The Girl in the Front Seat Ch. 02


Xander woke that Saturday like he had for the past year and a half, with Jenny in his arms. They were perfect for each other. Where Jenny was imperfect, Xander was more than eager to help and vice versa. Jenny even got him over his fear of driving. They were the perfect couple.

Her warm skin rubbed up against his and he couldn’t help but get an erection. They had been sleeping together for a long time but he still got a hard-on every time her skin rubbed up against his.

“Do you want to?” Xander asked, now very horny.

“Definitely.” Jenny replied, throwing the sheets off the bed and laying on her back. She took off her shorts and her tank top, revealing her round, beautiful breasts and shaved pussy. Her breasts were perfect. They were 40DD, but they didn’t sag, they were pert and round with aereolas the size of silver dollars and nipples like little pencil erasers.

“I still am amazed at how beautiful you are Jen.” Xander said as he took off his boxers and took his position over Jenny and delicately kissed her on the lips. Their tongues massaged each other’s.

Jenny broke the kiss to say, “Oh baby that’s so sweet.” She then resumed the kiss.

Xander’s hands journeyed down Jenny’s back to her ass. He put his right index finger in her asshole and then his second finger. Jenny’s moans were subdued when Xander took his fingers out and broke the kiss.

“Honey, before we fuck let me suck you off.” Jenny said.

“Definitely.” Xander said as he moved his hands up to Jenny’s breasts. He put his face down to them and took her nipples in his mouth. He felt their warmth for a few seconds and then stood up and put his dick to Jenny’s mouth. She began by licking the head of it and then licking down the shaft. She encircled it with her tongue, all the while playing with his ball sac.

“Perfect.” She said, taking the swollen 8 1/2 inch dick out of her mouth, which meant that it was lubricated enough to fuck her tits.

Xander put his eight-inch cock between Jenny’s tits and Jenny pushed them together around it. He pumped in and out slowly until they had a good rhythm going. After about ten minutes he stopped in mid fuck with his dick in Jenny’s face. Jenny let go of her tits, arched her neck, and took Xander’s dick in her mouth again. Xander began to fuck Jenny’s mouth stopping for a few seconds in her mouth so she could play with his balls and swirl her tongue around his dick. She kept sucking and licking the head of his cock until he felt he was going to explode.

“Let me cum in you.” Xander said on the verge of cumming.

“OK. I’m almost there too.” Jenny replied.

Xander moved down her body, kissing her breasts, stomach, and belly button and then saw her pussy. He put his cock, soaked in Jenny’s saliva, into Jenny’s wet, hungry pussy and began to fuck her gently, at first, but then gaining speed and starting a rhythm with Jenny. They fucked for about five minutes then they both shot their loads, Xander in Jenny’s pussy and Jenny on his pelvis.

They collapsed, with Xander’s dick still deep in Jenny’s pussy.

“Ohhh that feels so good.” Jenny said, gaining breath after their fuck session. “I have a favor to ask you Xander.”

“Anything Jenny. You know I’ll do anything for you.” Xander replied, rolling off her.

“Well, it’s about my sister.”

“Kristi? OK. What about her?” Xander asked.

“Well, she just broke up with her boyfriend and she’s really depressed. He was cheating on her and it hurt her really bad. Is there anything you can do to help her out?”

“Yeah. No problem. Give me his name. I’ll make the bastard pay.”

“Thanks Xander. Oh I love you so much. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Jenny replied, excited that Xander was going to help her baby sister.

“I don’t know what I’d do without YOU Jenny. I love you too.” Xander replied. He was very happy; he hadn’t been able to show off his 6’4, 240 pound frame since the football season ended.

The next day with Kisti’s ex’s name in his head, John Andrews, Xander made his way to the admissions office of the college. He opened the door and saw one of his good friends, Jake, sitting at the computer.

“Hey Jake. You work here?”

“Oh, Hi Xander. Yeah I get paid for sitting on my ass. What’s up?”

“I need to know where someone lives. The name’s John Andrews.”

“Andrews? OK. Hold on a second.” Replied Jake as he went to the computer. After a few seconds he replied, “Andrews. 1098 Mackenzie. Other side of the campus. He lives with 3 other guys, all fucking hockey jocks. If you’re going there to start trouble, I’d be careful if I were you.”

“Thanks a lot Jake. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Replied Xander.

“No problem. Hey! Are you going to the party tomorrow?”


“My house, man.”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Who is going to be there?”

“Oh Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir Matt, Chase, Squiggs. All the guys. Kristi is going to be there too.”

“Oh you know I’ll be there.”

“All right man. See you later. It’s at 8. Oh yeah, tell Jenny about it too.”

“You got it. Bye.” Xander replied. He opened the door and left. He then got into his Avalanche and sped to the other side of the campus, to 1098 Mackenzie. He got out of the SUV, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. A 6’3, 200 lb.-plus hockey player (you could tell from the missing teeth) came to the door.

“What do you want?” He asked, his breath reeking of Jack Daniels.

“Let me talk to John Andrews.” Xander said.

“Wait.” He replied, showing that he didn’t deal with people much. A couple of seconds later, another guy came to the door.

“You wanted me?” Said the guy at the door. He was just over 6 feet tall and about 185 lb.

“Are you John Andrews?” Xander asked, already knowing the answer.


“Then I am here to see you.”

“What do you want?” John responded, trying to be civil but failing horribly.

“You used to go out with Kristi Johnson right?”

“Yeah. So?”

“I heard that you cheated on her. Is that true too?” Xander asked, anger rising in his voice.

“Yeah, but what does this matter to you?” He asked, fear rising in his voice.

“Ha ha ha.” Xander chuckled to myself. Xander lifted up his head and went eye to eye with him. “You fucking bastard. You hurt Kristi and now you’re going to pay.”

“Yeah? How am I going to pay?” He said, standing up straight, trying to intimidate Xander.

“Like this.” Xander replied. He pulled hi fist back and gave him a right cross across the face. He fell back in the house and that meant that the others had to get involved.

The big guy who first came to the door stood dumbfounded, while another one of John’s football buddies rushed at Xander. Xander moved at the last second and he ran headfirst into the wall, knocking himself unconscious.

The big guy regained his sense and came at Xander slower than the other stupid guy. He took a swing at Xander, which Xander grabbed and, using his arm as momentum threw the guy into the wall. He bounced off and, in one swift motion, Xander threw him out of the door and into the front of his Avalanche.

By this time, Andrews had gotten up and dusted himself off.

“You’re a dead man!” He yelled, putting up his fists.

“No, I think you have it backwards.” Xander said with a smile, realizing that Andrews didn’t have a chance.

Andrews came at Xander and took a swing at his head; Xander merely ducked and unleashed a massive uppercut to Andrew’s jaw, knocking him to the ground. Andrews got up and tried to punch Xander in the stomach, a jab in the face was all he got for his troubles.

Xander was getting tired of playing around and he decided to end the fight right then. The next time Andrews got up, Xander rushed at him, pushing him across the living room and smashing him into a wall, knocking the wind and sense out of him.

Xander walked over to the unconscious Andrews, kicked him in the ribs for good measure, and walked out the door. Before he left, Xander turned and said, “Never do it again.” And, with that, he walked out the door and into his Avalanche.

Xander got back to his house about 10 minutes later and immediately called Jenny who was visiting and consoling her sister, Kristi.

“Hello.” Answered Jenny

“Hi baby. How’s Kristi?” Xander asked.

“Better, still crying. Did you do what I asked?” Jenny said with a genuine sound of hope in her voice.

“Oh yeah. The bastard won’t be able to breathe without pain for a while.” Xander responded.

“Oh, that’s great Xander. Thank you so much. It means so much to Kristi that that bastard pays. Let me put her on the phone.” Jenny replied.

“Hello?” Kristi answered.

“Hi Kristi, how are you doing?” Xander inquired.

“Better. Did you need to talk to me about something?” Kristi asked.

“Yeah I just wanted to say that Andrews will be hurting for a long time.” Xander answered.

“Oh! That’s wonderful Xander! Thank you so much! Oh I’ll find a way to thank you. I promise.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just be sure to come to Jake’s party tonight.”

“Definitely. I wouldn’t miss it. Thanks again Xander.”

“You’re welcome Kristi. I’m glad I could make you happy again.”

“Oh you did! You did! Let me put Jenny on.”

“Good. OK.”

“Hi Xander. Kristi is so happy now. You are the most wonderful boyfriend ever. I’m going to stay over here for a while. OK? I’ll see you at Jake’s. I love you Xander.”

“OK. I’ll see you there. I love you too Jen.”

It was only 4 and Xander had no classes for the rest of the İstanbul Escort day, so he took a nap. He woke up at 7 and got ready. He took a shower, put on deodorant, brushed his teeth, put on a hoodie and khakis, sprayed on some cologne, and headed out the door. Xander got in his SUV and sped over to Jake’s party.

Xander got to the front door of Jake’s, and knowing it wasn’t necessary to knock, opened the door and walked in. The first thing he heard when the door closed behind him was the clapping of all the people in the room. He turned and saw that everyone at the party had turned and looked at him. Jake came from behind a crowd of people and said put his arm over Xander’s shoulders yelled, “That’s right ladies and gentleman, the man of the evening!” Everyone began clapping harder and, after a minute, it died down.

The next person Xander saw was Kristi who came running up to him, squeezing him harder than he thought possible, and kissing him hard on the mouth (normal among the two of them). “Oh my God, Xander. I can’t believe you beat that bastard up for me. Aren’t you going to get kicked out?” She asked.

“Hell no. I’ve gotten in very good with the dean; he’ll look past it. I just hope your back to your normal self, Kristi.”

“I am. I am. I’m gonna go talk to my sister for a sec. I’ll let you talk with some of the other people here than just me.”

“OK, I’ll see you later.”

“You better believe it.” Kristi replied, shaking her ass as she walked away.

Xander looked at Kristi as she walked away. She had blossomed since the first time Xander had made love to Jenny (about 2 1/2 years since). She was about 5’6 and about 130 pounds. She had blond hair and a great body. She was muscular but still very feminine. She had a little fat on her but none that many people would notice. She shared two things with her sister, her breasts and feet. Kristi’s breasts were about 40Cs and her feet were beautifully shaped and her nails were painted pink. Xander began to realize that, while he had been dating Jenny, Kristi had become incredibly beautiful and he knew that he wanted to fuck her.

Xander mingled for a bit, talking to the rest of his friends who made it to the party. After about 45 minutes, Jenny came up to Xander and asked to talk in private. They went in a back room of Jake’s house. “Kristi asked me something that I thought you might like. She wanted to know if you wanted to um….um….” Jenny stuttered.

“You can tell me. It’s no big deal.” Xander replied, wondering what could get Jenny so hesitant.

“She wanted to know if you wanted her to fuck her.” Jenny said.

“Really? Hmmm. What do you think?” Xander asked, hoping to God Jenny thought it was OK.

“I don’t have a problem with it. You love me and I know that. Plus, I want to watch.”

“Great,” Xander said, a smile on his face. “When?”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

“Tell her to come find me when she’s ready. I’ll tell Jake that me and you are going upstairs to the master bedroom.”

“OK. I’ll see you in a few, tiger.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Xander replied, walking towards Jake on the other side of the room.

“Hey Xander what’s up?” Jake asked as he saw Xander coming towards him.

“Just hanging out. Great party. By the way, can I use the master bedroom?”

“Thanks. Yeah, sure. For what?”

“Let’s just say it involves me, Jenny, and Kristi.”

“Oh you dog. Yeah go ahead. You know where it is.”

“Yeah man. Thanks”

“Good luck tiger.” Jake said, laughing as Xander made his way to find Kristi and Jenny.

Xander found them and followed them to the master bedroom. Kristi closed the door behind them and sat Xander down in a chair by the bed. “I’m going to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” She said, taking off her shirt. She was wearing a pink satin bra which her tits were almost falling out of. She then took off her shorts and sandals, standing in front of Xander with nothing but her bra and panties.

“Do you like by tits Xander? I know they’re nothing compared to my sister’s but they’re still nice right?” Kristi said, pouting.

“They’re beautiful Kristi. You are extremely attractive. God, I’d love to lick every part of your body.” Xander said, getting out of the chair and walking towards Kristi.

“I’d start at your forehead and kiss down to your lips.” He walked closer to Kristi.

“I’d move onto your neck, your chest, and then your amazing breats.” Walking ever so closer.

“I’d make you feel like a queen as I kissed down your stomach to your crotch. I’d move down to your legs and feet, leaving you amazed and unbelievably horny.”

Xander finally got to Kristi and placed his hands behind her head and moved his face to hers. He kissed her passionately, their tongues fighting within Escort İstanbul her mouth. Jenny took a seat in another chair and took off her shorts, shirt, and bra.

Xander moved his hands down Kristi’s back to her bra strap. He diligently removed it and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts fell from their captivity, instantly sending a shock through Xander.

He moved his hands to her thong panties and slowly lowered them to the floor, stopping for a second to kiss Kristis right on her wet, pulsating, pussy. A gasp escaped her lips and then a moan of exstasy.

Xander picked Kristi up by her waist and threw her on the bed. He looked over to Jenny on the chair to see her rubbing her huge breasts while she watched Xander and Kristi. She moaned softly and told him not to stop.

“Come on Xander, let’s make Jenny a happy girl!” Kristi said, her pussy dripping wet.

Xander began by kissing Kristi’s mouth, their tongues darting into eachother’s mouth. Xander moved his mouth to her neck. He kissed her passionatley under the right ear and then the left.

“Don’t stop, Xander”

Xander licked down her neck to her shoulders, kissing down her arms to her fingers, which he slowly put in his mouth, one by one. When her fingers were sopping wet, Xander moved to the top of Kristi’s breats. He massaged her breasts, looking at Jenny, she had taken her panties off and was starting to finger her cunt. A look of exctasy was on her face.

“I think she is enjoying herself.” Xander said.

“So…. am…. I” Kristi said, between breaths.

Xander moved his mouth to Kristi’s nipples, which he took in his mouth and began to suck on. He bit her nipples and pulled them so Kristi would let out a gasp.

“I…told…you…he…was…great…didn’t…I? Jenny asked.

“I never imagined this. He’s fuckin’ amazing.”

Xander was like a sex machine, he moved to Kristi’s pussy.

“No. Not yet. Do my feet first.”

“OK.” Xander said as he ran his fingers down Kristi’s right leg to her foot. he began by rubbing her sole, then heel, then toes. He took special attention to touch every point of pleasure he knew about. He then took her big toe and wrapped his mouth around it. He sucked on it until it was soaking wet and then he did the same thing for the rest of her toes.

“Are you ready Kristi?” Xander asked.

“Oh….yeah.” Kristi answered.

“Are you ready Jenny?” Xander asked, all he could hear was moaning. He looked at Jenny to see her shoving a 7 inch dildo into her naked, sopping wet, glistening, pussy.

“Oh Xander. I’m ready.”

Xander moved back to Kristi’s pussy and stuck 3 fingers in it to make it was open enough for his dick, it was just right.

“Ok Kristi, you’re going to have to suck my dick a little to get it lubricated.”

“Anything Xander.”

Xander took his place with his crotch in front of Kristi’s mouth. She took his dick and started sucking on it, licking the tip everso gently.

“Perfect.” Xander said.

He took his place over Kristi and slowly moved his dick inside of her, opening her up for him. The breath left Kristi as she never felt something so big in her vagina. He began to pump in and out, starting a rythym with Kristi.

“Are you watching Jenny?” Xander asked of his girlfriend.”

“Oh yeah. I’ve never seen my sister fucked like that before. Oh it’s so hot. I’m about to cum.”

“How are you doing Kristi?”

“Oh… I’m so close Xander. Keep going.”

“No, I have a better idea. Get on your knees.”

Kristi immediately took the position, never being fucked in the ass before, she wanted to feel what it was like.

“Now it will hurt a little at first, OK?”

“OK, Xander, I trust you.”

“OK” Xander said as he began to eat her ass out, lubricating it. When he felt it was good, he put his hands on Kriti’s waist to brace himself and then placed his dick slowly in Kristi’s ass, easing it in.

“Oh my God!!!!!” Kristi moaned.

“Are you OK?” Xander asked.

“Yeah, harder! Harder!”

Xander then unleashed his fury, he thrust his dick to the base into her hot asshole. Kristi unleashed a huge grunt and then the sounds of and orgasm. Her body quaked and sucked on Xander’s dick until he couldn’t help it but, with one last thrust, he unleashed stream after stream of cum into Kristi’s ass. He then heard a moaning from the corner, Xander looked to see and Jenny’s face was in a state of extreme pleasure. Her pussy was sopping with cum. When Xander was done, he took his dick out of Kristi, letting her collapse on the bed. He put his mouth to her asshole and licked up all the excess juices. He then went over to Jenny.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Xander asked her.

“More than you know, could you clean me up?” Jenny replied in her best baby girl voice.

“Yeah let papa get that.” Xander replied, sucking the juices out of Jenny’s still flowing cunt.

“How was it Kristi?” Jenny asked of her sister.

“Amazing. Absolutely amazing. We have to do that again. But now, we should get back to the party.

They got on their clothes and opened the door to see the entire population of the party applauding.

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