The Girl at the Bar


I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was something about her that just captured my attention the second I walked into the club.

Our eyes locked as if she’d been expecting me, and her lucid gaze seemed to pierce through the crowd, making me feel like I was the only person in the room. She crossed one leg over the other and leaned onto her elbow, allowing her body to rest against the bar casually. The tight black jeans she had on stretched along her thighs, exposing a few rips in the fabric, and her button shirt seemed a few sizes too big for her. So big that with just the first three buttons open, I could easily see the entire tattoo that covered the midline of her chest.

Her dark hair was cut short and parted in the middle, allowing the delicate waves to fall on either side and frame her skinny face. Everything about her presence reeked of seduction, but before I had the chance to sink myself into it, the club host greeted me, and I broke off our eye contact. She asked for my name and pointed over to the table where my friends were already sitting down.

“Hey! You made it!” screamed Shannon, “I thought you’d bailed on us.”

“Nah, I just had to finish off some work first. What are you girls drinking?” I asked, forcing myself to avoid looking back at the girl by the bar.

“It’s a mojito pitcher!” shouted Lara, “Here, take some.” She focused all her energy to pour me a glass, trying her best not to spill it and then shoved it up to my face. “Cheers!” she screamed once more.

I took the glass in my hand, cheered up with the rest of my girls and chugged down half of it, hoping to give myself some liquid courage before I approached her. But when I turned my face to look at her again, I couldn’t find her. I looked around as far I could see, trying to filter through the people, but I couldn’t spot her anywhere. My excitement fell flat as I sat in disbelief, asking myself how I could have missed my shot already without even having the chance to try. She looked so perfect, the hot sexy masc who could pin me down and boss me around, but it all faded away quickly. Having lost hope, I chugged the rest of my drink and dove into the gossip that all the girls were chatting about.

Drinks were flowing all night, and before I knew it, my thoughts became cloudy, and my drunk side took over. “Let’s go on the dancefloor!” I said, pulling Shannon up to her feet. She didn’t resist, and neither did the rest. They all followed as we squeezed into the middle of the crowd and started dancing as if it was our last night out. The whole atmosphere of the place made it seem like nothing else mattered. As if the world ended right at their doors. I raised my hands in the air and took a deep breath in, allowing myself to sink into the music. Feeling my skirt sway from side to side and the sweat beading over my chest. I had completely forgotten about her when I felt someone’s hand gently rest on my waist.

I instinctively turned around, thinking that I’d find a random guy and that I’d have to explain to him that I’m into girls. But when I looked up, my heart skipped a beat. She was taller than I expected, and her face was even prettier up close. She had perfectly shaped eyebrows and beautiful thick lashes that made her dark eyes even more mysterious. Her lips were small and tainted in a blush colour, “You’re absolutely gorgeous,” she said, trying to raise her voice over the blasting music. “Can I dance with you?” she asked, putting her hand out. Without izmit escort uttering a single word, I placed my hand into hers and continued to move along with the music.

Every step made her shirt bow forward just enough to show off the curves of her small perky breasts. Teasing my mind to wonder what else was hidden under her clothes. The thin black leather choker was wrapped up tightly around her neck, with a small silver ring pressed up over her throat, and the long silver necklace had a small pendant that sat just in between her boobs.

“What’s your name?” I asked, smiling through my eyes.

“I’m Andy,” she said. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Nina,” I replied, pulling her closer to me.

We kept on dancing around each other, moving closer with every song that went by, brushing our bodies together and feeling the heat. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her nipples were hard, piercing through the fabric as if they were begging for attention, desperately wanting to be sucked and teased. Oh, if only I could get a taste right there. I turned around and pressed my body against hers.

My skirt was riding up my hips as I grinded my ass against her pussy, trying my best to lure her in. I wanted to have her, and if it weren’t for my friends who called me, I would have probably tried to undress her right there on the dancefloor. Andy placed her hands on my hips, following my movements and then slid them over my belly, up to my breasts and onto my neck. She pushed my hair over to one side and brushed her lips over my ear “maybe we should get out of here,” she said. I turned to face her and smiled as I saw her biting her lips, “Sure, let me just say goodbye to my friends, and I’ll meet you outside.”

Andy took my hand into hers, loosely interlacing our fingers and brought it up to her lips. She kissed my knuckles softly and headed out, confidently making her way through the crowd. I turned around to my friends, who were all rather drunk, said a few quick goodbyes and walked out to find her again.

She was standing up against the wall with a lit cigarette in between her lips. The dark skies were dimly lit with the street lights and the bustling noise of the cars. As I walked up to her, she pushed her body off the wall and placed one arm over my shoulders, hugging me close to her. “You’re a great dancer,” she said, exhaling the smoke. “Well, you’re not so shabby yourself,” I replied with a flattered voice. “My place is pretty close to here,” I suggested, “maybe you’d like to dance with me again?” Andy looked at me, observing the way my lips moved with every word. She took another big inhale from her cigarette and said, “Sounds good, shall we take a cab?” I smiled at her, excited that she accepted my offer and started walking ahead of her, “Nah, we can just walk. It’s only 15 minutes away. And I usually sober up on my walk home.”

We spent the entire walk home teasing each other, joking and getting to know a few basic things. She wasn’t just a pretty face. She said that she’d move to Berlin a few months ago, and she was studying for her doctorate in engineering. But by the time we got home, there was only one thing on our minds. I closed the front door and walked through the hallway into my kitchen, “do you want anything to drink?” I asked as I opened the fridge. “Uhm, yeah, I’ll have a beer,” she replied.

I bent down to grab two bottles of beer, and as I turned around, ready to look for the beer opener, I found Andy standing right behind me. She izmit anal yapan escort moved her hand up to my neck, combing her fingers through my hair and placed the other on my hips. I could smell the alcohol in her breath as she came closer, sweeping her lips over mine and pulling me in for a kiss. With both of my hands being occupied, I couldn’t do much other than move my face an inch closer to kiss her. Perhaps it was all the alcohol we’d had, but our kiss felt magical; I could feel the passion through her lips. The way she teased her tongue over mine, one kiss after the other, building up the tension.

She took the bottles out of my hands and placed them on the counter, then she grabbed my waist and pulled me in again even closer. Our lips melted into one, kissing and biting, our hands hungry to explore each other’s bodies and desperate to feel every curve. I moved over to the kitchen counter and raised myself over it, opening my legs and allowing Andy to stand in between my thighs. She pulled her face away from mine for a second, staring into my eyes and looking deep into my soul before kissing me again. I couldn’t remember the last time I had pulled someone from a club, letting a stranger devour me and excite me this way.

I slid a finger underneath her choker, pulling her closer to me and then trailed down in between her breasts until I found her first button. I tweaked my fingers together and started to open up her shirt, one button at a time. Revealing more and more of her until all the buttons were open. I pushed the shirt to her sides and over her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the ground and expose her beautiful breasts. Her left nipple was pierced, and she had tiny angel wings on either side of the piercing. I pushed her back slightly, giving myself room to bend down and lick her budding nipple.

The cold taste of metal contrasted against the warmth of her skin and gave me a flavour I’d never had before. I continued to suck on it, taking it all in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and biting it until she gasped. Letting out a faint moan. Andy grabbed the bottom of my top and rolled it up over my head, unhooked my bra and took my nipples in her mouth. Repeating every little touch that I gave her and following my steps as if they were instructions. After satisfying her desire, she moved up to my lips, pressing her breasts onto mine and kissing me while trailing her hand up my skirt.

She moved her delicate fingers from my knees up to the most inner point of my thighs and then backed down again. Andy repeated her little teasing trick a couple more times before her fingers landed over my pussy surprised that my underwear wasn’t there. A surprised smirk washed over her face at the realisation that I didn’t have anything on all night, and then it faded into desire again. She moved her fingers just over my hole, smearing the juices all over my pussy, and started to massage my inner thighs, circling my labia and rubbing the tender flesh just above my clit.

As she moved closer to me, I unbuttoned her pants and slid my hands in over her briefs, rubbing her nub and pressing hard over her slit. I felt Andy’s breathing get heavier and her lips getting more and more distracted with every second that passed. “Take off your pants,” I whispered in a hushed order, and she obeyed. She kicked off her shoes and took her pants off, leaving just her briefs on as she stood in my kitchen.

Then she parted izmit yabancı escort my legs and placed my knee in between her thick thighs, giving her space to rub her sweet pussy while toying with mine. I could feel my insides ache for her touch. Desperate to have her explore me. And just as I was about to beg her for it, she licked her finger and slowly pushed it into my wet pussy. Then she slid it back out and licked her second finger, repeating the pattern until she had stuck her third finger inside me.

She pressed her left hand onto my chest, hammering me against the wall and started to finger me. Picking up the pace, curling her fingers in towards my belly and fingering me harder and faster. With her pussy pressed against my knee, she continued to stretch my cunt, drilling her fingers until my juices were flowing. Gushing over her hand and covering the counter in squirt. But she wasn’t happy just yet; she let go of my chest and moved her hand over to my clit. Rubbing her fingers as fast as she could, over and over again.

The edging feeling of orgasm was building up. My ass was halfway off the counter with my hips bucked up and my legs shaking around her when she leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “cum for me, my little slut.” A long sigh of pleasure and relief left my lips as I came, feeling the contractions in my vagina. I tried to squeeze my thighs shut to cover my sensitive slit, but Andy kept on massaging her fingers inside me and prolonging my orgasm.

Just as I started to calm down, she leaned over and licked up my entire pussy collecting all of my juices and giving my clit a little kiss. “God, you taste so good,” she said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone squirt like that.” Her face was shining with a bright smile stretched from one ear to the other, as if she’d just won a prize. I placed my finger under her chin, raising her lips to mine and kissed her, tasting my juices mixed in with her alcohol breathe. “Well, you knew exactly where to hit. And it’s only fair that I repay the favour.”

I jumped off the counter and took her hand, guiding her into my bedroom and throwing her onto the bed. I was about to bite down on her underwear right away, but I got distracted by her beauty. Her curves were hypnotising, and I couldn’t stop feasting my eyes on them. I heard a little gasp escape through her lips as she arched her back and squeezed her breasts. The juices from her wet pussy started to seep through the fabric, and I took that as a sign to tear them off.

She spread her legs open and moved down towards my face making it easier for me to suck and kiss every part of her cunt. Allowing me to taste her sweet and salty essence.

I used my fingers to pull her lips apart gently and started to lick and suck on her clit, covering her pussy with my spit and letting it drip down onto the bed. Then as I continued to suck on her sensitive jewel, I slid my fingers inside her pussy, teasing her from inside. I wanted to have her cum in my mouth; I wanted to lick every last drop that seeped through her hole. So I kept on fingering her as deeply as I could and flicking her clit with my tongue until she moaned her way through orgasm.

Her entire body became limp and collapsed onto the bed as she tried to catch her breath. I kept my fingers inside her, feeling her pussy squeeze against them and pulsate the juices out. I wiped my face and threw myself by her side, panting and resting my hand on my chest.

“Wow,” she said out of breath, “I need a minute to get myself together.”

I couldn’t help myself not to laugh at her comment. Her face and her body was glistening with sweat giving her a subtle glow. I moved over and ran my fingers over her lips, “I think I like being your little slut,” I giggled.

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