I’ll bet she looked around to make sure no one she knew was there to see, and I’ll bet she had a shiver of anticipation when she put it on the checkout counter. She must have been thinking, at that moment, of her Son sliding in her ass.I slathered it around her ass.”That stuff’s cold,” she laughed, and then gave a little moan when I slid my forefinger in her ass.”So far, so good,” she whispered. “I like that.”Making sure I kept plenty of lube there, I slid my finger in and out, stretching her muscle. When she seemed ready, I lubed my fingers again and this time, slid two fingers in her. She took it easily, and again, I slid my fingers in and out, stretching her. I was as hard as a rock.”Are you ready to try?””Uh, huh. Let’s try it. But slow. Give me time to adjust.””Okay,” I told her. As I’m pushing in, you push down like you’re trying to poop. Escort Halkalı That will help.””William!,” she exclaimed. “You act like you’ve done this before.”I laughed, and she laughed with me. “No, Mom. I just read a lot.””Right,” she answered. “Just go easy.”I squirted a glob of lube on the head of my dick, squirted a little more on her ass, and then put my dick at her opening, Holding myself off her with my arms so I could control it, I gently pushed. The head of my dick slid right into her butt, and she gasped.”Oh, God!””Am I hurting you? You want to stop?””No. It’s just so big, but it feels pretty good for now. Try a little more.”I pushed again, and she gave a big moan. I could feel myself sliding past her muscular ring, and knew the sailing would be easy now. I paused, allowing her to get accustomed to it.”Oh,” she said. “I feel so full.”I asked if she was ready for more, and she nodded, looking back into my eyes. Good Lord. My Mom was looking into my eyes while I pushed my dick into her ass.Pushing again, I slid right in, down to the hilt. I held it there, and lowered my body on top of hers. I kissed her cheek, and she turned her face so I could kiss her mouth. We kissed deeply, and she gave another nod.”Try it, Bill. Go slow, though.”I started slowly, ever so slowly, pulling myself back and then pushing into her again. She started moaning, a continuous moan, and before long at all she had a rockingly powerful orgasm. She groaned loudly, and it became almost a scream. I could feel her ass spasming as it clinched tightly on my dick. “Oh, oh, oh,” and then she collapsed beneath me. I stayed in her for a minute, then slowly pulled out. I expected my dick to be a little soiled, but it wasn’tI jumped up, ran to the bathroom, and quickly washed my dick and hands with soap and water.”What are you doing?,” she asked, and I was afraid she might fear I thought it was dirty.”We’re not finished, I hope, and I don’t want my lover to get a vaginal infection, so I’m washing up.”I turned, and saw her smiling. “I’m glad you know what to do, Bill. You’re taking care of me, aren’t you?””Now, and always,” I laughed.I returned and laid beside her, cuddling her as we whispered to each other.”Well, what did you think,” I asked.”I have to admit, I kind of liked it. Couldn’t you tell? What about you? Did you like it?””More than liked it. I loved it. Because it was you, I loved it.”She sighed. “Bill, I couldn’t give you my virginity…”I snorted. “Ya think?”She continued, “… but I could give you that. Even if I hadn’t liked it, I was determined to do it for you. No one will ever be there but you, Bill. That’s special between us.””Then that means we’ll do it again?” I couldn’t hide the hope in my voice.”I liked it, Bill. I really did. I think we’ll do it again.”And we did. We had a week left, and we took advantage of every minute of it.Dad got home on a Friday afternoon. I was in the den when he got there and, I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Would he be able to tell? Would he sense, somehow, what we had been up to? Would he suspect his son had gotten a blowjob from his wife, not thirty minutes before he walked in the door? But Mom, she was as cool as a cucumber. There was absolutely no indication anything was different with her. She met him at the door with a big kiss, and curled her right leg behind his to add a little oomph to it. Her reaction calmed me a lot. I thought, “Well, if she can do it, so can I.” But I also had to think, again, “I wonder if she’s done this before?”Dad came to me and I hugged him. “How’d it go, Dad?””Good,” he said. “How were things here? Keep your Mom out of trouble?”I laughed. “Her? Trouble? Oh, please. Miss Goody Two Shoes?”He laughed, too, and any tension I might have felt was broken.

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