The Gift Ch. 03

Female Ejaculation

I feel Scott grinding his throbbing member against me. It makes me even wetter than I had been in the car. By the bulge I saw in his pants and what I feel press into my thigh, I would say Scott has a very nice cock.

I turn my head and look at you. You’re still seated and dressed. You take a sip of the beer I brought you. Are you going to watch this man fuck me?

“Why don’t you show him your best talent, baby?” You say to me. I moan and nod, and I turn around and sink to my knees. “She’s the blowjob queen, Scotty,” you tell him.

I smile up at him. I’m not about to deny that I am damn good at sucking dick. Instead, I stick out my tongue and run it over the head of his cock. As I’d guessed, Scott’s prick is very nice, long and wide. He looks like he knows how to use it, too. He looks down at me and also seems to know that I’m admiring his cock as I size it up with my tongue. I lick him from base to shaft, feeling the anticipation as my tongue explores a previously unfamiliar part of his dick.

He lets out a small groan as I lick back up the underside of his cock, from his ballsack to the tip. When I reach the big head of his cock, I take it in my mouth and suck. He grunts a little more as I tilt my head and start to allow more of his big dick inside my mouth.

In what is apparently male intuition, he puts his hands on the back of my head as he helps me get more of his cock in my mouth. I try to open my jaw wider to accommodate him, and he responds by saying, “Yeah, eat my cock.”

I look into his eyes and take in more of his cock. He grasps my hair and begins to gently move my mouth up and down his shaft. He very gingerly rocks his hips as well, slowly fucking my mouth. I grab his balls, cupping them in my hands, gently massaging them with my fingertips. I pull his balls forward, signaling him that I want more.

He obliges, and begins to fuck my face just a little bit faster. His grip is more forceful on my head, but I can still participate on my own. I tilt my head a little, giving him a better angle at penetrating my throat. He goes deeper, gagging me with his cock, but I don’t pull away. Saliva dribbles down my chin and onto my chest. I let him fuck my face, his hard cock sliding in and out with ease.

“Oh my god,” he groans.

I hear you chuckle on the couch, even though it seems like you’re a million miles ulus escort away. “I told you she was good.”

“Uhhhh,” the other man is moaning as I gurgle and choke on his big dick. I have two fingers inside my pussy. My entire hand is wet as I finger myself while Scott fucks my mouth.

You come around behind me and reach forward, grabbing my nipples and twisting. “Keep fucking yourself,” you growl at me. I do as I am told.

I continue pounding my own pussy while my face is rammed, getting closer and closer to climax with each of Scott’s long, deep thrusts. I want him to coat my throat with his cum, even though that meant not actually fucking him for at least an hour. I want you to watch me guzzling your friend’s cum.

As I think of Scott coming in my throat, I begin to feel my cunt explode with orgasm. I scream into Scott’s manhood as I come, the vibrations from my throat massaging an intense orgasm out of him as well. His hand on the back of my neck forces my mouth down as far as it will go on his cock. His cum slides down my throat. “Fuck! Fuck.” He sighs. When his cock is done sputtering his seed, he pulls out and sits on the sofa.

Scott’s beer is still cold when he takes a long draught and says, “Shit. That was amazing.”

I’m still on my knees in front of both of you. I wipe some of the spit and cum from my chin and smile. “Imagine how good her pussy feels,” you say. You beckon me toward you, and I come. You pull me up into your lap. You’re still fully clothed, yet you hold me close in spite of the fact that I’m covered in spit and I’ve eaten two loads of cum today.

You kiss me softly on the collarbone, nuzzling close to me. “Your pussy is amazing,” you say, sticking two fingers inside me. I moan and lean into your hand, wanting your fingers deep inside me. I look over at Scott, still slouched back and sipping his beer. He’s watching us, his eyes fixed on the subtle bouncing of my tits.

His cock has gone limp, but I hope it’s not for long. You pull my mouth to yours, kissing me deeply as your fingers probe the inside of my cunt. I can feel how hard your cock is through your pants, and I want nothing more than to feel it pounding at my insides. “Oh, god,” I moan, leaning my head back as you kiss my throat. “Fuck me!” I cry, humping your hand.

“Mmmm” yenimahalle escort you mutter, your mouth traveling down toward my nipple.

“Please fuck me,” I mumble, my hands tangled in your hair. “I need your cock. I need to come!”

You take your mouth away from my nipple and whisper, “Lay down.” Excitedly, I move to the end of the sofa where Scott waits. As he takes my tits in his hands I lean back against his torso. I eagerly open my legs for you, hoping that I will be impaled on your cock any moment.

Instead, you push my legs further apart and put your face in my pussy. You lick and slurp, your tongue exploring my folds and making my clit throb. While you eat me, Scott plays with my nipples. I turn my head and kiss him on the mouth, swirling my tongue around his.

You put your two fingers back inside me, hooking them in toward my g-spot on the inside while your tongue batters my clit on the outside. I begin humping your face and your hand, pushing my clit into your tongue. You stop licking it and start sucking as your fingers on the inside apply more pressure. Scott’s tongue goes deeper into my mouth while his ministrations on my nipples continue as well. I quickly pull away from Scott’s hungry mouth and shout, “I’m gonna come baby!”

You redouble your efforts on my clit, and soon I am writhing and screaming. “Oh my god! I’m fucking coming!” I shout, arching my back against Scott and pushing your face deeper into my cunt. I hump your face while my orgasm washes over me. Finally, you pull your mouth away, your face and beard covered with my juices. Scott still pinches and rolls my nipples, and I reach back and find that his cock has hardened again.

“May I fuck him?” I ask you, looking into your eyes while I stroke him.

“Yes,” you say.

I sit up and then straddle Scott, not removing my eyes from yours until his cock was inside me. I groaned and turned to face Scott, looking in to his sweet eyes and kissing him. I began to bounce up and down gently, moving his fat cock inside of me. He immediately began matching my pace. His hands were on my ass, holding me close to him while he pushed up into my cunt. I kept kissing him, enjoying the feeling of his tongue filling my mouth while his prick filled my cunt.

Scott kisses my neck and my shoulder, and I lean back enough that he can take my nipple into his mouth. They’re already very hard and sensitive thanks to Scott’s attention while you were licking my pussy. The pleasure I feel in my cunt and in my breasts is unbearable, and I begin humping him hard, rubbing my clit roughly over his wiry pubic hair.

“Fuck Scott,” I cry, “I’m coming! Fuck! Scott!” I scream out, clinging to him. He bites my nipple, sending additional waves of pleasure through me. When my eyes focus, I look at Scott and smile. “You wanna tear up this pussy now?” I ask, grinding forward on Scott’s still rock-hard cock.

“Fuck yes,” Scott says. He lifts me up, and when I put my feet on the floor he turns me around. I intuitively bend at the waist, and Scott uses one knee to move my thighs apart. We turn together, slightly, so that we face you. I look into your eyes, focused on you watching us fuck. “Put your cock in me, Scott!” I demand, though my eyes never leave you. “Fuck me with your big cock right now,” I moan.

I push back toward Scott, who uses his hand to guide his dick into me. I slides back into my wet cunt with ease. I yelp as he reaches his full depth. “Your cock is so big, Scott!” I cry, using my sluttiest voice. Still, I look at you. “Pound my pussy!”

Scott grunts and complies, using my hips to power his thrusts deep into my cunt. Each forward thrust his balls slapped against my clit, and with each backward thrust the tip of his cock would push against my g-spot. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” I repeated.

“What a little whore,” Scott said to me.

“She is a little cock-hungry whore,” you agree, looking at my eyes.

“Fuck me harder,” I moaned. “I’m such a slut, please give me your big dick.”

Scott started thrusting into me harder and faster, and I could feel another orgasm begin to build. “I’m a slut. I love cock! Fuck me harder. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my slutty pussy!” I scream. Scott’s flared cock head hits my g-spot one last time, giving me a deep orgasm that causes me to squirt liquid all over the floor, Scott, and myself. I’m thankful he’s holding my hips, because otherwise I would’ve fallen flat on my face. Scott comes inside of me while I’m violently coming and squirting all over him, burying his cock deep inside me. I can feel the heat of his seed coating my insides. He slowly slides his cock from me. His cum leaks out of my cunt while my own cum glistens on my thighs.

“Go get a towel, baby,” You say to me. I think you said it twice, actually. “We aren’t finished yet.”

As I manage to walk up the stairs on wobbly legs, I wonder what else you could have in store for me.

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