The Girlfriend Experience Ch. 29


“Thank you so much, Colt, for that surprise trip to the spa earlier. Pampering at its finest! I can’t speak for Lindsay, but for me, it was so nice to get a massage, you know, to relax my muscles from shopping so hard.”Colt shot Pamela a look, a thin, almost unnoticeable hint of a smile appearing on his lips. “You and Lindsay did clean out the lingerie store earlier. It was brutal.”“It wasn’t brutal, it was fun!” Delight sparkled in Pamela’s eyes. “The clerk there sure seemed to appreciate us since she worked on commission. Girls like Lindsay and I need to be spoiled rotten every now and then.”His thumb brushed against the inside of her palm. “You deserve everything you get, angel. You really do.” He pressed a quick kiss to her temple. “So precious.”“What do you want, sweetie?” Pamela swept long hair away from her face as she turned and regarded Lindsay. Along with Colt, they stepped forward in line. “I’m buying.”“You’re not buying, I’m buying. It’s my turn.” Lindsay glanced up, her expression dancing with friendliness. “Hi there. I’ll take a Teavana London Fog Tea Latte. Large size, with extra spiced apple drizzle and cinnamon powder. Oh, and whipped cream on top.” She squeezed Pamela’s wrist. “I’m buying this time.”Pamela’s eyes met Lindsay’s, a hint of competitive challenge in them before focusing on the young lady behind the counter. “Afternoon, hi, how are you? I’ll take an Almond Milk Honey Flat Light Venti.”“Anything for you, sir?” the barista asked.“Nah, I’m good, thank you.” Colt raised his hands. “Never been much of a coffee drinker.”“And what are the names for the orders?”“Dakota for hers,” Lindsay immediately responded, “and Kayleigh for mine.”Pamela perked up, her mouth ajar.“Please step over to the register and pay.”“No one has called me Dakota in over a decade,” Pamela said to Lindsay as they waited for their drinks to be fulfilled. “Not since Colt’s dad ran the house. How did you know about that name? Who told you?”“You told me!” The words sprang from Lindsay’s mouth. “My first day on the job, you told me.”“Don’t you love this girl’s style?” Pamela later asked Colt, slipping an arm around Lindsay’s shoulder and snuggling close. “She was killin’ it at Venus Unveiled earlier. Lindsay has like, this special style where she makes like, the most mini like sexy but cute outfits look the sluttiest … but not quite.” Laughter erupted from Pamela.“Huh?” Colt grunted.Lindsay suppressed a smile. “Pamela is the most perfect person to help me out with that, isn’t she?”The budding triad boarded a nonstop flight in Las Vegas and landed in Arlington, Virginia last evening at nine o’clock. It was a miserable experience, being forced to wait on the runway at McCarren International Airport for seventy-five minutes due to a mechanical issue with the plane. Everything was good now, though, being in Fairfax, Maryland – Pamela and Colt’s hometown – and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend before it was back to Nevada and the professional grind on Monday.From sightseeing to museums to sports, there was plenty to keep the trio entertained. This morning, for example, they toured Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the heartbeat of the city, and so closely connected to the aquarium, science center, and plenty of restaurants and shopping (including the lingerie boutique). On the waterfront, four military vessels, most notably the USS Constellation, welcomed visitors with tours, events, and hands-on exhibits to let one experience what life was like at sea in the Civil War era.Fort McHenry played a major role in the War of 1812 when it was used to successfully defend Baltimore Harbor against the British navy. During the battle, an American flag was flown over the fort as the bombardment reached its apex. The sight of the flag inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem he entitled Defence of Fort M’Henry, which would later be renamed The Star-Spangled Banner, set to music, and adopted as the USA’s national anthem.Wide-eyed and full of wonder, Lindsay was fascinated as she took everything in, having never visited anywhere east of Montana. Maryland is awesome! Most surprising was Pamela and Colt’s farmhouse-style residence situated on four acres of a botanical paradise featuring mature white oak and red maple trees, lush wildflower vegetation such as azaleas and milkweeds, and arrowwood shrubbery.Though Lindsay had never been in Anadoluyakası Escort a house more beautiful and knew it had to cost an absolute fortune, she felt incredibly at ease in it. This blows the old digs in Citronelle away. Even in Sammy’s mansion in Salt Lake City, and the penthouse they later moved into, Lindsay felt out of place, afraid she’d bump into something and break a “priceless item” on a desktop or shelf.Pamela and Colt were the consummate hosts, making certain she was comfortable and welcome following their cross-country trip. I do have a complaint though. Poor Lindsay was relegated to the guest bedroom last evening. When is Colt finally going to give me what I want? What I need? It was frustrating – maddening, even – but Pamela kept preaching patience, insisting Colt would come around sooner rather than later. I hope they don’t mind I played with my vibrator last night in their nice bed. Not only couldn’t she help herself, but Lindsay made a mess too. I should run the bedsheets through the washer before they find out. Her brow furrowed as she sipped her coffee, zeroing in on Colt and his rugged, handsome visage. Oh, how she wished she could press her cheek to that broad, magnificent chest and listen to his big, kind heartbeat underneath all those layers of muscle. Sweet Jesus!Upon leaving Starbucks, Lindsay pulled open the door before Colt could reach for it. He then went to hold it for her, but she’d already walked through. His throat thickened as he squinted at her.“Don’t worry, chivalry isn’t dead yet.” Pamela spoke in a low tone and smirked as she slipped past him.“This area is so cute. It’s so green. I love it.” Lindsay closed her eyes, spread her arms sideways, and inhaled all the air she could. “So different than what I’m used to back in Nevada and California, and Utah.” She smiled at an elderly man as he passed by. “Hi there, sir. How are you? Do you need any help with your cane?”Priding himself on being a proper gentleman, the way Lindsay opened the door and bristled through it threw Colt off his game, though it shouldn’t have. Had she allowed him to open a single door or pull out a chair for her yet since leaving Flagstone? She’d never been with a man who truly wanted to be good to her, he thought, to put her first, and take care of her. Sure, it took some time (and lots of cajoling from Pamela), but Colt viewed Lindsay as a likable gal nowadays, very polite, affable, and irresistible. She was a lady and deserved to be treated as one.“Tell me about this hiking trail we’re going to tomorrow afternoon. You know how I love to hike.”“Cascade Falls Trail down in Elliot City,” Pamela said to Lindsay. “You and Colt will have a great time. It’s not very long, but the scenery is top-notch, and I’ve always loved the little waterfall halfway through. Very relaxing. We used to have picnics there when I was a kid.”“I wish you’d come along with us.” Lindsay blew out a sigh, her shoulders sagging. “It sucks that you’re not.”“I can’t.” Pamela swallowed hard and blinked several times. “Trust me, I’d love to go. But I promised my mom, my dad, and my sisters I’d spend the day with them. This is such a short, quick trip home for us, only two full days because we visited Palm Springs first. Usually, Colt and I spend our entire week away from work, our vacation, here in Maryland.” As activity buzzed all around them on the sidewalk, Pamela brushed her knuckles down the side of Lindsay’s face. She wasn’t one bit bashful about showing affection in public. “Baby, I can’t come home and not spend any time with my family. That wouldn’t be right.”“It’s okay. I understand.” On the bright side, how often did Lindsay get to have one-on-one time with Colt? Would tomorrow’s hike provide some fireworks? Or, at the very least, further their mutual attraction? What I really want is for us to fuck and get it over with. The only other time she recalled being alone with Colt was when he escorted her to the Sulaco County Sheriff’s Department last month to obtain a work permit. Even so, that was only a half-hour. I guess we stopped at the convenience store too. “Does your family know about your … sexual preferences?”“Oh, my family knows I’m bisexual.” Pamela’s golden hair streamed out behind her, carried by the wind. “There’s no doubt. I’ve never told them, but trust me, they know.”“How Anadoluyakası Escort Bayan are you so sure?”“They know I work at the brothel and Mom even made an account on the website and registered for the bulletin board. I know how she is – I’d bet anything she snoops around and reads what everyone says about me, reads all the reviews, and that I’m Queen Heaux, Queen of the Threesome.” Pamela inhaled the sweet aroma of flavored coffee from the plastic cup. “I have no doubt they know.” Breath stirred her hair. “I could be embarrassed by it, but I’m not. It is what it is. I knew what the ramifications, the ripples would be when I came clean and told them about the brothel. Paula, my older sister, she’s not cool about it, but everyone else is, even my dad.”“And you don’t think they’ll be suspicious of Colt not being with you tomorrow? Not being there for the day out, the big family outing? He’ll be with me – another woman – not you.”Pamela offered a dismissive wave. “No, no way. Why would they? Colt may be a transplant here, but they know he has friends in town, too, and I told them he’s got things to do elsewhere. No harm, no foul, no suspicions.”“I’m hoping you tell your family about me in the future, as well, and I get to meet them.” Lindsay bit her lower lip to keep from grinning like a kid going to Disneyland. “I … I’d like that. For them to … accept me.” She had visions of not only being married to Pamela one day, but also Colt. I want to have that man’s babies and for Pamela to have equal say in raising them. Didn’t Lindsay deserve ultimate happiness, too, after all the horrible things that happened to her? It’s been a rough year, that’s for sure.“I’d like that, too, honey. I have faith that, in time, they’ll accept you.” Pamela settled her hand on the curve of Lindsay’s back as they strolled side-by-side. “My parents, especially, they’ve really chilled out over the years.”I wish my parents would chill out and be more accepting of me too. When Lindsay left Evie’s final resting place less than forty-eight hours ago, the tombstone and its surrounding area popped with vibrant colors thanks to her special touch. She decorated it with an assortment of flower arrangements, put up a pair of sun-catchers, wind chimes, and a lavish wreath. Lindsay also left a memorial rock at the base of the marker with an engraved inscription: If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. Though she was in Citronelle that evening, and mere miles from her family home, Lindsay insisted on immediately ditching town after the cemetery visit. Mom, Dad, my sisters? No one wants anything to do with me there. She considered herself an outcast, vilified by family and friends once close to her, and the sole reason Evie committed suicide. I shouldn’t have pestered her as hard as I did about taking a job at the brothel.I should’ve backed off. …Would Lindsay ever be welcome back into her religious and God-fearing family? I disgraced the Anastacio name and legacy by spreading my legs and becoming a whore. Thanks to all the media attention from Evie’s suicide, the entire town knew what job Lindsay had, and where to find her. It’s so humiliating! How long would it be before someone she knew – even if it was just an acquaintance – came looking for a GFE? Lindsay had been half-expecting Big Dick – her creepy neighbor while growing up – to pop in unannounced and surprise her one day with a fistful of cash. That old man would give anything to fuck me.Regarding her family, though, she had to face facts. It is what it is. Easier said than done, but Lindsay was trying her damnedest to adopt Pamela’s philosophy and push forward. I must accept that everyone hates me now and move on. Alison said I’m the worst sister ever and that I’ll forever burn in Hell. Birthdays and Christmastime would be especially rough. It is what it is. Move on, forge ahead.Who needed those people anyway? You just keep trying to tell yourself that, chicka. Coldness crept up Lindsay’s backbone, fluttering like a breeze through her sundress. Maybe one day, you’ll believe it … or not.Didn’t she want to bust free from Citronelle when she was younger and never look back? That was her primary reason for taking a job at the brothel in the first place. I promised myself long ago that Escort Anadoluyakası if I ever escaped that wretched hellhole, I’d never look back. Dread slithered through and blanketed her veins. Well, you got what you wanted, didn’t you? Didn’t you? Too many mixed emotions swirled within her chest. You’re free, you’re an adult now, and you’re away from Citrosmell. You’re making good money, too, and could easily survive on your own if need be.But it cost you everything.“Everything okay, honey? Suddenly you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”“Oh, I’m just thinking about my family.” On the exterior, Lindsay appeared vulnerable, fragile, with moist eyes and a trembling lower lip, but behind the tears, Pamela saw fierce determination. “I miss them.”“Hey, I’ve got you. Shh.” Pamela stopped mid-stride and whispered against Lindsay’s cheek. “You’re okay. I know you miss them. Breathe, baby. Just breathe. You don’t have to do anything else. There, there, I’ve got you.”Lindsay focused on Pamela’s assurance and exhaled deeply. Oblivious to any onlookers, she wilted against her. Pamela was warm and supple, safe, and loving. So loving. Lindsay closed her eyes and tuned out everything except her calming heartbeat. God, I love you, Pamela. She’d never felt so safe in someone’s arms. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. …   Attending a major league baseball game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in the Ridgely’s Delight neighborhood of Baltimore was quite enjoyable for Colt as a sports fan and even more therapeutic as a human being. On a muggy summer afternoon or a crisp autumn evening, nothing could compare to the sights and sounds of a professional baseball game and the countless spectacles one had to offer.The grass, fresh cut and a verdant green. The dirt, soft, silky, and perfectly manicured. The vendors going up and down the aisles with their unique and loud, boisterous personalities, wanting you to purchase a snack or a cold beverage. The unmistakable, delicious scent of overpriced hot dogs and peanuts wafting through the air, permeating your senses. Seeing the star athletes that you invest your time and enthusiasm in as a fan, stretching and taking batting practice, and the anticipation reaching a crescendo as the game begins and they get down to business.Hearing the pop of a screaming fastball hitting the catcher’s glove. The timeless crack of a bat and watching in full speed as the baserunner stretches a double into a triple. The energy of the crowd. Umpire, no! Bad call! He was safe! Fans yelling chants and taunts toward the opposite team, while their own supporters give it right back.And then, of course, there is one truly magical moment that can make the memory of any baseball game on a random August evening last for a lifetime – catching your first foul ball.Colt had been a baseball fan for as long as he could remember, but growing up in Flagstone, there were no major league teams for 450 miles. He chose the Los Angeles Dodgers as his favorite squad and was overjoyed when his father scored a pair of tickets to Game One of the 1988 World Series. There, he witnessed Kirk Gibson hit one of the most dramatic home runs in the sport’s history.Though out of their way, William made a habit of taking Colt to a few major league contests each year, whether in Los Angeles, Anaheim, or San Diego. But the venue they attended most was Cashman Field in North Las Vegas, once home to the Las Vegas Stars, the class AAA minor league affiliate of the San Diego Padres.When Colt turned eighteen and could afford to travel and do things on his own, he expanded his reach, attending MLB games in San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, and New York, among other places. Once meeting Pamela, however, and travelling with her on countless trips to Maryland (and eventually moving here), Colt adopted the Baltimore Orioles as his official team.Built in 1992 with its modern yet retro look, Camden Yards was the best professional sports stadium Colt had ever been in. It still looked brand new; it was open, inviting, sparkling, easy to get around and, despite the team currently being a cellar dweller in the win/loss standings, a cheerful atmosphere prevailed. Parking was a breeze and the concessions were appetizing.“He was out!” Lindsay screeched toward an umpire when a call didn’t go the Orioles’ way. Colt glanced sideways as Lindsay sprung out of her seat behind the first base dugout as if she were on a pogo stick, her blonde ponytail flailing in the wind, and cupped both hands to her mouth. “Boo! Booooo! You need new glasses, ump!” An instant later, she sat back down and turned toward Colt with a happy, vibrant laugh, full of energy.

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